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Chapter 628

After the villagers calmed down over their argument, which apparently was a common thing, we asked to be shown to a place to stay the night. They wanted to put us up in their homes, but I insisted that a barn was enough. We actually had no intention of staying there, so I didn’t really care. As soon as we locked the doors, I was going to portal away and sleep in a comfy bed. Sleeping out was fine and all, but a rested person definitely was better able to handle the next day’s challenges. My nights of sleeping uncomfortably on a dungeon floor were far behind me.

“Just in case something comes up, we really should have one of us remain behind. If they got attacked while we were in another city and they came to beg for help, only to get no answer, it would definitely cause Master guilt.” Miki explained.

“I will stay.” Ruby declared. “I admit that I was uncomfortable with the idea of leaving, anyway. You should remain on the site of a mission until it is complete. That’s what I’ve been taught.”

“Unfortunately, you’re not one of my slaves.” I told her. “I can communicate with my slaves a fairly long-distance using Slave Communication.”

As you grew higher in level, all of your skills also grew stronger. The higher-level Mage, the more control I had with Fire Control. Slave Communication had grown in the same way. Like Sense Life, the distance was much farther than when I started out. Barring a Dungeon being in the way, I could send a message to Lydia’s group despite the fact they were nearly two weeks travel from where we were. I now knew I could create a Portal to them as well, so they really weren’t far from me at all.

However, Ruby wasn’t my slave, and so I couldn’t use Slave Communication on her.

“Don’t you have Hero? I thought there was Party Communication?”

I had yet to find a book on Heroes, so most of what I knew was from my own experiences and guesses. I supposed it made sense that Hero, a self-sacrificing and leadership job, would have the capacity to communicate. In many ways, it made more sense for parties to communicate than for slaves to communicate. It only took me a moment of glancing through my jobs when I realized what the problem was. I had switched to True Hero as soon as I got it. True Hero was more focused on self-sacrifice and fighting back evil.

It kind of made sense. True Hero came from defeating a Demon Lord, an act of fighting the ultimate enemy. Meanwhile, Hero was more like a title of leadership thrust upon a strong fighter so that he might protect the city around him and help them overcome challenges. So, Heroes had more of a party focus than True Hero. Furthermore, Party Communication should be a fairly mandatory item for any Hero. Once again, I had skipped essential skills due to my tendency to unlock higher tier ones early. I had done the same thing with Slave Master, having likely missed countless important skills that Slavers possessed to focus on the far more impressive skills.

“I’ll stay.” Raissa said.

“You won’t!”

I won’t let a woman pregnant with my baby sleep in a barn.

“Salicia will” I spoke after a moment of silence.

“What? Me! M-m-master, what did I do to displease you?”

“Isn’t a former bandit the most suited to be on the watch for bandits?” I offered.

“Geh… even if you say so.”

“Think of it this way, you’re doing this in place of Carmine.”

“S-sister! Well… if you put it that way, then I will save sister from this burden.”

“Sister, thank you…” Carmine gave her a thumbs up as I opened a Portal.

“A-appreciation…” Salicia teared up.

She was actually really easy to control once you understood her triggers. Carmine jumped through the portal, coldly abandoning her sister to a barn in incestland. That was actually the real reason I had picked Salicia. She felt right at home in this place. The rest of us left through the portal quickly, while Salicia was easily duped into doing a job no one else wanted.

Chapter 629

While Carmine complained endlessly about how cramped the building was, it actually had five bedrooms and two bathrooms. The three former bandits took three rooms, while Carmine and Salicia each took the last two. I forced the three men to sleep in the same room, then gave Ruby and Raissa each one and took the other. Miki and Shao naturally joined me in my room. I had considered inviting Raissa to my room, but I wasn’t so bold.

Miki and Shao had pushed their way into my bedroom, but I had never asked them to actually stay with me. Now, it had grown to a point where I just expected both girls to want to sleep next to me. That didn’t mean I was in a state where I’d casually invite other women to my bed. All five of the women who shared my bed were also extremely particular about who they let into my bedroom. Even Eliana had to obey their rules. What those rules were, I had never actually been told. I only got to see the results.

Despite what some people in Chalm thought, it wasn’t wild sex orgies every night. I didn’t immediately equip Pervert and just attack my girls every night. I worked all day and having sex all night would be way too exhausting for me and for the girls. Officially, we had a rotation. Every night, five days a week, I’d sleep with one of the girls. The others would remain nearby, but they’d give us a bit of privacy. Sometimes, Shao would obscure their vision with darkness, or Terra would erect a wall. Celeste might use wind to muffle the sounds. It was that kind of thing.

That didn’t mean there weren’t days where I attacked all five girls, but since that depended on me, those days were rare. The rotation had been set up by them, and the girls came to me in advance. I had a policy where I’d never reject any of them if they wanted it.  Most of the time, I wouldn’t equip Pervert, and the entire experience would only last fifteen minutes. It wasn’t filled with rough treatment and lewd sounds. It was just me and the women I love being close and expressing our affection for each other. Only if I wasn’t in the mood, would I equip Pervert, and if Pervert got out of hand, sometimes the other girls would have to come and help. That was typically how the occasional group activities happened.

Supposedly, the two remaining days were free days. I was allowed to sleep with the other girls who didn’t join us at night. Once again, since this was dependent on me, it meant that I rarely filled these days with other women. I wasn’t the kind of guy to shamelessly hit on women. Carmine and Salicia were usually in another city, and I wouldn’t try to use them for sex, anyway. The thought of asking Raissa made me blush, and when it came to Astria and Elaya, they were a bit too high level for a simple cuddle.

The girls were encouraging me to be more demanding, but it was ultimately a slow process. It wasn’t because I wanted to hurt anyone’s feelings. As I said, I wouldn’t reject any of my women who wanted my love. However, I was more than sexually satisfied. Those ero protagonists who banged girls 24/7 were a lie.  After having sex with a different woman every night for five nights in a row, having a night off could be considered a blessing. So, Pervert wasn’t exploding in levels, and other than my party members, I wasn’t sleeping with anyone else regularly. I was happy with things the way they were, but if Raissa or Eliana became a bit bolder and wanted me for one of my free nights, I wouldn’t turn them away.

None of that happened on this night, as the girls had agreed that there would be no sex while they were separated. Miki and Shao wouldn’t be able to monopolize my time while the other three were away. So, all we did was cuddle and sleep together. It felt kind of nice to only have two women. I had one on each arm. Still, even though the bed was smaller than my one in Chalm, it felt a little small without women clinging to me. Maybe I should invite Raissa, Carmine, and Salicia to my bed after all.

Chapter 630

The next morning, we woke up, got ready, and then portaled back to the village of incest. I’m sure it had a name, but that was the only name I could think of at the moment. I had checked on Salicia, and other than that someone had knocked to ask if we needed anything, the night had been rather quiet. We opened the barn door and walked out refreshed, without anyone knowing we hadn’t slept there the whole night. Only Salicia looked a bit messy and haggard, but I could live with that.

“What’s the plan, Master?” Shao asked.

“We’ll hit the nearest villages first. If they are in trouble, we’ll liberate them. I’m going to send everyone here. Since this place… already has a reputation with the Bandits, it probably won’t be watched closely. It’d be the safest place for people to gather.”

Some people might not want to enter this town, but there were plenty of uninhabited buildings, and if the Bandits were giving this place a wide berth like I suspected, then it was a better place than I originally had thought to gather people. I had a dream of creating a city here, which would become part of my territory, and allow me to take over the Southwest of Aberis. Then, once I defeated a certain Count, I’d be the Lord of all of west Aberis. Nearly 1/3rd of the country would be under my leadership.

It wasn’t like I was hungry for power or anything. I just wanted to strengthen my position and with time, live a safe life. For that, I needed land, people, and resources. I imagined building five large cities in the west. Chalm was already being built. Alerith I would conquer one day. Regency would fall under my leadership once the Bandits were taken care of. That left another city between Regency and Chalm. This felt like as good of a place as any. Then, I had dreams of building a border city in the wilderness, possibly supported by a dungeon I had subjugated.

That arrangement would put Chalm more or less in the middle of my territory, with other cities on the outside where they could protect my territory. Was I being a bit too ambitious? Maybe. Only time would tell if I was able to obtain my dreams.

“Start construction on a wall. Just pile up stones. It doesn’t need to be perfect yet.” I explained to the elder. “Also, it might be a good idea to build up some more places to stay. People will be coming to your town soon.”

“Yes, of course, my lord. I’m glad to see someone finally taking charge. The other lords either fled or were killed. Once they died at the hands of the Bandits, they refused to return, hiding in the Capital like cowards.”

“Are there no lords left?”

Other than the Grand Master, who had an honorary position in Aberis not unlike a lord, I hadn’t heard of any lords in Regency. Supposedly, the majority of the lords had already tried and failed. They were tortured and resurrected in the Capital. After facing days or weeks of torture and humiliation at the hands of bandits, they were likely angry, but also too afraid to return. My actions were supposed to help them receive some peace and possibly swear loyalty to me.

However, I didn’t want such men. I wanted those that didn’t run away and cower. If any still remained in the Southwest, these were the men I wanted to impress and gain their loyalty. These would become the ones who gave me strength.

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