Yurtdışı Yatırım

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Chapter 640


I didn’t have to return to the scene to know that there would be no body to recover. The moment we arrived near the area, someone had summoned a very powerful spell and dropped it right on our heads. I thought I was being so clever with my movements, yet the bandits somehow got one over on me. Now, all of my companions were dead. Well, all except for one. Raissa had tears running down her cheeks. She seemed to have just a bit of survivor’s guilt. I could sympathize. I should have died instead of them.

Instead, Miki had managed to save my life, and Ruby had managed to save Raissa’s. The only conclusion I could make was that she knew Raissa was pregnant. As to how that was the case, I wasn’t sure. That didn’t mean that Ruby was the first I brought back. That honor was given to Miki. Not only had she been the one to save my life, but if push came to shove, she was the only other one who could do Resurrection spells, although it was doubtful, she’d have the strength to do it the same day I brought her back.

Even knowing what I knew, my mind was disordered and my body was still shaky until I saw her body fully formed. Resurrection really was a miracle. It was a god-given gift, and one that I was happy existed in this world. I couldn’t count the number of times I would have faced a bad end if it wasn’t for that ability.

Miki’s eyes began to flutter open. It didn’t look like she had just died horribly under some horrific spell. Instead, it looked like she was just waking up from a good night’s sleep.

“Deek… ah Master!” She tried to sit up as soon as she remembered the previous events, but I kept her down with a hand on her chest.

“Miki…” No sooner did I feel her warmth in my hand did tears swell in my eyes.

“A-ah!” She looked down at my hand on her chest. “M-master! I’ll definitely make them bigger, you don’t need to cry because they’re not big enough!”

I grabbed her and pulled her into a hug, burying my nose into her neck. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry, I failed you all.”

“Master…” Her voice calmed down as she started to regain her focus.

She ended up putting her hand on the back of my head, holding me gently as she stroked the back of my head. I was supposed to be the one calming her down, but in the end it was the other way around as usual. I thought I had gotten stronger than this. I felt like I still had a long way to go.

Miki suddenly shook, “A-ah! Master… even with this… you mustn’t show such favoritism!”

“Huh?” I looked up at her.

That was when I noticed some killing intent. I looked at Raissa, but she’d never show killing intent toward us. Besides, she was looking around anxiously looking for the source of the killing intent as well. Even my Map showed nothing within my Sense Life range. Unless, the source wasn’t something alive?

“Y-you summon me first, and even held me gently for such a long time! You know how Shao is!”

“Sh-Shao!” I suddenly had a feeling like there were eyes staring at me.

It was definitely the feeling Shao gave when she was displeased! Shao was dead though! Was she haunting me behind the grave? I just picked Miki for the obvious reasons, and then I broke down so I needed a minute before I could resurrect the others! This wasn’t favoritism! It wasn’t!

“Please, Master, the quicker the better!”

Wait, that was right! Miki was a Spiritualist and a nine-tailed fox. She was closest to death, so she definitely was far more aware of Shao’s presence than I would be. In fact, she might even be able to see the ghostly apparition of Shao right now! I started feeling a fear inside me. Shao kept saying that even in death we’d never be apart. I thought she was just talking about how my death meant her death from the slave bond. Now, I was seeing what she really meant.

“Miki… just a thought… but what if… and I’m just throwing things out here, what if we let her cool down, and not resurrect her for the time being?”

“That could work!”

A fearful energy filled the forest, and even nearby animals started to flee. A few moments later, I was on the ground desperately chanting Resurrection while Miki begged for forgiveness. Ghosts are scary, yet when I finished Resurrection, I realized I summoned something scarier.

Chapter 641

Ruby’s eyes snapped open. “Ah… so we did die.”

Unlike the other girls, who had required some time even to move, Ruby sat up only moments later. She had a bitter expression on her face that seemed to say that death was an old friend of hers. Every other member of their party had been resurrected. Ruby had been the last. This wasn’t that surprising, as she was the odd one out in the group. She wasn’t a part of the party or attached to me in any particularly meaningful way.

“Are you okay?” Miki asked, panting after having just performed the last three Resurrections on her own back-to-back without rest.

Considering she had only been resurrected herself just a short hour ago showed how strong-willed and capable she was that she was able to manage that much.

“I suppose.” Ruby signed sadly. “I’m sorry to all of you.”

“Mmm! Mmm!”

Ruby glanced down and raised an eyebrow. “Why is Deek naked and tied up like that?”

“He’s repenting,” Shao said wrapping her arms around me affectionately.

I shivered as I felt a cold breeze that had nothing to do with the wind. Repenting my ass! Shao was just being vindictive! I already apologized, so ropes and knives were completely out of the question. Miki said that since Shao was so weak to bedroom play and flirtation, that if I just pushed her down while she couldn’t move after being resurrected, that I could avoid my punishment.

However, we were in the middle of the dark forest and we still had the rest of our party to resurrect, so how could I just attack her. Plus, she couldn’t move or defend herself. What kind of guy would I be if I took advantage of such a situation? It turned out that Miki was probably right because once Shao could move, I ended up naked and in a compromising situation anyway.

“If… if you’re angry about his orders… please blame me.” Ruby demanded. “I’m the one who failed to guide you all properly. I just went along with it. I’m your mentor, so I’m the one who led everyone to death!”

“Hmph!” Shao snorted, crossing her arms, “Do you think we’d be angry over such a thing as dying? Master owns my life and my soul! He can do whatever he wants with me! Even if he beat me daily and made me clean his bathroom with my tongue, I wouldn’t say different.”

I managed to just spit the gag out. “Wh-what are you saying? What kind of man are you implying I am!”

“It’s not how Master treats me that is the problem!” Shao pretended she didn’t hear me. “It’s how Master treats other women!”


“What did I do?”

“I’m talking about that!” Her finger launched out, and she pointed immediately at a certain girl.

Every eye, even the usually disinterested Carmine, ended up on Raissa.

“H-huh? Me?”

“Uh oh…” I said out loud before I could stop myself.

“I’m talking about that thing!” Her finger landed on Raissa’s stomach. “Master’s baby!”

Chapter 642

“And so, to conclude my four-part apology, Eliana and Raissa are pregnant, I am the father. I’m sorry I didn’t reveal this sooner.”

“I don’t know…” Shao responded, a displeased look on her face. “Should we forgive him, Miki?”

“Hah? What? I already knew.”

“What! When did you find out?”

“I’m attuned to spiritual energies. Did you think a baby could grow in her womb and I wouldn’t be able to sense it? I’ve known for months.”

“M-months? I only realized it a week ago…” Raissa said tearfully.

“I could detect in with Sense Life, plus, it’s kind of the talk of the town. Everyone has been wondering when Deek would announce it.” Ruby explained.

“Hah? You all knew?”

“I didn’t know,” Carmine said.

“I didn’t care,” Salicia added.

“Y-you! Master! Open up a Portal now and bring the others over here!”

“It is! Other women should be just as angry at you as I am!”

Like that, we ended up opening a Portal to where the girls were camped out. With the Slave Communication, I instructed them to step in, and soon we had three more women with us. Looking down at me, still naked and tied up, Lydia scratched her head.

“Has Master gone full pervert again? Must we battle to subdue him?”

“A-ah… I’m still sore from last time,” Terra complained.

“I thought you had Extreme Pain Tolerance?”

“I do!”


“Girls,” I ignored their strange conversation and just explain myself before Shao glared at me until I broke. “It’s about Raissa, Eliana, and me…”

“Ah! Has Master finally decided to talk about the baby?” Lydia asked excitedly.

“Oh, is he announcing the baby now?” Terra nodded.

“B-baby!” Celeste’s eyes widened. “Oh… My… Goddess… I’m pregnant!”

“You’re not pregnant, Celeste, Raissa is.”

“How can you be sure?” Celeste gasped. “Someone will have to check!”

“That’s not how it works! Besides, It’s Raissa and Eliana who are pregnant! Raissa and Eliana!”

“You all knew?” Shao cried out.

“Yeah, I mean, I’m a beastkin, so I can kind of smell it on her.” Lydia explained.

“I just talk to people around town. Shao shouldn’t be so reclusive, then maybe you’d hear about things earlier.”

“You… all…” Shao let out a cry, “Everyone knew but me!”

“Sorry, Shao… but it was obvious. You probably just didn’t want to see it before you had to.”

“Ah, even if you say that…” Shao ended up growing depressed and the other girls spent some time comforting her.

“Is it like this with Deek all the time?” Ruby leaned over and asked Raissa.

“So… is anyone going to untie me? That would be great.” I asked, but I seemed to be ignored by all the girls until I suddenly noticed Celeste standing over me. “Oh, Celeste, please, you’re not holding a grudge, right? Can you undo these?”

“Master…” She looked down at me darkly. “You must help me check if I’m pregnant.”

“Wh-what? I mean, Sense Life… you’re not…”

“We must be certain… it’s fine… just put your head up there… and check…”

“C-Celeste… why are you being so serious suddenly. What do you mean up there? Wait, why are pulling down your panties and lifting your skirt?

“Don’t worry Master, it’ll fit!”

“Wait! Wait… Mmmm! Mmmm!”

As I lost the ability to breathe, I could only just hear the world outside between Celeste’s smooth, silky thighs.

“Celeste, why are you sitting on Master’s head!”

“We must be certain!”

Raissa glanced back at Ruby and nodded dumbly. “This is about what we should always expect around Deek.”

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