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Chapter 740

It was getting dark as I rode out to the next location. Although the enemies were more difficult at night, I felt like they were still within my ability. I suspected that the level was a bit more for the monsters around here since this area was closer to the capital than the area before. I was on the back of a real horse this time, taken from the stables of the demons, although this horse was created by a dungeon, so was it technically a demonic horse? If it was, it had no physical differences from a real horse. It didn’t have red eyes and didn’t breathe out dark miasma or something. It just looked like a horse.

I had to slow to a stop as a large hulking ogre stepped out in front of me. I snorted derisively and began summoning a fireball. It stared at me dumbly as if it didn’t process I was attacking it, and only lifted its club as the fireball left my fingertips. It let out a roar as flames consumed it. I scratched my chin as I saw it erupt in flame, new ideas coming to me.

Even though I had hit it with the fireball, the ogre still wasn’t dead, and it began to throw its club around wildly, striking the trees and ground wildly. This time, I switched my jobs and instead attacked it with Monster Tamer skills. First, I weakened it, and then I began to attack it mentally.

{The ogre has been tamed as your monster.}

I nodded to myself. This was much easier to do with all of my skills available. I still contemplated being able to tame a tiger without those skills. Using my White Mage job, I healed the ogre back up and then gave him an order to fetch me other monsters. I considered using the aphrodisiac, but I worried it’d be too much for me to handle. Instead, I sat back and waited for the ogre to come back. He returned holding some kind of smelly mass of slime. I used Monster Identification to find out it was called a Bog Mangler.

With the ogre holding it, I managed to get it tamed as well. Then, I ordered the ogre out again. Another ten minutes and he came back with what looked like a goblin. This one was extremely easy to tame. The second he saw the ogre following me, he became tame. I sent them both out, the goblin came back with a dozen other goblins, while the ogre came being chased by a giant.

The ogre was significantly damaged, and I lost half of the goblins and the Mangler, but we managed to subdue the giant. I healed the giant, ogre, and goblins up, and then sent them out again. Like this, I spent about ten hours sending them out to fetch enemies and bring them back. The bigger mobs brought back smaller mobs, or sometimes a group of goblins would attract something larger. When it was all said and done, I had a giant, 10 ogres, 30 goblins, eight large cats, and a colony of pixies.

The pixies didn’t seem to have too much combat potential, and they mostly spent their time messing with the goblins. However, they were distracting, at least, and they listened to my commands, so that was enough.

“Onwards!” I gestured with my sword, leading my small army toward the next fort.

Chapter 741

“Open the gates! Open!” I cried, my horse racing up to the front.

“Who are you?” A demon hissed from the wall.

“Who am I? I’m Captain Darthweather! We’re about to be attacked! Let me in! I’m giving a warning!”

“Attacked?” He narrowed his eyes. “What are you saying?”

Roooooooaaaaar! A bellowing roar came from the woods, and there were loud creaking and breaking sounds as if something massive was fighting through the woods. The guy’s face turned white.

“Ah… let him through!”

They opened up a small single person gate and I rode through, letting them shut it behind me. As I disappeared into the fort, the giant could just be seen through a break in the trees. As for the others, only their sounds could be heard. They were all roaring and shouting, making no attempt to be quiet, and sounding like there were ten times more of them than there were.

“Captain!” A commander who was only partially dressed came running out, looking like he had just been woken from sleep, or perhaps some other nightly activity considering his level of undress. “What is going on?”

“The beasts of the forest have gone wild!” I cried out, using every ounce of my acting ability. “They already besieged and destroyed the other fort. They’re coming here next. It was all I could do to provide you this much warning.”

As if to punctuate my words, there was more roaring in the forest.

“This… the monsters, not the humans? You’re sure?”

“My lord…” I shook my head helplessly. “Orcs, goblins, all manner of beasts, but I didn’t see a single human.”

Thankfully, they seemed to see me as a demon. I had absorbed the karma of the captain. I didn’t have as much information on him. For example, I didn’t know his name. When I absorbed the others, it always gave me their name. I had made up that name on the spot. I only knew he was a captain because the skeletons knew what the insignia ranks meant. I wore his clothing, but even then, I worried they might not let me into the fort easily.

So, by creating the army of monsters, I both confused them and caught them off guard. They were now too concerned about the threat outside to care about a threat inside. Speaking of which…

“You’ve done well, captain.” The commander seemed to buy what I said and clapped my shoulder. “Do you have news of the prince.”

“He left to attack the human fort right before ours was attacked. I don’t know what happened to him.” I found the truth did a better job than a lie right there.

“I see…” He nodded. “We’ll have to take care of this threat before we can send out anyone to search for him. Men, on the walls! Increase security! Barricade the doors! You, captain… go get some rest, and then return at once. I’ll need every man to protect this fort. We hold a strategic position. I don’t mean to be crass, but your fort could afford to fall. You did well in running here, but we can run no longer. If the humans managed to conquer this fort, they would have secured a route straight to the capital. There is no telling what damage they could cause.”

“Oh, we wouldn’t want that…” I responded, smiling.

Chapter 742

I parted from the commander and found a secure place within the fort. The other reason for the external fight was to draw all of the people inside out to the walls. They’d have no clue as the keep filled up with enemies. As for the animals, this diversion did have a time limit, since I ordered them to not show themselves. They seemed like more than they were. If they saw the attack was only about thirty monsters, they’d calm down.

This was an amount that would spread fear into any normal adventuring team, but these were soldiers behind a wall. The giant might cause some trouble, but in general, they’d be able to keep them at bay and might not even lose a single life. It was the fear I had put into them along with the effect the unseen creatures were having that had stirred the commander into acting rashly.

Once I was somewhere I was sure I wouldn’t be bothered, I raised my hands and opened a Portal. At this point, I tossed away the karma that identified me as a demon. I had taken the body with me outside the keep before pulling the karma from it and putting on the outfit. The length of time he had been dead might have been the reason that I didn’t get very much karma and didn’t know his name. Either way, I didn’t want to suddenly turn into an enemy captain in their eyes. Even though I still had my old karma, the two karma didn’t mix as it had with Commander Stone and Drakus. I also found I could expel it now that I had used it.

A few moments later, the skeletons began to walk through the Portal. I had told them where I’d be forming the Portal, and they likely had been waiting for me ready to march for the last few hours. Since I had stopped to tame a bunch of monsters, I was late in my execution. Captain Bones walked through after the first troop entered, which were the darkly dressed, quiet assassins of the group.

“Commander, you did it!” He said excitedly as he entered the room. “I’m amazed.”

“How fares our fort?” I asked worriedly.

“The attack has begun, but we’ve managed to hold them off well so far. They’d managed to use light signals to notify us of their situation every fifteen minutes. At the moment, the demons still haven’t breached the wall.”

“Good… I bet that Bernard isn’t knowledgeable about besieging a fort. He’s used to one on one combat. This sort of thing isn’t his forte at all.”


“Ah, nothing!” I coughed. “Rather, I think it’s time we took the battle into our own hands. I don’t want Bernard to grow despondent and then run away on us.”

I never saw myself as vindictive before, but then again, I had never met a guy who had made moves on one of my women. I didn’t notice it, but there was a gleam in my eye. I didn’t just want to stop Bernard or kick start the invasion. I wanted Bernard personally to pay.

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