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Chapter 791

“I still don’t understand what your plan is, Boss.” A few of the bandits looked at me uncertainly.

I ignored them, and instead looked at the group they had brought me. This was just a band of measly goblins tied up and surrounded by the bandits. After a day of scouring, that was the best they were able to bring. Other enemies were either too difficult for them or too hard to catch. A few men had already been injured and if it wasn’t for my White Mage abilities, they might have died. Of course, none of the men asked how I had gotten White Mage. They seemed to just accept it now, and it only added to their adoration of me.

My ability to change their jobs also caused a wave of excitement to grow through the group. That was previously one of the reasons that Calypso’s nonsense was tolerated so much. As a Dark Priest, she wasn’t just fearful, but a necessary part of the group. Her presence was necessary for job changes, but more importantly for resurrections. She mentioned she had resurrected two men I killed earlier. I didn’t know if I’d be able to do the same. In a way, she was part of the lifecycle of this dungeon, while I technically wasn’t. Perhaps, if I used the Dark Priest’s ability, it would work, but that would require sacrificing someone else which I didn’t get into.

As to who she had sacrificed, I had no clue. The bandits weren’t keeping any prisoners, and even after checking her corridor, I couldn’t see who she had sacrificed or where. It was possible that sacrificing life didn’t mean another human. She might have sacrificed an animal or monster, although I saw no proof of that. Either way, if I had to sacrifice one of these goblins to bring back a bandit, I supposed it’d be easy to make that sacrifice.

I approached the goblin in charge, who appeared the be the largest of the group. Even he was shivering as I kneeled next to him. His hands were tied up and even his mouth had been stuffed. I guess the goblins howled when they were bound and couldn’t escape, and it was irritating the bandits. I brought out my hand, which the goblin tried to back away from. Unfortunately, he had no room to wiggle, and I quickly put my hand on him.

Just like the skeleton messenger had done to me, I sent out my miasma, infecting the goblin. He stiffened for a moment as the miasma entered his body and affected his heart. I felt some resistance, which I supposed was the miasma from the dungeon. I had already come to understand that the miasma I produced was slightly different than the miasma of a dungeon. To someone not related to me, the miasma might not be any different, but my miasma wouldn’t attack my allies. It seemed to possess my signature or something like that.

I had started creating more miasma, making the cave into a thick self-made dungeon. Over the last two days, the bandits seemed to have grown infected just by prolonged exposure. At first, they had shown some signs of nervousness and withdrawal, but I was their boss so they didn’t leave the caves. After a while, they started to calm down, and I believed they were no longer under the control of the dungeon. The same might hold for the goblins, but I didn’t want to wait days for it to take effect.

After a few more moments of Karmic Control, and after the goblin stopped shaking. I removed the gag, and then the restraints. The bandits tensed as the goblin leader stood up. However, he didn’t run. Instead, he bent down and lowered his head to me. A moment later, a familiar message appeared.

{The goblin leader has been tamed as your monster.}

So, I could tame monsters that way now. I began to control more.

Chapter 792

The difference between beating down and taming monsters and simply taking control of them with Karmic Control was night and day. The first took minutes to hours to accomplish depending on the monster. Furthermore, the control was loose, and the monsters were still a bit wild. I could give them simple orders, like bring more or protect this, but in general, they were still a bit wild. It was like with Elaya. Although she was my tamed monster, it was only in name. I couldn’t force her to do anything she didn’t want to do.

When it came to infecting their Karma, they became much more obedient. They were like the monsters I had created in my dungeon, I started to realize. I couldn’t see through their eyes or read their thoughts, but I did have a feeling of their intent and could influence that intent. As Monster Tamer increased, I had a distinct feeling that ability would increase too.

After spending several days in the cave, admittedly recovering a bit from my shock and feelings of helplessness, I was ready to assist the troop in recruiting. I had forgotten how much I had depended on my girls. They had always propped me up, and whenever I hit a setback, there were a half-dozen beautiful women to encourage me to try again. Under those circumstances, it was very easy to act strong. I hadn’t even realized until now how much I had depended on them to support me emotionally. It was only now that they were all taken away that I realized how, as strong as I had become on the outside, I was still the same scared guy who got dumped.

Well, it had only been half a year since I had ended up in that world, and only going on two months since I had been in this place. Anyone who expected someone to change into a completely different person in such a short period would be an idiot. Even cleaving my soul didn’t change who I was, it just cut away some attributes to allow others to come to the surface.

The main thing that I had that the bandits didn’t was my Map and Sense Life. It made it far easier to track down and find powerful enemies. Of course, the bandits weren’t as strong as I was. Perhaps, if the Bandit Hero was still around, he’d be able to help, but most of the larger enemies like the giants were something I had to do mostly on my own. If fifty bandits worked together, they might be able to capture a giant, but they also might lose four or five in the process. Since I didn’t even know if reincarnation was an option, and I didn’t want to lose as many as I gained, I took a more active role in capturing them.

As I tamed more monsters, despite it being a Mimic ability, I found my Monster Tamer leveling up too. Everything was gaining experience. It appeared I didn’t need to kill a monster to get the experience, I just needed to defeat it. Like that, I was able to steadily build an army. That’s when something popped up in my vision I had never seen before.

{You have staked a sufficient claim of this dungeon. You are a rival Dungeon Master. You currently control 2% of the dungeon.}

Now, that was interesting.

Chapter 793

This was an aspect of dungeons that I had never known about before. I had become a Dungeon Master, and had even constructed my dungeon, but I had never known that dungeons could fight each other. As I created more miasma and conquered the will of monsters, I had staked a claim on this dungeon. I was now officially a Dungeon Master of the Twilight Dungeon. There were two of us now, and until one of us won, the dungeon would be in a state of conflict.

At that moment, I only owned a small slice of the dungeon, but that could change. Of course, I had some worries. The true Dungeon Master had to be aware that I was staking a claim on his dungeon. This would draw his eyes straight to me. That meant that I needed to move faster, and couldn’t afford to waste time. The dungeon would be reacting to my presence now.

Like I had once done when I took the fort at the mouth of the valley, I moved up from species after species. Once I had giants helping out with captures, I was able to capture more and more. While the giants did the heavy lifting, I had the bandits go out, and used them as points to create a Portal to and claim the rest of the Map. Two weeks went by like that, and I had managed to complete more challenges and win more pieces of Star Armor along with other various potions as I unlocked the entire safe room network.

I didn’t know why exactly, but I felt a calling like I had to defeat the safe room Dungeons to truly gain control of the dungeon. The fact that my % seemed to be increasing helped encourage that belief. I also found the murals confirming what I had already predicted. Originally, the Prince ordered the sword, but when it failed, he helped the humans rise against the demon lord while he tried to do a coup. The fact that he was the original reason the humans were having such a high level of unrest when he kidnapped the princess wasn’t addressed. This all ended up culminating on the day the wedding, where the humans attacked, and the Prince unsuccessfully tried to murder his father.

I also started to collect demons. At first, we raided a few villages. I initially had some hesitation in capturing real people. When I infected them with Karma, they didn’t register as a monster. However, they acted obediently, and thus I incorporated the villages into our rank. The fit were trained to use swords. The craftsman were put to work. We needed cooks, swords, armors, and potions. I didn’t just build an army; I built a war machine. Blacksmiths and Alchemists worked around the clock and we stripped the countryside for supplies as the army became better equipped every day. The Bandits had grown to three hundred fighting men, and the monsters were reaching a thousand. I had conquered 8% of the dungeon.

I still wasn’t able to make my own monsters though. Back home, it had required pooling together a bunch of miasma. Doing that here would only be counterproductive. Thus, I was only able to peel away the existing dungeon one layer at a time.

“Boss, we found a monster. It killed two giants and several giant wolves. It meets the parameters you suggested.”

I made an annoyed sound at the loss of fighters, but my eyes grew fierce as I listened to his words. I had finally discovered one of the dungeon bosses. It was time to get serious.

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