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Chapter 794

Rather than spend half a day traveling out there, I pulled out a map and asked him where the boss was located. This was an intricate map that I drew myself based on my mapping of the dungeon. My Cartographer job had increased again as I made sure to distribute this map to all of my army leaders who actually could understand maps. The most interesting skill I had unlocked was Geometry. It allowed me to more easily calculate things like trajectories. I realized that I’d probably be pretty good at aiming a catapult or a trebuchet now.

I had nearly 90% of the map completed. Technically, it was all finished when it came to copying from other maps, but I had personally viewed 90% of the dungeon by using my bandits as proxies and portaling around. The 10% I was missing was the area around the demon castle.

Portaling was exactly what I was planning to do once this bandit pointed out where this boss was on the map. It turned out they were located around a large lake. I had tried to grasp how levels worked in this dungeon, and it seemed that there were concentric rings, with the ones on the outside perimeter showing weaker enemies, with them growing in strength as we moved toward the epicenter. That epicenter would be the demon lord’s castle.

The rings weren’t perfectly round, and resembled more like the trunk of a tree, with divots and depressions. There were only twenty rings in all. I had a theory that this dungeon once had a lot more rings, but since it was cut off from the mana of the other world, the dungeon had been sacrificing rings to keep itself going, like a shrinking bubble of space. I had no proof of this, and perhaps Xin was the only one who could confirm if this was reality.

For all I knew, dungeons evolved, and once a mega-dungeon grew deep enough, it changed into a ringworld like this instead, losing most of its levels as it converted into rings. Once again, I spent too much time thinking about the nature of dungeons. Since I was a Dungeon Master, it only made sense though. The game had always been called My Dungeon Life, so I felt that unlocking the true nature of dungeons was likely the name of the game.

At that moment, I needed to focus on the dungeon boss. The bandits were located around the 13th ring of the dungeon. Banding together, and with a giant or two as help, they were about to make incursions as far as the 5th level. I called the 5th level the dead zone, as I had not managed to get anyone, even spies closer to the demon castle than that.

As for the monster they located, it was on the 10th ring. It looked like this world did hold by rules similar to the previous dungeons. That meant that there must be some kind of free-roaming miniboss on the 5th ring that made getting closer impossible. The reason we hadn’t encountered the 10th ring boss yet was that they were actually on the opposite side of the world from us. If I tried to ride there, it’d take at least a week.

However, at this point, those loyal to me were all over the map. I hadn’t just united all of the bandits and subdued them, but various pockets of monsters as well. My dots were spread across the map like a growing flood, slowly conquering the dungeon piece by piece. Once I had a dungeon boss at my command, that power would grow exponentially, or so I hoped.

I selected a bandit who was near the area this man indicated, created a Portal, and then headed toward my first dungeon boss.

Chapter 795

Opening a Portal to a target on my Map didn’t mean the Portal literally formed where that person was and cut them in half. That would be an extremely foolish design. They formed about two or three feet in front of the target. That meant that if the target wasn’t paying too much attention while walking forward, they may walk right into the Portal and end up on the other side without realizing it. Portals also didn’t understand height.

If I selected a target that was underground or flying through the air, the Map would automatically place it on the ground. This was basically because the Map I used was two-dimensional and only existed on a two-dimensional plane. If I picked anywhere, it was as close to the ground as possible at whatever elevation that might be. It could be used in some interesting ways, like teleporting to the top of a tower or mountain with ease, but it naturally had limitations.

For example, stepping through the Portal felt a bit like stepping through the water. It also had a similar resistive effect. That meant, you couldn’t create a Portal behind an enemy, and then shoot them with an arrow. The arrow’s momentum would be all but lost when it came out on the other side. We tried various degrees of strength, but no matter how powerful the blow, it didn’t pass through the Portal.

This led me to another idea. Could you create a Portal in extreme environments and use them as an attack? My first thought was to create a Portal underwater. I could create a tsunami that could wipe out an entire army. If I got it deep enough, the high pressure would be like a water canon with enough force that I wondered if it could hurt bosses.

This naturally led me to other thoughts. I could see space. What would happen if I opened a Portal in space? Everything would be explosively sucked out into its vacuum. How about the inside of a volcano? Sending molten earth racing down at an enemy would be a powerful weapon. Plus, I could make a lava moat.

In the end, while all of these ideas were great, they had one fundamental flaw. The Portal I created always formed a few feet in front of me, facing me. The first person to be struck with water, lava, or the vacuum of space would be me. Since realizing this reality, I naturally gave up on the idea of weaponizing Portals. The only way I could use it would be if I got close to the edge of a cliff, and then hoped an idiot walking forward would walk through the Portal and off the cliff before realizing what they were doing.

The reason I felt the need to explain all of this at that moment, was as it so happened, the man I selected to Portal to had been at the edge of a cliff, taking a piss off the side. When my Portal appeared, he naturally stopped peeing and leaped back, but I was about three feet out over the ledge of a cliff when I stepped across. I let out a cry as I plunged off the cliff and into the depths below. In this case, I was the idiot.

Chapter 796

I only had time to see the surprised face of a bandit as I found myself falling. For a moment, I was convinced I was dead. However, when my eyes landed on the water below, I tried to move my body into a position for a dive. Hitting the water, it still was a pretty heavy blow, and the water exploded around me as I plunged into the depths of the water. Bubbles were everywhere as the water churned against the rocky shore. I lost track of which way was up, and then I realized all of my armor was also weighing me down.

I struggled, kicking wildly as I ran out of breath, but it wasn’t until my hands hit sand that I realized I was in real trouble. I had been desperately swimming in the wrong direction, having got turned upside down. I was also deep enough that I couldn’t see light under the shadow of the cliff. Hoping my hands were touching the ground and not the wall of the cliff, I put my feet down, ready to kick off.

It was at that moment that I saw a glowing light. Despite the fact my lungs were burning for a breath, and I didn’t have seconds to spare, my eyes instinctively turned toward the source of the light. That was where I saw a beautiful blonde woman floating there. She had a perfect body, with a moderate but pleasantly plump chest, and supermodel-like good looks. It was then that I noticed her lower half was a fish-tail. She had long scales that reflected gold and blue. The light seemed to come from a pearl she was holding in her hands that shone like a light orb.

I tensed as I realized she was a mermaid. Naturally, as a man, there were many fantasies about mermaids. Admittedly, the siren in my dungeon was also a fish girl, but there was something more alluring about mermaids, even though they technically didn’t have the lower parts necessary to fulfill any of that allure.

However, I also knew as a fantasy monster, mermaids could be quite vicious and borderline murderous. I was in her domain, so trying to fight her would be nearly impossible. I watched her warily, but she only looked at me curiously, like she was just as surprised I was there.

“Mmm!” I let out a noise, almost taking in a breath.

I had forgotten I was underwater for a moment as I looked at her, and I had also wasted all of my time. Just as I was about to panic, the mermaid lunged at me, and her mouth met mine. I felt her cold breath breathing out. I sucked in the air, and with our lips together, we exchanged breath back and forth. Even though we were exchanging the same breath, every time I inhaled, it felt fresh. I supposed she had gills or something that was doing the gas exchange.

After my breath recovered, she pulled away, a sweet smile on her face. She reached out and grabbed my hand, and then she started to swim. The speed she moved was extremely fast, and I nearly lost the breath of oxygen I had just regained as she floated to the surface and then skimmed along, moving as fast as a dolphin, perhaps even faster. When she reached the edge of the lake, I could see some of my men running back and forth, shouting.

“Where is Boss?”

“He fell in the lake!”

“The monster is in there!”

“It’ll pull him to the bottom like the others!”

“Ah! I see it! It’s coming!” One of the men pointed at us and shouted.

“Stay fast men, it’s weak out of water. Just stay on the shore!”

“What’s in its hands? It’s Boss!” One shouted. “Quick, the arrows!”

“Stop!” I cried out as the men started to pull out their bows. “I’m fine. She’s mine!”

The mermaid had stopped before coming to the shore and the lake water was shallow enough, I could put my feet down. I immediately grabbed her, wrapping my arms around her protectively. After all, she had saved my life.

{You have tamed a mermaid.}

“Eh?” I cried out as I noticed her looking up at me with a red blush on her cheeks.

“Boss… you did it! You tamed such a powerful monster!” The men started cheering.

Thinking back, I had tamed the giant by colliding with her nether regions. I had tamed Elaya by having her in bed. Somehow, it seemed easier to tame females of a species. Why did it feel like I was better at taming women than monsters?

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