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Chapter 815

I had reasoned that if someone opened a Portal to a place underwater, they would have no choice but to be the first victim of the massive flow of water exploding through. However, then I had a thought. What if the person on the other side was already in the water? Of course, he’d be sucked through, but he’d be riding the wave, rather than getting struck by it.

Of course, I didn’t have any particular mobility in water. I’d be as helpless as a barrel, slamming through the walls as the current tossed me down the hallways of the castle. That was, unless, I had a very strong swimmer to grab on to. So, with my hands gripping tightly on the mermaid, I opened a Portal, and an entire lake started to drain into the demon castle.

The Portal appeared in front of a mob, which I had made sure was facing away from the enemy before I used my spell. The Portal opened, and then water began to spray out. The mermaid tried to hold us back, but the suction grew too strong too quickly, and the pair of us were sucked in. Soon, my head popped out at the top of the waves. I was riding the mermaid girl like someone might ride a dolphin. Except, she needed her arms and she had no fin, so the only thing I could hold on to was her breasts.

I only had the time to get a single breath, before we were forced underwater again. The world around me was chaotic, and I felt numerous dings as various items struck my outfit. The mermaid was probably hitting a lot of stuff too, but what was she if not a dungeon boss? If that was enough to defeat her, then she was misplaced. We hit a corner and she managed to turn us before I went splat against the wall. We then took another corner and then one after that. She managed to get out in front of the wave, giving the impression she was dragging the wave, rather than it was pulling us.

Thus, I saw Bernard running down the corridor before his eyes widened and he let out a shriek, only to be slammed by a wall of water and knocked out just like the elites.

“We got to get to the boss room!” I yelled out, although I didn’t know if the mermaid could hear me over the chaos of rushing water and clattering items slamming into the rocky walls.

She dived under the water and began beating her tail roughly. We seemed to be flowing in a particular direction, and I didn’t realize until I saw the big boss room like doors that we were heading straight to the throne room.


I had wanted to get to the room, not enter the room, but there was little choice. The mermaid was helpless as the wave slammed into the doors, causing them to burst open. I didn’t know if the Portal closed, the lake emptied, or the demon lord had some special property in his room, but the second we entered the water started to slow and the pair of us slowed to a stop as the water dropped to only a few inches high. We came to a stop, me on the mermaid, about twenty feet from the throne.

The Demon King was looking down at us with a severe expression on his face. Perhaps my plan to reach the Demon King worked surprisingly too well?

Chapter 816

“Deek!” Bernard screamed, standing up.

He was drenched from head to toe, his hair that was usually done up in a bun was now hanging loosely past his shoulders.

I hadn’t been the only one carried into the boss room. It turned out I had brought Bernard. The Demon King was still sitting and watching, while the gladiator masquerading as his son shot daggers my way. His eyes suddenly dropped, and he saw me mounted on a fish girl. I was still clenching onto her chest. She had raised her upper body to look around, so it was definitely a scandalous position that we were in.

“You fool! Don’t focus on him! Now is your chance. Take out your father!” A shout came from the door.

I glanced back to see Calypso there. Unlike Bernard, she wasn’t the least bit wet nor did she show any sign of distress.

“Where did you put Carmine!” Bernard ignored her, yelling at me instead.

“You fool! If you won’t do it, I’ll kill him myself!”

Calypso drew the bright blade, causing all darkness in the room to diminish. The Demon King stood up in surprise with that.

“So, son, you truly seek to betray me?” the Demon King’s voice was ominous.

Bernard blinked as the man glared at him menacingly. “F-father… never! My only desire is the princess!”

“Hmph…” he waved his hand, and the sword that Calypso had once yanked from my arms was yanked from hers.

As it landed in his hands, I felt a sense of frustration. It was only at this moment two more familiar faces made it into the room. Xin and Garnet just managed to enter as they watched the sword reach the Demon King’s hands. As if the entire stage had been waiting to be set, the doors slammed closed right behind them.

Rather than attack, the Demon lord held the sword out by the handle toward his son. “If you wish to kill me, then take it and give it your best. You will fail either way.”

Bernard reached out and grabbed the sword, but rather than feel relieved, I tensed even more. Xin’s eyes were locked on the blade. It was her ticket out of here. It was all of our tickets out of here. Yet, strangely, it all rested in the hands of Bernard, the one person who seemed to want to stay. If he knew this world literally only had hours left, would he still be interested?

“Strike him!” Calypso bellowed.

The Demon King held out his arms. “See, my son. I know you’ve changed since you fell in love. You no longer seek power. You don’t have it in you to ki-”

His voice stopped, the white blade sticking through his chest. However, the blade was facing Bernard, coming in from the Demon King’s back. Someone had taken the sword from Bernard and then stabbed it into the Demon King’s back all in the time it took to blink.

Miasma suddenly poured out of Bernard’s body and then flew toward the Demon King, returning to its rightful place. As the ruler of this place, it only made sense that he had control of it.

“Father… I know this is only a dungeon proxy I’m killing, but it feels so satisfying. If only I had successfully killed the real you all those years ago.” The man gently whispered into the Demon King’s ear.

He pulled out the sword as the stunned King collapsed to the ground. Lord Aberis was standing there in the flesh.

Chapter 817

The Demon King, the titular threat of this dungeon, was defeated in a single strike, and the one who stood in his place was Demon Lord Aberis, the same man who had been manipulating Lord Reign.

“Lord Aberis is the son of Demon King Aberon?” I asked in disbelief.

“Ah… Deek!” He gave a smirk. “You’ve made it this far. It seems like I underestimated you. You’ve also started taking over the dungeon. Conquering dungeons… that’s something only my father has managed to do. You’re truly too dangerous to allow to live. Wait! What are you doing to my ex-girlfriend!”

His expression faltered as he pointed at the mermaid whose breasts were still in my hands. As if on cue, miasma suddenly leaked through the cracks of the door and then shot toward her. When it entered her, her expression changed.

“Aberis? My love?”

The miasma that had been affecting Carmine must have left her since it was in the presence of the true body.  It was the same way the miasma in Bernard had fled to Lord Aberis as soon as he entered. I immediately let go of her breasts and stood up, blushing, but she barely seemed to notice as her eyes were no longer on me, but the Demon PPrince.

“Tsk.” He made an annoyed sound. “I went to great effort to separate your karma from your body. You were very problematic during the early years of the dungeon.”

“P-problem?” She frowned.

“I’m sorry, did you ever think I loved you?” He chuckled. “I was just using you from the beginning. I instigated the war because father was too caught up on peace. It was only when the humans started slaughtering his people that he became more aggressive. I then proposed the marriage, the last chance to end the war amiably. Of course, father jumped on it. He wanted peace.”

“Of course, father had said when I got married, he’d fulfill any one request I made. So, when I got the gift, what I asked for was one strike. He would have outright refused something like demanding the country, but he was a prideful man convinced of his own strength. So, I took the opportunity to kill him. He was shocked, but he was also a man of his word. Regrettably, without the sword, I didn’t have the strength to defeat him in that strike. He… tried to destroy me.”

“That’s… what happened?” The mermaid’s expression went wide. “I heard that the Demon King killed you… I thought him an evil man… that’s why I… I…”

“You leaped into the lake and drowned yourself.” He sneered. “Fool.”

“So, what?” I interjected, as the princess was nearly in tears. “You failed to assassinate the Demon King, so you fled south, and then conquered Osteria with the plans of creating your own demon land?”

“It took quite a bit more steps than that, but basically.” He shrugged. “However, the one thing I didn’t have the ability to do that father did, was the ability to conquer dungeons. I could make my own, but it would take hundreds of years before they were powerful enough to help me. I couldn’t risk losing this dungeon, naturally, so I tried to create a new one. I even tried feeding my dungeon a king, but in the end, you interrupted those plans, didn’t you? No matter, I had other plans, and for those, you’ve been a splendid help.”

He held up the sword in his hands, inspecting the craftswork with a smile. He had finally gotten his hands on the Silvthril blade, just as he had planned from the beginning. I had walked right into his plans.

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