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Chapter 818

A sound of clapping resounded throughout the room. Calypso calmly walked up to the Demon Lord. She had no sense of fright or worry on her face. She immediately fell to one knee, bowing toward him.

“My lord, you have done splendidly. Your… predecessor offered to help me leave this dungeon.” Her eyes went to Bernard, who had only just recovered from the miasma suddenly leaving him.

Surprisingly, he managed to regain consciousness quickly. I thought he would have been out cold like Carmine. That led me to wonder how much of the Demon Prince I had been battling before was Bernard and his desires, and how much was the Prince’s. It seemed like the real Demon Prince, Aberis, didn’t care about the princess at all. He only cared about his own success. The recently restored princess in mermaid form was still crying and shaking on the ground. I comforted her with a hand on her shoulder, but I still kept myself ready in case Aberis suddenly attacked. There was no predicting what he would do now.

“I hope you can acknowledge all that I’ve done to help you in your quest. If you help me leave, I will be your humble servant for the remainder of times.”

Aberis looked down on the kneeling Calypso, a bit of humor in his eyes. “Oh… Calypso, you were always so welcoming. You did make a good mother for me once. Sadly… you’re still alive out there, so I’m not inclined to bring you with me.”

“Wh-what?” her eyes widened, standing up.

Before she could back away, he moved toward her. His blade stabbed right through her in the same way that he had killed the Demon King. The Demon King’s body was lying on the ground nearby. Calypso stared, wide-eyed, in complete confusion over his words.

“Did you never wonder why you and that Bandit Hero were here? What place you played in my story?” Aberis chuckled. “When I was destroyed, I saved myself using your body, the same way I had with Xin countless years later. You offered your body for me, and we traveled for many years together, manipulating the Bandit Hero, before we finally found how I could be reborn in this world. Just as Xin and the Hero King were my parents last time, you and the Hero Bandit were my parents back then. Of course, the current you predates that event.”

He pulled his sword out, and Calypso collapsed on the ground, blood pouring from her mouth. She collapsed as well, dying just as quickly as the King. Her body started to melt moments later, turning into miasma.

“You can kill dungeon creations easy with that sword!” Xin spoke up. “How about fighting someone a little closer to your level!”

“Ah!” His eyes brightened. “My current mother. It has been a while, hasn’t it?”

“Y-you… demon…” These words came from Bernard. “You… used me… you…”

The Demon Lord glanced at Bernard more like he was looking at a bug. “And you’re the one who took my play in this story. You sadly just didn’t have what it took to be me. What can I say, you just didn’t have the balls.”

Bernard’s face grew flush, and then angry. “I will kill you for that! I am the Demon-slaying hero! You defiled my body. I will make you pay!”

Free of miasma clouding his judgement, it seemed like Bernard really was bothered by demons. With a name like Demon-slaying hero, it always seemed strange to me he was fine with joining their side. It looked like, in the end, he had been a victim like anyone else.



To my surprise, Bernard rushed at Aberis, using all of his skills to attack the other man. Aberis almost disdainfully struck the man. The cut sliced off his armor and sent him flying back. I had only taken a few steps and ended up in the way of the flying Bernard. He slammed into me, and the pair of us went flying toward the wall.

My hands instinctively wrapped around him and grabbed him, and I took the hit with my armor. I was jostled, but okay. It was then with my hand pressed against Bernard’s chest that I felt something soft.


With the armor cut away, and her shirt soaking wet, the outline of a feminine body became extremely clear in my hands.

“S-s-stop touching those.” A pretty girl, not an ikeman, looked up at me with teary eyes.

Chapter 819

I didn’t have time to dwell on the realization that Bernard was actually a girl. Once Bernard had attacked, this had signaled an end to discussions, and Xin had raced forward, attacking. Garnet tried to fight as well, running around the back and attacking in a pincer.

Xin’s attack seemed perfect, and she moved at a speed I could barely recognize. Yet, when her blade struck the Silvthril sword, it immediately cracked and broke. At this point, Garnet sent her hammer down at Aberis’s head, but he twisted his sword and sliced it off at the handle, sending the head of the hammer flying off into a wall. He then did a spinning kick, sending both of them flying.

“Those weapons were created by a dungeon. They have miasma in them.” Aberis laughed. “Silvthril can destroy anything made of miasma.”

I let go of Bernard at this point and let her down as I stood up. I made my own attack, this time depending on attack spells. I cast several Fireballs and then I added a Wind Blade. Aberis was far too quick. I had come so far since I entered this dungeon, but at the end of it I just wasn’t strong enough to fight him.

After dodging several attacks, he went in for his own. He bridged the gap between us so quickly that I had no hope of dodging. I could only watch as his sword struck my armor, and then bounced off. Although the hit still had enough force that I was shoved back several steps, the blade didn’t make it through the armor. The pair of us stared at the small dent in my armor in surprise.

“How… this sword should cut through anything!” He said, his face twisted in anger.

“Wait… this dungeon… it’s like a world complete with its own rules.” I thought out loud. “The star equipment was designed as a means for someone to complete the lore, to defeat the Demon King! It might be created by a dungeon, but in this world, it’s supposed to be the strongest thing. The dungeon won’t allow your sword to destroy it!”

“R-ridiculous!” He snarled. “Then, I’ll kill you the old fashion way!”

He charged at me, and I attacked back. His sword hit me several times. I could hear the clank, clank, clank as I received blows that would definitely bruise. However, his sword couldn’t get through the armor. As for my own attacks, even using Quick Attack he was able to avoid me. Using the star sword, I was only just able to fight him, but I was a long way from winning.

Xin and Garnet jumped back into the fight as well, but they were much more cautious with their attacks now. They would use magic attacks, or throw knives. Any direct attack was thwarted.

“This is a waste of my time.” Aberis snorted. “Why fight you, when I can just leave you here to die!”

Just as the three of us were about to each land a blow on him, he disappeared. I could hear a door slamming open and looked behind the throne to see a door that led into the back room. This would usually be the treasure room of a dungeon. Aberis was already standing there, right in front of a portal. It was the same portal he had used to bring us to this dungeon. It was the only way home.

“Sorry, this dungeon will be your grave.” He sneered.

“As it will be yours, love!” Two arms wrapped around his shoulders as a dagger slammed into his neck.

No one had seen when she had moved, but the princess mermaid had crawled over to the room and leaped onto his back when he had his attention on us. Everyone had ignored her as useless, but it couldn’t be forgotten she was a dungeon level boss.

Aberis let out a scream, grabbing her from behind and spinning her to his front. Without hesitation, he stabbed her directly in the stomach with the sword, killing her in the same way as he took out Calypso and the Demon King.

“I never loved you.” He whispered cruelly, a sneer on his face.

The princess’s expression grew just as cruel. “I know.”

His eyes widened as the princess grabbed the blade slamming it as deep into herself as possible, and then cast a water jet right in his face. Compared to my water control, a mermaid like her was able to create a great deal of force. He flew back, right through the portal, and she flew the other direction, taking the sword stuck inside with her.

The force was enough that she slammed into the wall, being impaled by the sword. I ran up and grabbed her.

“N-no!” I cried.

“I got… the sword back… Master…” She said her last words before she started to melt away into the miasma.

“No! No!” It was too late though; the princess was dead.

I was snapped out of my daze when the portal closed, the incandescent blue light disappearing in an instant. We were trapped in the collapsing dungeon.

Chapter 820

“What do we do now?” the girl who called herself Bernard asked, having finally gotten back to her feet.

“The dungeon is failing.” Xin sighed. “I never thought Aberis would enter the dungeon of his own accord, but now, there isn’t enough miasma. When the next cycle begins, the dungeon will just disintegrate, and we’ll all fall in the void.”

I shook my head. “I don’t get it. I’m still missing something.”


“There is nothing to get.”

“I mean, where is the dungeon core? We defeated the dungeon, didn’t we? With the Dungeon Master destroyed, the dungeon should present the core. We can then destroy it.”

“What’s the point?” Xin responded bitterly, “Destroy the core? The dungeon is going to destroy itself in less than an hour!”

“No, I mean… if the dungeon core is still around, then that means.” My eyes widened, and I looked at the spot where Aberon had been lying.

“Good deduction.” A whisper came from behind my ear.

I was struck like a hammer, and went flying across the room, slamming into a wall.

“Deek!” Garnet ran to my side.

“You’re still alive?” Xin asked incredulously.

The once normal looking Demon King was still standing. However, his veins had turned black, like he was barely holding the miasma inside him. Black veins creeped down every part of his exposed skin. His eyes even contained black pupils. He looked quite sickly, and admittedly much more like a Demon King than he ever had before.

“My son thought he could kill me, but he has failed. However, the Demon Castle is collapsing. To save it, I will use your bodies as sacrifice!”

“Demon Castle… it’s more than the Demon Castle that is collapsing.” I said. “It’s the entire dungeon?”

He blinked. “Yes… the dungeon is the Demon Castle! Stop trying to confuse me, fool.”

“He isn’t aware he’s a copy.” Xin explained.

“But he’s mentioned he’s aware he’s in a dungeon?”

“The Demon King’s Castle is a dungeon, remember? Of course, the Demon King of the Demon’s King Castle knows he’s the Dungeon Master of Demon King’s Castle, so his copy would be the same.”

“I think I’m getting a headache.”

We were in the copy of a dungeon, inside a bigger dungeon. That was probably why I couldn’t use Slave Communication or Portal into the Demon King’s Castle. That also meant this guy was a Dungeon Master who was the copy of another Dungeon Master. Something didn’t seem right about that, but I wasn’t being given much of a chance to dwell on it.

“Nevermind that, give me the sword and I’ll take care of him.”

I nodded and tossed her the sword. The sword was still made of pure metal with no hilt, so it was a bit odd to hold, especially without a gloved hand. That said, as soon as Xin caught it, she let out a scream and dropped it. There was a sizzling sound as if it had burned her hand. The Demon King had attacked at that moment, striking Xin and causing her to fly back, hitting a wall. I scrambled to grab the Silvthril sword she had dropped, even more confused than before.

The second I had it in my hands, the Demon King’s eyes locked on mine. “You die next!”

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