Yurtdışı Yatırım

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Chapter 825

I started to regain consciousness. At this point, I realized I was in someone’s arms. The ground was still shaking. As I opened my eyes and regained my bearings, I realized that I was in the harms of an armored hero, who was carrying me outside of the collapsing dungeon.

That wasn’t a completely accurate statement. The entire world was collapsing, but this was the collapse of the castle within the world, which had been the most immediate danger. The castle had started to collapse once Carmine had defeated the demon king. If Carmine hadn’t grabbed me and escaped, then we likely would have been trapped in that boss room, just like Xin had been all those years ago. However, the collapse of the castle wasn’t the collapse of the dungeon world. The dungeon world was collapsing because there was no more mana left to keep it functional. It couldn’t reset itself again. No matter how many rings it sacrificed, the death of the Dungeon Master was the final straw.

Well, I had pulled out the karma of the Dungeon Master, so even if I had somehow not absorbed the lore, the Dungeon would have been hard-pressed to create a new one, even if it did have the available miasma or mana. I couldn’t imagine the dungeon creating a new Xin. Would she be a giant like the one in Widow’s Dungeon? This dungeon seemed to lean on her more human properties. She was an Osterian, 7 feet tall, but the Xin I knew was only barely six feet.

Carmine managed to race out just as the castle gate collapsed. As she ran, the castle behind her fell to pieces. Noticing I was awake, Carmine gently put me down on my feet. It was only once I had regained my bearings that I realized I wasn’t the only one. Bernice and Garnet were holding onto her back. She had singlehandedly carried all four of us out of the collapsing castle while I was still unconscious.

The two women looked up at Carmine with thankful expressions. It was only then I realized why she had carried them. Bernice was limping, and it looked like she had injured her ankle. Garnet had tried to help take on the Demon King and had also been severely wounded.

“Is it over?” Bernice asked worriedly.

“Carmine…” I began.

Carmine turned to me, but just as I was speaking to her, there was an ominous sound that came from the demon castle. She pulled out her shield and slammed it into the ground. At that moment, the castle exploded. Why did it explode? Perhaps there was some kind of explosive inside being stored for war. Maybe there were vats of oil to provide light or some kind of magical device that was destroyed and then erupted in magical power.

Either way, debris came flying out, slamming into the shield, but Carmine blocked the explosion, all while keeping eye contact with me. Wearing bright white, weathered armor, her blonde hair dancing wildly in the wind, a fireball like an explosion behind her, all while she protected all of us, even I was in awe, my mouth falling open and my thought process going blank as I looked at the heroic, beautiful woman who seemed like she had walked right out of a fairy tale.

“Yes, Master?” She asked.

Glancing at Bernice looking at her with star-like eyes, I was starting to figure out why so many women were attracted to her.

Chapter 826

Looking around the bleak landscape, the once beautiful valley had turned into a hellscape. The ground wasn’t just collapsing, it was breaking apart. Some of it fell down into what looked like an eternal abyss. However, more terrifyingly some of it was rising up, defying gravity as it flew into an infinite darkness. There was no longer a sky, but instead a space filled with infinite bright stars.

“Is that the void between worlds?” Garnet asked, shivering. “My people had stories about it.”

“The bubble is already broken.” I said with a heavy heart while I used a healing spell on Garnet. “This dungeon will fall into the void.”

“What happens to things that fall into the void?” Bernice asked uncertainly.

“Destroyed.” Carmine answered, and when everyone looked at her, she blushed slightly. “The princess knew that. The Twilight Empire actually worshipped the void. They claimed their race came here across the void, and so did others. That’s why they originally welcomed the demons… then a new religion came.”

“The big titty religion?” I offered.

“Pig!” Bernice glared at me.

Garnet looked down at her nonexistant chest and frowned.

“Master, get your mind out of the gutter, it was the religion of light. It taught us to fear the void. Only creatures of the light may triumph, while everything else is cursed.”

“I know this religion, they’re the ones that drove my ancestors underground. Since we lived underground, they called Deep Dwarves evil and lightless. It’s what started the war between us and the surface.” Garnet said, looking a bit uncomfortable.

“That’s all really nice, but there is one problem! We’re about to get pulled into the void and die!” Bernice cried out.

“Ah! The stone!” I spun around and looked back at the collapsed castle.

The girls all gave me a questioning look. The stone was what supposedly kept this world tethered to my own. It was how Demon Lord Aberis had managed to create a portal between the two worlds. Without that, Xin was not able to return home and ended up stuck in this bubble. My panic quickly receded as I remembered the rest of it though. I wasn’t Xin. The blessing her curse created was exactly what we needed to escape.

I could now make Portals that could take me to other worlds. I could probably eventually make Portals without needing the dungeon points at all if I started training Blue Mage, but for the moment, my new blessing was enough to get us out of this predicament. I reached out to heal Bernice first, but she gave me a look and I put down my hands. I wanted everyone to be healed, as I had no clue about this skill. It could be a bumpy ride for all I knew.

“Alright, I’m going to create a Portal then.” I said. “I believe I can make one home.”

“Really?” Garnet perked up.

The girls all perked up instantly, their growing sense of helplessness was filled with hope.

I nodded, but I was only about 80% confident. First off, I had no clue how to target a world. With my Portal, I usually depended on my Map to select a place I’d already been to. I’d created Portals before just imagining where I wanted to go, but they were never ideal. Taking a deep breath, I closed my eyes and started the spell. I kept home firmly locked in my mind.

“As soon as I get home… I’ll go find my mom.” Bernice said out loud.

“Mom?” I blinked, and then the Portal snapped into place.

The Portal wasn’t blue like I was used to seeing. Instead, this one appeared red. It was also a bit smaller than the normal Portals. They were usually big enough for a man on horseback. These were just large enough for a single person. As I finished forming the Portal, there was a sudden thud. The world started breaking apart at an alarming rate. I must have consumed too much of the remaining mana from this world casting such an intensive spell.

The cracks reached our feet, and the ground felt like it might collapse at any second. We originally had fifteen minutes to spare, but suddenly it felt like we had seconds.

“Go! No time!”

I had learned a lesson about jumping into a Portal without warning, but we had no choice. The girls jumped through, and I followed behind just as I felt the ground under me drop.

Chapter 827

No sooner did we make it through the Portal than it collapsed. Well, the dungeon was already collapsing, and the only thing that was keeping it standing was my own blessing. The second I left, it must have popped like a bubble. To think, an entire world was gone just like that. It left me feeling complicated, and perhaps even more confused about the nature of dungeons and worlds than ever before.

Taking a deep breath, I surveyed the world around me. It was then that I froze, my eyes nearly popping out of my head. I would have sworn I was dreaming, but Carmine was standing beside me in her armor, and Garnet and Bernice were looking around in wide-eyed wonder.

“What is this place?” Bernice sputtered.

“Master? I think you took us to the wrong world,” Carmine said.

“I did.” I responded with a dry throat.

“Wow… what kind of people live here? They’re able to build things so tall!” Garnet cried out excitedly.

Beep Beep! The group of us were standing in the middle of a street, and a car pulled up and honked it’s horn as Garnet was staring up. She jumped at the beep, but as she moved out of the way of the vehicle, she looked it up and down excitedly.

“Did you see that? It’s a machine! There’s a man inside controlling it! It’s like the machines the Deep Dwarves used to make.”

“I… imagine.” I responded bitterly.

It wasn’t a busy street, but we were drawing eyes. I brought everyone to the side. However, they saw a television. All three girls stared in awe at the strange device. It was, ironically, showing a fantasy movie containing a knight fighting a dragon.

“Master… I’m confused. Where is this place? I thought you were going to take us home.” Carmine asked.

“I did.” I responded weakly. “I just… didn’t concentrate enough on which home.”

As I spoke, I sat down on a bench on the side of the road.

“Which home?” Carmine blinked.

“I made it. Like that, huh?” I was speaking to myself now. I felt tears welling in my eyes, but the feelings inside me weren’t pure happiness. I felt extremely complicated emotions at that moment.

“What are you saying, Master?”

“It’s home.” I said. “It’s my world. We’re on Earth.”

“This is where Master came from?” Carmine’s eyes brightened slightly.

“Yeah… this is where I came from. I mean… not this city. I don’t know where we are… however, it’s Earth alright.”

“But… this is good, right?” Carmine gave me a concerned look.

I looked up at her and forced a smile on my face. “Yeah… it is.”

“Well, it isn’t for me! I want to return to Aberis!” Bernice snapped angrily.

“Let me try again,” I responded, standing up and starting the spell again.

{Interdimensional travel can only be used once per week.}

“We’re going to have to wait a week.” I shrugged.

“Y-you!” Bernice pouted.

“It’s fine. We can spend a week in Master’s world. And from now on, you can live in both worlds, right?”  Garnet responded encouragingly.

“Yeah… we can.”

I managed to find a pawn shop, and given how many treasures we had, it wasn’t difficult to get a thousand or so. I also figured out where we were. I’d need to order plane tickets to get home. I had considered opening up my Map. To my surprise, the city was being mapped out in front of me. I then borrowed a US map, but like the other world, without in-depth detail of having been there, it doesn’t work. I had even thought google maps with satellite pictures might be enough, but I still wasn’t able to Portal home.

Thus, we got a hotel for the night, with a flight the next day. I had considered picking up the phone and calling, but every time I picked it up, I found myself unable to dial. What would I say? I was sitting in my hotel room, separated from the girls, as insisted by Bernice. One would think it was the battle for my life, the Demon King, and the dungeon collapsing that exhausted me, but the few hours since I had been back in this world was considerably more tiring than all of that combined.

There was a light tap on my door. “Come in.”

The door opened and in stepped Carmine. She was wearing a sexy nightgown, which immediately caught my eyes. I had bought all of the girls extra clothing to wear for the week we were here. I couldn’t have them walking around in armor and cloaks. As for this piece, I didn’t remember getting it for her, but I had given them all some spending money. It wasn’t surprising that Carmine spent hers as soon as she got it, but this seemed like more of a gift for me.


“Master…” She responded, blushing.

“What are you doing?”

“Master… I know you don’t like to go to bed alone. Perhaps… I could keep you company.”

“This is… because of the princess?”

She shook her head. “No… I mean, it is, but not in the way you think.”

I raised an eyebrow.

She bit her lip, the usually cool and confident Paladin suddenly looking uncertain. “I… thought I’d be alone. When my village was destroyed, and I lost my sister… I always saw my life as a lonely one. I suppose that’s why I always filled my life with stuff because stuff could be replaced. Stuff could never leave you.”

“Carmine…” She raised her hand, stopping me.

“When I was taken, I was lost for so long. But then… Master appeared. You found me and pulled me from that fog. I realized that no matter what happens, you will always be my shining light. In the past, I always knew I owed you. I loved you as my Master and would do anything for you. I have done… many things for you.” She blushed. “B-but now… I don’t want to continue as just a slave who wants to please her Master… rather… I mean… I want you… as a woman.”

I sat up, grabbed her, and kissed her. She didn’t need to say anymore. Gently picking her up, I lay her down in my bed. She looked so beautiful in that nightgown, regrettably, she didn’t wear it for long.

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