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Chapter 827.5

I pulled Carmine’s nightgown up over her head and tossed it on the ground. She lay down on the bed, wearing a sexy bra and panties. These weren’t the functional underwear that I had specially made in the other world, but genuine lingerie made of the most delicate and partially transparent material. As she saw my eyes roaming her body, a blush formed on her cheeks, and she instinctively tried to cover her chest in a cute manner. Once again, seeing the full-form of her body, I was reminded of just how beautiful Carmine was.

Carmine’s body was fit and muscular. Her arms were well-toned, as were her abs. This only contributed to her hourglass figure. She had slender legs and pale white skin. With my level of healing, even the callouses on her hands had started to soften, and her skin had a near-perfect sheen. Her breasts were large, and her hips were perfect, framing a nice, hard butt. She had long blonde hair and icy blue eyes.

All of the women I had as slaves were beautiful, but most of them wore their beauty externally. Carmine was the only woman who regularly hid her body. When she wasn’t wearing armor, she wore large frumpy stuff. She enjoyed buying fine clothing, but I never saw her in any of that. Thus, getting her out of it, and seeing her this bare was a rare treat.

“Master…” She gasped as he grabbed hold of her and lay on the bed.

It felt strange to be back on a spring mattress after all of these months. It felt stranger seeing the knight amongst the decorum of the modern world. It gave the entire place a dream-like feel.

I gently cupped Carmine’s cheek, and she closed her eyes and pressed her face against my hand. Our lips met, and the pair of us kissed gently. It was just the two of us. None of the other girls were around. My mind wasn’t being pulled by a dozen different slave bonds. I wasn’t feeling the anxiousness of running a city. I didn’t feel the rush of the next thing I had to do. I didn’t feel the pressure of having to satisfy everyone and leave them happy. It was just Carmine and I, in a world of our own.

Her hands began to eagerly tug at my shirt. I had ended up wearing a button-up. After wearing tunics and the like for months, returning to wearing a t-shirt felt too weird. She opened up each button quickly and deftly with her fingers and then opened up my shirt. Her hands rested gently on my chest, her hands feeling up my skin. That was fine, as I had been feeling up her chest for some time.

“Mmmm! Nggnnn…” She moaned into my mouth, parting her lips and allowing my tongue to enter her mouth.

The pair of us kissed back and forth. Carmine was a bundle of contradictions. She was a hardened warrior, but she felt soft and gentle. She was muscular and strong, but feminine. She was high maintenance but extremely giving. She was ferocious and tenacious in bed, much like Lydia, but at the same time had a timidity that matched Shao or Miki.

One moment, she roughly grabbed the back of my head, her tongue darting aggressively in my mouth, looking moments from pushing me down and having her way with me. Then, a few seconds later, she’d retreat, becoming passive and accepting anything I did to her while she looked on with longing eyes. At those times, I couldn’t help, but eat her up, kissing her aggressively and teasing her breasts with all of my experience.

Her bra came off and was abandoned, and I began to lick and bite at her nipples. Sometimes, she would grab my hair, forcing my mouth to engulf as much of her tit as would fit. Then, she would grow shy again, holding her hands above her head and letting me have her how I wanted. Her underwear was discarded as well. The belt of my pants was undone. My erection came out.

“Master is… so gentle…” She muttered. “Not like before.”

“Before?” I blinked.

“N-nothing.” She blushed. “Just put it in.”

“Ah… but you’re a virgin.”

“It’s okay, I’m not a virgin.” She said excitedly.

“What? With who?” I said in surprise, and then my eyes narrowed. “Was it Bernard? No… that makes no sense… he doesn’t even have a dick! Did that noble touch you?”

“No…” She laughed, which only made me a little angrier. “Ah, Master, stop! I didn’t cheat on you! I promise. Just put it in. I want Master inside me!”

I took a breath. Of course, she was a beautiful woman who had been through a lot in life. She had plenty of time before she met me. It’d be stranger if she was a virgin.

“If I meet the person who took your virginity, I’ll beat the crap out of him!” I declared.

She giggled. “I’d like to see that.”

“Hmph… you’re mine now.” I nodded.

“I am.” She nodded, still giggling to herself. “And always have been.”


“Just put it in!” She wrapped her legs around me and forced my hips forward.

Since my hands were already on my cock and had it lined up with her, I ended up sliding right into her. As soon as I felt the warmth of her body, any thoughts of who might have taken her virginity left my mind. It had been months since I had been with a woman, and although my sex drive had dulled since I cut off a piece of my soul, how could the feeling of Carmine’s body not drive a man crazy.

“Ahn… yes… Master…” She moaned.

She began to gyrate her hips, using her legs to move my hips. My cock rotated in and out of her wet, warm sex, and I wrapped around her luscious form and put my head in her chest. It felt incredible. She was soft on the inside and the outside. She also had the muscles to keep it up, while all I had to do was cling to her beautiful body. Of course, this only lasted for a minute. Then she grew shy once again, looking at me lustfully and helplessly.

I grabbed her and began to thrust into her, taking her body aggressively as she grew passive. After a few minutes of hard thrusting, she started to move once again. It started to feel like a dance. I’d take the lead at some points, and she’d take the lead at others. We started to grow more animated and more lustful. While acting on her own at one point, Carmine rolled and threw me under her, and then began to ride on top. When she grew passive again, I pushed her back and down and started to jackhammer her down.

With most of the girls, we’d usually pick a position and go until we finished. With Carmine, it was far more animated. She liked to experiment with many, many positions. Switching between being on top and bottom, passive and aggressive, we moved all around the room as we had sex. The constant switching also allowed me to last longer. Without pervert, I couldn’t guarantee I wouldn’t have cum right away, but with the pacing constantly changing, we ended up going for nearly fifteen minutes.

I had her in doggy position, taking her from behind, squeezing her hard, smooth ass when I finally shoved myself deep and came inside her. I did equip pervert at this point, as I didn’t want her to get pregnant. The surge of sexual excitement meant that by the time I finished cumming, I was already hard again.

“Ah… I feel Master’s warmth deep inside me.” Carmine cried.

“I hope you’re not done yet!” I said, letting the pervert tinge my voice a bit.

“N-never… Master can have me as long as he wants!”

Her aggressive side resurfaced, and soon I was back on the bed in reverse cowgirl, watching that ass bounce up and down on my cock. From there, I ended up bending her standing over the bed. I had her against the wall, and then she rode me on a chair. She came several times herself. Her lewd, orgasmic noises filled the room, but they were constant and didn’t necessarily match when she came. She wouldn’t announce it at all. Perhaps, she didn’t want me to cum early or end things just because she finished.

The only way I could tell when she came was because I felt her pussy suddenly gush, growing much wetter. A few splashes of cum would leak out as my dick plunged into her pussy. Then, she’d keep going without pause. She had sex like a paladin, taking it all and never showing any sign of weakness. As I grew to realize this, I only became more excited and aggressive.

Although she still showed periods of passivity and aggressiveness, I became pure aggression. Fueled by the pervert, whether she tried to lead or take it, I gave it to her as hard as I could. When she rocked her hips, I timed it to make it as rough as possible. She came the hardest during those periods. I wasn’t sure how long we went. I just knew that I wasn’t going to stop until Carmine finally dropped down her defense.

I had broken Queen Elaya, and pleased the tigress Lydia… all-night sessions were something that I was skilled at. Thus, I had Carmine in my grip. She had her legs wrapped around me and she was on her side, her upper half on the bed and her lower half wrapped around me, while I was giving it to her as hard as I could. Wet whacking sounds filled the room, and Carmine’s cries were like ecstasy. I had finally reached my limit. I couldn’t go on any longer.

Boom! The door suddenly broke open. A person ran in, carrying a sword. As soon as they saw us, they stopped.

“Wh-what are you doing to my Carmine?” Bernice cried out before her eyes narrowed on me. “I’ll kill you!”

Carmine leaped off of me, my dick falling out of her as she went for her sword. “You won’t touch master!”

At that moment, I turned to Bernice and my dick which had reached its limit released. As the girl took a step toward me, I erupted in the most impressive cum I had ever achieved. My previous cum had just been from months of neglect. This was the one that contained my three months of abstinence. Fueled by perversion and twenty minutes of enjoying Carmine’s luscious body, it shot straight out and directly into Bernice’s face. This attack was fatal. Bernice’s sword fell to the ground, and her mouth which had been open in a yell was filled gobs of white.

Her hood fell back, revealing a face that looked like it had been in a bukkake. “Ah… Ah… Ah…”

“I’m sorry, master… I tried to keep her from hearing by keeping the tv loud…” Garnet raced in behind Bernice, only to see the white-clad woman. “Wow… Master is truly impressive.”

Garnet touched Bernice’s face, rubbing a finger along her cheek and pulling off some of the cum, then looking at it with interest.

“Ahhhhhh!” Bernice spun around and fled the room screaming.

Garnet turned toward me and the naked Carmine, her expression still interested. “Can I join?”

I kicked her out of the room. “No lolis!”

“I’m an adult!” she cried back.

“In this world, it’s a crime!” I slammed the broken door in her face.

I cast the spell, Moderate Repair, on the door, and thankfully the lock and damaged wood quickly repaired itself. With a sigh, I turned back to Carmine.

She was standing, completely naked, covered in sweat, holding a sword. Various fluids were dripping down her legs, and her blond hair was matted to her face, neck, and shoulders. Yet, despite all that, she never looked more beautiful.

“Another go?” She asked, cocking her head.

“You can take more?” I smirked.

She blushed. “This might be the only time I can have Master to myself. In the future, the other girls will be there.”

I nodded, remembering once again that I had left them behind. I had to go back to my home. The girls were probably a wreck, convinced I was dead. If they had hope that I survived in the dungeon, then three days later when I didn’t come back out, they must truly be broken. My expression dropped as I thought about it.

Carmine gently wrapped her arms around me, holding me tightly with her naked chest pressed against my back. “We’ll find them.”

“I know…” I forced a smile back. “I just worry. They’re probably a mess without me. I just hope they’re doing okay.”

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