Yurtdışı Yatırım

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Chapter 831

“D-Deek.” Shao called out shyly.

“What is it?” I asked.

“It’s just… have you always looked so good?”

“What are you saying? After having my soul ripped apart, I’ve been weak as a kitten. I’ve spent the last three days recovering. Even with healing spells, I feel really frail.”

“No, actually, Shao is on to something.” Terra said.

Lydia nodded. “When Master turned into a girl, your features smoothed out considerably. Drinking the potion that turned you back into a boy didn’t get rid of that. As a result, you have a certain… beauty.”

“That’s right!” Miki said. “You’re very pale, and your body is really… dainty!”

“You’re one to talk!” I said accusingly at Miki.

Actually, as her spiritualism increased, her once pale and weak body had grown much stronger. She was still small, frail, and pale compared to the other girls, but if compared next to me, I might look even weaker!

“Are you girls saying that the result of my soul being cut is that I’ve become an ikeman?” I said in disbelief while checking myself in the mirror.

It was true, from my appearance, I had lost most of my masculine features, and had a more delicate looking body now. Plus, my sickly pale skin gave me an almost ghost-like feel. Was I really more attractive too? It was hard for me to notice such things. It had even taken me months to accept I was no longer fat.

After I finished getting ready, the group of us headed to a room that I had started to call the war room. This was because it was filled with maps and other important information, I had even laid out a map I had drawn of the countryside. It was a combination of my own personal Map mixed with the most updated maps the capital city had. It still included various towns and villages that likely no longer existed thanks to the bandits in the south.

“What is the plan?” Salicia was already waiting there.

She had a severe expression on her face, and it looked like she was out for blood. I couldn’t blame her. I felt angry at Lord Reign too. He had caused me trouble time and time again, and now I knew for a fact he was selling Aberis out. He also had a powerful backer, possibly someone from the Imperial Cloud Meadow, who was able to take me out in almost a moment. If I wanted a chance of defeating him now, I needed to act quickly and coldly.

“It is time we start building an army to take out Lord Reign. First, we’re going to head to the village we resurrected. By now, they should at least have an idea of how many people are in the countryside. They might have even saved a few.”

“You want to return to attacking bandits?” Salicia frowned.

“Last time we did that, it didn’t turn out too well.” Shao warned.

“We’re not going after the bandits this time. We’re going pure extraction. My original plan was to build a revolt and have the people themselves defeat the bandits with our support. We no longer have the luxury of doing that.”

“Then, are we abandoning the south to the bandits?”

“Regency won’t hold much longer,” Shao reported. “I give it a week. Even with the grandmaster there, their forces are just growing too thin.”

“No… we’re not abandoning the south.” I shook my head. “We’re going to recruit the bandits!”

Chapter 832

My declaration wasn’t met with any excitement. In fact, there was a wave of silence after I had made my pronouncement. I crossed my arms and made a face as I looked across the girls.

“Master… I mean no offense, but these bandits won’t join us willingly.” It was inevitably Miki who spoke up.

“Even if you can somehow convince them, there is no saying they will follow orders. It’s not clear how the current Bandit King is keeping them so focused. It isn’t likely we’d be able to obtain the same results.”

“Who said that I would have them join willingly?” I shrugged. “I will make all of the bandits into slaves.”

Several of the girls cried out in surprise at those words. They had anxious and uncertain expressions on their faces. I held up my hands in a soothing gesture.

“The status of all of you won’t be changed just because I take on these slaves. You are uniquely my party and my women. They are something else entirely. This will ensure that they remain loyal and follow every command, whether they want to or not. I will turn a negative for Aberis into a positive.” The girls still looked uncertain, so I gave them my best smile. “I love you all. You’re extremely important to me. All of you. I would never let anything bad happen to any single one of you. Do you understand?”

Their expressions changed one by one to blushes or bashfulness, and I nodded. I wasn’t trying to be manipulative, and every word I said was the truth. I cared about what they thought, and I wouldn’t put them in a situation like before where there were killed by Fireballs.

“Still, Master, perhaps we should consider other options. Maybe they can be tamed like monsters?” Lydia offered.

“None of this matters.” I shook my head. “We won’t know anything until we go there. I’ve already been couped up for three days. Now that I’m mostly recovered, let’s go.”

“Now?” Lydia cried out while all the girls looked surprised. “Master isn’t fully recovered yet.”

“Lord Reign thinks we’re dead. We should move now while we have time. Besides, don’t I have all of you to keep me safe? This wasn’t like last time where it was just… I mean it won’t be like last time.”

I was going to say that it wasn’t most of the core team. Other than Shao, I had Carmine, Salicia, Ruby, and Raissa with me. Raissa was pregnant, and I decided there was no way I was going to risk her life again. Carmine was now dead. Salicia was a mess. As for Ruby, since we had returned to the city three days ago, I hadn’t seen her. She wasn’t a girl who had open access to my mansion like the others, so seeing me was a bit difficult for her, so that was all it was.

“Master, you should rest for another week. Aren’t you being a little hasty?” Shao urged.

“We’re going,” I responded coldly. “Come or stay behind. I’ll give you thirty minutes to get what you need.”

Chapter 833

I left the girls, who had complicated looks on their faces. I knew they just wanted to keep me safe, but preventing me from doing what needed to be done was not going to achieve that goal. I had to be decisive and quick. There was no saying when Lord Reign would make his move on us, and his actions could destabilize Aberis. I was thinking about the bigger picture here.

The only reason I gave them a half-hour is because I needed time myself. The first stop I made was the Adventuring Guild. Since I was going after bandits again, it only made sense to bring Ruby along. I went in and asked for her. A few minutes later, it was the Guild Master who came out. He had a pleasant expression on his face.

“What is it?” I asked. “Where is Big Sis?”

“Ruby won’t be able to join you in the upcoming quest. Fortunately, she won’t need to.” The Guild Master pulled out a coin that resembled the Knight’s token and the Hero token which gave people those jobs. “That is an Adventurer’s Token. You get one after you’ve reached individual rank C. I just didn’t have an opportunity to give it to you earlier. The Adventurer’s Token can be used to unlock the Adventurer job. I’ve never mentioned this token before because most people aren’t interested in the Adventurer job.”


“Well, think about it. Why would you lose a job like Knight or Swordsman for a rather weak tier one job? I’ve come to realize you’re a bit different though, and this may have some use for you. You needed a new adventuring card too, right?”

“Ah! Yeah…”

All of the stuff that had been in my Inventory had disappeared after my split. I still had my Inventory skill, and no one had been able to explain what happened. The Adventuring Guild Card was something that had disappeared with it. He brought out a new card and had dripped some blood on it. He then used some kind of magical artifact. When he was done, he handed it back to me.

“I will waive the fee for the lost card, considering the circumstances.” He chuckled softly. “Technically, we’re supposed to do a resurrection service with you now. F-rank and E-rank are only covered when they’re on a mission, but once you reach D, we will resurrect you off mission, barring some kind of stop order. As a noble, you don’t need those services though.”

I shrugged. “I’m covered.”

I had completely forgotten about the adventuring resurrection service when I got life insurance in the capital. Either way, it was nice to have the girls covered too. They only did a resurrection check once a day, but I made sure all of our lives were secure, even though once Miki or I were resurrected, we could do it ourselves. You could never be too careful. The castle also guaranteed my resurrection as a noble, and now it looked like the guild did as well. That was assuming Miki didn’t resurrect me moments after learning I died. I guess I could say my soul was in good hands.

“You are now an A-ranked Adventurer. Ruby indeed recommended S for you, but the guild didn’t permit me to make such an exaggerated jump. They said that it might seem like favoritism to an up-and-coming noble. Thankfully, since you’re an A-class, I can log you with advanced quests. I’ve rigged it that if you resolve the situation with the bandits, I should be able to get you promoted to S.”

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