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Chapter 834

I ended up putting my card away in my inventory. I didn’t really know the specifics of the magic, but it seemed to log that information even when it was in my inventory. Inventory was a kind of spatial magic, but because I was a True Hero I could access it. If it was technically in another space, then how could it log progress? Well, I was always pondering all of these questions, and half the time I found I guessed wrong, so I decided to not give it any more mind. It was better to act decisively than dwell on things indefinitely.

“Where is Ruby anyway? I thought she might want to join me?”

It wasn’t like I wanted to have Ruby join the Harem, but she was a capable fighter, and she seemed able to keep up with the team. It had been a bit odd how she suddenly took off after we got back. I had collapsed nearly half dead and was taken to my mansion, and then I hadn’t seen her since. I thought she would have checked up on me.

As soon as I asked, the Guild Master jerked, and then his face turned odd. This naturally made me even more curious.

“What is it?”

“Ah… you, you know all of us in Chalm appreciate everything you’ve done. When you first appeared almost half a year ago, I never would have thought that you’d be able to get this far.”

“Aren’t you the one who asked me to do all of this stuff?” I asked flatly.

“Ai! I mean… I hoped you could accomplish the deeds, but every time I send an adventurer on a mission, there is a chance they won’t come back. As a town that bordered the Wilderness, we were all too familiar with friends going out on recon and never returning. You’ve really changed things for all of us, and for that, we’d like to think we’ve helped you as well.”

It was a complicated feeling, thinking back to my relationship with the people of Chalm. They had treated me like an errand boy when I first came to this world. They promised a lot, and it was always questionable when or if they delivered. However, in the end, they had kept their promises, and I had kept mine. Although I had given a lot of myself to Chalm, isn’t that what any leader would do? Is that why they call them public servants on Earth? I couldn’t be a lord without people to rule over, and while it felt like I was constantly pumping money into them, they had always returned that with loyalty.

However, I felt like I was getting distracted. I had been asking about Ruby, and suddenly, he was going on about how appreciative they all were.

“What are you getting at? Where is Ruby?”

I took a step around him, trying to enter the guild to find her myself, and he moved to block me. He held up hand, and gave an apologetic look.

“My lad… women are a complicated folk. They’re hard to understand sometimes…”

“Guild Master…” I responded in a no-nonsense tone.

He sighed. “Yes, I understand. I’m sorry. Ruby doesn’t want to go on another adventure with you!”

Chapter 835

“Wh-what? Why?”

I never thought myself a prideful man, but suddenly, hearing that Ruby didn’t want to adventurer with me felt like a slap in the face. I had called her big sister, and she had even soothed me when I was at my worst, after Lydia had been taken. I had considered her a friend, and I felt betrayed. It wasn’t like I expected every woman to fall in love with me, but… isn’t that what happened?


“Ah… my lad… it’s just, she doesn’t agree with your methods. In the report, she called you reckless. She said that too many of your plans were dangerous, and that… well… I’m not going to say everything she said. The point is, she’s too scared to want to travel with you.”

“E-even so… if… I mean… as an Adventurer…”

“She’s retired.”

“What?” I jerked up with those words.

“She is no longer an Adventurer. Shortly after she came back, she put in her retirement. She’s applied to be the vice-guild master. I never needed a vice-guild master before, but with new Chalm growing bigger every day, the work has been a bit overwhelming.”

I didn’t know what to say. I had thought our relationship was going great. It was true, she had snapped at me numerous times, and we had several arguments over how to do things. However, once I had shut her down a few times, she had been much quieter and was willing to go along with everything! Wait… that actually sounded bad. Well, at least everything turned out fine, I had only led them to death once, and then there was the time we almost all died and my soul was ripped asunder…

I was beginning to realize why she might have been upset at me. However, all of the other girls were fine with my behavior, weren’t they? Was this the difference between someone enslaved to me and someone who wasn’t? Was that how much the bonds smoothed over? For the first time since the Capital, I was starting to feel like maybe all the girls around me didn’t really want to be with me anymore. I felt panic. I needed them. I couldn’t lose them. Even Carmine had been too much.

“C-can I at least see her? I mean… to apologize?”

The Guild Master sighed. “Just, give it some time, my lad. She’ll calm down with time. As I said, she doesn’t hate you, she just needs some time to evaluate things. Honestly, it’s been a long time coming, I think. Most Adventurers, when they reach a certain age, contemplate where they see the rest of their lives going. For women, it’s a bit younger than men, because they have their child rearing days are coming close to an end.”

“I could have her children!” I said.

He made a strange face. “Maybe you should just go…”

I found myself walking away with my head down. Did I really just propose that big sis and I had babies? I had two pregnant women right now I didn’t know what to do with, and I wanted to make another girl pregnant just so she’d like me? What the heck was happening to me?

Although I was supposed to meet the girls in ten minutes, I found myself heading in a different direction. I ended up in the basement of the mansion, where I took a secret path leading into the dungeon. Knocking on the door situated between the dungeon and my mansion, the door opened a few moments later.

“Deek? How rare of you to com- mmm!” As soon as Elaya opened the door, I grabbed her and kissed her.

Chapter 836

My tongue attacked Elaya aggressively, and she quickly went from surprised to giving just as good as she was getting. We moved quickly from the doorway to the bedroom. Our kiss broke and I began to excitedly strip the former queen down. She was slightly winded, and her cheeks were red. I started sucking on her neck ripping apart her clothing.

“My… my… You’ve only had a dick for a day, and already you want to play?” She purred excitedly. “I like this new Deek. You’ve never stopped at my room before. I’ve always had to find and trap you just to get a little attention, and then those other girls would always find us and free you. It’s been torture for me. Please, give it to me.”

I planned to. I reached out and put my hand on her forehead. I then began to use the Slave Master skill Bond Slave. As soon as it started, her eyes opened wide. Her face swapped between shock, anger, and confusion. Before I had even gotten halfway into the bond, I felt an intense rejection. She forced the bond to an end, and then a shockwave followed, sending me off the bed and down to the ground. I fell to my knees, my hands landed on the cold floor of her stone room.

“What do you think you’re doing?” She said furiously, and dark miasma rolling off her as she appeared before me.

“You’ll be my slave!” I looked up at her, my face just as fierce.

Elaya was not my slave. She was a tamed monster, of sorts, but she wasn’t truly a slave. Even as a tamed monster, her loyalty went only so far. A tamed animal with low intelligence could be a trustworthy companion, but a tame person with thoughts of their own was only the equivalent of a loyal follower. They could still disobey, and they could still leave you.

Elaya’s fierce expression didn’t grow angrier as I expected, instead, it turned to shock. I felt something hot burning my cheek. I reached down and touched it to feel tears falling down my face.

“Deek, what has gotten into you?”

“I won’t lose you too!” I found myself answering. “That’s why… that’s why… you have to be my slave! With my blessing, you’ll be mine forever!”

She looked me up and down. “Look at you now… you’re half a man.”

Her voice wasn’t cruel, it sounded sad, but I felt anger at her words anyway.

“That’s right, I was turned into a girl! So what?” I shouted.

I didn’t know if it was because of the dungeon or luck, but the sex changing potion seemed to wear off at just that minute. My features began to change. I grew breasts, my penis disappeared, and what was kneeling there was a sobbing girl. It made me feel even more embarrassed, considering the timing came just after her cutting remark.

She slowly shook her head. “No… that’s not what I mean. I mean you… Deek, you’re no longer you.”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“I think, we need to gather the girls. We’re going to need to talk.”

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