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Chapter 843

“You… aren’t you that noble that took off two weeks ago?” A bald, skinny man in armor yelled out. “You’re deserters.”

I recognized him. He was the guy who was in charge. He had shoved me on the wall as soon as we got here. We left only shortly after. I may have not told him where we were going. I mean, it wasn’t like we were part of his army. I was still a lord, and I had the right to do what I wanted. However, I did understand from their point of view, it looked like we took one look at the army, and then fled. I hadn’t considered that until I noticed several angry faces glaring at us.

“You just took off!”

“Why should we listen to you!”

The crowd was quickly going south. I even heard some people calling for us to be killed as traitors.

“It’s not true! I’ve been trying to deal with this Bandit threat since we left!” I tried to reason with them.

I wasn’t lying. Since we left, I had killed hundreds of Bandits. Then, we returned a kid home to his village, helped resurrect the broken town, rescued their hostages. Then, we went up north to try to masquerade as a bandit band. Although that plan seemed to have fallen through, we had been focused on the Bandits since the beginning. Had I not been mortally wounded, these last three days of rest would not have been necessary.

Then again, we probably had a lot easier life than the people who were trapped in this city constantly being bombarded by crazed Bandits. The way we looked, with clean clothing and repaired armor, it probably looked like we hadn’t helped Regency at all.

“Yeah, right!” Someone shouted.

More people started to take up the call. Since there was a lull in bandit attacks, we seemed to have gotten the attention of just about everyone left in the burning city.

“It’s true! Master was just saying in bed last night that he regretted not being able to do more for you!” Leave it to Lydia to try to defend me and only make things worse.

Revealing that I was sleeping around while they were fighting for their lives was not the best action. I was already a slave owner, so revealing I was sleeping around with my slaves, and then forcing them to fight for me, well it was clear my popularity was plummeting by the second. They were starting to boo us. I was starting to consider fleeing the city on my own.

“Enough!” A person roared out, causing many people to quiet down. “At least, he came back!”

An old man in a robe started to come down the stairway from the wall. It was the Grand Master who had been remaining in town up until now. He looked very tired these days, and if there was any color in his hair two weeks ago, it had long since left and left him completely white. Behind him trailed his familiar assistant and apprentice, Siti.

It looked like he was bailing me out of another situation. I had once been wary of him, but the guy was starting to grow on me. He was exactly the kind of powerhouse I needed on my side!

Chapter 844

“We saw them out there! Two weeks ago! They were fighting Bandits and rescuing civilians!” Siti cried out, holding onto her staff like it’d protect her from the glaring eyes of others.

The bald man in charge looked at the grandmaster. “Is this true?”

The old man nodded. “It is true… we saw them overlooking a caravan that was under attack. But it was unclear if they were going to help!”

My opinion on the old bastard collapsed once again. Angry mutters rose back up again. What was he trying to do?

“H-he agreed to help lead a boy to the village!” Siti continued to try to defend me.

“Th-that’s right!” A girl spoke up. “That was my brother and fiancé!”

She was still here in the city. Her brother was still in the town, and she had asked if there was any way we could bring her home for their marriage. I was hoping that integrating the other towns into this one would wipe out the incestuous tendencies, but they seemed to be strangely spreading and becoming more prevalent across the village. It caused me real tears as I realized that my first town, Deeksville, might end up being known for incest!

“Yeah… and have we seen your brother since?” The Grand Master snorted. “Honestly, until I saw them standing there, I thought they were all dead. That would have been good riddance!”

“N-no!” The sister teared up at the thought her brother was dead.

“Whose side are you on?” I cried out.

At first, he seemed to be defending me, but now he was just inciting violence.

“I’m on the side of truth.” The Grand Master snorted. “You are a lord. I don’t like lords. Arrogant, lazy, cowards, the lot of you. I don’t trust you as far as I can throw you, and I can conjure up winds that can throw halfway across Aberis! However, you’re not the first lord to come to this place and flee. You are the first to come back… so, perhaps you should listen to what he says…”

“I don’t get it… is he saying good things about us or bad?” Celeste whispered to Miki.

Miki shrugged. “I have no clue.”

The man harumphed, straightening his robes. As he walked away, Siti bowed to us.

“I’m sorry about Master. That is about as high of a comment that he will ever leave you.” She explained, and then followed after him.

I watched as the pair slipped into a tent. I bet he could play with her in bed all he wanted and no one would be looking down on him! I coughed and looked back at the crowd, who seemed slightly confused. He hadn’t made it clear if I could be trusted or not. Between the two of us, he had more successfully won these people’s hearts by saving them battle after battle, so his opinion did matter, but he was such a crotchety old man, that it was impossible to tell.

“Look, I’m a Blue Mage like Siti. I’ve been to a village that is safe. There are people, resources, and the Bandits would take a few days to get to it. It’s not a perfect situation, but we’d be able to regroup.”

I explained to them my plan, and even created a Portal and had Shao lead one of them through the Portal in front of everyone to confirm. Eventually, we managed to convince the group to leave. Everything was going according to plan.

Chapter 845

Eventually, I had the girls opening Portals and leading the remaining people through the Portals to Deeksville. Regency was officially being evacuated. I promised them that they could always rebuild this city, but for the moment, the best option was to run. Once the bald lieutenant who had been keeping the militia fighting these last few weeks folded, everyone else quickly joined him.

There were just two people who happened to not be part of that conversation. That was the old man and his disciple. With a sigh, I prepared myself and walked into their tent. Thankfully, I didn’t walk into them having some kind of lustful scene. The old man was at a makeshift desk scribbling something, and Siti sat there, waiting patiently on her Master for any orders or insight.

“I’ve convinced the people of Regency to leave.” I stated. “We’re sending them out to another place where we can send away the weak and the injured to recuperate and get reinforcements. I have a plan for dealing with the Bandits.”

“You do?” Siti suddenly perked up. “You can get rid of them?”

“Ah, something like that.” I answered noncommittally.

I didn’t really want to explain that I didn’t plan to get rid of them, but use them for my fight against Lord Reign. These men had committed many atrocities, and there were a lot of people here and in Deeksville that would be much happier if they were killed and never resurrected or imprisoned for life. Unfortunately, wiping them out would just make my position in the west more turbulent.

“Very well.” The Grand Master said after a few moments of silence.

“So, are you coming with us?” I asked.

“I am not.” He said.

Siti gave me another apologetic smile.

“Why not?” I asked, feeling just a bit angry.

I really could use his help in the defense of that city. He may just call himself an entertainer, but in this country, he might very well be as strong as one of the generals. Since he was a magician, he was probably more versatile and thus more powerful than even them.

“Because we haven’t found the-“

“Siti!” This finally got the Grand Mage to turn, glaring at Siti.

She lowered her head, but a moment later she glared defiantly. “You might as well tell him! We’ve been searching for over a month now, and we’ve seen no sign of it!”

“What is it that you two are looking for?” I asked, my brow furrowing. “It’s the same thing the Bandits want, right? There is something hidden in this city? Is it a dungeon? Is there some kind of dungeon in this city with some great treasure?”

The Mage glared at Siti, but she glared back just as much. Finally, he sighed and threw up his hands.

“Fine… you want to tell him? Tell him!” He went back to writing, but his movements were much angrier now.

“We aren’t looking for a dungeon that is, but a dungeon that was.”


“There used to be a dungeon where this city was built. It fell many years ago and collapsed. However, there were… stories about something the dungeon contained.”

“What is it?” I asked. “A soul-reaving dagger,” Siti said. “A dagger made of pure Malacrum! Just as Silvthril is the bane of all dungeons, Malacrum is the bane of all living beings!”

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