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Chapter 897

Salicia charged forward, her weapon in hand. She immediately took a casual swipe at me, forcing me to leap back to avoid it. I had to pull back my perception, no longer able to reach the strange bond within Calypso. The girls could see me being attacked by Salicia, and they immediately reacted to it. With the Bandits having lightened their attacks significantly, the girls redoubled their efforts attacking the barrier that separated us from them. More and more cracks formed along the barrier, but it might still be a minute or two before they could finally get through.

“Salicia!” I cried out, pulling out my blade and hitting hers.

After absorbing a great deal of the dungeon’s miasma and replenishing my soul, I was able to resist her strike. Unfortunately, I wasn’t spec’d for close combat at the moment. Furthermore, I was trying to maintain the link with Calypso. I felt like the only way I could defeat her was through this miasmic link. If that was lost, then I had a feeling like she would escape and all of this would have become meaningless.

Salicia seemed completely unresponsive to my words, instead, attacking me several more times. As she did so, Calypso started using her will to extradite me from our attachment. She was resistant to my absorbance and trying to reassert her control over the dungeon. The miasma connection between us continued to shrink, and once again, Bandits began to flood into the rink, forcing the girls to become distracted. Meanwhile, Salicia’s attacks grew more and more brutal.

If Salicia had been going all out from the beginning, it was possible that she would have defeated me in an instant. However, her attacks were slow and methodical, like a robot simply carrying out its command without any emotions. That’s when I noticed Salicia’s eyes. I had avoided paying too much attention to Salicia recently. That was because she likely functioned as Calypso’s eyes and ears. I was afraid if I put too much attention her way, she’d notice something and I’d be found out.

As I looked into her eyes at this moment, I saw reluctance. I could see Calypso growing frustrated by this as well.

“Kill him! Just kill him!” She cried out.

“Salicia, don’t.”

This wasn’t a slave order. A slave order wouldn’t work on Salicia. A slave order punished someone for acting against their master’s will. It didn’t choose for a person, but it punished them for making the wrong choice. As for Salicia, she had no will. She had no choice. Calypso made her do what she did, so naturally, there wasn’t even a point to the order. However, I didn’t ask her as her master. I asked her myself. I looked directly at her, and she looked back. Slowly, she began to raise the blade in her hand, planning to bring it down on my head. I could see pain and anger, although it was hidden behind an expressionless face. A realization shot through me, and a small smile formed on face. At first, I was going to plead with her. I was going to try to speak to her humanity and the relationships between me and her. Then, I remembered who I was talking to.

Chapter 898

“Are you really this weak?” I spoke so quietly, that Calypso couldn’t hear.

As those words struck Salicia’s ears, her hands stopped, the blade raised over her head. Salicia was a proud woman, nearing the level of narcissistic. How could she possibly stand to be insulted like that?

“You let others control you so easily. I thought you were a Bandit Queen, but apparently this is as far as a Bandit Queen goes. A minion for another woman.”

Her body shook. At this point, Calypso realized she had frozen.

“What are you doing? Cut her down! Cut her down now!”

“You weren’t strong enough in that dungeon. You failed to accumulate wealth. You failed to save your sister. Now, you’re still failing.”

“Sh-sh-shut up!” Her eyes had turned red, and her entire body was shaking.

It was the first time she had ever spoken while she was under the control of Calypso. Her words seemed to catch the other woman off guard too.

“Ignore him! Just kill him!” Calypso screamed.

“I’m sorry…” Tears began to well up in her eyes, her grip on her sword tightening.

“Salicia, if you don’t help, who’s going to help me defile women?”

Her eyes widened, and then a slow smirk formed on her face. “I guess it can’t be helped.”

Her movements suddenly became explosive, but instead of attacking, she flew back, slamming into the unprepared Calypso. She spun around, grabbing Calypso and holding her in place, preventing her retreat.

“What are you doing?” Calypso cried out. “Get your hands off me, puppet?”

“How can I stop until Master breaks you? If I don’t give him regular sacrifices, then he might take me!”

“Is that what you think of me?”

“Master, please, your speech reached me deep down.” Salicia blushed, her words clearly seeming a bit misleading.

“That worked!” I cried out in surprise, and then coughed. “Ahem…  I mean… of course!”

“So, please, have at her!”

“Why do I sound like the criminal now?”

At this exact point, the barrier that had been keeping the other girls in the rink shattered. Lydia leaped up to my side. She immediately pulled out a potion, handing it to me. Having grown used to taking mana or health potions being handed to me, I impulsively drunk it. Then, I looked at it to see that it was actually the gender bender potion. I could feel myself turning back into a man.

“Why was this necessary?”

“So, Master can finish defiling Calypso?”

“Is that what you all think of me? Since, when did I become the breaker of women?”

“There is a precedent for this kind of thing,” Lydia said helplessly.

“Like what?” I responded tearfully.

“Well, there was my mother,” Celeste said.

“That was a special circumstance!”

“Then, there was Elaya.”

“That didn’t count!”

“The siren and the giant.”

“Not even Dungeon Masters!”

The girls decided now to give me a hard time, but what did I do to deserve any of it? I was mostly joking with that last line; I didn’t think everyone would take it so seriously. All of my actions up until now had been completely logical. I was just a victim of circumstance. Just because I had seduced several dungeon bosses didn’t mean that I planned to break Calypso. What kind of guy would that make me? I needed to make this clear to my girls.

“Look, I have no plan to violate Calypso! She came on to me. If she didn’t want me to reach inside her and take away her special something… holy crap, I’m defiling her.”

I suddenly felt depressed.

Chapter 899

“Fine, whatever!” I decided to stop wasting time.

Although the girls relaxed significantly, it wasn’t like Calypso had been defeated. She was weakened, and seemed to be under Salicia’s restraint, but how long would that last? I reached out and began to pull the miasma from her once again. She didn’t even fight the restraints. Other than a small shiver, she made no reaction. Her eyes bore into me with a mixture of hate and disgust.

I quickly found the bond within her body, and then I slowly pulled it away. This was done instinctively. I honestly didn’t know what I was doing. I just felt like this was somehow the source of her power. As the bond left her, her eyes never left mine. Slowly, I sunk that bond into my own body. It was at this point that the text popped up, and I realized what I had just done.

{You have conquered the Dungeon, Bandit’s Respite. You are now the Dungeon Master.}

With that text, information flowed into my head. The Bandits who had been attacking immediately stopped. I felt like through the bond, I could absorb miasma, but also repel it. Was this the connection a Dungeon Master had to their dungeon? I suddenly felt extremely powerful, and also I felt an awareness as if I could kind of feel what was going on anywhere in the dungeon.

As for Calypso, once the bond was severed and her connection to the dungeon ended, so did the stream between our bodies. She collapsed like her kite-string had just been cut, slumping down in front of me. She had been overtaxing herself during this battle, using quantity over quality to send out an endless stream of Bandits. Every time we killed one, she lost a little bit of miasma. Add to that the amount of miasma I stole directly from her, and both she and the dungeon had reached their limit.

For the dungeon, it felt dry and desiccated. It felt like it was on the verge of collapse. I was vaguely aware that the trees spread out on top of the dungeon were all dead now. During this battle, to maintain the fight, the dungeon had sucked the life out of the world around it. The rate that dungeons sucked mana out of the earth differed based on the dungeon.

Those in cities were often covered in protective runes by Priests to keep them from being able to pull from people. Instead, these dungeons could only grow by sucking energy from mana veins deep within the earth. Those that were too destructive, like Mina’s Dungeon or Karr’s Dungeon, often ended up being destroyed.

Yet, in a moment of extreme need, the dungeon could suck upon all the life force nearby. Humans and other creatures had a lot of resistance. They wouldn’t die easily, especially if the dungeon wasn’t that large or powerful. Trees, on the other hand, were a ripe means of acquiring mana. It left me a lot to think about for my path to being a Dungeon Builder.

As I was casually thinking about this, my attention had slipped. I never expected that Calypso had only been playing dead. She suddenly leaped up at me, and there was the flash of a blade. The girls all let out cries as the miasmic blade that had once almost killed me headed right for my body a second time. Just as I was going to resist, someone shoved me aside.

The blade slammed into Salicia, cutting into her stomach and causing severe damage!

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