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Chapter 903.5

I reached down and removed Salicia armor and tore open her shirt. She let out a cry, but she didn’t have the strength to resist. That wasn’t to say she was trying to resist. Being looked at like that seemed to excite her, and at the same time make her even shyer. She tried to hide her chest, which included a certain pierced nipple. Looking up at me with a helpless look, it only sparked my animalistic desires even more.

I didn’t try to be an aggressive lover, but my first experience had been with a tigress. While she had no personal experience of her own, she was trained in sexual gratification, and I learned many things from her. The next girl was another animalkin. When you add the unbreakable Celeste and Terra, followed by the demon Shao… there should be no question why my sexual tastes had grown to be a bit overbearing. Many times, I had to satisfy multiple women at once, so to get the job done, an aggressive approach was needed to leave everyone satisfied.

It was only when I was with only one girl that this nature came out as a bit dark and scary. The girls had a general policy of deciding amongst all of them when sexual encounters were allowed and with who. Every girl would get one time alone, but most subsequent times would involve two or more. When I could focus on only one woman, then I would enjoy it to my fullest.

It should also be noted that although my sex life was good, I wouldn’t say I had it all the time. Even when staying in the mansion, there were many nights we’d just cuddle together and sleep. We used to do things on a rotation, but many of the other girls had been excluded by these rules. Astria and Elaya eventually broke the deadlock, and such a system fell apart.

Now, we perhaps had sex maybe once a week on average. However, on that day, we’d have enough sex to last the week. It’d often by an orgy with at least all five women, and sometimes more, and it would go long into the night, forcing me to pull on my Pervert and Harem Master skills to accomplish.

Speaking of which, I needed to keep my state of mind. Although I swapped out Dungeon Builder for Harem Master, thinking it might help with getting our souls closer, I didn’t want to lose myself and risk making a mistake, so I avoided Pervert.

Watching Salicia’s uncovered body, she was incredibly pretty for a woman who should be a monster. Rather than grow corrupted by the dungeon, and become some kind of beast or monsters like the siren and the giant, she maintained her original form, but with just a hint of darkness. This was probably because Calypso extracted her before the curse could corrupt her further.

I had already known that she had control of darkness magic, but I had thought it was because she was the Bandit King. It turned out it was more likely because she was a miasmic creature. As to what the difference between darkness and miasma was… it’d be like the difference between mana and magic. One is the expression of the other.

She was a bit skinny, not looking nearly imposing naked and wounded on the floor as she once had as a Bandit King. Her hair covered her eyepatch. I brushed it gently aside, and she raised one of her hands from her breasts to stop me from pulling away the eyepatch. After a moment, she dropped her hand and let me pull it up. This revealed an eye that had no damage and could very much see. It was dark brown, however, where her other eye was blue.

“She… had blue eyes,” Salicia admitted.

She had once jokingly said that she wore an eyepatch because she thought it made her look more charming. Perhaps, she had actually believed that at the time. The truth was that the dungeon Salicia was dichromic. Maybe, part of her soul mixed with someone else. Maybe, it was just a mistake in creation. Maybe it was a hint at the creature she inevitably would have turned into from the curse if Calypso hadn’t captured her. Either way, it didn’t make her look ugly or strange, but it was simply part of who she was.

“Master…” She lightly whispered as I gently stroked her hair.

Whatever Miki had done earlier when she tried to heal Salicia of the miasma, it no longer showed on the surface. Her skin wasn’t flawless. She was a woman who had spent a lot of her life-fighting. However, she had an attractive complexion and her skin was soft. Gently, I leaned down and kissed, finally taking her lips. She parted them slightly, letting out a rough breath as I slowly pushed myself on top of her.

While we kissed deeply, and I tasted her sweet saliva and breathed in her fragrant breath, my hands removed her pants, which were made out of black leather. Once they were discarded, I spread her legs. I knew she was injured and struggling. Just because I had dark impulses to tease and play with her didn’t mean that I would accidentally harm her.

My fingers found the area between her legs, and I carefully fingered her wet pink slit, letting two fingers slide inside her while using my thumb to rub her clitoris. Her body shifted as the stimulation shot through her body like a wave. Her toes tingled and her body ached. Although she was weak, there seemed to be a rising heat deep inside that also served to give her strength.

“Mmm… Mmm…” She let out gentle moans as our kissing grew more intense.

Her pussy grew wetter and wetter from my touch. I finally pulled away from her lips, raining kisses down her neck and shoulders. As for the girls watching, I had sex with other women in front of them before, so although they had never watched before so daringly, it wasn’t difficult for me to ignore them. Rather, we were already in our own little world, and I had completely forgotten about their presence. As they saw me treat Salicia so gently, a few of them had wry looks on their faces. I hadn’t given all of them such a gentle first experience, but I was scared of harming Salicia further.

 I pulled open my pants and brought out my cock. I still wanted to make sure she was ready, so rather than stick it in, I rubbed it gently up and down the entrance. Her wet slit slowly moistened the tip of my cock, I started to use it to rub the clit of her pussy. Well, I didn’t have to do that, but while I needed to go easy on her, I wasn’t going to resist making things a bit hard.

“Master’s such a sadist,” Lydia whispered.

“When he does that to me, it drives me crazy,” Miki commented.

“Master should just put it in already. Doesn’t he know that’s what she wants?” Celeste added.

“Shhh… that’s the idea. If he gives her what she wants, he’s too complacent. She’s got to beg for it.” Elaya let out a light laugh.

“Hmph, I’d have just forced it inside by now,” Shao said.

“She’s too weak right now. She can’t do anything but take it.” Terra explained.

“Taking advantage of weak women, master’s path toward evil is progressing nicely.” Astria chuckled.

My brow furrowed a bit. Maybe I wasn’t able to ignore them as well as I had hoped. It wasn’t clear if Salicia had heard them though. She had her eyes closed and her mouth open as she panted in an uneven breath. Every once in awhile, when I hit the right spot, her body would shudder. Her eyes finally snapped open, and looking up at me with her weak, flushed face… she looked impossibly sexy, and I felt a little guilty for taking advantage of her in her weakened state.

“Please, I need it inside me.” She begged.

She was a virgin! I was just making sure that she was sufficiently prepared! My mind immediately came up with such excuses as I blushed under the gaze of all the other women present. The other reason I had been teasing more was that I wanted to last longer after some of their previous comments. However, since it came to this point, the next time I pushed with the head of my cock, I lowered it down and the head popped inside her instead.

“Ahhn! I-it’s in!” Salicia cried out.

I ignored the clapping. I really should have ordered them to make no noise. I wanted to ask Celeste to put up some kind of wind barrier, but I was already in Salicia and stopping now to make orders seemed like it’d ruin the mood, and her suddenly blowing wind around in this small room would only be a distraction. Instead, I worked on ignoring them again, as I steadily pushed myself into Salicia, slowly filling her tight pussy an inch at a time.

“Ah… Master… you’re filling me up. I feel like I’m tearing apart.” Salicia panted.

“I’m almost in,” I spoke softly, kissing her lips as I pushed the rest of the way.

When I finally was down to the base of my cock, Salicia’s back arched and her lips pulled away from mine as she let out a moan, her eyes closed tightly. As she settled back down, I gently kissed her eyelids, and then slowly began moving my hips in and out.

“Ah… Ah… Ah…” She made little sweet noises with each thrust, panting with her mouth open.

As the shyness started to melt away while her enjoyment built, she became increasingly more expressive. She wasn’t afraid to show pleasure on her face, and she even looked a bit silly as she lost herself to the pleasure. She used up her last remaining strength to wrap her hands around my head and hold on to me for dear life.

Meanwhile, I dived into her chest, taking each of her small breasts into my mouth and sucking on them. She gasped and moaned as I played with them. My tongue took particular interest in her pierced nipple, flicking it up and down in my mouth, and even biting and pulling on it. Each attack elicited cute and erotic noises from Salicia’s mouth.

“I’m cumming!” She moaned.

Her body shivered and her pussy tightened even more against me, suckling my cock as the muscle twitched orgasmically. However, I wasn’t done yet. Ultimately, as good as she felt, I needed to cure her. I didn’t feel like we were there yet, so I started to move faster and faster.

As my speed increased, I felt myself growing closer and closer to Salicia. I paid particular attention to the flow of mana and miasma and watched as we slowly united as one. At first, I had thought it would happen organically during sex. They always treated sex as a blending of souls. Now, I realized that although our souls slowly moved closer during sex, it was only at the point of a certain act that they’d touch. That was the point to which we both came.

I had already made her cum once, and it wasn’t enough. Only by simultaneously cumming, would our souls touch? I did ask Elaya, and she confirmed this was true

“Hmm? Didn’t I say? You’ll need to cum inside her. You must mix with her completely!” She announced.

I sweated slightly. Salicia was a human, and I didn’t have pervert equipped. If I came inside her, wasn’t there a high chance of her getting pregnant? For Lydia and Miki, it was already difficult to conceive. When it came to Celeste, she actually had complete control of conception. When it came to Terra, conception was impossible. As for Shao, although she wanted to get pregnant, I convinced her it was a bad idea and she had gotten a special magical item that prevented it.

However, there was no choice. We’d just have to risk it. I decided to go all-in, both figuratively and actually. I started moving my hips roughly, using all of my skills to bring Salicia to climax once again. Of course, I was far more skilled in this than she was.

“Ahhh… Ahhh… Yes! Almost… Ah… I’m there!”

This time, when she started to cum, so did I. I l released my seed deep inside her. As she climaxed, her own machinations sucked the hot seed deep into her womb.

“I feel it! I feel it!” She moaned.

I came over and over again, but half of my mind was also focused on our souls. They finally touched, and as they did so, I could feel all the pain and malice from the curse. I immediately exploded in lightly, casting my healing through both of our bodies, looking to destroy the curse. With our souls linked, Salicia and I were on the same wavelength. I finally understood what Astria meant. The reason that Miki couldn’t fix her is that she couldn’t differentiate the miasma of the curse and the miasma of Salicia’s body. I would have the same problem, except that at this moment as our souls touched, her soul and my soul were the same. Of course, I could tell what was the true me. At that point, I was able to expel everything else.

As we came together, our bodies glowed with white light, filling the entire room. It was a melding of souls. We were in sync on an emotional, physical, and spiritual level. We were like one being, blended together. Such a sweet scene inexplicably occurred in the dungeon.

“Ahhh… I can’t see the climax.”

“Who put the censor glare up?”

“I call dibs on pushing her stomach and watching his stuff squirt out of her!”

“I want to see her ahegao face.”

Well… sort of a sweet scene.

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