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Chapter 907

“Bandits, disperse!”

I didn’t need to say anything, but it felt more final to command the Bandits to break apart. There was a time where I would have struggled to do this. All of these Bandits used to be people, and although they were only a shadow of their former selves, I would have felt that destroying them would be cruel. That was a version of myself I had to leave behind a long time ago.

I wasn’t the kind of man who would allow Bandits to escape or show mercy to dungeon monsters anymore. I needed to use the resources available to me, or risk losing everything. Countless lives had been lost to this dungeon. Calypso had likely used innumerable sacrifices to build up and grow this dungeon. If I just allowed that miasma to disperse, then I was letting all of those lives go to waste.

Now, I coldly held out my hand, following the instructions that Elaya had given me to convert them into a miasmic crystal. I could then feed that to my dungeon, strengthening it considerably. The Bandits collapsed. The weakest ones seemed to go first. They didn’t seem to feel fear. There weren’t looks of shock or cries for mercy. They merely dropped down, and then faded into mist. As it progressed, more and more Bandits dissipated.

The smokey dark miasma would then stream toward me, circling the palm of my hand before condensing there. At first, there was nothing to see, but slowly, a crystal started to form. At first, it was the size of a splinter, but it quickly thickened the more miasma I drew.

Although I couldn’t see them, those that existed on other levels similarly collapsed and disappeared. More miasma came through the walls from other parts of the dungeon, seemingly uninhibited by barriers at all. Finally, even the strongest Bandits collapsed and then turned into food for this crystal. Despite everything, the crystal was still smaller than my thumb. This dungeon had already exhausted a great deal of miasma beforehand, so even after harvesting it this way, I couldn’t expect too much.

Not only had Calypso blown a lot of mana, throwing monster after monster at our party, but I had also consumed well over half the remaining miasma to rebuild my soul. It just goes to show just how much a miasmic creature cost a dungeon, considering the number of soulless monsters that could be created with just a wisp of miasma. Rather than create these more powerful mobs, it was no wonder that souls were broken apart into miasma. It was far more economical.

Just as I was preparing to start consuming the remaining miasma of the dungeon itself, after the last of the mobs had turned to dust, I felt some kind of energy enter the dungeon. I was still new at this, so I couldn’t figure out what it was, but it was moving quickly, blasting through wall after wall as it came here at full speed.

I stopped my absorption of the dungeon as my brow furrowed. Just what could that thing be? Just as it broke through the wall, I finally realized what was happening.

“Oh, you got to be kidding me!”

The dungeon lore that Calypso had taken with her had reached a completed state. It had ripped right out of her grip, and flown back here. It slammed into me, and I collapsed on the floor as pain shot through my body.

Chapter 908

The images were distorted and unclear. Many years had passed since this curse was created. The lore was lost with age, the memories forgotten. If emotions hadn’t been so high, if the deaths hadn’t been so many, and the impact on this world hadn’t been so great, then this curse would have dispersed with the sands of time.

It was possible that this curse was tossed off from the fragment of a destroyed mega-dungeon, the lore so strong that even after being destroyed, the scattered fragments found a place and started to regrow, like a weed that wouldn’t die.

I could see a dungeon, growing untouched, forgotten, and ignored. It’s a location in the mountains, no one even realized it was there until it had already grown into a mega-dungeon and beyond. The dungeon slowly began to form a hole, a hole through reality, connecting with another world. Then, people from that world managed to find their way into this one.

I could see a race at peace. They weren’t too different from humans. They weren’t blue like the murals showed. Instead, they had pointy ears and bright-colored hair. Their ears weren’t long like elf-ears, but they did come to a point. As for their hair, it came in colors of blue, green, pink, purple, and more. When they saw the rather boring brown and black-haired people with smooth ears come out of the mountains, they didn’t know what to think.

At first, they accepted these new people, even welcoming them with open arms. They held feasts and celebrated their friendship. However, the visitors saw the wealth of this new world, and they started to grow greedy. When they returned home, they spoke of a world ripe for the picking.

The next wave of humans weren’t explorers, but soldiers. They rose from the dungeon and started to begin a campaign. They were little better than bandits, slaughtering beasts for their alchemy and resources, and raiding villages for the people. Women with strange-colored hair make a wonderful commodity as slaves. In fact, slavery didn’t exist in this world to begin with, and the slave collar was brought over by these visitors.

This wasn’t won by a single war, but countless wars over the years. There were periods of peace, and periods of the great war. Slowly, the native people were pushed back, and humans continued to come. Humans seemed much more used to war, and they always invented new and horrendous ways to fight. At the height of the war, they brought horrific weapons to this world, the Malacrum weapons, which reaved even the soul.

Then a hero rose, not of the humans, but this other race. She was powerful and strong and managed to bring the human war to a standstill. Eventually, she plunged into the human dungeon, and with much effort, broke to the final floor and destroyed it. It was the shattering of this dungeon that ultimately created Bandit’s Respite. As for why it formed here, now, it was likely the presence of that Malacrum dagger, buried and lost since a war uncountable years ago, that attracted it.

The hero never left that dungeon, and although the humans were cut off from their original world, it was already too late. They were able to conquer the majority of the continent. The remaining natives fled, never to be seen again.

If there were any more details to this story, they were lost with time. As for why I had somehow completed this story, it seems that by purifying the curse of the Malacrum dagger and then wiping out the human bandits invading the dungeon, I had inadvertently completed the dungeon’s desire to be free from human influence. None of my girls were humans, and I had absorbed so much of the dungeon’s native miasma, that it didn’t see me as a human either.

The dungeon finished burning a lore tattoo around my right ankle, but a moment later it began to fade away.

{Congratulations, you have completed the Bandit’s Respite Dungeon.}

{True Dungeon Diver has increased to level 66.}

{Dungeon Builder has increased to level 25.}

{You have an increased affinity with dungeons. Your dungeon tattoos can be hidden at will. Dungeon Absorption is now a permanent skill. Increased status in dungeons. 2X experience in dungeons.}

{You have gained 5 dungeon points.}

{Lydia has gained 2 dungeon points.}

{Miki has gained 2 dungeon points.}

{Celeste has gained 2 dungeon points.}

{Terra has gained 2 dungeon points.}

{Shao has gained 2 dungeon points.}

{Astria has gained 2 dungeon points.}

“Master? Why are you crying?” Celeste asked.

“It’s just…sometimes, the world really does care…” I wiped a tear from my eye.

Finally, I could hide those tattoos!

Chapter 909

“Although, it’s not very many points.” I mumbled to myself.

Dungeon points were ultimately awarded based on how powerful the dungeon was. Considering I had taken away the majority of the dungeon’s miasma before completing the dungeon, it was considered very weak. It might have been powerful when we attacked it, but I weakened it again and again. If I didn’t have an affinity for dungeon points, I might have ended up with even less.

At least, now the girls could equip a 3rd tier skill with reset. My party originally each had ten dungeon points, five from Calypso’s Tower, five from Widow’s dungeon. Now two here makes twelve. Raissa and Faeyna only had seven. As for Astria, she just got two.. Elaya didn’t get any, because she’s a tamed monster, and I have yet to enslave her.

“Oh, I got dungeon points!” Astria brightened.

“Why did you get points!” Terra complained. “You didn’t even help!”

“Didn’t I, though? Didn’t I?”

“No… mother did nothing.” Celeste nodded.

“Geh! Even my daughter stabs me in the back.” Astria muttered.

“You took those points from Master! A useless flabby fairy like you should give them back!” Miki shot back.

“Flabby! Oh, hoh… a woman of such… small stature, has no place to complain.”

Miki instinctively grabbed her chest. “You hussy!”

“Miki’s chest is big and beautiful!” Terra defended.

“Y-you… really think?” Miki’s eyes widened.

“Mm! I’ve always admired it!” Terra said.

“Isn’t that like a shrimp envying a guppy?” Astria laughed, causing the two girls’ expressions to drop.

“That’d make you a whale!” Miki sneered.

“Geh! I’ll take you both on! One with each tit! I’ll, hey, let go of me! What are you doing?”

Elaya had sighed as Astria got into a fight with the two small-chested girls while standing on her shoulder. She reached up and grabbed Astria. Although Astria was powerful, fairies were particularly weak when grabbed like that. When compared to Elaya, it was clear who was stronger. She helplessly struggled in Elaya’s grip.

“What’s the big idea!” She whined, but when she saw Elaya’s stormy look, she shut her mouth.

After all, of everyone present, Elaya was the only one who didn’t get any points.

“Master! I want to be your slave!” Elaya suddenly declared.

“Huh?” I blinked.

I had been distracted looking at the dungeon point menu. As it turned out, although my tattoos had disappeared normally, when I did things using the tattoos, like access the store, they still glowed. I guess there was no way to get rid of them completely. As a result, I had only half-heard their conversation.

“Master… I’m already your woman, your harem girl, and your monster… please, I wish to be your slave too!”

“She’s just saying that cause she wants stuff now!” Astria complained.

“How shameless…” Miki shook her head.

“A truly evil woman.” Terra nodded.

“You’re all getting along now! Is this because I have the biggest chest here?” Elaya cursed.

They all ended up giving her cold looks, their eyes particularly on those large things hanging from her chest. If they didn’t before, they were now. The other girls joined in as well. Carmine and Faeyna were the only ones with a chest that was comparable to Elaya’s, and one of them wasn’t present while the other was gone. Just because they knew she had the biggest didn’t mean they liked it being pointed out.

“Elaya it’s fine. You can become my slave.”

Elaya broke into a smile. “Okay! Do it!”

After shifting my jobs around, I raised my hand and activated the Bond Slave. A few moments later, nothing happened.

“I feel it.” She smiled, opening her eyes. “I feel our bond. Wait a second… why does it feel distant? Huh? I’m being summoned from my slave bond?”

“Elaya?” I asked, my eyes widening.

“Don’t worry, I can take care of myself, dear. I’ll be back once I figure out some things.” She disappeared without another word, leaving everyone else flustered.

Somewhere else in the world, Elaya appeared. She looked around, expecting to see some enemy, but what she saw instead truly shocked her to her core.

“Hello, Elaya. It’s been a while.” Deek said, a dark expression on his face. “Where are my women?”

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