Yurtdışı Yatırım

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Chapter 913

A red portal opened in the middle of a field. A young man stepped out of it. He was followed by a busty, fit blonde, a twelve-year-old red-head, and a flat-chested heroic youth. Of course, this was me and my party, having finally made our departure from Earth. As for what happened on Earth, I didn’t want to think about it. It was simplest to say that it was no longer my home. This place was my home now, and my women were my family. Speaking of which, where was this place?

“Did we make it home?” Bernice demanded.

“I don’t know.” I shook my head, not recognizing the area.

“Well, this isn’t Alerith.”

“It isn’t Chalm either,” Carmine said smoothly.

I opened my Map, revealing a completely black screen. I even zoomed out twice, only to see black all around us. “We’re still not in Aberis.”

“Damn it! Idiot!” Bernice snapped. “How could you send us to the wrong place twice!”

“I don’t know. It’s not like I ever have done interdimensional travel before.” I shot back.

“Let’s just find out where we are before we get too upset.” Garnet offered. “Honestly, it’d be kind of nice to do some more adventuring. That last place gave me so many ideas!”

As she said this, she pulled out a tablet, playing with it. Before we left, I had made sure to buy many things from Earth. I had even gotten a few tablets, some solar chargers, and loaded them up with all of Earth’s knowledge. It’d be enough to completely change the nature of this world. Naturally, a young blacksmith like that was interested. I suspected Terra would be really excited to see that stuff too. I wondered if reading up on robotics would help her with her golem research.

“I agree… let’s just find a place to stay the night. This could be a warzone, so keep your hoods up.”

On Earth, it hadn’t been much of a problem since all of these women were human or could pass as human. If we ended up somewhere else though, like some demon planet, the last thing I wanted to do was reveal that we were human. We took our cloaks and lifted our hoods. It looked suspicious, but it would be more suspicious if we were caught unaware.

Bernice had the best eyes, so she did the scouting. It was a few hours before we finally located a city. It wasn’t small in size, but that might make it easier to slip in unseen. There was a large road heading into the city, and it appeared to be quite busy, so we blended in with the crowds. Once I got a closer look, I could see the people looked genuinely human. There were just two things about them that were off.

First off, they had pointy ears. They weren’t long and were in the same shape and spot as a human, but the top was a point rather and rounded. The second thing about them that seemed odd was that they had very bright hair. Their hair came in as many colors as a crayon box. There were green, red, blue, pink, purple, and even other colors. Every one was vibrant in a way that one wouldn’t expect to see in nature. What I didn’t see was anyone with black, brown, or blonde hair.

By the time we reached the gate, I had used illusions to give us all pointy ears and colored hair. Compared to changing the entire face, this was rather easy with Mimic. I gave myself blue hair and Bernice green hair. As for Garnet and Carmine, it seemed easier to just brighten their natural color. I made Garnet’s red hair more vibrant, and I made Carmine’s blonde hair a bright yellow.

“Hello, Travelers. Welcome to the city of Human’s Peak.”

Chapter 914

“Human’s Peak?”

“Mm… It’s named for that mountain over there.” The guard pointed at a particularly dangerous looking lone peak. “It’s a dangerous place, filled with death. Just like humans!”

He spat to the side while the rest of us looked at each other. I was suddenly much happier that we had all taken cover.

“Hey, you’ll have to remove your hoods.” He leaned close. “We got to make sure no humans sneak into the city.”

“I see…”

The guard laughed. “I’m just kidding you. The only humans in the city are slaves. Why, we haven’t had a human revolt in… hmmm… five hundred years?”

“Will you stop talking their ear off?” The other guard glared at him.

“Ah… sorry, but I was serious about the hoods though. It’s protocol.”

“Yeah, no problem.” The group of us took off our hoods.

The illusions seemed to hold up fine. A glance past me, Bernice, and Garnet. However, when their eyes fell on Carmine, they started for a second.

“Is there a problem?” I asked worriedly.

“Ah… no!” The man shook his head. “I apologize! I didn’t mean to hold you all up!”

He had been acting casually before, but upon seeing Carmine, he had suddenly turned rigid and proper. I didn’t like it, but I also didn’t understand what the problem was. Her ears looked just as convincing as the rest of us with my illusions. Was it her hair color? I had seen a woman in a carriage drive with yellow hair, so I assumed it was standard.

“My lady!” He bowed as Carmine passed by.

We headed in, but I still had a bad feeling as we passed the gate.

I leaned next to Carmine. “Yellow hair may signify something.”

Carmine nodded. “I agree. I don’t know what this means either.”

“Let’s just find an inn, okay?”

I was noticing it wasn’t just the guards, but everyone who saw her yellow hair started for a second. They then seemed to steer clear of our group. I’d have put our hoods back up, but it seemed like hoods up wasn’t allowed in this city. We had no choice but to continue. As we walked, we passed by what appeared to be a Slave Block. It wasn’t nearly as nice as the Slave Guild, and that was saying something. It was just a stage, and one person after another was dragged on stage.

Where most Slaves in the Capital were in okay shape, and at least looked clean and taken care of, the Slaves here all had a filthy look to them. I could even smell it as we walked by. Worst of all, every single one of them had brown or black hair and no pointed ears. They were human. Just what kind of world did I take us to?

I regretted entering the city immediately. Once we found a hidden place, I intended to Portal out of the city. It was just too dangerous to stay there. Thankfully, there was an inn right in front of us, and it had an alley right next door. Once I got a little information about where we were, we’d be out of there. I didn’t like to take risks.

Chapter 915

“Just, where are we?” I muttered to myself as I contemplated everything I had learned.

I was at the bar now, and I had just bought a drink.  I was able to buy the drink using our coins. Thankfully, the bartender had a ‘gold is gold, regardless of who printed it’ mentality. I guess there were a lot of different minted coins across this land, and people had to be flexible.

I didn’t realize it until he put it in front of me, but the drink was a wine made from blood. It turned out that they drunk blood. By making some choice conversation with the bartender, I slowly gained an understanding of these people. The residents were a species called Fey, and they were native to this world but were forced to leave their homes by humans. They claimed that humans invaded their world at some point and drove them away from their homelands.

This caused me to think back toward the Twilight Dungeon. The Demon King had claimed that demons weren’t the first species to come to our world through dungeons. He said that humans were once the same. It seemed like in this multiverse, species were constantly invading each other’s worlds. I felt there might be some kind of bigger picture at play here, but it was too far outside my paygrade to worry about such things. My goals were simply to return to Aberis and maintain a peaceful life with the women I loved.

My hand tightened as I thought about my experiences on Earth. Moving on was the least I could do, seeing as everyone else had already moved on. As for why I had ended up here from Earth instead of my home, I could only assume that the spell thought any place with humans would be a home for me. However, this place was as inhospitable to humans as possible, even vilifying the name to mean danger and death.

Although the Fey had many similarities to humans, their differences were just as vast. A major difference was that this place didn’t have dungeons. Unlike Aberis, which was largely wild, the entirety of this world had been settled and cultivated. The land itself was sanctified, preventing dungeons from forming. If a dungeon did manage to form, it was destroyed nearly as quickly as it appeared. Suffice it to say, people here were a much higher level on average than Aberis.

By the way, they called this land the Faerie Plains, and their homeland which was lost was named Faerith. I noticed the similarities between them and elves, as well as Faerith, was a name similar to Faeyna. I wondered if there was a connection between the Feys and the elves in our world. Well, I wouldn’t be able to find out until I found our world.

Or… maybe my interdimensional travel worked. Maybe we were on the right planet, but we were on the wrong continent! Just as I thought that this might be a possibility, the door opened, and a group of people walked in. They were all in armor, but the one in charge was a yellow-haired woman. Her eyes looked over the entire group in the bar and finally landed on the similarly yellow-haired Carmine. I immediately got a bad feeling about this.

I left the bar and sat next to Carmine as the other woman’s eyes narrowed. She immediately walked right up to us.

“Your name?” She demanded in a haughty tone.

“Carmine,” Carmine responded simply.

“Only nobles have yellow-hair, and I’ve met every noble across the Faerie Plains. I don’t seem to recall a Carmine at all. So, tell me, who are you?” Her eyes flashed.

So, it was something like that. It turned out we would get in trouble for impersonating royalty. This was going to get messy.

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