Yurtdışı Yatırım

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Chapter 916

“Excuse me, what’s your name?”

A yellow-haired woman had pointed a finger at Carmine. I had truly hoped that we would have a bit more time. It had only been ten minutes since we entered the inn. The only reason I hadn’t gone straight into an alley and portaled away is because I was concerned that we’d be seen. If we got interrupted trying to leave the city, there was no saying what would happen. There was a backdoor to the inn, and we could slide into the alley that way, then teleport without being seen. Regrettably, I had failed to predict how quickly they’d respond.

It wasn’t just anyone as well, but another yellow-haired woman. She must have sped over here as soon as she heard a yellow-haired person appeared in town. Now, with several armed men around her, she was pointing quite aggressively. However, Carmine barely responded to her aggressive acts, and I kept my face cool as well. The only one who gasped noticeably was Bernice, and everyone ignored her.

“Me?” The yellow-haired woman looked taken aback at being suddenly addressed. “I am Princess Oliviana, daughter of the king.”

“Never heard of you.”

“E-e-excuse me!”

“I never heard the king had a daughter.” I shrugged.

“W-w-well, he did!” She insisted, her fists on her hips.

“How am I supposed to believe that? Frankly, you seem pretty suspicious to me.”

“S-s-s-suspicious?” her face turned red, and she looked over at Carmine, who simply raised an eyebrow. “H-how can I be suspicious?”

“First off, you don’t act like a princess at all. You’re in armor, and you don’t look nicely dressed at all.”

“Th-that… we’ve been riding hard for a week! And… I… it’s… for safety!” She responded, defending herself.

As we spoke, her guards seemed mostly just confused. Their princess was the one who led them though, so they were merely waiting for her orders.

“Safety? Perhaps I can believe such a thing, but would a princess… the princess of the king of this great nation, actually just bust into an inn and start pointing at people?”

My accusation caused her expression to turned shocked. “That’s… ah…”

“See my lady, right here… she hasn’t said a word, because this is the public, and her noble beauty shan’t be defiled by interacting with the common riffraff!”

There were a few mutters at that, especially from people who didn’t like being called riffraff, but I kept my face completely straight. Of course, I was taking full advantage of the Mimic ability. How could I not pick up a few tricks after masquerading as so many people in the Twilight Dungeon? I was confident in my ability to infiltrate.

“Th-that’s true…”

“And here you are… having this conversation with me…” I snort.

“Ah! I-I’ve been defiled!” The Princess gasped.

“So,” I crossed my arms. “You can excuse me if I wonder, which woman here is truly worthy of being called a noble.”

She shook for a second, and then spun around. “Guards! Why have you let me defile myself!”

The guards look on in utter confusion, but the leader finally stepped forward. “S-sorry ma’am!  It’s just… you always like being in charge. Your father kept saying that you should act more like a lady…”

“Geh!” These words seemed to be an even bigger blow than anything I had said.

“I-I must go change into something befitting a princess immediately!” She cried out.

“Y-yes, ma’am!” The men salute, and then the group of them all left the inn.

I let out a sigh. Thankfully, she was an idiot.

Chapter 917

“I think we overstayed our welcome.” I whispered to the girls.

The anti-human sentiment in town was already far more than I ever would have anticipated. It was one thing if this race simply had never met humans, or thought nothing of them, but we had hit the lottery on this one and came to a world that villainized them. On top of that, we already brought the worst level of attention to ourselves, and while I was able to trick my way out of it, there was no saying how long it’d take before she realized she was duped and came back.

Thus, I squared away our bill and then carefully slid into the back alley. I then opened a Portal and all the girls went through. Like that we had left the city behind. Now that I had a bit more information, I’d need to think about how to proceed next. I wish I had time to get more information. Perhaps, there was a human realm like the demon realm north of the Imperial Cloud Meadow. There was that one place across the ocean, Faerith. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go there unless I had already been there.

Just as I was about to think about things, there was a sudden roar. I let out a cry of surprise as a large dog-like monster leaped out of the trees. It charged at the group of us.

Bang! Before the wolf took a few dozen steps, it’s head exploded and it collapsed in a heap. Bernice lifted a smoking gun and then blew the smoke before flipping it in her hand and putting it in her holster.

“Stupid!” I knuckled her head.

“Ow! What was that for!” She cried out.

“We’re not that far from the city. Don’t you think they’d hear gunshots like that?”

“Ah… oh…”

I shook my head. “I knew I shouldn’t have let you buy those.”

With all of the armor and jewelry we pawned, it was rather easy buying all kinds of things. In the end, Bernice decided that she didn’t want to use swords. After being defeated so easily by the Demon King, she seemed to have lost her passion for it. She was quick, but ultimately, she lacked the strength. She didn’t feel her small size suited such a thing.

So, instead, she ended up purchasing a pair of beretta from my world with a bunch of ammo. This wouldn’t last forever, but Garnet promised her that she’d be able to develop a form of magical guns with time. I was initially very hesitant to bring guns into this world, but Bernice had been insistent.

“I’m a demon-slaying Hero. This is… the fastest way to slay demons!” She demanded.

I had allowed her to follow the path of using guns and even spend a day playing at a gun range with an instructor who taught her proper forms and maintenance. I allowed this all under a single pretense. She had to allow me to enslave her, and then swear that she would protect the secret of guns. It was the same for Garnet. I once had a large reluctance for slavery, but without the tattoo, they could be disbanded easily, and after losing all of my girls, I felt like this bond was extremely important. It tied me to them, and it gave them strength. Without my bond to Carmine, I never would have been able to last through those months alone fighting in the forests of the Twilight Dungeon.  Now, it was comforting knowing where all my companions were.

Thus, Bernice had somehow become a gunslinger. That wasn’t just because she had guns. I checked her status, and Gunslinger was now one of her jobs. Did that mean guns existed in this world before, and I didn’t introduce them? Or was the system infinitely adaptable? What other jobs could people gain?

As I was busy being irritated and feeling we should move our position again, Carmine looked down at the monster, which did not disappear like dungeon monsters. That was normal, since monsters that came to the surface slowly became mana monsters, and thus their body didn’t degrade.

“I don’t believe this monster came from a dungeon,” Carmine said such a surprising thing all of a sudden.

Chapter 918

“Are you sure?” I asked, frowning at the monster.

“Has Master not noticed?” Carmine gestured around. “The mana here is exceptionally thick.”

“I did, but I just figured that’s because it’s another world. Wait…”

I hadn’t noticed it before. It’d be like noticing the oxygen you were breathing, so who would? This world contained mana, but it didn’t feel foreign at all. Miasma was just mana from another world. In theory, there could be as many different types of miasma as there were worlds. Curses corrupted mana and turned into miasma, but it was more like the invasion of another world.

If that was right, then in this place, we should have been the invaders. In that case, the world should have been like a dungeon to us, and the native mana should have been attacking our bodies. However, there was no incompatibility. It was the same on Earth, but considering I was born there, I hadn’t even considered it. As for the others, they hadn’t mentioned any discomfort either, so I just hadn’t thought about this. Was I wrong about mana, or was there something else at play here?

“It’s very thick here,” Carmine repeated. “As thick as miasma in a dungeon.”

My eyebrows raised as I watched her looking down at the monster once again. “You’re not saying…”

“I believe this is a native monster of this world. A mana monster.”

Monsters came from dungeons. That was just common knowledge. They were created by the dungeon itself, formed from the condensation of miasma. When they escaped the dungeon, as they did from time to time, they would either weaken and die, or if they were strong and lucky enough, slowly convert to a mana-like body, and then become surface monsters. The conversion weakened them significantly, so surface monsters were actually quite weak.

However, the monster that just attacked us, despite Bernice dispatching it quite easily, was actually pretty powerful. Had it attacked a small village of normal people, it might have had the ability to wipe them out. Just because we were pretty strong didn’t mean that this monster wasn’t an abnormality by itself. However, given the thickness of the mana here, was it possible that this entire place acted just like a dungeon, spontaneously condensing monsters?

If that was the case, it would explain why everyone in the city looked to be cut from a stronger cloth. The standard soldiers seemed to be at the level of elites, and their citizens were at the level of stronger soldiers. Since they were constantly being threatened by the spontaneous creation of monsters, they had to fight to remain alive.

As I was thinking this, there was another howl, and then more howls besides that. It sounded like our gunfire had attracted something. It wasn’t soldiers from the city, but it might be friends of this monster we just killed.

“Come,” I ordered everyone. “We need to find a spot to protect ourselves. I need some time to test out a few theories and think.”

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