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Chapter 925

“M-master?” Elaya’s eyes flashed hesitantly.

I had already dropped my disguise, so now I resembled a human once again.

“Who else could it be?” I asked, taking a step toward her.

“You… where are we?”

“Would the Faerie Plain mean anything to you?”


I shook my head. “Darn, I was really hoping. It’s a continent on the other side of the planet. I want to Portal home, but it doesn’t seem I am able to.”

“The slave bonds…”

“Do you remember months… no, for you, it would have been weeks. Do you remember when the girls returned home after nearly dying?”

She stiffened. “I recall such a thing.”

“I lived.” I held out my hands. “Carmine said you all might have thought I was dead.”

“Carmine’s here?” Her eyes flashed again.

“And that you might all think she was dead, as well.” I laughed, awkwardly.

She shook her head. “I… I’m sorry… I’m just…”

“To heck with it.” I took three quick steps and grabbed her, pulling her into me and kissing her roughly.

“Mm!” Her eyes widened as I grabbed her and kissed her passionately.

Her surprise only lasted for a moment, and then her tongue became just as aggressive. The Elaya I remembered came alive in my grasp. I groped her, and she groped me back. We finally broke our grasp, the pair of us gasping.

“Master… hah… you’re usually… not so passionate.” Her cheeks flushed.

“Are the rest of them fine?” I demanded, my eyes staring deeply at hers.

“That’s… yes…” She had a strange look on her face, but I felt relief at her words.

“All of them?”

“Yes… all of them. Even Salicia.”

“Salicia? Yes, she was probably really hurt thinking Carmine was dead.”

“Ah… yes… Carmine…” Her expression turned weird again.

“Kaia! I’m getting very tired of waiting!” A voice called out from outside the cave, catching both our attentions.

They seemed to not be aware that the others had left. That was good. It meant they didn’t have something like Map or Sense Life.

“What’s going on here?” Elaya asked.

“Do you want the long version or the short version?” I laughed wryly. “It turns out humans invaded this world through dungeons just like the demons are doing to us.”

“Yes…” She coughed. “I’ve heard something like that.”

“Well, those outside happen to be their descendants. They hate humans, and think we’re her sister who betrayed the throne to free some human slaves.”

“I see…”

“Ahhhh!” There was a scream as a girl was dragged out and tossed right in front of the barrier.

The woman, Nerissa, dismounted the reptilian bear thing and then grabbed the woman by her hair. She let out another cry. At this point, I could tell the woman was a human, although she seemed like a complete stranger to me.

“Kaia… let’s not waste my time.” Nerissa laughed. “Stop hiding in the dark.”

“This woman…” I narrowed my eyes.

“Well, since you’re going to be stubborn.” She pulled out a knife, and before I could even blink, she sliced it across the woman’s neck.

Her next scream turned into a gurgle as blood splattered against the barrier. The woman convulsed before falling to the ground, still spasming as she died painfully. Nerissa grinned devilishly while holding the knife to her cheek.

“Those you’re protecting, I wonder how much they are worth to you.” Nerissa laughed. “But I’ll tell you what, I’ll kill one of your precious humans every hour until you come out. I have plenty of humans to spare.”

Another girl was dragged out, but this one was young, only about ten. She let out a cry as Nerissa grabbed her by the hair and pulled her down. She laughed as the little girl struggled.


My body was shaking, rage filling my mind and soul.

“I was going to leave by Portal, leaving them to their own devices,” I said through gritted teeth.

“Now what will you do?”

“I’m still deciding.”

Chapter 926

“What are you doing now?” She asked helplessly.

“I’m making a plan.”

I said, carefully watching the group. I was working out scenario after scenario, trying to come up with ways to save the girl and defeat them. I wanted to tear them all apart. I didn’t know feys personally, but they had enslaved all of humanity and butchered them like cattle. When I thought about the loss of my own slaves, it only drove me to anger.

“This seems like a hopeless battle.” Elaya spoke cautiously.

“You won’t stop me.” I responded. “I will save her.”

“You’ve changed.” She said. “You have a certain intensity about you.”

“I know.”

A small smile formed on her face. “I like it!”

“Don’t waste my time!”

“I would never! Rather, I want to help you do two things at once.”


“What if the power to kill them and the power to go home could be achieved simultaneously?”


“It’s something I only realized a short while ago. A new trick that can be done with your Dungeon Builder ability.”

“What do you mean?”

“Do you feel how thick the mana is in this cave? It’s really quite unbelievable.”

“Yes, this is what mana is supposed to feel like on this world. On our continent, the dungeons soak up the excess mana, so it’s much thinner.”

“That’s exactly my point! You are a dungeon builder. What if you put a dungeon…. Right here!”

I blinked. “What are you saying?”

“A dungeon forming here would be a black hole, dragging in all of that mana, and converting it to miasma… your miasma.”

My eyes widened. “Miasma… you mean power!”

“Yes! Your portal is granted by dungeon points, so it already acts like a level 100 portal. If even that isn’t enough to reach our continent, then no matter how many levels you increase, it might not be possible.”

I winced at those words. I hadn’t thought of it like that earlier. She had managed to instantly poke a hole into my plan. I was glad I had summoned her. Who was to say how long it would have taken without her advice?

“And as for them?”

“Dungeon Masters can pull on the power of their dungeon to fight. If you make this area your dungeon and become the Dungeon Master, you can pull all the miasma into you, and increase your fighting ability many times!”

“Elaya, you’re a genius!” I grabbed her and kissed her again.

“Ah!” She blushed at being kissed like that. “I totally came up with this all on my own… and it wasn’t that old witch that gave me the idea at all…”

“Um, okay… then, let’s get started.”

I changed up my jobs, putting myself as a Dungeon Builder. I included Mimic, Demonic Knight, and finally True Hero. Then, I sat down on the floor and began to start the process. This was something that would normally take hours, but I could directly manipulate Karma, and it was easy to suck in the miasma. The mana was so thick it was like being right next to the fairy spring, although while the fairy spring was liquid, and mana was released slowly, this was already freely in the air.

Also, while I was only dimly aware of it, Elaya was a powerful miasmic dungeon boss, and she was able to draw in and corrupt mana, turning into miasma. As we worked together, the dungeon started to condense at a ridiculous rate. I didn’t realize this, but as I worked, outside, the entire world had changed.

“Wh-what is going on?” Nerissa had been preparing to kill the human child, but suddenly the sky darkened.

The world started to get dark and lifeless, and a funnel started to form in the sky, coming down directly on the cave! Something horrible was happening!

“Reinforcements!” Nerissa screeched. “Get reinforcements!”

Chapter 927

My dungeon wasn’t something fancy. It consisted of a single level, and a single mob. That level was the cave and the area in front of it. That mob was me. However, it contained enough miasma in only an hour that I could easily build a ten-floor dungeon. If I kept up this rate, in only a week it’d be twenty floors. Of course, this was a continent that despised curses. Feys would descend on this world in a day or two and obliterate it if I tried to let it grow. Thankfully, that wasn’t my intention at all.

All I wanted was power, and as more and more mana flowed out of the environment, and to me, the fey was weakened, and I grew more powerful. Well, I didn’t really know if they were weakened, but I had to assume that at the very least, the miasma wafting from the dungeon hurt their minds and psyche in the same way it did dungeon divers. Perhaps, it was even more effective on them. One could hope.

“You’re ready,” Elaya said. “I will continue to channel power into you, but it will be up to you to take care of them. Act quickly and decisively, Master.”

“Mm… my mind is made up.” My eyes flashed open. “If I allow them to live, they will only become a problem later. I will have to defeat them all.”

Although my plan sounded ambitious, I was confident I could do it with Elaya’s help. After spending the last two hours working things out, I believed I could defeat them.

I stood up. As I did, I put the disguise back on as a Fey. I would take every advantage I could, even the confusion they felt like one of their own turned on them. I finally began to leave the cave. Even with the illusion, I could feel my body was different. I was emitting miasma now. My complexion had darkened, and even my irises were black.

As I approached the barrier, I came out of the darkness of the cave that had obscured us until now. All of the guards had their weapons out now, and Nerissa had backed up and remounted her war mount. The only one left near the barrier was the little girl, who was still crying, only a few steps from the bloody, dead woman.

I stopped, walking over to the body. After a brief job adjustment, I touched her forehead. The slit on her neck disappeared and after thirty seconds, her eyes popped open and she let out a gasp. During this time, her group watched but were too afraid to attack. When they saw the girl’s eyes snap open, they all let out gasps. One would swear they had never seen resurrection before. Even the little girl covered her mouth, shaking. As for the woman, she stared up at me, blinking several times as she touched her throat.

“You…” Nerissa narrowed her eyes. “How dare you help these filthy humans! Do you want to die?”

“Watch the girl. Don’t let her see.” I told her.

The woman acted more obedient to me than she ever had for her Fey masters. With a low bow, she ran and grabbed the girl, holding her close as the two backed away. With them out of the way, I finally turned to the group of twenty mounted armed knights. Several of the bear creatures took several steps back as if a predator had just gazed at them.

“Who…” Nerissa licked her lips, trying to put moisture back into her mouth. “Who do you think you are?”

“Do you care?” I asked.

“Excuse me?”

“Do you care when you cut down humans?”

“Why would I?” She sneered. “They’re just glorified dungeon monsters!”

“That’s true…” I looked at my open gloved hand before clenching it. “I never really cared either when I kill dungeon monsters.”

She put on a cautious smile. “Y-yeah…”

“So… don’t feel offended when I butcher you like a monster!”

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