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Chapter 928

My attack was aggressive and planned, but her people were ready. Several guards moved in the way. The first thing I released was the level 25 Demon Knight skill Fear. What it did was obvious, but for these knights, it was unlikely to be all that effective. However, their mounts were another story. They were already skittish around the miasma, which was a corrupted version of the mana within them. How could they not have an aversion to it and me? As soon as I attacked, the reptilian bear creatures all erupted into chaos.

The men let out shouts as they were tossed from the back of their animals. A few were caught in the reigns and then dragged away as their mount ran. Ten met the ground without a mount. About five could only helplessly be carried around by their mount, and the remaining just managed to stay, but their mounts made it impossible for them to manage a defense.

Since the dungeon was already made, I no longer depended on it and trusted Elaya to do her thing. Thus, I had True Hero, Demon Knight, Dark Priest, Hero, and Monster Tamer equipped. I gave up my extra experience so that I could get a 5th job equipped. I knew going in that this fight would be difficult, so I pulled no punches anymore.

As for why I had Monster Tamer, after driving the monsters into a state of fear, I struck them with various Monster attacks. Beast Confusion, Low Tame, and Disobedience were among some of the skills I tossed out. I had never looked at Disobedience before. It was a level 17 skill and seemed pretty useless. Now, I realized the true potential of the Monster Tamer ability. It wasn’t just a matter of controlling monsters in battle, but of destabilizing your enemies monsters.

As I cut down two knights in the confusion, I had managed to win over the temporary loyalty of three of the animals. Immediately, I use Order to have them attack the knights on the ground. One of the tamed beasts still had the knight mounted, and he could only watch as his mount tore into a companion who had fallen off his. I was shocked by how aggressive these reptilian creatures were. They had a great war potential, and in just as short of a time, three more knights met their demise.

“Dismount!” Nerissa managed to keep her cool, leaping off the back of the bear and onto the ground. “Seal End!”

All of the beasts collapsed suddenly, and I let out a noise as my three tamed beasts died. There must have been some kind of death curse seal on them, and she activated it. Her actions were just as brutal and as decisive as previously when she cut that woman’s throat. She killed all twenty mounts. With that, the men managed to regain order. Other than one guy whose mount fell in a way that his leg was trapped, the remaining fourteen knights managed to regain. I used Quick Attack to injure one, but he was backed up by his bodies, and soon they had formed a defensive perimeter around the cave, pushing me back once again.

“I applaud you, Fey. You’re a fine warrior.” Nerissa said, an ugly expression on her face despite her complement. “However, that is the last of my men that you kill. You may have had surprise on your side, but now we outnumber you and are prepared. Surrender and explain yourself, and I’ll give you a swift death!”

I stroked my sword. It was time to prepare for phase 2. I began rearranging my jobs. True Hero, Basic Magician, Blue Mage, White Mage, and Intermediate Mage. It was time to see how their forces held up to a magical bombardment.

Chapter 929

I took my sword and stored it in my ring. Seeing that I disarmed myself, the woman began to breathe easier. I had wiped out over a quarter of her forces in moments, so she was clearly alarmed. Furthermore, her sister and her sister’s knights hadn’t shown themselves. If she lost any more men, it would become impossible to be able to keep them in the cave. That was, assuming they were in the cave. Wouldn’t it be a joke if she sacrificed the lives of so many men just to harass a powerful and crazy stranger?

“Good, you have some sense in you!”

I did a Teleport, instantly transporting away just like if I had used Return. However, Teleport could be used in combat and directed toward any place I wanted. Where I chose to appear was behind them. Since they never imagined I could just disappear like that, the group didn’t turn around to face me.

A normal Blue Mage would never be able to use Teleport like I just did. Even I downed a mana potion right after just to make sure I didn’t run out. It was extremely mana using. However, the mana was very thick here, and thus mana regeneration was faster too. Furthermore, I had five jobs compounded on top of each other, all with mana and magic bonuses. My highest had already hit level 56. If it wasn’t for the level boosts I got upon completing dungeons, then White Mage would have been my highest level job.

I already had Silent Casting with Intermediate Magician, so I didn’t need to say anything, thus, when I cast Incineration, they had no warning until the heat-blasted them from behind. Two men were engulfed in the flames immediately as the others dived away.

“He’s behind us!” Nerissa shouted the obvious, spinning around.

At that point, I cast several wind blades. I managed to kill one knight, but the others only struck armor, causing them to crack in various places.

“He’s a mage! Rush him!” She ordered.

Nerissa continued to act swiftly. She didn’t rush forward as she ordered them. Instead, she pulled out a bow and arrow, and without missing a beat, shot it directly at me. I didn’t bother to move, using Phase Shift and allowing her arrow to pass right through me. Her eyes widened in disbelief.

“Who is this guy?” She shouted.

As she distracted me, she gave the remaining thirteen knights time to rush me. I cast Blinding Light, and all of them were stunned and blinded by the unexpected spell. I grabbed the closest man and teleported again.

By the time their eyes recovered, blinking weakly, they saw that I was no longer there. Nerissa spun around quickly, not intending to fall for the same trick twice. She turned just in time to find me absorbing the knight in my hand. I had already shifted my jobs again and I was now sucking out the knight’s mana and life force. With the support of the dungeon, it happened much quicker. He was already too weak to fight back, and in another minute, he’d be a desiccated corpse.

“Don’t let him make another attack!  Full force!”

With only twelve knights remaining, they all began to activate skills at once, intending to overwhelm me. I tossed the unconscious guard aside. That was the level I was at. I hadn’t depended on the dungeon yet, just my own skills. In fact, I was delaying for time as the dungeon continued to consume the mana, which was flowing in like a vacuum. I was able to engage a group of twenty, and through tactics, whittle away twelve.

With how they were attacking me now, it’d be difficult to repeat it. As I was, I would likely fall, maybe taking another half of them out in the process. However, I was supported by the dungeon now. It was time for phase 3.

Chapter 930

I create a dark barrier, repelling all of their attacks against an impenetrable wall. However, I only held it up a second before I let it drop. The knights charged, just like I wanted. As soon as they walked onto the land that was designated as part of the boss room, I attacked them. My movements were explosive. I felt like I had eyes all over the room. I could understand how dungeon bosses were so powerful. The dungeon was like an extension of their body, and they could sense anything within it. No one could dare hide or do a sneak attack. I had complete control of the confrontation.

I attacked without hesitation, cutting down knight after knight. I use my sword, carpeting in miasma, and then striking with aggressive and brutal hits. Every attack reminded me of the humans they were happy using. When I had teleported behind them, I had seen the group of slaves, ordered to sit down in a circle, casually awaiting the point until they were dragged up and slaughtered, all so a woman could save herself a two day wait.

They didn’t even have someone watching the humans. They were bonded with slave marks, and if they defied, they would only have death awaiting them. Since they had no protection, if a monster happened to wander close, it could easily snatch one of them and then run away before the knights had time to react. I only felt more and more anger as I thought about this, and I found my movements moving even more aggressively. When another six fell despite the knights fighting with their full ability, their courage finally broke. There were only six of them remaining, and they didn’t even have their mounts anymore.

As they tried to flee, I created a wall of fire that covered the edge of my domain, blocking them inside. At this point, Nerissa had finally realized the situation was heading south. She was the only one outside the firewall. Her legs seemed to want to run, but she also felt like jelly, unwilling to abandon her troops. She could only watch helplessly as I killed the remainder.

The last man begged for his life but filled with rage, I didn’t even hesitate to cut him down. At this point, the fire wall diminished, and my eyes fell on Nerissa. She let out a cry, trying o back up, but she stumbled and fell on her butt. I started to walk toward her.

“Wh-who are you?”

“Your death… that’s all you need to know.”

“I-I’m a princess! If you kill me, the Fey Emperor will have your head! You’ll never be safe!”

“Why do I care?”

She tried to pull herself back, trying to escape me, but I kept walking toward her.

“Please… I’ll do anything! Don’t kill me!” She screamed. “Money! Power! Humans!”

I stopped for a moment, but when she said humans, I continued forward again.

“Y-you monster! Demon!” Her eyes suddenly flashed. “Y-you’re him, aren’t you? The Demon King! I heard about him! You must be him!”

“I’m not a demon.” I sneered, letting the illusion spell draw and display my true features. “I’m human.”

I raised my sword.

“Y-you’re… the Human King!” She cried out, her words filled with horror, the name filled with just as much malice as Demon King.

“I am!” I swung my blade.

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