Yurtdışı Yatırım

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Chapter 937

“We’re home.” I smiled. “We’re finally home.”

“This is… a dungeon?”  Bernice asked in wonder as she looked around the safe room.

I had opened a portal directly into the dungeon boss room of Chalm. Normally, since I had lost my tattoo, I wouldn’t be able to portal directly into a dungeon. However, this was the dungeon that I had created, and thus I was allowed to do such things. I could also speak with Slave Communication and other such things. No one else, however, should be able to do that.

This was one more way that I protected myself. Even if there was some magical way they could trace a portal and reopen it, they’d find themselves trying to open a portal directly into a dungeon, and not be able to do so. In the end, even if they did succeed in managing all that, they would instantly encounter the giant dungeon boss, who was already a formidable monster even I couldn’t defeat, and with the support of my dungeon, which was in turn supported by a fairy fountain, calling it a slaughter would be an understatement.

“Correction, this is my dungeon.” I sighed.

“It’s so good to be home?” Elaya stretched out happily.

“You’ve only been gone a day!” Carmine sniffed. “Stop acting like you’ve been through some great ordeal like us.”

“Hehe… well, it has been an ordeal, hasn’t it? After all, I hadn’t been completely sure of Deek here until now. I was worried to might be some kind of clever imposter.” Elaya chuckled.

“How can that be?” I snorted, walking down the stairway into the main boss room.

“Ah… Deek, actually…” Elaya suddenly grew flustered.

“Hmm? Deek!” a voice cut into what she was going to say. “You look better from the last I saw you.”

“Uh? Thanks?” I laughed, feeling good over seeing a familiar face.

Now that I had met the real Xin or at least a part of Xin, I really could see the similarities between the two women. The Xin in Twilight dungeon had been a woman, albeit a tall and muscular one. The woman in Widow’s Dungeon had been a larger than life giant. I wondered what created the differences between the two women. Was it how the dungeon saw the two women or was there something else at play.

“Master, I think there is something we need to discuss…” Elaya spoke uncertainly.

At that moment, there was a sudden feeling. It was a resonance, like something on me was trying to pull away. The giant’s friendly smile suddenly turned strange.

“This… what is this tugging feeling?” The giant asked uncertainly.

“Ah… that… it must be Xin’s soul.” I equipped my Mimic job and then tried to contain her karmic soul, but it seemed like it was trying to get out.

“X-Xin?” the giant’s eyes flashed.

“Wh-what do you mean, Xin’s soul?” Elaya cried out, whatever she was going to say completely lost.

“That is… I probably should take it away. It seems to want to merge with you.” I said helplessly.

The giant hesitated for a second and then straightened. “No, release it.”


“It… feels like me. It’s like a piece of me is missing. I want to feel whole.” The giant bowed, which meant her head was still hovering over ours, but her hair ended up slapping my face.

“Ah… if you insist.” I released Xin’s soul.

Chapter 938

As I let go of my control, and the miasmic soul burst forth from my body, and then headed straight to the giant, slamming into her. She took the hit, even backing up a step. For a giant her size to be pushed back, the force could be imagined. She let out a grunt, and then her eyes closed and her body started to glow. A mixture of light and miasma flowed around her body in concentric circles, and exploded out, sending waves of power echoing around the boss chamber.

Thankfully, this was the perfect place to contain such power. Carmine put up a defensive shield to protect us from being buffeted by the power, while the giant in the center of the room started to change. No one watched her more closely than Elaya. While she didn’t have any clue what was happening, Xin had been her friend, and that giant had been the last fragment of a friend she had lost. That fragment was now undergoing an unbelievable change.

As her body glowed, it began to shrink. She grew smaller and smaller until she was only about seven feet tall. She’d be considered somewhat short for an Osterian woman, but nothing compared to the giant that she once was. Her clothing didn’t shrink with her, and it fell off of her as her body no longer began to fit it. When the glow finally faded, a beautiful naked woman stood in the middle of the boss room. Her features resembled that of the giant, but that also much more closely resembled Xin!

“Ah… I didn’t expect my return to occur so quickly.” She touched her body.

“X-Xin…” Elaya was the one who stepped out, tears in her eyes.

“Elaya… my love.” Xin shook. “I… I’m not prepared…”

There was a flash of anguish and guilt on her face. After all, she had been the one to kill the King, leading to Elaya’s death. She had then fled the country. Well, she had ended up getting controlled by Aberis, but she still felt intense responsibility for everything she did.

“You’re really Xin. Your soul is all corrupted, like mine…” Elaya chuckled, but she was crying at the same time.

“Your soul was never corrupted,” Xin said, shaking her head in denial. “Your soul was always beautiful. I never deserved you.”

“Just shut up and kiss me.”

Elaya took the last few steps, and although she rose on her tippytoes, it was ultimately Xin who bent over. Given her size, one could be forgiven if the scene resembled a man pulling a woman off her feet and kissing her. The group of us could only look on awkwardly, although Bernice looked on with a bit of interest.

The girls finally broke away, breathing hard as they held each other. Then, Xin’s eyes landed on me, and she leaned forward and whispered something into Elaya’s ear. Elaya chuckled and the two women turned to me.

“Master, why are you not getting in on this?” Elaya licked her lips.

“Huh? I mean… Xin and you… aren’t you lovers?”

“When it came to King Aberis, the pair of us could not agree.” Elaya shrugged. “However, that doesn’t seem to be a problem anymore?”

“Wh-what? But… Xin and I?”

“You don’t need to worry about me.” Xin blushed. “You had already impressed me in the Twilight Dungeon. Besides that, if you think I’m different than that nameless giant, you’re wrong. I have both her memories and my own. We were based on the same person, but it isn’t like she ceased to be. She is me, and I am her, and her feelings for you should have been obvious.”


Her cheeks reddened more. “After all, you were… inside me. How could that not affect a woman? Before, our bodies weren’t compatible, so I could only keep my mouth shut. Now… I no longer have to hold back! I love Master!”

Chapter 939


For the proud and noble Xin to suddenly call me Master and look at me with such lewd eyes, leaving me feeling dazed. Garnet looked amused by this, why Carmine was different. Bernice was looking at me like I was scum, but I suppose I expected that from her.

“Won’t you accept her?” Elaya asked, gesturing to Xin’s naked body like she was putting it on display.

“Ah… I mean…” I didn’t know what to say.

When I spoke of resurrecting Xin, I hadn’t expected it to just happen spontaneously like that. It went smoothly. Now, there was a girl who was neither Xin nor the giant. I guess I could say she was both of them wrapped up in a single package.

“Master… I know this is a lot to take in.” Xin stepped forward. “However, I am the same person that I was before. Rather, you could say that there is only one of me, and before this, I had been divided. That’s why I hope you can come to accept me for who I am. I am the dungeon master you trusted, and I am also the woman who you fought the Demon King within the dungeon.”

She had a worried expression on her face. Too much truly had happened, and she was scared of her future. Even Elaya, although she didn’t show it, seemed a bit concerned.

“Xin, I’m not a man who will ever reject a woman who needs me.” I declared. “Whether you’re one or both women, you’re mine just the same!”

“B-beast!” Bernice grumbled.

“Oh my…” Xin acted bashfully. “So passionate.”

“Hehe… I like this version of Deek.” Elaya giggled. “Then, it’s decided!”

Elaya reached down and started pulling off her dress.

“Ahhh! E-Elaya!” Xin’s eyes widened.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Huh? Aren’t we going to have sex now?”

“Is that what you were going for!?” I cried.

“You haven’t changed at all!” Xin said at the same time.

“It’s fine. Since we all love each other, then we should smash our parts together. This is just common sense.” Elaya explained.

“Whose common sense!” Xin was now covering her body, completely flustered.

“How about this?” I interrupted. “Why don’t the pair of you get reacquainted. I have things I need to do. We can all… ahem… at a later date?”

It wasn’t that I wasn’t turned on by the prospect. However, I had just found out Xin was into me. Jumping into a threesome seemed a bit aggressive. Plus, the other girls were looking, and even Carmine was frowning at me. They kept saying I was more passionate and daring, but even I wasn’t that bold!

“Fuu… fine…” Elaya finally agreed, the two of us letting out a breath of relief.

“In that case, have fun. The rest of us will be off. I’m eager to reunite with the girls.”

I grabbed the other girls and fled the room, leaving Elaya to play with Xin to her heart’s content. I was still worried over my girls whose bonds I no longer had. Since I fled before Elaya could say anything, I failed to hear what she said next.

“W-wait… about the girls…” At that point we were already gone, and Elaya could only give a sigh. “Well, they’ll figure it out. Now… Xin… where were we…”

“Ah… E-Elaya… I only just regained a body… g-go gentle on me.”

The proud and aloof warrior Xin, despite towering over the other woman, looked like a scared little kitten under her predatory gaze.

“I think we both know when it comes to restraint, I don’t have it!”

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