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Chapter 946

Although the both of us pointed at the other and ordered the girls to attack, no one moved. It seemed like the imposter’s ruse had worked too well. Everyone doubted that the other Deek was an enemy. I felt angry, although it wasn’t specifically at them. I felt angry about this whole situation. I had been gone for months, expecting to come home to girls who were worried sick about me, only to find that they barely even cared I was home.

This imposter had taken up residence in my mansion, somehow stealing all of the slave bonds in my absence, and then pretended to be me. Once the blessings had been lost, it would have been all too easy for them to systematically take the bond with Slave steal. After all, with me in another world and him looking just like me, the girls would have willingly let themselves be stolen. I had foolishly thought there was nothing to worry about and they’d all be fine, but I had a lot to worry about.

“Come, we’re leaving.” I finally dropped my hand and sent a Slave Order to all of the girls on my side.

Lydia and Miki cried out at suddenly being addressed, but after I gave them a look, they followed Carmine to my side. When the imposter saw this, his looks darkened. At that moment, his body started to change, revealing the female Deek. Lydia had mentioned that this Deek wasn’t a boy, but it took seeing it for me to truly realize it.

“Where do you think you’re going?” She coldly huffed in a feminine voice.

“Do you really think that is me?” I demanded, looking at each of the girls. “That’s not even a man.”

Her eyes widened, and then she grabbed her chest. When she realized she had changed back, she reached for her pocket, but after a second, she took her hand away, staring at me defiantly.

“Master… please don’t do this,” Celeste begged. “There are just two Deeks now. It’s okay.”

“There is only one Deek,” I responded. “And I am him. This… is something else. I know you’re all confused, but I need you all beside me. We’re going to retake Chalm, and stop Lord Aberis’s plan. Remember, this fool still thought it was just Lord Reign. I’ve fought him. I know what he’s capable of. I’ve even defeated him and escaped his dungeon. Victory comes through me. Will none of you come?”

The girls in front of me were Astria, Celeste, Terra, Shao, Raissa, Salicia, and Faeyna. Standing on my side were Lydia, Miki, Carmine, Bernice, Elaya, and Garnet. At this moment, I was slightly worse off, never mind the fact she had the support of Chalm. It was possible I could get Xin’s help, but Xin was trapped in the dungeon, so she wasn’t someone I could call on too easily.

“I am the real Deek!” The imposter said, her voice filled with ice. “I shouldn’t even need to have this conversation. You’ve all been with me all this time, but where was he? I’ve been by your side! You know it’s true!”

At that moment, the bonds changed again, and one of my slaves disappeared!

Chapter 947

“Bernice!” the fake Deek shot a look at the girl I didn’t know.

“Hmph! A female is far more to my liking!” Bernice responded, walking over to the other side. “Besides, you’re an animal. This Deek is far cooler.”

“You… you weren’t even bonded in this world!”

I was just as perplexed as he was. I didn’t even know this girl, but suddenly I could feel her slave bond.

“Um… sorry… and you are?” I asked sheepishly.

The girl suddenly ran up and grabbed my hands. She smiled at me, it was actually a pretty cute smile.

“I’m Bernice, at your service, Master. I’ve been forced to work under that beast of a man. However, I’d much rather work under you…”


“You shouldn’t drink those potion’s master. They make you weak, and may also make you impotent! It’s much better to stay a woman, don’t you think?”

“Impotent! That’s a lie? She’s lying, right?”

“Ah… sorry, you don’t recognize me. You might recognize me as Bernard, the hero?” As she said this, she pulled back her hair.

With that, there was a flicker of recognition. Bernard was a girl? This was the woman who was the 1st place champion? All the other girls made noises of surprise as well as they finally realized who the stranger was. I didn’t know her, but she seemed to be holding on to me now. I didn’t know how to react.

“Elaya, you’re going to join this Deek’s side?” Astria asked.

“Elaya?” My eyes jumped to see Elaya in the back next to him.

She had disappeared, only to show up next to him. It was clear to me that the fake Deek must have stolen her! Yet, Elaya was a powerful undead queen. If she wanted to, she should have had the ability to return to my side.

“I am…” Elaya chuckled. “And so will you.”

Astria raised an eyebrow. “I will, will I?”

“Mm… Master and I have already claimed the dungeon.”

“You what?” I cried out.

“Since the moment I was summoned, I thought something like this might happen. Thus, I made sure the dungeon boss Xin closes up. I’ve sealed the entrance to the mansion, and if anyone not bonded to my Deek attempts to enter, they will be seen as an enemy and attacked!”

“Elaya, I could kiss you!” The fake Deek grew excited.

My expression grew ugly. Elaya was a diabolical woman. I had already known this about her. However, when she was on my side, that wasn’t a problem. Now, she was on the enemy’s side!”

“Th-that doesn’t mean I’ll join you!” Astria responded hesitantly.

“You think I’ll allow you to keep receiving miasma if you’re on her side?” Elaya asked.

“Y-you…” Astria looked guiltily in my direction, and then sighed.

Her bond suddenly disappeared, and I could only shake coldly.

“Astria! Get your fairy butt over here!” The fake Deek barked.

“Y-yes, Master!” She flew over quickly rather than float over slowly.

She didn’t have to look slightly like she enjoyed being barked at!

“Faeyna, I need you as well.” Fake Deek suddenly said.

Faeyna’s loyalty to me had always been a bit questionable. When I first made her my slave, she had left to be free.

“I understand.” Faeyna lowered her head. “I’m sorry, Master, but if I’m to continue my species, I’d need a man, not a woman.”

“Huh?” Fake Deek blinked. “No, I meant, I hate cooking. I haven’t had very many delicious things because of that. I need you to cook for me.”

“C-c-c-cook!” Her eyes widened, and the bond disappeared like smoke.

“Hey! Where is your reluctance?” I cried out.

“S-sorry, Master… he needs me!” Faeyna ran into his arms.

She didn’t need to hug him and give him a kiss! Why was her big chest suddenly pissing me off?

“I will be back for the rest of you in time.” Fake Deek declared. “Wait for me!”

“You dare!” Just as I went to attack him, he grabbed all the girls and disappeared, using a teleportation spell.

Like that, half of my girls and ultimately my fighting force was gone.

Chapter 948

“Elaya… why have you decided to help?” Miki asked. “Both Deeks are the same, you should know this better than anyone.”

“Hmm?” Elaya cocked her head. “Isn’t it because it’s fun?”


“They really are both Deek? Is that even possible?” Lydia asked.

“If a soul is truly powerful enough, and each side survives, then it is. In truth, the female Deek should have died. However, a strong spiritualist mixed with her own White Mage abilities, and she was able to recover.”

“They really can’t be put back together?” Faeyna asked worriedly.

“Both souls have already healed. Deedee used a dungeon and created a karmic soul. Meanwhile, it seems like Deek used a powerful elixir that repaired the missing portion of his mana soul. They both have completed souls now. Although, they do seemed to be linked. From what I can tell, they both level together with the same jobs. Although the blessing isn’t replicated, they each have access to the same number of dungeon points. The slave bonds seem to be split between them as well. As for where the slave bonds connect, it’s to whomever the women are feeling the most loyal to at the moment.”

“Ah! That… I can’t help it…” Lydia blushed. “This Deek, he’s so passionate!”

“As a spiritualist, I have a natural distaste for karmic beings. I hadn’t realized it myself, but Deedee’s karmic soul must have made me inclined to follow this Master first.” Miki sighed.

“I feel like that was a slight toward me,” Elaya responded flatly.

“You’re imagining things…”

“So, what should we do? Do we really have to pick one Deek over another?”

“You can do whatever you want.” Elaya shrugged. “As for me, I’ll be continuing to watch over this Deek and help him in his pursuits. It will be difficult for the pair of them to come to terms with each other.”

“Honestly… I thought things would go a different way.” Garnet pouted.

“Hmm? What is that?” Miki asked.

“Ah… that… I mean… one is a girl… one is a boy…”


“They say that if you meet yourself, there are only two things that can happen. You can either fight… or… sex!” Lydia declared proudly.

“If you understand Deek, then you should have seen that things would end up a fight.” Elaya sighed.

“R-really?” Garnet asked.

“Deek’s own worst enemy… has always been himself! Octius once mentioned this. Deek is a man who resents his weaknesses. He has always second-guessed himself. When confronted with a manifestation of all the parts of himself he cut away, he’d naturally wish to destroy it.”

“I love Deek… all of Deek… how can he be so hard on himself?” Lydia’s eyes started to form tears.

“It’s because he’s hard on himself that he was able to come so far,” Astria spoke up. “I think, perhaps, we shouldn’t interfere too much with what is happening.”

“You want to let him kill himself?” Miki cried out.

“I’m just saying… Elaya’s right. We should let this play out. Yes, there is risk, but we risk ourselves every time we enter a dungeon. He may learn something about himself. I think he will grow from this, and use the opportunity to refine his strength, grow confidence in his ability, and become the man he was meant to be.”

“I see…”

“Are you all done yet?” I asked, feeling a bit grumpy. “You know, I can hear everything you’re saying.”

“Good!” Miki stuck out her tongue. “Did any of it sink in? Have we changed your mind yet?”

“Actually, something you said did click with me.” I shrugged. “This other Deek, Deedee, she already has an army around her. Even though we’ve cut off her access to the dungeon, she’s still much more powerful than me. However, we have alliances she hasn’t pulled on yet. I think it’s time I saw what the Tibult family is up to.”

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