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Chapter 949

“That coward!” I growled. “He should have just faced me and died. Actually running away…”

“He was in enemy territory… ah! Not that he’s an enemy… or is he?” Salicia cocked her head in confusion. 

“He’s a fake!” I assured her. “We must prepare for the next time he comes. He’s clearly here to destabilize our power. It’s no coincidence that he showed up just after Lord Reign announced his intention to attack.”

“Ah… about that…”

I tossed my hair back. “You don’t need to worry about the girls. I will get them back. I won’t let any of you fall into the hands of such a lech.”

“So cool… ahem…” Bernice cleared her throat with a blush, finally letting go of me. “Perhaps, I’ll be of some assistance there.”

I reached out and grabbed her this time. “You will. I’m sorry, but I need to learn everything you know. I’ll have to probe you thoroughly.”

“Ahhn… y-yes… Master…” She said, her face red.

“She’s drooling,” Terra muttered.

“Definitely drooling,” Shao added.

Bernice wiped her mouth. “Ah… I mean… please probe me as much as master desires. My body is completely at your disposal! You can do whatever you want to it!”

“But Master needs her mind…” Terra muttered.

“Who knew the champion was such a pervert,” Shao responded with narrow eyes.

“Ah! Master wants me for my mind as well as my body… understood!” Bernice nearly saluted.

The body wasn’t even mentioned. I could only shake my head. However, with half of my girls suddenly being whisked away, I had to take what I could get. If she was half as good as I recalled from the battles, then she’d be a good ally to have. However, at the time, she used a sword. Now, she was using something that raised some questions. I looked down at the guns in her hand. Just how had she obtained these.

“From Earth!” Bernice declared. “Do you like them? M-ma… I mean, that beast bought them for me!”

“Earth!” Shao’s eyes snapped open and she took a step forward.

I was just as bad, grabbing her once again. “What do you mean, Earth?”

“Ah… that… I was there. Uh… we were all there. He… can transport to Earth. Ah… you’re squeezing too hard! Actually, squeeze harder!”

I let go of her and Shao and I exchanged a look. Home. This man even had a means of going to Earth. That only made him more dangerous. I took what he did as a threat. Before I kill him, I’ll have to make sure I find out just how he did it!

“Is this really okay?” Raissa whispered to Shao and Terra. “I feel like… this might really be an accident. I think they’re both the real Deek. When that Deek looked at me, I really felt like he cared for me. I don’t think he’d do me any harm. It was that kind of feeling.”

Raissa was extremely sensitive to threats. If the other Deek had intended any of them harm, she would have felt it clearly. All she could sense from that Deek was a fiery passion to protect and love them, a feeling that made her heartbeat fast. Had he not fled, there was no saying which side she would have been on.

“Deek is Deek!” Celeste overheard and spoke up, still feeling confused and angry that no one was listening to her.

“Don’t call me Deek any longer,” I said.

“Wh-what?” The girls all turned to her in surprise.

“From now on, call me Deedee. I don’t want to be confused for that man. I won’t be taking the gender-changing potion anymore either. The last I need is for you all to be confused again. If you see me and I’m a man, it’s him! Capture him immediately.”

Chapter 950


“Deek? Mmm!” As soon as I saw Eliana, I couldn’t help embracing and kissing her.

She was the mother of one of my children, and while it was only just barely starting to show, to me it had been months since I had last seen her. I was a little surprised that there was only the slightest of bumps which I could only feel when I put my hand on her stomach.

“Ahhh… Deek… you’re being so affectionate…” Eliana blushed as I felt her stomach.

“Deek! You came just in time. I finally managed to find you a potion that will permanently change your gender back to a man.” Prince Edward declared, pulling an item from his storage ring and handing it to me.

I took it, looked at it for a moment, sneered, and then dropped it on the floor.

“Ah!” Eliana cried out.

“D-Deek!” Prince Edward’s eyes widened.

“We need to talk,” I said, smashing the potion under my heel.

A few minutes later, I had explained the basic gist of the situation. Prince Edward, although he often acted like a fool, was actually an extremely thoughtful man. When he was thinking, he put his hand on his chin and nodded. It was anyone’s guess what things that went through his head, but he caught basically everything.

“So…” he said after I had finished telling my story. “What you’re saying is there was no reason to smash that expensive potion I went to a lot of effort to get!”

“Geh! I mean… it allowed that imposter to continue to look like me.”

“True… but I could have just put it in the treasury, or even sold it. Just because I wasn’t going to give it to him didn’t mean it was best being smashed on my floor!”

I scratched my head awkwardly. It hadn’t been an impulsive action on my point. I had already considered cutting off his supply of gender bender potions. It stood to reason that the girls wouldn’t stand indefinitely by him as long as he looked like a girl and that by preventing him from changing, it’d further divide the line between her and me in their minds. That’s also why I decided to refer to her as Deedee as well. I was Deek, and Deedee was a female imposter who tried to steal my life.

“I see… in which case… please take this as a compensation for my poor judgment.” I pulled something from my inventory and handed it to him.

With Blue Mage, my inventory was expanding every day. At this point, it was nearly the size of a small car. I wondered how much space it would have once I reached level 50.

“Hmm? What’s this?”

“It’s a bit complicated, but I have recently traveled to distant places, and I was able to acquire a lot of interesting and rare things. These are seeds for fruits and vegetables from my world. While yours are nice because they are magically enhanced, they use something called genetic modification to grow larger and fuller. If the two were combined, I’m curious about the results. Anyway, from what I understand, these seeds are sterile and you won’t be able to grow more plants. If they turn out to be desirable, the only source of seeds will be me. It’s something like that.”

Aberis was seriously lacking in the food department. Most farming was just wheat and grain, and most of their meals were nasty mush. Most meat came from dungeons since surface monsters were too much for a normal hunter to handle. Since I stopped by Earth, my natural desire was to increase the level of fruits and vegetables available in Aberis. One of the reasons I grabbed Faeyna was to use her to create recipes. The current me found these kinds of actions tedious these days, but she seemed to like cooking.

“S-seeds….” He opened up a box filled with little baggies filled with various seeds.

“I-is that not acceptable?” I worried over his hesitation as he stared at the box.

“It is… this… if these seeds produce exotic foods, then you should keep them for Chalm. If you turn the Wilderness into farmland, it could become a major export.” He said.

“I intend to. Honestly, if you grow them, you’d be doing me a favor. As I said, you won’t be able to grow more, and you can help me test their growth potential on your market and in your fields.”

This was something I had decided to do already in advance.

“I see… then I will accept them.” He nodded. “In that case, let’s discuss what you came here for. You’re looking for an army, right?”

Chapter 951

“We’re preparing for war!” I announced. “Increase production. Perfect your training. Increase your levels. Are these maps accurate?”

“Yes, I believe this would be the best dungeon to rapidly level soldiers in.” Terra pointed to one of the dungeons labeled in a crude map of the wilderness. “It’s small, with no lethal traps on the first ten floors, and it seems to have a meek temperament.”

Speaking of a dungeon’s temperament seemed silly, but it was true that dungeons seemed to have moods. These were often a reflection of their Dungeon Master. Mina’s Dungeon had been aggressive and angry, while the Mirror Dungeon was calm and stable. The wild dungeons weren’t tamed like the Great Dungeons, but this seemed to be the timidest of them. That could change if we started sending tons of men in, so it was a risk, but I refused to wait. Dungeons were dangerous. These men had to accept that.

“Raissa, I’m not comfortable with you going.”

“It’s okay, Master, I’ll stay in the safe rooms.” Raissa declared, blushing slightly. “I’m not that pregnant yet. I can still be useful to Master.”

I truly did need her training, especially since Lydia had left. I had always seen Lydia as the most loyal to me. Losing her and Miki had truly shattered a lot of my confidence. Although I refused to change back into a man until fake Deek was defeated, Shao and Terra had lay with me last night to comfort me. I didn’t let Celeste sleep with me since she decided she was bisexual. She could get a little handsy and it made me uncomfortable. I put my foot down when she shrank down and tried to go inside me like I had done to a certain giant once. She was seriously a pervert sometimes.

Speaking of the giant and my dungeon, Elaya had spoken honestly. Although the miasma didn’t reject me, the dungeon had seemingly gone hostile. The basement path had been sealed up, and the only way I could go in was through the entrance. She had hidden the 1st level safe room and then quadrupled the mobs on the first level. Looking for it would force me to have to fight through my monsters, which would only serve to weaken us in the long run.

This was also why I needed to use one of the dungeons the ladies had spent the last few weeks mapping out. Then again, leveling my guys in my own dungeon was basically exchanging the power of my dungeon for levels. Ultimately, it made more sense to use a foreign dungeon for this anyway.

“Very well, I give you permission. Celeste, you can make portals to ferry the men and Raissa to and from the dungeon. Keep them safe. Level them as quickly as you can.”

“Yes, master!” Raissa nodded.

“I will!” Celeste added.

“Terra, have you finished the moat yet? I’d like the walls to be reinforced next.”

“Master, I was hoping you could give me permission to work on another project.”


“After seeing Carmine on Mas… ahem… the other Deek’s side, she has a very strong armor that she must have gotten from a dungeon.”

“What about it?”

“Although I will finish the moat in time, reinforcing the walls to any significant degree would be useless. Thus, I’d like Master’s permission. I’ve had an idea for a while now. I’d like to build something that can increase my fighting power!”

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