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Chapter 952

“You know, we live down the street, and I’ve never even visited.” I responded lightly.

“What? I thought you lived in Chalm?” Garnet tilted her head.

“True… but I also have a property in the capital. That will be our home for tonight while we’re gathering forces. Elaya and Astria are putting a boundary over it that will keep Deedee from portaling right into our property. When Alysia had managed to make such a barrier, I had thought such a thing was rare.”

“They are rare. Master, just knows a lot of crazy people.” Miki sighed.

“I mean, if Deedee wanted to attack, she could just make it right in front of the property.” Carmine frowned.

“Well, for that we can have proximity alarms. They said they can put up all kinds of defenses. Even if King Aberis declared war on us, he’d have difficulty breaking into my mansion.”

“You shouldn’t be so paranoid that as to plan a war in the capital!” Lydia cried out.

“I’m not paranoid.” I laughed. “I’m just being thorough. You never know what might happen in the future, right? Well… here we are.”

Whatever else the girls wanted to say on that was cut off as we came to a certain mansion. Despite my flippant words, I actually had been to this mansion once before. This was the mansion of Lord Tibult. While Aberis wasn’t willing to dedicate any troops to me directly, he recommended a few people I could visit that could help. Many of them were nobles from the Southwest who had fled from the tyranny of the bandits.

As much as I hated Deedee, I had to give her credit where credit was due. She managed to clean up the southwest of any bandits. Those that remained had been all but scattered according to the reports I got from my girls as well as the Capital. Of course, she had bungled the whole thing, not only letting Calypso get away but also losing the knife. The girls didn’t want to admit the mistake, but I found out the truth. If it was me, I never would have made that mistake. Of course, I still had the silvthril sword in my inventory. There would be a time where I’d kill Deedee with it. That was my little secret for the moment.

Besides all of that, Deedee had chosen to ignore all of the nobles that still lived in that area. Although they had fled, and many of the citizens might have been bitter about that, they were still the rightful governors of that area. Like me, Deedee had also evicted them from their homes. True, she hadn’t specifically said they couldn’t return, but she had apparently started a city called Deeksville in the middle of the territory, and all of the citizens were now treating Chalm as their governing power. Meanwhile, the people here hadn’t been asked to return and only found this out by the news that had only arrived recently.

This offended a lot of these nobles, who might have gladly fought to help reclaim their lands… when things were more in their favor. The way I saw it, Deedee had been too impulsive. They were an untapped resource. Most of them had a large retinue of knights, soldiers, and employees. If I could gather them all together, then that would make a substantial army. The biggest struggle would be explaining how I wasn’t the one who offended them.

 The best way to do that, as advised by Prince Aberis, was to have a strong and influential noble already on my side. Once I had a Tibult sworn to fight by my side, the rest of these nobles will quickly offer their service toward defeating Deedee and reclaiming Chalm. Like that, I would have my army.

Chapter 953

“So, what you really need to watch out for is the Silvthril sword. Since you have a soul made of miasma, you’ll be super sensitive to that thing. If it cuts you, you may even die!” Bernice declared while getting a second helping of stew. “You’re a really good cook. Deek never cooks, but I guess that’s because he’s a man. Men can’t cook. That’s a fact.”

“You don’t say…” I sighed with my chin in my hand.

I had gone to question Bernice and find out what she knew about my opponent, but it turned out the quiet champion was just a lie, and underneath was an extremely talkative girl. I wondered if the fake Deek had to put up with this level of annoyance from her. A thought just struck me. What if he had deliberately left her as a means of sabotage! That diabolical bastard!

Well, it wasn’t like all of the information she gave was useless. When I had a mana soul, I had faced a cut with the malcrum dagger. I knew all too well how dangerous and damaging that could be. Now that I had a miasmic soul reconstructed with the power of a dungeon, I imagined this Silvthril sword would be just as damaging.

According to Bernice, the Demon Lord Aberis had gone to a great effort to get that sword made. He had desired to use the sword to conquer dungeons and raise the power to defeat his father. I had to admit that using such a sword would make all things regarding leveling much easier. However, ultimately, I didn’t know if the Demon King possessed a mana or karmic soul. That information would be extremely useful. Well, it wasn’t like I was going to fight him tomorrow. Right now, I had to worry about it’s son.

Yeah, I was shocked about that part too. I never would have guessed that the demon lord who fled south and took over the old Osteria would be the escaped son of the Demon King, who had once also attempted to murder his father. He had been destroyed and then reincarnated through the body of Calypso. Well, I knew the second part of that story. That would make Calypso at least over a hundred years old, maybe even two hundred.

It looked like Demon Lord Aberis had reincarnated a second time when Elaya and Xin had destroyed him and then was reborn in the body of Xin. Xin ended up getting tossed into the dungeon, while Lord Aberis started experimenting with his own dungeons. Then, I stumbled on and destroyed his test dungeon, the Widow’s Dungeon. Whether he was a dungeon builder, or just was playing around with the dungeon, I didn’t know.

I didn’t find it to be a coincidence that this dungeon was making the rare magical metal Orichalcum. He must have been doing some experiments trying to produce magic metals, or should I say mass produce. He had even managed to attract a deep dwarf there. That would be Rubee, who was now in the possession of fake Deek. Well, Bernice said he called her Garnet now.

“Wait, what was that last part?” I had caught something that Bernice had said while she was still speaking.

“Hmm? Oh… yeah, Garnet said that she thought that she might be able to make a pair of magical guns. They’d work like these guns, but they’d use compressed magic instead of bullets.”

I stroked my chin. “Yes… let’s talk about that.”

Chapter 954

“You may wait here, sir and ladies.” The butler bowed and then walked away, leaving our small group to ourselves in a large receiving room.

Elaya, Astria, and Faeyna had been left at the mansion. The first two were setting up the wards and protection, while Faeyna was preparing a meal and making sure the house was clean after weeks of neglect. The other Deek had all but forgotten the property, and Faeyna hadn’t even managed to set up someone to keep the place dusted while we were gone. That meant that I was with Carmine, Lydia, Miki, and Garnet.

The head of the Tibult household, their father Lord Octavion Tibult, was on the border. He’d be heading to the marriage soon. As it turned out Otto was currently down there with him. Unfortunately, he was the Tibult who owed me the most, and he wasn’t here. That meant that the one I would have to deal with was Octius. I wasn’t sure how I felt about that. The man was a bit much at times. However, he was a powerful general and smart person.

That was what I was thinking when the door suddenly burst open. A muscular woman suddenly stormed in. She was nearly as tall as an Osterian, but where someone like Alysia was lean and pretty, sure was a mass of muscles, like a pro-wrestler. Her eyes shot across the room and instantly landed on me.

“You, boy! Are you Deek Deekson?” her voice sounded filled with anger and it instantly left me worried.

“Ah… yes?”

She stormed across the room. Carmine even braced herself, preparing to pull out her shield before I held up my hand. That’s when the woman reached me. She grabbed me, and I was just about to use teleport when I suddenly was hugged against her beefy chest. Her arms squeezed, and I could feel my back pop as she gave me a bear hug, my feet a few inches from the ground. She finally let go of me and I stumbled a bit.

“Thank you for taking care of my stupid brothers.” She then bowed, her head nearly headbutting me in the process before I dived out of her way.


“Yes!” She stood back up. “As you can see, I took after my mom while my brothers took after my dad.”

“Y-your mom?”

“I am Octavia Tibult, at your service.” She did a curtsy, which was somehow worse than her bows.

At that moment, the door burst open and a haggard-looking Octius appeared. He had only applied half of his makeup, and his hair was a mess.

“Sister, I said I would get it!”

“Hmph! I wanted to meet the man my brothers speak so highly of. If he is a friend of the family, he should be a man worthy of it. If you weren’t busy putting all that crap on your face, then you would have been here before me!”

“Ahh… but… a guy’s got to look his best… right?” Octius cried weakly, no longer appearing so tough when put up against his overbearing sister.

Somehow, I was starting to understand Otto’s plight a bit better. His brother was a girly boy who wore makeup and revealing outfits, but his sister was a muscular beast of a woman who had no decorum and was like a bull in a china shop. With this muscular specimen as his main example of what a woman should be like, I was starting to understand why he favored muscle men!

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