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Chapter 96

“So… that’s what Master’s thing looks like.” Miki said, looking at her hand, now just a bit shriveled from soap and water.

Lydia nodded, smiling. “Mm! Isn’t it nice?”

“That’s supposed to… with a girl…” Miki’s cheeks started to turn pink. “It wouldn’t fit!”

Lydia giggled. “It does. When Master and I had sex, I thought it wouldn’t fit either, but it slid right in-”

“What did you say?” Miki suddenly cried out, causing my eyes to snap open from my drowsiness.

“Eh? When Master and I…”

Miki’s eyes shook and she leaped and grabbed Lydia’s blouse. “That’s a lie! It’s a lie, right? I’m Master’s first! We just saw Master’s naked thing together. You couldn’t have… already… have… done it with Master!”

“M-Miki… you’re looking a bit scary.” Lydia smiled wryly, but there was a sense of smugness on her face. “We were together long before you joined. It happened naturally”

“Naturally? Didn’t Lydia strip down and tell me to take her?” I said and immediately regretted it.

“Geh! Master… you’re not helping…” Lydia blushed, looking uncomfortable.

“Ah… that…Miki… what I meant, the thing is, Lydia was trained as a courtesan, so naturally, she would have a certain boldness when it came to these…” The expression on both the girls’ faces told me I was making things worse, so I stopped talking.

I should not have butted in. I equipped Hero. Maybe my Charm Plus would protect me from this conversation.

“So… it’s like that…” Miki’s head was down and she had a dark expression on her face. “She’s a courtesan, so of course she could do something that bold. Meanwhile, I could never…”

“Miki…” Lydia looked a little awkward and then leaned in, whispering, but still loud enough that my ears picked it up. “Our first time, it wasn’t that good.”

I bit my lip, barely stopping myself from turning back to her and crying out in shock. That hurt both my heart and pride. I thought our time was really perfect. Well, Lydia was a courtesan. She was trained in sex, and so she knew how to do it the best. I just couldn’t measure up. My mood sank horribly. I was acting so cocky, having two beautiful women sleeping with me every night, but in the end, I didn’t have the qualifications as a stud at all. The truth was really painful.

“R-really?” Miki looked up, her interest slightly piqued.

I didn’t want to listen to this conversation. Hearing Lydia talk about how shitty I was in bed. It was no wonder that she had not made any moves on me since that night. This was actually a bit worse than being turned down by the girl I liked. Lydia still cared about me. This was like being friend zoned.

“Of course…” Lydia’s voice sounded sad. “I failed at being a courtesan. So, naturally, I’m very bad at it.”

“Huh?” I turned and looked at Lydia, realizing she had tears running down her face.

“Master hasn’t touched me since we did it that first time. I had been hoping every night, but why else would he not do so? It’s clear that he doesn’t see me that way.”

“Lydia?” My mouth fell open in disbelief.

We didn’t have sex for various reasons, none of them had anything to do with me not wanting Lydia. Why would she jump to such a conclusion? Well, didn’t I just jump to the same conclusion a moment ago? Except… I was just some loser, and she was a beautiful… a beautiful… slave…

Lydia smiled at me even as tears fell. “It’s okay, Master. I know you care about me. That’s enough. As long as I stay by your side. I’ll stay happy.”

My eyes narrowed slightly. There were some misconceptions that I definitely wouldn’t allow to continue for another second!

Chapter 97

“Lydia…” I spoke, bringing out my hand and gently touching her cheek. “I told you before, I love you. You’re beautiful, and sexy, and smart. And strong. There is no way I wouldn’t want to have sex with you.”

Lydia looked up at me, her eyes just a tinge doubtful. “Then… why haven’t you… pushed me down? There were plenty of times. Even though I held you every night, you never…”

I smiled wryly. “You never really pushed me down either…”

Lydia blushed. “H-how could I… to Master…”

And that was the crux of the situation. I grimaced, feeling incredibly stupid. How could she push me down? I was the Master; she was the slave. There was no way she could abandon her proper role like that. If anything was to happen between us, I had to take the initiative. Our time in the dungeon had been a unique opportunity. We didn’t officially have a Master/Slave relationship at the time, since she was still owned by that noble. Furthermore, it was more out of desperation that she threw herself at me.

I had taken her bold actions for granted and assumed that if she wanted to have sex in the future, she’d be just as bold. No, it was more than that. She was my slave now. I felt like if I demanded sex from her, I’d be abusing our relationship. After all, if I asked her for sex, she’d have no choice but to put out. I still didn’t understand why Lydia liked me, so it was easier to believe that deep down, our relationship had been platonic except for a single night of passion. However, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

It took seeing Lydia’s tears for me to realize that while I was wanting her, Lydia was also wanting me. I reached up and patted her head.

“Lydia, I’m sorry. I was focused on other things and I didn’t think about your needs. In the future, know that I am always interested in being intimate with Lydia…”

“A-always?” Lydia’s expression started to brighten.

“Hah… well… I guess I’m a teenager, so yeah. Please don’t be afraid to voice your wants to me. If you’re in the mood, tell me, and we’ll take care of it, okay?”

Saying those things was so embarrassing! Yeesh. Well, at least I was clear and straight forward. That was what was important.

“Master…” Lydia spoke up.

“Yes?” I asked.

“Can… we?” Lydia looked up at me hopefully, her tail swishing.

“Now?” I let out a cry of disbelief, sputtering.

Lydia puffed out her cheeks. “You said to be honest…”

I had completely underestimated Lydia’s appetite and her boldness. I was a teenager, but would I be able to keep up with a tigress? Suddenly, I recalled that our night together hadn’t been complete romance. I remembered after ten rounds Lydia demanding we keep going to a hundred. She was very forceful and on top. Suddenly, I felt slightly nervous.

Lydia moved closer to me, and looking into her eyes I realized the truth. It didn’t matter whether I could keep up. It didn’t even matter if I was good at it. All that mattered, is that we could be together and that we could express the love that we wanted to express.



Our lips headed towards each other and we held each other close.

“T-that’s so great…” A sobbing voice caused both of us to freeze and look at Miki.

She was wiping the tears from her cheeks and smiling.

“Hah?” I let out a noise of confusion.

No, wait, I just stopped Lydia from crying, why was Miki crying now?

“Miki…” Lydia blushed, looking down guiltily.

“It’s fine… I should leave the two of you to your privacy…” Miki spoke through her tears.

“Miki, are you…” I started to ask.

“I’m fine.” She waved her hand, her expression flipping between a big, forced smile and bitterness. “I’m so happy… so don’t mind me. You’ve saved my life and given me a family. You’re both my family. So… I can only be happy that you found happiness.”

Her words were saying one thing, but her expression was saying another. It wasn’t that I didn’t think Miki was beautiful. Rather, I just never considered it a possibility. Miki had that wallflower personality. She made up for it with teasing and mischievousness, but I didn’t realize she had looked at me that way. I had assumed she was just doing it to tease Lydia.


“Figuro will find me another tent tonight.” Miki stood, her emotions finally in control. “Please… I’m just a slave. Master has been so wonderful, I just had selfish thoughts for a bit. Ignore it. I understand my place. Thank you for everything, Master.”

Miki turned around and fled the tent before another word could be spoken. My emotions were turbulent, and I was at a genuine loss about what to do next.

Chapter 98

Lydia and I looked at each other in the darkness of the tent, but the previous romantic mood had been dampened considerably. After a few minutes of silence, it was Lydia who spoke first. She lowered her head down, a guilty expression on her face.

“This is my fault, Master. I didn’t mean to rub it in Miki’s face, but I was just so happy by what Master said.” Lydia spoke sadly.

“No, I’m your Master. This was my failing for both of you. I had a responsibility to both, and I let you down by concentrating on my own wants and needs. As a result, I made you both cry again. I’m really bad at that.”

Lydia smiled gently, even though her eyes were still wet from earlier. “Girls always cry, Master. If you think you can keep us from doing so, I’d be a little worried.”

“Ah… yeah… I guess.” I sighed. “What about us?”

Lydia blushed slightly, her expression torn. “I understand why Master had refrained from showing me too much affection. I believe, even if you didn’t realize it, you had Miki on your mind. You didn’t want to hurt her feelings by showing me favoritism.

“That’s probably part of it.” I admitted. “Other than I’m just dumb and fat.”

Lydia shook her head. “Master… I think you should fix your opinion of yourself. You’ve managed to make Miki and I so strong. You fought your way through a dungeon and beat it. You even planned out and defeated an army of ghosts…”

“And di… almost died…” I responded bitterly, barely catching my slip.

“I think Master is really smart.” Lydia smiled. “And… although Master was… ahem… big boned before, you’ve actually lost a lot of weight. I didn’t say it before, but Master asked me to be honest. A lot of girls in the village of Chalm were looking your way, and it made me really jealous.”

She had to be embellishing! Although, now that she mentioned it, my stomach did feel a bit flatter than I remembered it. Perhaps I wasn’t really fat anymore, but that didn’t mean I became some popular guy overnight. The looks were probably directed at Lydia herself, who was always eye-catching.

“So…” I sighed, not sure what to say.

“Is there any way for us to be together without hurting Miki?” Lydia asked, direct as usual.

I bit my lip. “I don’t think that’s possible. Even if we keep things private and don’t flaunt it in her face, Miki is a smart girl. She’ll know and it will eat at her. Perhaps, when I free you from slavery, she’ll be able to move on. If you’re not my slave, but just the girl I love, then Miki will have to accept the truth of it.”

“Free…” Lydia’s expression turned sour.

I remembered the words that Figuro had spoken earlier. Did they really want to be free? I ignored it. I couldn’t agree with that sentiment. Lydia didn’t know a life of freedom, so how could she truly judge? Being afraid of being free was only natural, that didn’t mean it wasn’t the right thing for me to do.

“Master, I will find a tent to sleep tonight as well.” Lydia still looked depressed.

“Yeah…” I nodded in agreement.

Since I had brought Miki into our lives it was the first night that I didn’t go to sleep with two girls cuddling me.

In the morning, I woke up, still feeling an emptiness in my heart. I was dissatisfied, but after dwelling on it, no answers came. When I left my tent after cleaning myself with the leftover water and getting dressed, I was surprised to see the two girls already waiting for me. Miki looked sad and despondent, avoiding looking at the pair of us. Lydia, on the other hand, looked like she had completely recovered, a bright and beautiful smile on her face. She seemed confident about something.


I created a portal back to the alchemist’s store. Stepping into it, I could see that the rosary was still holding, and ghosts hadn’t touched this place since we left. Just as we stepped through the door into the house, the portal closing behind us, Lydia suddenly stomped her foot.

“You’re my family!” She said, crossing her arms and puffing out her cheeks.

Miki blushed, still looking guilty. “Y-yes…”

I nodded and smiled. “I love you… and I love Miki too.”

Miki looked up at me, a hint of surprise in her face. “Master… loves me?”

“Of course,” I nodded, feeling that this was the right direction to go. “I’m a guy who loves easily, but I am also devoted to the ones I love. You’re a very important person in my life.”

“I’m glad Master feels this way.” Lydia smiled like a cat eyeing its prey before anyone else could get another word in. “This is why I’ve come to a very important decision.”

I looked over at Lydia thoughtfully, but her eyes were locked on Miki.

“W-what is it?” Miki asked quietly.

“Miki!” She spoke loudly, pointing right at the girl and causing her to squeak.


“I’ve decided! To resolve this situation… Miki must have sex with Master!”

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