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“Lydia… that’s a little…” I scratched my chin.

Meanwhile, Miki was shaking slightly, her cheeks bright pink. Her eyes were lowered, and it was difficult to see what her reaction was to Lydia’s words.

“What?” Lydia seemed displeased with our reactions and puffed out her cheeks. “I’d been thinking real hard all night about how to fix everything, and this is the best way.”

“How is this the best way? Won’t you get jealous?” I asked.

Lydia crossed her arms and looked away. “Of course, I’m a little jealous when Master spends time with other girls. However, it’s only inevitable. I’m a slave. One day, Master will marry, and then he will have a wife. How can I be jealous when he sleeps with other women and not have her be jealous when he gives me attention?”

“Marriage?” I let out a cough.

Lydia was certainly thinking ahead! Rather, her thoughts were fitting for someone raised as a courtesan. She might have felt jealousy when another slave was introduced, but that had to do with her not wanting to have her place beside me diminished. When it came to sex, she had a far more pragmatic view. She was raised to expect any guy she slept with to sleep with other women, so for her, sex wasn’t an emotional linchpin to a relationship.

“How… could you…” Miki raised her head and she had tears in her eyes, startling Lydia. “How could you… so casually… about that… does doing it mean nothing to you?”

I clenched my teeth. That was about the brunt of it. Miki wasn’t raised to view sex so casually. Not only would it be difficult for her to voice her desires, but she’d be the type to value her first time and take it very seriously. Lydia had sex with me because she liked me and she wanted me to be the one to have her virginity before she lost the chance, but for Miki, having sex would be the same thing as giving her heart away. Naturally, since we had been together for only a few days, there is no way she could feel that passionately about me.

“You don’t have to pretend.” Lydia had moved behind Miki, her speed so quick it made both of us jump. “When you called me big sister, you made me your family. We’re both sisters now.”

“Eh? Th-that’s why you called me family, before…” Miki’s expression looked complicated.

I had also thought it odd she was so quick to accept Miki as family. I didn’t mind because it made her happier and I didn’t want to upset anyone, but however you look at it, Miki has only been with us less than a week. However, Lydia was incredibly direct. Miki called her big sister as a form of respect, and as an attempt to convince Lydia to accept Miki in her heart. Lydia took her words at face value. In Lydia’s mind, from that moment onward, they became sisters.

“You can’t lie to your sister. I know what you want, and it’s okay. I want the same thing. I know why you became upset. You wanted to share Master. I made a mistake and I’m sorry. You thought whatever happened, we’d do it together, so when you found out I had tasted Master before, you grew upset that I hadn’t shared. Previously, we shared Master as slaves, now, we can share Master as lovers!”

“Eh!? L-l-lovers!” Her back straightened at those words, and she looked like she was a second from passing out.

“Miki… Master said it himself. He won’t do anything. He’s too kind, and he cares too much for you.”

“He cares for me… too much?” Miki looked up, her expression fluctuating.

“You have to tell Master what you want. If you don’t, you’ll be like I was this past week, always hoping. Master said he doesn’t want that kind of slave. He wants you to be happy, so you must ask him.”

“A-ask him…” Her face kept changing several shades of red. “Th-that…”

Lydia suddenly pushed Miki forward and she took a step in my direction. “Be honest with yourself and tell him what you want.”

Hah? I was getting really confused here. Lydia was being a bit forceful and trying to push some crazy ideas, but suddenly I was facing Miki. She was a short girl, with beautiful pale skin, two white fox ears on her head, and tears in her eyes. She looked up at me, her face practically glowing with embarrassment.

“Please… Master…”

“P-please what?” I didn’t want to be stupid, but my mind absolutely couldn’t believe the situation.

When Lydia stripped naked, I couldn’t deny that sex was what she wanted. Here, there was still room for doubt. I couldn’t believe, I wouldn’t believe. I had been turned down by girls I thought were a sure thing before. Just before coming to this world, I was certain that girl liked me. I wasn’t being dense or stupid, I saw the signs, but the signs always lied.

“You need to be clear.” Lydia nudged her.

“M-master…” She wouldn’t look me in the eyes, her expression was very cute. “I-I-I… we can… if you want…”

She lowered her volume and looked down, losing all steam. In the end, she couldn’t take the next step. Lydia shot me a glare. Crap. Was this really happening? I was still wrapping my head around Lydia liking me, now Miki likes me too? What if Lydia was mistaken? What if I was mistaken? Ah… screw it. Why keep playing dumb?

“Mas- Mmmm!” I leaned forward and kissed her lips.

Her eyes widened for a moment, but then she closed them and opened her mouth. I breathed in a hint of scent before pulling away. Lydia had a sort of soapy, flower scent. Miki tasted a bit more natural, like the smell of fresh air and earth.

“Miki… do you want to have sex?” I finally asked.

Miki’s entire body shook, but then she nodded her head so exaggeratedly that her ears nearly flopped up and down. Immediately, my heart relaxed. It was just that simple.

“Lydia?” I looked over at her, just a bit of a guilty expression on my face.

She smiled at me, and I saw no hint of jealousy or anger. “Master and I had one, so Miki must also get one. I will wait until Master and Miki are finished.”


I reached for Miki’s hand, and she took it. The entire time, she didn’t look at me in the slightest. This felt really embarrassing. We headed to the upper bedrooms, and entered the bedchamber, closing the door behind us. Thinking about Miki, my erection was already rock hard, and every part of my body just wanted to push her down and have my way with her.

However, I still had my sensibilities and a functioning mind. In the end, Lydia was pressuring her and then I asked her. Was that really what she wanted though?

“Miki… you’re beautiful. I love your tail, it’s bushy and swings back and forth cutely when you walk. Your 8 other tails are pretty too, they’re like a flower springing from your back. I love you, and even though you’re a slave, I want to see you as my family. So, I don’t want to do anything to hurt that. Do you understand?”

Miki finally met my eyes, and then nodded shakily. “M-master… please, you saved my life. You stuck by my side. You even gave up everything to keep me with you. I love you… okay? I can’t stop thinking about it, so please, do it with me, okay?”


We stood there, staring at each other awkwardly for a minute before Miki blushed and lowered her head.

“I don’t know what to do… I’ve never done anything like this before. Master will have to lead me.”

“Huh! I barely know what I’m doing, previously, Lydia took control and I was just following her lead!”

“Eh? You’re the man and not even a virgin! You definitely have to!”

“Okay! Okay…” I sighed, still wondering why anyone would even be interested in me. “In that case… let’s start by taking off our clothing.”

Miki’s arms moved to her shirt but then paused. “C-can Master take off my clothes?”

“Ah… yes… as long as Miki does mine.”


I slowly walked up to Miki and then started to strip her one piece of clothing at a time. She only stood there blushing shyly, her embarrassment increasing with every article that dropped to the floor. It was shockingly intimate, and I felt a strange closeness with her. I pulled off her skirt, and then one stocking at a time. She lifted her leg to help but otherwise left me to do everything else.

Her small breasts were exposed, which barely fit my palms. She had two cherry pink nubs which were radically different from Lydia’s more curvaceous naked body. I knew it was rude to compare their bodies, but that was the only experience I had. She was small, thin, and delicate. I had finally unwrapped her entirely, except that her panties were still on.

I had never actually bought Miki any real clothing, as we had been expelled from Chalm before that could happen. These panties were actually Lydia’s. As a result, they were a little loose and hung low. I could already see the pale fur above her slit. She had never bothered to shave it as Lydia did, but she didn’t seem to have a lot of hair down there naturally. Plus, because it was so faint in color, it didn’t look bad at all.

I reached out hesitantly, pausing as my hands touched the hem of her panties. I looked up into her eyes and she nodded for me to continue. I slowly slid her panties down, revealing her bare pussy. It looked untouched, like a flower. There was no pink exposed, the outer skin folding over and revealing just a perfect pale mound with a slit down the middle. She looked exactly like the virgin she claimed to be. I gulped.

“M-my turn.” Miki began to strip me, her hands shaking as she undid my shirt and belt.

When she finally pulled down my underwear, my penis had caught on the edge of the pants and then bounced out with a spring. This caught her off guard and she let out a little cry.

“You’d seen it before…” I teased her, remembering the two cleaning me unabashedly.

She did turn shy when touching my penis back then, but she was going with Lydia’s flow. I remembered it took everything for me to not get an erection and surprise the girls shamelessly.

“It… wasn’t hard before…” Miki responded shyly. “It’s even bigger than before.”

“Hah… is it?” I didn’t really notice.

“H-how big is it… compared to others…” She asked, looking down and speaking very quietly.

“About average… probably.” I admitted.


I didn’t have a whale penis or something stupid like that. If I did, I would have way more confidence. My penis was regular sized, thank you very much. Although, I heard that if you lost weight, your penis would be larger in comparison. In that respect, maybe my dick was a bit bigger, or at least it appeared to be bigger in relation to my body.

Miki stood back up and held out her arms, “I’m done…”

My hands reached out and touched the bare skin of her sides, she jumped for a moment, but then looked up at me and put a weak, nervous smile on her face. Even though her body was shaking, her expression looked determined. Looking down at her cute, small, naked body, my reservations were crumbling. I cared about Miki. I liked Miki. Lydia even had given me the okay. There was literally nothing standing in my way.

I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her as I held her body closely. She made a moaning noise as our naked bodies pressed together and our tongues explored each other’s mouths. She was just as soft as I expected. Her pale skin was virtually untouched. Lydia had many scars on her back, abuse suffered after she had been abandoned. However, she was a strong girl that pushed forward. Miki’s damage wasn’t physical, but emotional. She had been abandoned by everyone she loved, and thus feared being rejected. I had no desire to ever reject her again.

Our bodies fell back onto the bed, and as we kissed, she instinctively spread her legs and wrapped them around my hips. As we were kissing, I was humping her slightly, and my dick was rubbing against her pussy. I could feel it getting really wet, and my dick slid freely.

“It feels really good.” Miki moaned in my ear.

I agreed, it felt really amazing, the bottom shaft of my penis kept sliding up and down her slit wetly, and it sent fireworks shooting through my spine. However, it wasn’t sex. I had to be in her for it to be sex, right? Yet, I kept thrusting and it just kept rubbing up against her wet clit. I could probably cum like this, but it wouldn’t feel as satisfying. I realized I wanted to be inside her and cum inside her.

I tried to recall back to my time with Lydia, and then I remembered that she had reached down and grabbed my dick when I couldn’t get it in. She had lined it up with her pussy before I thrust it into her. That’s right, it wouldn’t just go in if you kept humping, you needed to use your hands and ease it in.

I pulled away and then grabbed my dick. It was really wet and sticky. There was a lot of liquid down there. In fact, a little liquid squirted out as I was looking, a pool of it soaking the bed under her in a growing wet circle.

“You already came?” I asked in surprise.

Miki blushed and looked away. “You… can keep going… I want Master to finish.”

“I’m going to put it in now.”

“It wasn’t in?” Miki gasped.

“Ah, bear with it.” I lined my dick up the best I could, and this time I was careful pushing it into her.

“Ahhhhnnn!” She let out a cry a lot louder this time. “It hurts…”

I froze for a moment. It wasn’t like I didn’t read or look at porn. I knew it was supposed to hurt, but Lydia didn’t make a peep when I stuck it in. Rather, she looked very ecstatic, while Miki was grimacing in pain.

“Should I stop?” I asked.

“N-no… keep going.” Miki said, even though her eyes were squeezed shut.

I pushed myself inside Miki. Her pussy felt really tight. It was a lot harder to get it in than with Lydia. Miki’s small hands held my arms and they tightened each time I pushed it in a little. Finally, I managed to get it in the whole way. We were both panting.

“M-master… I love you.” Miki whimpered, her expression not of anger that I hurt her, but pure love.

At that point, I realized things with Miki wasn’t any different than with Lydia. We loved each other, we were together, and I had no plans to lose either of them. What I felt with Lydia was unique, but so was what I felt with Miki. Both girls were my lovers, and it didn’t diminish either one when I loved the other.

“You’re so beautiful,” I whispered, stroking her cheek.

“Please… Master… I already came. I want Master to cum too.”

“You could get pregnant.”

Miki shook her head. “9-tailed foxes aren’t able to have babies. Too close to death.”

“I-is that so? But you’re not like other foxes.”

“Mm… that’s because I have Master. If Master makes me pregnant, I will happily have it.”

“O-okay…” I started moving my hips again, and she let out a gasp as it slid out.

There was deep red blood on my dick. I didn’t panic though. Like I said, this was normal. In fact, this not happening to Lydia was the oddity. Actually, Lydia was raised as a courtesan. She may have been a “virgin” in that she never had sex, but they had her certainly practice sexual techniques. That meant, at some point, she’d probably broken her hymen. A courtesan couldn’t be bleeding all over the place during sex, although there were probably some men who would pay for that, those men probably wanted the inexperience that Lydia lacked.

I slid myself back into Miki, and then out again. Our movements started to pick up speed. Each time I slid into her, she winced, but that was only for the first few minutes. Soon, her breath started to come out in a pant. It went in and out, and I could feel her tight pussy around my dick.

We kissed, and then kissed again, our bodies holding each other tightly. Now, we were definitely having sex. Miki was my girl, my slave, and I was enjoying her and her body. I felt very happy and ecstatic. I grew more enthusiastic, and soon my hips thrust forward with full force into her. Her pale face remained flushed as her panting grew more and more ragged.

“I’m going to cum…” I announced.

“M-me too…” She admitted, blushing.

Her pussy started to climax first, and the sucking feel of it was pulling my dick in. She was tighter, and the feeling was a lot stronger for her. I seriously felt resistance trying to pull out. It was more than I could bear, so I pushed myself as deep as I could go, and then my penis erupted. Hot gobs of semen flowed out of my tip, disappearing deep inside Miki.

“Ahn… I’m cumming!” She cried out, “It’s inside… I feel it, Master’s cum…”

She panted, a whining moan coming out. She rubbed her face against my chin affectionately while she let out a high-pitched moan. Finally, as the sucking sensation slowly diminished, so did her orgasm. She really lasted a long time. Lydia orgasmed in like ten seconds and then was ready for round two. A tiger could bang a hundred times a day, so to speak. Miki had a much longer orgasm. It was like once she started cumming, she couldn’t stop. It lasted nearly a minute long, which was torture on my penis. By the end, I felt like every ounce of cum had been sucked out of me by her thirsty womb.

I kissed Miki again and then hugged her tightly, remaining in this position. We stayed like that, saying nothing and doing nothing. We just let our naked, sweaty bodies merge, permeating in our lust.

The door opened, interrupting our silence as a head poked in rudely. It was Lydia. She was glowering and she had her cheeks puffed out.

“Are you done yet?” She asked.

I covered the pair of us with a sheet and rolled off of Miki, “Y-yeah… we’re done.”

I felt a little awkward. Even though she sent me up here to do this, I felt like I was caught cheating on my girlfriend. Miki was blushing, covering her face with a pillow.

“I… want it…” Lydia suddenly said, still standing at the door pouting.

“Huh?” I didn’t understand what she meant until she blushed. “Wait… now?”

“You said be honest! I want it because I want it!” She burst into the room and then ripped off her clothing.

“L-Lydia!” Miki let out a cry.

“Ah… shouldn’t I clean up? After all…I’m all sticky and I smell like, I mean I’m covered in Miki’s um…”

Miki blushed, “S-sorry…”

Lydia shook her head, jumping on the bed. “Miki is family, so it’s fine if I taste Miki on you.”

There was little point struggling after that. The tiger was in the room, and now there were two preys. She pounced on the pair of us without regard. She also started teaching Miki many of the things she knew.

“You can do that… with your mouth?” Miki said in wonder as Lydia licked my dick clean.

“Here, try it…”

“I-it’s salty…”

“That’s because that’s what Miki tastes like,” Lydia explained.

Miki looked down guiltily. “S-sorry…”

“I like the way Miki tastes.” Lydia said, suddenly licking Miki’s lips which were wet and causing her to blush.

“O-oh… k-keep teaching me!”

I was completely helpless. I felt I was being bullied now. I was at the mercy of these two women! Aren’t I their master?

“Lydia…” Miki spoke shyly as the night wore on.

“Yes?” Lydia asked, stroking my shaft while Miki cupped the balls.

“From now on… let’s always share… okay? In everything.”

Lydia blinked for a second and then smiled. “Mm! If Master wants one of us, he has to have both of us!”

I didn’t take it seriously at the time, but Lydia always meant what she said. From then on, if I wanted either girl, the other was always present. My romantic life from then on only existed as threesomes. It was fine, I could just manage to keep up with both girls, although it was hard on my hips. However, I didn’t know what I would do if there was a third slave girl that came along. That seemed unlikely though.

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