Yurtdışı Yatırım

As I get farther and farther in the series, some miscellaneous things I wrote in the beginning get pushed aside for things later on. Since the story is 600 chapters and only getting longer, I’d like to rectify as many plotholes as I can before I’m too deep down the rabbit hole.

Luckily, since I’m re-releasing every eBook as I add the ero images, I’m also taking the time to improve upon them, and I’d also like to fix plot holes. I’ll be releasing V4 soon, and the more volumes I release, the more difficult it becomes to fix plot points.

So… in the name of keeping MDL’s continuity clean, if you’ve found any plotholes, please let me know.

I’ll need the chapter/chapters as well as what happened. As long as I agree that it is a plot hole or a major inconsistency, you’ll get a voucher for My Dungeon Life Volume 8 which will release at the end of this/next month. If you’re just nitpicking over phrasing, or using logic fallacies to create a plothole that doesn’t exist, I will be ignoring those. (The… well we didn’t see him do this, so he must not have done it! Argument comes to mind.)

Plotholes I’ve already fixed:

The Father is Dead – I mentioned he was a deadbeat who left the mom, then he got into a carcrash and died. If I imply anywhere that I missed he’s still alive, let me know.

He Has Siblings – This isn’t so much a plothole. He doesn’t consider his half-sister he only met once to be a sibling, so when he said he had no siblings, he wasn’t counting an estranged woman he didn’t know. When he spoke in the first chapters, he was talking about someone who lived with and knew him.

<I’ll add more as people point them out and I respond or fix them>

This will either be nothing, or a horrific deconstruction of what I thought was a tight narrative. Let’s rip off that bandaid and improve the story!