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Chapter 10

“Richard! What is going on?” Chloe cried, hiding behind me and Barry.

I stared around the room. More and more things were floating off the ground, and it was like there was a static in the air. Those with long hair started to feel their hair rise as well.

“The outside is… twitching.” One of the girls cried out.

Everyone looked toward the window, and her words were somewhat apt. It was like the world outside was blinking in and out of existence It didn’t all disappear at once, but one second there was a building, and then it was gone, only to return. Thinks kept phasing out of existence, cars, trees buildings, and even the sky. The cars continued to drive forward like nothing was happening, so the people out there didn’t seem to be aware of it. That meant it was happening to us.

“It’s glowing!” Penny declared, pointing at the floor.

The various symbols on the floor that Mee-yon had drawn were now ominously glowing with a blue light. The ground started to feel like it was vibrating, and the air felt electric. One of the students panicked, racing for the doorway. Yet, as soon as they reached the edge of the circle, a light flashed and they were blown back.

“What did you do?” Mrs. Summers demanded, glaring at Mee-yon.

“I summoned the Demon King!” She laughed, clapping her hands excitedly like a child.

“If there is something dangerous coming, we have to arm ourselves,” I spoke after checking on the guy who had been knocked down.

He was unharmed, but shaking a bit from shock. I got up and grabbed a chair as a weapon.

“He won’t harm any of us,” Sarah responded.

“Can you be sure of that?” I demanded, no longer feeling like I had room to doubt them.

“I think… maybe…” Sarah looked down, slightly embarrassed.

Penny grabbed a chair as well and threw it out of the circle. A light flashed and it bounced off too.

“Get to the outside of the barrier!” Mrs. Summers warned.

“I don’t think…” Sarah began, but Penny grabbed her and pulled her away.

Barry grabbed Chloe and pulled her back as well, while I stood in front of them with the chair. I felt a bit stupid, but I didn’t know what else to do. This was all out of my realm of understanding. If things could float or shimmer out of existence, we were either all having a shared hallucination, or anything could be real.

“Sarah, stop!” Penny cried as Sarah pulled out of her hands.

“I don’t think we’re summoning something!” Sarah cried out, grabbing a knife from the overturned table and trying to scratch the glowing formation. “We’re being summoned!”

“What? Where?” Penny asked.

Why didn’t I think of that? I was standing stupidly with a chair while breaking this spell might be as easy as breaking that formation. I tossed the chair aside and grabbed another knife to help. However, just as I kneeled, I felt my entire body rise into the air.

“Here… we…. Go!” Mee-yon yelled excitedly.

The world turned into a bright light, and everything around me disappeared.

Chapter 11

When the light cleared, I could immediately tell we were no longer in the library. In fact, we were no longer anywhere that made sense. We appeared to be in an ornate courtyard, surrounded by massive winding trees that looked like towers. At the very least, they had doors and windows to them. The entire place had an ornate fantastical feel. There was a glowing circle under us just like the library, although it had different symbols on it and seemed far more professionally done.

Before I could come to terms with the sights around me, a beautiful golden-haired lady began to approach us. Although I had Chloe, I couldn’t help but find my heart beating faster just looking at her. Whether it was her ornate dress, the way she held herself, or the way her hair and makeup were done, everything about her screamed a princess, and yet she wore a sword at her side as if it was a normal thing.

“W-what’s going on?” Penny asked.

“First, the empress would like to know the names of our champions.” The golden-haired beauty spoke.

“Champions? Who’s a champ?” One of the boys stepped forward.

She smiled patiently. “You are the champions. We summoned you to our world to help us fight against a cowardly and evil race.”

Everyone stared at her with dumbfounded looks. No one wanted to speak up. There were far too many things wrong with the situation. We were just in a library. How did we end up in a palace? No, this was another world, wasn’t it? I felt Barry bump me from behind. I glared back at him, but then I noticed how scared Chloe was. She was still clinging to Barry as if her life depended on it. I realized I’d need to be the one to step forward.

I gave my best smile and stepped forward. “Then, I’m your man. The name is Richard!”

I held out my hand. She looked at it curiously. Then she looked at the rest of us.

“What about the rest of you?”

I felt slightly annoyed at being dismissed. I dropped my hand and wiped it on my shirt. As I did so, I heard Penny and Sarah whispering nearby.

“Sarah… what is going on here?”

“Penny, I think we made it. We made it… to another world!”

“I thought it was a summoning spell!”

“Well, something went wrong!”

“Wrong? What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know! I don’t do magic! Why don’t you ask her?” She gestured to a girl who jumped forward.

“I am Mee-yon!” She spoke excitedly. “Where are the animal girls?”

The princess-like figure frowned. “Animal girls? Do you mean the slaves?”


Penny and Sarah exchanged a look before grabbing her and pulling her behind them. “Don’t mind her. She’s just a bit excitable.”

“You two are?”

“Ah, I’m Penny!”


“C-chloe!” Chloe finally managed to pull herself away enough to shout.

“I’m Barry.” Barry smiled.








Each of our classmates gave their simple names.

“I’m Mrs… ah… my first name is Sharon, Sharon Summers.”

That was everyone in the class. There were fourteen of us in all.

“And… who are you?” The princess’s eyes looked behind everyone else.

I blinked, realizing a young girl was standing in the back, but I didn’t recognize her at all. When I got a good look at her, I couldn’t help but inhale a breath. She was cute. She had curly brown hair and an innocent and pure face. However, she had a large pair of breasts and a curvy body. She was a perfect blend of pure innocence and adult temptation. All the guys swallowed deeply. If she had been in our class, we all would have recognized her.

Sarah gasped. “Mrs… Mrs. Williams?”

“Ah! Y-yes? My first name is Hope.”

Everyone reacted in much the same way. What!?

Chapter 12

“Mrs. Williams! You look different!” Sarah cried out.

“Eh? D-do I?” The pretty girl who called herself Hope looked down at her body in confusion.

“Y-you’re young!” Sara explained.

“And hot!” Penny added.

“Ah! You girls!” She blushed, wagging her hands like they were teasing her.

So cute!

I coughed, looking away. I saw Chloe glowering at me. I quickly took her hand, but she pulled it away with a sniff.

“It seems like the spell must have brought us over and taken a few years off of us, huh?” Mrs. Summers declared, puffing her hair.

“You look the same-” I started before suddenly having my foot stamped down.

“Yes, several years off!” Mrs. Summer declared.

Mrs. Summers was only in her twenties anyway. From the beginning, she only had about five years on any of us. She was a new instructor who recently graduated from graduate school. Since she had yet to pay off her debt, this was why she had been so eager to make use of the generous donations for herself as much as anything. Meanwhile, Mrs. Williams was pushing fifty, but now she appeared to be no older than twenty, like a girl in the prime of her youth.

“It is a pleasure to meet all of you.” The princess had lost patience waiting as we all spoke to each other. “My name is Kaia, the youngest daughter of the empress, may she live forever.”

“An empress?” Barry excitedly looked around.

“The empress can not be met with so easily.” The girl named Kaia continued. “I’ve been tasked with man- ahem… with introducing the champions to our world.”

“So, we are in another world then.” Penny declared.

“Did you have any doubt?” I sneered.

“You said you summoned us? Why?” Sarah cut in before Penny could say anything in response.

Kaia blinked and then smiled. “Naturally, it’s to destroy the demon king. Why else?”

“The demon king is here?” Penny’s expression brightened.

Kaia’s smile slipped a bit. “You know of the demon king?”

“Ah, nope!” Sarah pinched Penny and gave her a secretive glare. “Demon king is a common term where we live. We have many stories about people being taken to other worlds where they must defeat a demon king. We just thought they were stories.”

“Owww…ohhh… yeah!” Penny nodded. “Stories. Never seen one before. Is he hot?”

“He is… adequate.” The princess’s expression turned very complicated, a slight tinge of pink on her cheeks, but hatred in her eyes.

It was a bit surprising that she answered at all. I couldn’t help but give the princess a second look. There seemed to be a history there, a deep pain inside her from the past. I felt a pinch on my arm and quickly glanced away. Chloe was getting even more jealous. Was it the time for such things? We were just teleported to another world!

“Where is the Demon King?” Sarah asked.

“We live in the world Gaia, and this is the Fairy plane. On the other side of the world is our original home, Faerith. Long ago, the demon king’s people threw us off our land and took it for their own.”

“That’s horrible.” Chloe put on a look of sympathy, but she was still pinching me.

“Yes, well… perhaps with your help, we’ll be able to regain everything that we lost. Shall we begin the test?”

“What test?” I asked.

“Why, the test to find out what job you got.

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