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Chapter 13

“Our world is one of many worlds. Each world possesses its own unique life stream and its own unique laws. Long ago, an evil being named the Demon God created a means of allowing those from other worlds to pass over to each other. We call this system… the dungeon lore system.”

“Dungeon… Lore?” Mrs. Summers perked up.

We had been taken to a room inside of one of the tree-like towers, leading us into a rather normal-looking guest room. We all found a seat where we were served drinks and food. The food tasted rather bland, and I was disappointed that the drink didn’t contain alcohol. Weren’t most drinks alcoholic back in the day for health reasons? The drinks tasted fine though. It was some kind of juice. Kaia then began her speech.

“The lore system grants people the ability to subvert the laws of a world. Tell me, in your world, are you assigned jobs which level as you use them, and then unlock skills which you automatically learn?”

“I wish…” One of the guys muttered before a girl glared at him.

“Yes, well, you likely don’t have the lore system where you live. You’re lucky… because when the dungeon lore system appears, this allows the invasion of world enemies.”

She paused, looking around the room. I realized that she must be trying to keep us included in the conversation, so she was giving us chances to ask questions.

“World enemies? What are those?” I asked.

She smiled slightly and gave me a nod. “The world enemies are anyone from another lore. They come from another world to our own. This usually happens through a dungeon, but one thing is clear, once they cross to the next world, they become part of the lore system and are thus given a job that suits them best. They equip these jobs, and through that can instantly be proficient in their respective field. They level one of two ways. First, by practicing the skills of their job, and second, by killing living beings from another world and harvesting a fraction of their experience.”

“Are you saying you can level by killing things in dungeons?” Sarah seemed to jumble everything together to make that conclusion.

“Yes, you can imagine how dangerous world enemies are. They exist outside the laws of our world. A master blacksmith might take a lifetime to learn, but with the dungeon lore system, a person could harvest the lives of natives and become a master blacksmith in months or years. This is only some of the things they’re capable of doing.”

“So, only those from another world are part of this system?” I asked.

“Their descendants also can use the system.” She responded. “Should they have any on this world? Our entire homeland, all of Faerith, has become the home of these other worlds. The only reason we’ve lasted as long as we’ve had was that they are too busy fighting each other to bother with us. Such a thing has begun to change though.”

“Change how?” I made sure to ask.

“A Demon King has risen, and he’s begun to unite them. Once he finishes conquering Faerith, he will destroy the fairy plane. That’s why we summoned you.”

Chapter 14

“I’m still not understanding something.” Penny spoke up. “If you summoned us from another world, and we picked up this lore system on the way, then aren’t we world enemies too?”

Kaia gave a tilted smile. “You are… different. We invited you hear, and you didn’t come here to harvest our life stream. That is the ultimate goal of our enemies.”

“Why do they want your life stream?” Mrs. Summer asked.

“I only know a little bit about this.” Kaia shook her head. “I’ll try to explain this the best I can. The lifestream… life in general, is a commodity in the universe. If our lifestream was divided into units, other worlds trade those units. I believe they call them… credits.”

“Money? They kill each other for money?” Chloe cried out.

“Is it really that surprising?” Barry asked. “Is our world much better?”

“Yes, well, there are some worlds so different that even existing in them would be difficult. There are worlds where you would be heavier or lighter. Worlds where there is no ground or only water. Worlds where the water would burn you, or where the heat and cold are beyond the livable amounts. The creatures living in those worlds are just as strange. Many of them would consider us food or hosts. Your world, its morals, its laws… are close to those from our world. Your world and your species are similar to ours. This is why we’ve summoned you.”

“Species?” Barry jolted up. “You’re not human?”

“No…” She shook her head, bowing to one of the guards standing at the door.

They took off their helmet, revealing green hair. When they pulled back the air, their ears were slightly pointed. They were long, but they had a distinct tip to them.”

“Ah! E-elves!” Mee-yon cried out excitedly.

“Elves!” Kaia spat. “We’re not like those other world traitors! Ahem… sorry… our species is known as Fae.”

“Fae… like fairies?” Mee-Yon asked.

“Fairies come from this world too, but we’re not fairies either.”

“I’ve heard of fae… aren’t they like vampires?” Another student spoke up.

“We do not suck blood!” Kaia cried out angrily.

I wanted to give them all glares. They were basing their knowledge on a bunch of fiction they read from our world. How could any of that be applied to any of this? They were just offending the other party. I spoke up with a question of my own before anyone else could offend them further.

“Are there other humans in this world?” I asked

She glanced my way, and once again I felt my heart beating a bit faster. She was pretty.

“There are.” She responded after a moment. “We are… working on an alliance with them now. The Demon King must be killed at all costs.”

“Why didn’t they summon us then?” Chloe asked. “Aren’t they your world enemy?”

“Chloe!” I hissed, trying to get her to stop being combative with the people with swords.

“What? It’s an honest question!” she shot back.

“They can’t summon you,” Kaia responded. “Only the Fae have this ability. Although we had animosity with the human race in the past, they have come to settle in our world. They don’t seek out the core of the world, so we’ve decided to put our prejudices behind us to defeat a greater threat. I hope you understand the risk I’m taking in telling you this.”

“We understand.” I smiled. “We won’t betray the Fae’s trust in us.”

Chapter 15

A guard came into the room and set a stone on the table. The princess gave a relieved sigh.

“Finally, I’m sorry for taking so long. These things are common in Faerith, but hard to find here. This will tell you what job you gained.”

“I hope I don’t get anything lame.” One guy spoke up. “Like a cook or something.”

“For those born on Gaia, the job system assigns them slowly. They start with something simple like a commoner and eventually have to build up to a better job. However, for those who are exposed to the job system later in life, there is a process called karmic recoil. You’ll be given a far higher-tiered job than most people. These abilities also seem to be commonly centered around combat.”

“So, you do want us as warriors.” Sarah frowned.

“Was there any doubt?” Chloe snapped at her, but when everyone glanced her way, she dropped her arms in embarrassment. “I mean, you all read the books. This is how these other worlds work.”

I could only sigh inwardly. We were making far too many assumptions here. Who knew how this world worked? Just because isekai was a genre in our fiction didn’t mean this world followed any of its rules! I just wish everyone else acted a bit more reserved here until we understood the situation better.

“By crossing the voice to join this world, you are privy to various powerful advantages. Besides the more powerful job, you’ll find you will have a larger reserve of mana than others in this world. However, the thing that makes you indispensable to use is your… ummm…” She looked embarrassed for a moment.

“What is it?” Penny asked.

“People from another world are not part of our life stream. This means, that when they die, they don’t rejoin the stream like Fae and other natives of this world do. This means that… when you die, you can be resurrected.”

“Die?” Sarah stood up. “I don’t want to die!”

“You don’t die, didn’t you listen?” I spoke up. “If we die, we can be resurrected. That means we can come back.”

“Awesome.” Barry chuckled. “We can even do dumb and reckless things and still come back. Skydive without a parachute? Practice parkour? Remember all that stuff we wanted to do Rich, that we got too scared to do when we were younger?”

“At the least, it means we don’t have to put our lives on the line.” I coughed whenever looked my way.

The princess glanced between Barry and me and then shook her head. “I’m sorry, but the enemy all can resurrect, so they naturally have perfected ways of killing people without resurrection. I can guarantee you want to die for good in practice, but don’t forget the enemy has the same advantages.”

“Crap, is it that bad?”

“Would you please check out your jobs now?” She gestured to the stone. “You just need to touch it and your job should jump into your mind.”

“Alright, I’ll start.” Barry stood up and put his hand on the stone, even though Mrs. Summers tried to speak.

For all we knew, this stone could enslave our souls or something, and he just touched it. Barry was my best friend, but he could be reckless sometimes.

“Brawler?” Barry tilted his head after a moment.

“Powerful fist fighters. You’ll never need a weapon, because you are the weapon.” The princess smiled.

“Ah, well, I do prefer to use my fists.” He laughed.

“Alright, now the rest of you.”

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