Dear Readers,

After seeing the results of the surveys and discussing things with various people, I’ve come to a few decisions regarding the website. First off, I won’t be releasing chapters next week. To be clear, I will be writing those chapters next week, but you won’t see them. You will see them the week after. So, from 5/18 to 5/24, you’ll see them released 5/25 to 6/1.

This staggered release schedule will ensure that every chapter not only releases on the day you expect, but also at the exact time you expect. I fought doing this for some time. I explained until I was blue in the face that a Saturday release is not a Saturday release, but more of a Saturday night into Sunday morning release with a chance at being up to 24 hours late depending on my own creativity, energy, and excitement. I wanted Early Release to mean Early release, and I wanted to get everything to supporters as soon as humanly possible, so I released when I wrote it.

This has led to a constant stream of unhappiness, bitterness, and even aggression from people who don’t bother or care to learn about an author’s release policy, while holding that same author to their own often unreasonable release standard. Some people still don’t seem to understand the difference between a translator and a writer, or respect that creativity takes time.

So, by staggering the releases, you won’t have to worry about that anymore. I think everyone will be happier that way. $5 chapters will release like clockwork, and all it takes is just a week without releases. I’m still struggling with the $5 to $1 shift. The Patreon Plugin breaks FFA, so I’m still looking into solutions to schedule Patreon tier changes. The ToC will NOT update with the release schedule. So… as always, depend in the recent posts, not the ToC, to determine the last chapters out (Although I know the same people making these complaints won’t be doing this). I’ll try to keep the ToC up to date.

That leads me to my second announcement. I will be changing the $1 tier to $2 starting June. I was going to wait until July to do this, but since I’m already delivering bad news, I figure I might as well rip it like a bandaid and not drag these changes out. A handful of people are upset about this. I apologize. Given the cost of simply running the transaction, I’m getting so little from $1 tier that in some cases I even lose money getting members. I do promise that I will work on getting the Patreon Plugin working, so that the $5 to $2 drop runs much more smoothly.

Other than that, I will do a stream next month going over the survey, where you can have the chance to ask questions or complain all you want. I should be able to do that now, as my youtube account is set up and I’ve even posted videos. So, you can look forward to that. Otherwise, I’ll keep you posted in my newsletters as always.



P.S. There WILL be releases next week, this will be bonus chapters and anything else not “scheduled”. Only scheduled items will be staggered a week. And yes… if someone absolutely can’t go without a chapter for a week, you can rush a chapter. I’d be doing double the work, but that’s really up to you. If I feel overwhelmed, then I’ll say I can’t do any more.