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Dear Supporters and Fans,

Thank you all for your continued support. Whether you support me monetarily, throw out a comment every now and then, or simply quietly read my work, I want to let you know that I appreciate you all. I’m thankful I’m able to do all of this, and it is 100% thanks to your wonderful support. I’ve managed to accomplish financial goals I thought I’d never manage, from paying off loans to saving up for a house. For such a turbulent and difficult time, I can not say enough how much I appreciate you. Even the ones that frustrate and anger me, and I occasionally snap at, I appreciate you too.


Well, you clicked it, so RANT WARNING: the people this rant is about probably won’t read this. It’s probably not about you, but I feel the need to say something, because a small percentage of readers/donators seem to be under some misconception. (I’ve actually said this before, but I guess new people have joined, so it bears repeating.)

You don’t own me. I know, it’s hard to believe, but how I spend my time isn’t dictated by you. You may send me $2, $5, maybe even $50, but no matter how much you donate a month, you don’t own me.

I’m getting quite sick and tired of people getting pissy because I go above and beyond. Half of you now are making a face like, “WTF? Who’d be pissy about you doing more?”, but apparently, that’s something that needs to be addressed.

A small subset of supporters seem to get very upset over how I choose to allocate my time and money. Now, I do a survey twice a year, ask you what you want my time spent on, and then allocate a schedule every newsletter telling you EXACTLY what I plan to do. And, I accomplish that. At my worst, I might have failed to release five chapters out of the 100-some chapters I release every month. That’s less than five percent, if we’re counting, at my worst. Scientists accept statistical errors greater than that toward things they inject in your body.

So, I am completely clear what I’m going to do for you, and I’m really good at getting it done. Yet, I still… STILL, get people angry whenever I do extra stuff. I wrote a 25k word book, and didn’t miss a single release… and gave you it for free… and I got lip about it. Isekai No Monogatari, the web comic I pay out of pocket to make, I still have people marking angry and telling me how “disappointing” my completely extra and optional comic that I do for fun and to give work to my first artist is. Don’t even get me started on people talking about how awful the illustrations I order are, while not being able to point to a single one that has been ordered in the last year that is actual bad. Apparently, because the images I ordered on the cheap for Power of Creation, a comedy satire joke of porn novels done two years ago on another website before I started having money, and never to be taken seriously, wasn’t at the level of a professional manga artist, all of my images are somehow laughable. I just… I don’t even…

Listen up clearly. I’m only going to say this once. I will NEVER put more time into the thing you want. I put as much time into every thing as I’m creatively comfortable doing. When I push to do that faster than I’m comfortable with, it’s often led to problems. Because whether I use my time and money to make a comic, a card game, or a political novel, does not mean I ever… EVER would have used that time to write another chapter of your favorite novel.

Even if I have them written ahead of time, like Apocalypse, I will not release faster just because you want it. I do occasionally accept rushed orders, and sometimes it works fine, and sometimes I really struggle to release them. As far as releasing them faster… that has ALWAYS been dependent on WHAT YOU GUYS TELL ME IN YOUR SURVEYS. If you want more WOW, there will have to be less of something else. Ultimately, it’s your votes I’m listening to…. And hey… if something isn’t releasing and you don’t feel your vote has enough strength with your $2 a month, all you have to do is become a $50 member and then request I write an extra chapter every month (or pay $30 to sponsor the chapter every month), and boom, you have a faster release schedule.

This attitude some people have where they feel they can get angry at me because I did something extra for them… Remember that Special Volume of MDL I wrote that isn’t part of the main series, doesn’t progress the story, and is only available to members? Yeah… I have people telling me they want to quit reading MDL because I wrote it and they didn’t like that completely optional supplemental material. Remember how I wrote eBook chapters to be sold with my books, but then offered them to $15 members, devaluing them just so I could give people another way to read them? Apparently, being offered more stuff for your money gets people mad.

I didn’t have to give you Curing Corona. I didn’t even have to mention it. I could have just released it silently and never mentioned it to any of you, and somehow, I would have gotten less shit for it. All of those one-shots? I don’t have to show them. I do that because I know a lot of people dig them. Yet, I also get people acting like everyd release chapter is a series I *failed* to pick up. I release 7 days a week, 7 weeks+ every two months, but oh, how can I take a week off every two months! I should completely redo the schedule… and just force all of my chapters into 5 days, because taking a week off doesn’t “like jive with people and stuff”.

*Sigh* Most of you aren’t awful people. You know I work my butt off, and I do a lot of different things. Not everything works… because duh… Pick a single musician who didn’t do some bad songs. A single actor who didn’t play a bad role. A single director… on and on, but then I’ll have someone come up to me like “Well, I liked everything… but this thing… this thing was bad.”

Whatever, man… where was I. Oh yeah… I’m thankful for all of you and you’re all great and the bestest and please don’t leave me. Happy Thanksgiving.


  • My App should be completed next month. There are some setbacks, but it seems to be working, and he’s implementing the last couple of features now. What is my App? It’s a Whatsawhizzer Web Novels App that allows you to read my books on your android or iphone in style. It includes a white background with black text for all of you who still haven’t figured out my website HAS that feature… oooo… it will also have text to voice, a font resizer… and it will download my posts for reading offline too. My original plan was to make it an award for $15 tier, but I may sell it in my store for $5, I haven’t decided yet. I’m sure some of you are already angry I’m not giving it away for free. *Sigh*
  • I have not been able to implement the new membership system yet. The hope is it doesn’t eff up the app. (That would suck if it did). Anyway, we’re troubleshooting the system, because we want to be able to switch over with as few problems as possible. I hope it will be up next month, but we’ll see.
  • I launched MDL V9 eBook this month. I’m looking at getting out Hero’s Vengeance, MDL Harem Special Volume, and a publication of all my writing advice from Wattpad this month. Tales of Enchantress is also on my list to be released, but it’s a big project that will take some time.
  • NTR Crush is about halfway done with this volume, and WoW is about 2/3rds. Both stories should finish some time around December/January (maybe Feb for WoW). NTR Crush will be finished for good, final volume, while WoW will go back onto hiatus as Enslaved V3 is picked up. WoW V5 WILL be the last volume of WoW.
  • I’ll be sending out my big survey this month. You’ll see the result in December. We’ll probably do another Q+A session and I can go over it then. I’ll look for something that is more informative and free, but if push comes to shove, I’ll just go back to Respondster.
  • This is another no brainer I feel needs to be pointed out. If you’re supposed to be able to see a chapter and you can’t see it, report it! I don’t know why some people who had never messaged me then quit, claiming I didn’t provide them content. Everyone who contacts me I address, and if you’re supposed to have some content, I will make sure you get it as long as you tell me. If for some reason I don’t respond to an email in a week, just send me a reminder. It’s that easy. (and no, I won’t see comments on disqus)

November Goals: 

World of Women: Monday

NTR Crush: Tuesday and Friday

Tales of a Demon Queen: Wednesday

Man of the House: Thursday

My Dungeon Life: Tuesday-Saturday (X3 a day)

Hawtness: Saturday

Apocalypse: Saturday

Getting Lucky: Sunday

Rotation: Sunday (RttS 1st, RotMK 8th, LDP 15th, GOTS 22nd, MDL Special 29th)

Isekai no Monogatari: Friday

***All $5 releases are at 9 pm est that day, although they may be up to 24 hours late. $2 releases will follow after $5. Public releases are Sunday night – Monday morning. I know I been missing the $5-$2 change. Patreon plugin gave me no means of getting around that. Once my membership system has been updated, that should be resolved. Just let me know in comments or discord if you catch one of these. 

October Recap:

Images: 7

Comic: 4

eBooks: 1

GL: 5 (5,400)

MDL: 18 (28,800)

MOTH: 6 (12,000)

WOW: 3 (12,000)

TOAD: 4 (8,000)

NTR Crush: 7 (14,000)

Other: 4 (8,000)

LDP: 3 (9,000)

Hawtness: 4 (6,000)

Apocalypse: 4 (6,000)

Curing Corona: 1 (25,000)

Total Words Released This Month: 134,200 words

Don’t forget, this was with a week off. Told you I’d write more once kids back in school.