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“It-it’s not a safe day…” Akiko looked away from Derek, who was wagging his cock at her.

“Seriously?” Derek shook his head. “Then, did you bring a condom?”

“S-sorry, no…” she lowered her eyes, feeling almost like she was ready to cry.

“Damn it, Akiko, we’ve been dating for two weeks now, and I swear we haven’t even done it once!”

“…” Akiko felt like crying even more, but she had nothing to say.

Derek let out an agitated sigh. “Argh… whatever, I know the last few weeks have been really hard on you… especially after that asshole Hakaru spread all those nasty rumors. It’s fine. Just suck my cock, alright?”

Akiko’s face twitched slightly. Strangely, she felt her heart flutter when he had said Hakaru’s name. Akiko didn’t know why his name caused her to react that way. When she thought about Hakaru lately, her palms would get sweaty and her heart would flutter. It had to be some kind of fear response. After all, it was that bastard Hakaru who had put her in this situation. She was dating the guy she loved, Derek, but she had to put out with Hakaru every night.

I don’t really have to put up out for him, do I? A voice in the back of her head asked.

It wasn’t the first time she felt like she didn’t need to cheat on Derek with Hakaru, but she still ended up going. Hakaru had turned so rotten of late that Akiko couldn’t believe she had dated him for nearly a year. The man that he was now and the boy she had dated before were completely different. Now, he’d constantly tease and abuse her. For example, he’d make her pose in embarrassing poses, forcefully taking images of her that would ruin her if leaked. He’d rub his dick in embarrassing places, and occasionally forced her to act lewd in public. Once she even had to suck his cock under the table at a restaurant!

If this all came down to simply blackmail that he kept over her head, it’d be one thing, but one day he went into his phone and said that all of those naughty pictures of her disgusted him, and he deleted every last one. That broke her more than anything. It didn’t make her feel better, it for some reason made her feel worse.

Suddenly, there was no more evidence. She could leave him at any moment. Without those images, she didn’t have to tolerate any of it. Yet, every day, she looked on in disbelief as she came back and kept doing everything he asked. It really wasn’t necessary. Without proof, anything Hakaru said would be his word against hers, and he had long since thrown away his credibility at school.

Most people seemed to dislike, distrust, or avoid him, although only Akiko who watched him closest noticed that there was something going on between him and the new girl Tori, the one Derek had been chasing before dating her. Hey, it wasn’t like she was watching him closely because she felt something for him! Akiko hated Hakaru! He had made her promise to be his slave! He had made her do this, and that, and those things… all while giving her hateful glares!

Damn… Akiko was getting wet thinking about it. No, that wasn’t right at all. That was completely impossible. Hakaru’s acts didn’t excite her, they disgusted her. They were putting her through hell with her new boyfriend. Yet, she still followed every command he gave. She wouldn’t let Derek touch her. She’d do every naughty thing Hakaru demanded. Even with him destroying all those pictures and removing the shadow of blackmail, she still kept doing it all. She had fought with herself over and over again, yet every time…

“I’m sorry…” Akiko looked down. “Right now is a bad time…”

Derek’s face twisted angrily as he shot Akiko a displeased look. “Seriously?”

“I’m sorry…” Akiko bowed low, just short of falling into a dogeza.

Why am I doing this? Why am I listening to Hakaru? Akiko asked herself, but received no answers.

“Whatever…” Derek sighed. “I’ve got things to do. I’m going to go.”

Akiko watched her boyfriend leave with a frown on her face. She was completely miserable, and it was all Hakaru’s fault! She wanted nothing more that to get revenge on him for ruining her life with his manipulative nature. In fact, when she gave him a blowjob tonight, she would definitely not swallow! The idea of not having sex with Hakaru tonight did not even occur in her mind at this point.

However, Akiko also had other issues as she watched her boyfriend’s back leaving the rooftop area. Akiko herself had cheated on Hakaru with Derek, and now she was cheating on Derek with Hakaru. Thus, she was very sensitive to the signs of infidelity. For example, she was pretty sure Hakaru was having sex with other women. She didn’t know who, maybe it was that Tori girl, but Akiko was certain of it. In that case, she was Hakaru’s slave, not his girlfriend, so even if she did feel some signs of jealousy, she’d push that down. She wanted to hate Hakaru, so being jealous of his other women conflicted too much with her wants and desires.

Derek, on the other hand, was a different story. He was declared as her boyfriend, so she had every right to be angry if he cheated on her. If anything, all her frustration, anger, and helplessness when it came to Hakaru who seemed to have her wrapped around his finger was ripe to explode on an unsuspecting Derek. Thus, as her boyfriend left, her suspicion flared and she crouched down and started to follow him, trying to be as stealthy as possible.

It was just a hunch, really. There was a flash of something in Derek’s eyes that suggested that he was thinking of going to another woman. Perhaps it was the speed at which he left the conversation. Perhaps it was the ease at which he gave up on pursuing sexual intercourse with her. Last week, he had been a lot pushier for sex and she really had to come up with excuses to get out of it. Once it took squirting ketchup into her underwear and showing him how “bloody” she was before he’d quit. She had only realized how much her relationship with Derek had been based on sex now that she had cut it out of their relationship. There was a void now. Their relationship felt empty and unfulfilling. It wasn’t like that with Hakaru.

Hakaru and her had clicked on many different levels. She remembered fondly watching movies with him and snuggling. She knew Hakaru liked to watch animated comedies and snorted when he laughed. The thing she had lacked with Hakaru was sex. Hakaru wasn’t good looking. His dick wasn’t very big. He lacked confidence in himself. It was these traits that had sent Akiko to Derek’s side. Except, a few weeks ago, suddenly Hakaru changed. It wasn’t just the fact he was much more wild and aggressive, and a passionate lover, she also could swear he was better looking and had a bigger dick. She swore it was still growing! Was this some kind of late puberty? At that point, Hakaru was treating her like a slave, but even that was strangely interesting and enticing to her. Her stomach fluttered just thinking about what he’d do to her next.  

As she followed Derek, she found herself shaking her head angrily. Why was she having good feelings when thinking of Hakaru! He called her a slave! He humiliated her! He made her cheat on her boyfriend! He was an absolute asshole! So, why did her heart beat faster every time she started thinking about him?

As she fought with herself mentally, she continued to follow Derek down the stairway and the hall. The time was after school, and thus other than the after-school clubs, nothing was going on. The halls were empty and the teachers were busy preparing in their prep rooms for tomorrow. Akiko’s poetry club did not meet today, but she was thinking of joining other clubs in order to create more excuses to placate Derek. If she filled her schedule up, he couldn’t fault her for being unavailable. Being unavailable for Hakaru wasn’t even an option.

Hiding around the corner, she managed to track Derek as he stepped over the chain cutting off a stairway leading to the basement. Akiko was very familiar with this location. She had given Hakaru a blowjob here once only to be caught by the student council president! That girl still gave her looks that agitated her. She suspected Kira had some kind of affection for Hakaru. It irritated her quite a bit. It wasn’t because she had some feelings for Hakaru or something, it was just that she couldn’t get away with Kira thinking he was a decent human being!

“Ahn… Derek, you came.” A girl’s voice immediately caused a cold feeling to flood through Akiko.

She snuck past the barrier, but only peaked around the corner a bit. Derek was standing next to some freshman girl that Akiko didn’t recognize. She was pretty, and that was enough to instantly flare up Akiko’s anger.

“I got your note.” Derek said casually, “You said meet down here after school.”

“Mm…” The girl said nervously, “I just didn’t expect you to come. You’re a senior classmen, after all. D-don’t get me wrong! I’m glad you did, but I thought I had heard you had gotten a girlfriend recently.”

“You heard wrong, I’m completely free to date. So, you’re interested in me?” Derek said with a grin.

Akiko’s hand tightened at her side. What an asshole! He’d so unashamedly declared to another woman that he was free to date? Akiko was ready to storm down there and immediately start raising hell. Even if her relationship with Derek would be over, she could at least ruin his budding relationship with this freshmen floozy. Just as she took a step forward, a voice seemed to echo in her head.

Oh… yeah… and just in case Derek cheats on you, keep dating him anyway. Don’t let him know you found out! You must absolutely stay with Derek!

Those were Hakaru’s words. He had spoken them casually two weeks ago, and Akiko had rolled her eyes, considering the whole thing an impossibility. However, now she realized that he had known this was going to happen from the get go. She bit her lip angrily. Hakaru again was ruining her life. He ordered her to not reveal she knew about this affair. She was being cheated on, and she could do nothing but helplessly watch!

The freshman girl was giggling and looking nervous. She had a blush on her face too.

“I-I like you, senpai.” The girl admitted with a lowered chin.

“Is it just like?” Derek suddenly grabbed the girl, pushing her up to the wall. “You’re not a bit more interested in me?”

“Wait! Derek, what are you doing?” She cried as he suddenly pinned her to a wall and lifted one hand up her skirt. “Don’t! Stop that!”

“Eh? But if you want to be my girlfriend, I need to test your sincerity, don’t I?”

“Wh-what? Please… don’t put your hand there…” She said while his hand began to fondle the fabric of her cotton panties. “Stop…”

“But you asked to meet me down here in this really secluded area. Naturally, you wouldn’t have done that unless you really wanted to experience some of the fun of a boy-girl relationship, right?” Derek offered teasingly.

“Hah… st-st-stop…” She said, gazing up tearfully as his fingers stroked her cameltoe shamelessly. “I’m not that kind of girl.”

“Nonsense… you’re already really wet. I can feel it and smell it. You’re really a lewd girl who wanted senpai to show you about your body. Admit it!”


Akiko could only watch on as the girl looked up helplessly, fighting between her teenage hormones, her desire to satisfy her senpai, and her disbelief that her harmless confession would go so horribly out of control. It was only a matter of time before she grew more and more aroused by her senpai until her resistance diminished and he’d start using her as his own personal fuck doll.

This situation was all too familiar to Akiko, because it wasn’t all that different from how she had fallen for him. He apparently used the same tricks on different girls, and they worked. As she listened to this younger freshmen get violated by her boyfriend’s fingers, which had worked past her panties and were now sliding in and out of her snatch, Akiko felt numb.

From the outside looking in, Derek and her relationship had seemed so… shallow. She felt shame. She felt anger. She felt regret. This cheating asshole was the reason that she had dumped Hakaru? His shady tricks and simple sexual stimulation was all it took to get her to be his little bitch? She had posed for him. She had taken it in the ass for him. She had swallowed his semen, even though he wouldn’t kiss her after. Hakaru kissed her after.

That’s right… Hakaru. Derek was cheating on her? Well, who cares? She could just turn around and cheat on him right back! She had Hakaru! She turned around and left the two to their privacy. The girl was gasping and moaning, her underwear down to her knees as he made her nice and wet. Akiko already knew how this story ended. The girl would be bent over and lose her virginity with her hands against the wall and her ass cold while Derek sloppily dicks her from behind. It’d be followed by an obsessive loyalty to Derek, constantly excusing his flaws, which would eventually only end in regret.

Akiko sniffed as she headed to Hakaru’s house with her shoulders held high. She may be Derek’s girlfriend, but she was Hakaru’s woman! She’d treat Master extra good today! Any of her previous thoughts of rebelling or punishing Hakaru was gone from her mind, and she only thought about giving her Hakaru everything he wanted, if for no other reason, then to spite Derek. By the time she reached his house, Akiko’s proper reasoning was long gone. The slavegirl Akiko was ready to please!

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