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Of course, there was a method to my madness. While it was true that I was inexperienced with blowjobs and the thought of getting one excited me greatly, I took little pleasure from enjoying Akiko’s mouth. Only a few days ago, I had seen that same mouth wrapped around Derek’s cock, never mind the guys last night who treated her like a sex doll. Simply put, Akiko was a whore and I didn’t have any strong feelings for her. More than that, she wouldn’t even be earning me all that many points right now. Until she was with her beloved Derek, she was basically a meat toilet for all I cared.

So, the question became, why was I standing with my back pressed against a wall while this girl undid my pants and pulled out my dick? Why was I calmly watching her as she grasped the shaft lightly and then brought her lips towards it unsteadily? I noticed her fingers were trembling as she reached for my zipper. Each step seemed to occur in agony, as her desire to not suck off her soon-to-be ex-boyfriend battled with the promise she made to me. She promised to do what I wanted, and I told her I wanted her to suck my cock. After that, she would eventually suck my cock, but it became a matter of how she justified it. It was a slower kind of control, but I felt it was far more devious.

That also meant that if I changed my wants, I could end this immediately. If I simply told Akiko to leave me alone, she would instantly feel relief that she no longer had to touch me. Her stressed mind that was battling between what she really wanted and what I told her I wanted would be instantly solved. However, it was perhaps exactly because I could see that break in her mind that I felt inflamed to push things farther! Today would be the day I’d not only make her my slave, but she’d become Derek’s girlfriend as well. Once she was his girlfriend, that mouth of hers currently centimeters from my dick would kiss him. I wanted the first taste Derek enjoyed on his girlfriend’s lips to be my cock! That’s why I was here, that’s the only reason. I was going to shoot my load into her mouth, and for the rest of the day, I wanted her breath to smell like my cum!

I noticed that Akiko’s hand had stopped with her fingers resting on the shaft, her lips only an inch from touching the head of my cock. Her eyes grew wide, gleaming with a bit of surprise.

“What is it?” I demanded.

“N-nothing, y-you’re just a lot bigger than I thought you were.” She muttered. “I didn’t think your cock was so big.”

I didn’t respond, giving her a silent nod to keep going. I certainly wasn’t bigger than her boyfriend Derek. I had only seen his cock at a distance, but it had a good 8 inches and was thick too. While I had modified my dick a bit, I could only be called above average at best. I was 6.5 inches and 1.75 inches. This was the size that I gave to my sister the previous night. This was the size Akiko was examining right now. It was true, I had a small dick before, and relatively speaking I was a lot bigger, but hearing it from Akiko didn’t make me feel any better.

Her hand wrapped tightly around my cock, and I couldn’t help but think that her fingers couldn’t touch when she had tried to wrap it around Derek’s cock. The sight of her looking up at me, her lips wet and slightly glistening, my cock wrapped in her hand, it should have been incredibly arousing, but with Akiko, it was only just enough to keep me hard.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. I could feel the warmth of her breath running across my cock. With only a slight hesitation, she leaned forward and slowly licked the tip. I leaned back and closed my eyes, letting out a groan. Surprisingly, the feel of her lips on my cock for the first time was more pleasant than I would have expected. It was very gentle as if she was kissing a lover. When I glanced down, she seemed to almost have something approaching remorse on her face. Remembering the good times, was she?

Ever so slowly, Akiko’s kiss broke, and she brought the head of my cock forward. She started to kiss the head gently one peck at a time, circling around my cock like it was a lover. My hands instinctively reached down and grabbed her hair, holding onto her head, but I continued to let her lead as I leaned back.

Her gentle kisses slowly worked their way down, falling along the underside of my shaft. She gently pushed her lips against me over and over again, and I found my cock growing harder and harder under her machinations which were completely unlike what I expected. As she kissed the undershaft, my cock had no choice but to slide over her forehead, smearing just a bit of precum on her head like Ash Wednesday. She finally reached my balls, but didn’t stop gently kissing each one like they were precious to her. Only then did her lips open slightly, and her warm tongue came out and teased the flesh. My balls immediately contracted, but she didn’t stop her machinations, gently kissing and sucking my balls with a light touch of the tongue until I felt like I was going to explode.

At that point, she returned to the tip, using a hand to cup my balls and keep them from growing cold, covered in saliva as they were. She brought the head of my cock into her mouth without another moment. As her mouth opened softly, my shaft was slowly consumed. While she brought it in, her tongue darted around, teasing the undershaft. Finally, she closed her lips and gently sucked. My blood-engorged penis instantly swelled, my entire body burning like I was in heaven, her warm mouth feeling like that of an angel.

I wanted to get angry at her again. I wanted to remind myself that she was a slut who banged my best friend, but I couldn’t seem to do it under these machinations. Her blowjob was truly dangerous. Or perhaps it was my own inexperience with blowjobs that made this one so incredible.

She began sucking on my cock harder and harder until soon I was starting to feel an ache. It was then that she started to bob her head up and down. She started out slow at first, moving her head very methodically, but it was as if the more she tasted my cock, the more she wanted. She grew faster and faster, sloppier and sloppier, and after about three minutes her head was rocking up and down my cock, head bobbing quite smoothly. There were noises coming from her lips that were quite lewd. Slurping sounds and sucking noises seemed to echo in the stairway. I could feel every time she let out a moan, as it vibrated down the shaft and through my balls. Her tongue slashed and swirled, relentlessly attacking my cock like her life depended on it.

With my hands on her head, I had thoughts of being the big man and forcing my cock down her throat like a boss, but she was already torturing her mouth more than I ever could. I was barely able to hold on as her head whipped back and forth, her mouth making wet choking noises on my cock.

“Ah… Akiko…”

I didn’t want to moan her name, but she was the one sucking my cock, and I was already feeling like I had trouble standing, let alone thinking. Her eyes grew pleased when she heard her name being moaned. Her hands tightened around my eager shaft as she popped it out of her mouth. I could feel her exhale her hot breath over the tip of my penis. The skin around my rock-hard cock was already stretched to the max. Despite my anger, my mistrust, and my dislike… Akiko had systematically destroyed my defenses, and now I was completely erect and at her mercy.

With another gasp, Akiko downed my entire cock again into her throat. A woman who was practiced with this kind of thing wasn’t fair at all. My eyes tightened as I tried to hold on. It’d barely been five minutes, and if I came now, I’d feel like she won. She sucked my cock down, her cheeks hollowing as her suction grew harder and harder. This bitch… she was really trying to break me. If it kept going like this, I’d completely lose. It wasn’t my fault she had gotten so much practice being on her knees like a slut.

In my last defense, I tightened my grip on her hair and pulled her face forward. Her eyes widened and she made a grunting noise as I shoved my cock down her throat. I didn’t let up, even as she tried to push back with her hands. When I could feel the hot air from her nose blowing out over my pubes, I knew I had finally shoved my dick as far as it could go. It felt amazing to have so much of my cock shrouded in the warmth of her vibrating mouth, however, I lost my grip and she used the opportunity to pull away.

“Haaaaaah…” Akiko took a deep breath. “Cough… damn it, Hakaru, that’s not… Mmmm!”

I grabbed her hair and didn’t allow her to defend herself. Instead, I shoved my cock back into her sweet mouth, even as her eyes widened in shock.

“Suck it!” I commanded. “Harder!”

She followed my commands, sucking my cock like crazy. After a few panicked moments, she finally got herself under control. She went back to bobbing her head, and even as I thrust into her, she seemed to be able to handle my cock gracefully.

I frowned a bit, wanting to take charge again, but at that time, my balls started twitching, and my legs started trembling as if I was about to explode. I knew I couldn’t last any more, but at least I thought I had lasted long enough to show my slave who was boss. One last time, I rammed my cock into the back of her throat just as it swelled and exploded with semen. My cock erupted in her mouth.

To my dismay, Akiko didn’t seem caught off guard or surprised. Rather, she was prepared for it and started swallowing as soon as the cum hit the back of her throat. She sucked harder and harder the more I came, and my legs started giving out on me. My butt slid down the wall, but Akiko bent over the more I slid down, her mouth following my cock halfway to the floor. By the time we were done, I was in a chairless sitting position with my back pressed against the wall and my knees at 90 degrees, and Akiko was bent over my lap, her head nearly horizontal and my cock sticking almost vertical.

When she swallowed the last drop, she pulled her head away and licked her lips. She seemed very satisfied with herself. Overall, it was an incredible blowjob, but I didn’t feel that happy. Akiko smiled and even stuck her tongue out at me after swallowing as if treating the whole thing as a game. My feelings for Akiko grew even more complicated. I felt like I had been punched in the gut. Akiko’s behavior from the beginning to the end was like a perfect girlfriend. When she had to do something, she did it full heartedly,

The feelings I had for her surged back, and the anger I held in my heart fluctuated. I stood back up, while my cock still hung out. Akiko leaned forward and grabbed my softening cock, licking the head to catch a bead of semen that was starting to hang form it. She smiled up at me again, and my heart pounded painfully.

“Akiko…” I said slowly, my fist tightening on my sides. “I have a few more requests for you.”

“Hmm?” Akiko glanced up with my soft cock still in her hand.

“As my slave, I have more orders.”

Her brows furrowed, not liking being called a slave one bit.

“You’re never to have any sexual contact with Derek under any circumstances. You can only kiss him, and only after swallowing my cum earlier that day!”

“Y-you wish…” Akiko finally dropped my cock, the smile being wiped from her face. “If Derek becomes my boyfriend, don’t think you can tell me what to do.”

“Of course, that’s just the promise, it’s up to you if you want to keep it.”

Akiko shivered when she heard those words, a strangely ominous feeling surging through her while I grinned darkly.

“Is someone down there?” A voice suddenly called from the top of the stairs.

I quickly stashed my cock away, “Come on. Let’s end this.”

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