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“You actually came here?” I asked, an amused expression on my face. “You didn’t go to Derek’s place, did you? My slave should never lie to me!”

Akiko was holding her arm with her hand in a half hug, looking confused and uncertain, as if even she didn’t know why she had shown up at my place. She looked very uncomfortable. Her eyes seemed to dart around, and her feet wouldn’t stay still.

“I didn’t… I’m not lying. A-and stop calling me your slave.” Akiko’s voice was very weak.

“Hah? But you promised to be my slave, didn’t you?”

“Y-you said it wouldn’t be sexual…”

“Hm? I’m just letting you know what I want, it’s up to you if it becomes sexual, isn’t it?”

“Up to me? How is any of this up to me? I already feel awful for standing Derek up and lying to him. Isn’t that enough? I did what you said.”

I nodded, unzipping my pants and pulling my dick out. “You promised to be my slave, Akiko. That was what you wanted. What I want is to have you suck my dick again. Get it nice and wet so I can stick it into your asshole, just like Derek did.”

“You’re so mean…” Akiko started crying, big wet tears falling down her face.

However, I knew Akiko for the lying bitch that she was. I knew her even better than Derek now. She didn’t earn even an ounce of my pity. She was a skank and a slut, and more importantly, my slave!

“The window is right there. I’m being lenient right now because you’re new to this whole slave thing, but I’m not going to offer you chances in the future. Once you become my slave, I expect my orders followed immediately without question… or…”

“Or?” Akiko looked up at me, wiping her face.

“Or you can break your promise, get the fuck out, and I never want to see you again.”

Akiko lowered her eyes once again, and they ended up falling on my dick, which was admittedly getting a bit hard. I couldn’t even really believe it myself how aggressive my words had grown over the last few days. The way I was talking to Akiko right now was complete shit. Even Derek, who seemed to have a way with manipulating people, would have his mouth hanging open in shock. However, there was just too much anger in me.

After letting a little anger out, it turned into a flood I could no longer control. I couldn’t stop myself from berating and humiliating her. I couldn’t stop the disdainful look on my face when I glared at her. Even though she was in tears, I couldn’t bring myself to be nice. I didn’t hate her. Far from it. The previous night when I found she was being raped by five guys, I had raced out to save her even though I would have had better profits if I hadn’t. That had to be because deep down, Akiko still meant something to me.

However, she had tainted the feelings in our relationship. She had destroyed the love we could have had by being a cheating, lying, skank. I was unwilling to let her go, but I was also unwilling to treat her with love anymore. Thus, we ended up here. I knew my words almost certainly would result in her breaking her promise and leaving. Netori had explained that the skill wasn’t as OP’d as I had hoped. That it brought her here at all could already be considered the limit of this skill.

Thus, when she slowly got down on her knees, I could barely believe it. I gasped as her pert lips once again took my cock into her mouth. For the second time in a day, I was getting a BJ from this woman! Except, there was one noticeable exception between then and now. Back then, she was still my girlfriend in name. Now, she was Derek’s girlfriend! That was a simple difference, but knowing that Derek was stewing at home waiting for his girlfriend to come over while she was in my bedroom sucking my cock, it really was the best. No wonder Derek set this shit up. I’d make sure to make good use of his girlfriend!

“Mmm… Mmm…” Akiko looked to be a lot bolder in my room than she was at school.

She quickly slobbered all over my cock, sucking it between her lips with a renewed enthusiasm that left my balls already aching to shoot cum into the back of her throat. For the first time in my life, I fought against the desire to orgasm. Her mouth and tongue were warm and wet, and Akiko was quite the little devilish bitch when she wanted to be. Her tongue darted around, and her eyes glanced up at me with a light in them that seemed to suggest she knew the effect she was having on my dick.

To resist from blowing my load in an instant, I had to keep imagining her banging Derek. It was a torturous scene, but it was the only thing that kept my anger up. The next time she looked up at me, expecting me to be panting from the euphoria of her tongue, I was glaring down at her. Her bright eyes were diminished somewhat, but she seemed to attack my cock with renewed enthusiasm as if this was a battle of wills. Not tolerating that shit, I finally decided to grab her ears and force my dick down her throat.

“Mm!” She let out a cry, but I ignored her as I started to fuck her face roughly.

I could only get about 3/4th of my cock into her mouth. For Derek, it was probably only like ½. If you want to be technical, she’s gobbled down more of my dick than Dereks. It was a silly thought but it amused me. I kept thrusting into her, and she even tried to push me off as I used her mouth as a fuck hole. Just when I was feeling like I was about to blow my load down her throat, I stopped.

What? I’m not a guy who can cum fifteen times. That’s all the stuff of fantasies. Maybe I could buy that extra ability that would let me do it, but that was a problem for the future. Thus, I had to conserve my load for when I really wanted it.

As I pulled out, Akiko bent over and coughed, gagging a few times as she held back vomit. She was pretty good at deepthroating, as even after my violent facefuck she was able to keep it in. Of course, her face was a mess with tears, spit, and snot running from ever hole. Then again, she should be good, she’s had practice. I could only stare down at her with a frown as she wiped snot from her nose and tears from her face.

“N-not so rough!” She complained.

“Not so rough? Aren’t I doing you a favor?” I snarled. “I’m helping you make my dick nice and wet before it goes into your asshole. Now pull down your underwear and bend over my bed.”

Her mouth opened in a silent cry, her body shaking a few times as more tears fell down in anguish. She stared up at me in disbelief, like she didn’t even know why she was here or who was this man doing this to her. However, after a moment to compose herself, she stood up and pulled down her pants and underwear. For the first time, I could see my girlfriend’s ass up close. Other than on the rooftop, I’d never gotten much of a look.

As she moved too slowly and I was starting to lose my erection, I shoved her head down on my bed. I didn’t waste a moment to line the head of my cock up with her butt, and then force myself inside. Today was a day for many firsts for me. Now, I got to experience my first anal sex with my ex-girlfriend.

“Ahhhh…. Too quick! It hurts!”

I ignored her and forced it deep into her colon, savoring the feel of the tight, warm hole. This felt a lot like a pussy. However, where her pussy was softer, with tissue pushing against my cock throughout, the asshole had a single tight hole that gripped my cock like a hand, followed by an infinite abyss of pleasant warmth. I rather liked the feeling and thought I could get used to it.

I forced myself into her a little more. She let out shouts and moans, but I kept going until I was deep inside her. I wondered if my sister could hear me fucking next door. Was she imagining herself being raped by my cock? Was she touching herself while listening to the noises? Somehow, thinking of my sister was more exciting sexually than this woman under me. After all, she was just my cumdumster slave. I had completely dissociated her from the once loving girlfriend I had.

I started moving my hips, attacking her ass with piston movement, taking a full degree of pleasure from her ass. She squirmed under me, feeling discomfort and pain, but I made no attempt to be gentler. What I did do was reach around her leg and start rubbing her clit. As soon as my fingers touched her, Akiko made a loud gasp.

Anal sex was painful, and only for a guy’s benefit. That was the general belief going through Akiko’s mind. However, with my dick in her ass pumping, while I fingered her clit, she started to feel a strange sense of pleasure. Her pussy was still being triggered and stimulated by the dick pounding her ass, and on top of that, my fingers weren’t half bad either.

“Hah… Hah… Hakaru…” She moaned my name sweetly.

A week ago, this would have been the thing I wanted more than anything. Hearing her moan my name would have been the sweetest thing in my life. At the moment, it only reminded me how much of a whore she was. I moved faster, my dick pounding her ass and my fingers moving until they were a blur.

“Hah… Hah… ahhhn… I… I’m going to cum…” Akiko moaned.

“Me too… so I guess I’m done with your ass.” I pulled my dick out of her and stopped fingering her.

To suddenly be denied when she was so close, Akiko could only look back in confusion and frustration. “Wh-what’s wrong?”

“Huh? Didn’t I promise to fuck all three holes.”

I arched her hips slightly, pulling her butt up, and then lined my cock with her pussy, which was already very wet and lewd.

“N-no! That… it was just in my ass… it’s dirty.”

“You’re dirty all over.” I snorted. “I don’t fucking care.”

“No, I could get an infec- Ahhhn…” I didn’t allow her to argue back as I pushed myself into her pussy.

With my dick already in her, there was nothing Akiko could do, so she turned back while wearing a complicated look. Meanwhile, I started pumping her pussy just as fast as I was blasting her ass. She started moaning again, but I was already at my limit and hadn’t taken a long enough break.

“Ahn… I’m going to cum this time.” I declared.

“W-wait… not in there. I really could get pregnant this time.”

“Then take those day-after pills your boyfriend offered you, ah… shit… I’m cumming…”

“S-stop, no! Please, not in… ahhh… I feel it… damn it, Hakaru!”

“Shut up, slave, you’re just my cum dumpster, so receive all my cum!”

“Ahn… it’s entering my womb… shit, why am I cumming too.” Akiko cried as she orgasmed.

“Isn’t it because you’re a slut. Your body doesn’t lie.”

“Haah… I hate you…” Akiko cried as I injected her pussy full of cum. “Why are you so mean? I hate you…”

Of course, I was a bit worried she’d get pregnant, but I was also at a point where I didn’t care all that much and just wanted to relieve some of my anger and stress. I finished my load, delivering it all deeply into Akiko’s womb, and then shoved her off of me. She collapsed on the bed, both holes gaping and one of them leaking semen.

“Y-you’re done with me?” She demanded, glaring back at me angrily.

“Actually, you need to clean up your mess.” I point down to my cock, wet with spit, cum, and ass.

“Th-that’s dirty…” She made a face.

“Of course, it is, you’re the bitch who dirtied it. So, get over here and clean it with your tongue!”

I continued to play with Akiko for another hour or two, although I wasn’t able to get my dick up again for sex. I made her lick it all clean. Then I laid her on the bed and played with her for a while. I enjoyed her tits, her pussy, and her ass, probing them with my fingers. She didn’t protest too much, just keeping her eyes closed.

Eventually, I let her fall asleep, and now her naked form was on my bed for the second night in a row. I felt like I had finally become a man. Not only had a claimed Akiko, but I enjoyed some good sex for a change… rather than something cramped under a staircase or tied up on her bed. I got to explore her body in depth, and I felt a lot more prepared the next time I banged a woman.

I had cleaned myself of the sex and then put on my own pajamas. I got some matcha to drink before bed, and as I stared out the window, I heard a little click. The sound occurred two more times before I realized that rocks were falling from my roof. Someone was tossing little pebbles down just outside my window. I quietly made my way outside, avoiding alerting anyone in my home. When I looked on the roof, I saw a familiar woman.

Rather than call her down, I fetched a ladder from the shed, leaned it against the house, and then climbed up. The past me would have been too scared to climb on to the roof of my house, but those kinds of feelings seemed to have disappeared recently. Netori was just sitting there on the roof, looking somewhat glum. I sat next to her, remaining in complete silence. She didn’t acknowledge me and I didn’t talk to her. We sat like that for about ten minutes before she finally pulled out her device and snorted.

“You’ve earned 1000 points today. Congratulations.”

“Hah?” I laughed. “I couldn’t have done it without you?”

Netori snorted, pushing off my flattery. “Hmm… I suppose so.”

“May I ask, why are the points so high?”

Netori sighed. “Isn’t the answer obvious? Points are awarded by how people feel about you.”

“Yeah… and Akiko hates me now!”

Netori chuckles. “You don’t know women very well, do you?”


“Thought so… how can I put this delicately? You didn’t understand Akiko at all!”


“Your previous girlfriend, she may look like a normal Japanese high school girl, but in her heart is a great deal of depravity. She’s a masochist and a submissive. The way you’ve been treating her today has perhaps been her greatest turn on yet. Her feelings for you have not diminished but inflated heavily. I was right, it isn’t just your ability that made her the way she is, but a part of her own depraved nature being fulfilled.”


Netori shrugged, “These are desires even they themselves would never admit. Added to that a little bit of forced promise, and she’s getting to act out her deepest darkest desires! Just like your sister and her rape fetish, you ended up filling a deep, dark desire within Akiko to be dominated. In essence, she wants to be a man’s filthy sex slave! That’s why she cheated on you. Derek was commanding and demanding, and even if she didn’t understand it herself, she was attracted to that power. Now… she’s attracted to the power in you.”

I nodded, accepting the words she said at face value. I had seen the look on Akiko as I came inside her. Even though she said she hated me, she was still smiling the entire time, a look of ecstasy deep in her eyes.

“What’s with you, you’re not acting like your usual… self.” I asked.

Netori remained silent for a minute before speaking. “You finished your goals.”


“Derek is now being cheated on, and Akiko is slowly committed to becoming your slave. I suppose now you’re going to just milk the points for a while? There is no more reason to play NTR Crush, at least not competitively… ah!”

I bopped the top of Netori’s head with my fist. “What are you talking about? I may have enslaved Akiko, but she’s just a slave to me now. I may be secretly cucking Derek, but my revenge is far from over. However, more than any of that, I still have women to conquer. My sister, my teacher, and even you…”

“Y-you’re still on about stealing me?” Netori looked away, but she didn’t seem displeased by my words.

“Of course!”

“You’ll fight to grow more powerful, more manipulative, you’ll conquer more women? Even me?”

“Damn straight!”

Netori turned back to me, her old mischievous nature returning a bit. “In that case, I’ll tell you that I’ve received reports from up above, that’s why I took off earlier.”


“My game of NTR Crush is proceeding nicely…. Far faster than I would have imagined. I’d thought it’d take you nearly a year to reach level 2… but you’re already nearly level 3. That means, you’re ready…”

“Ready? Ready for what?”

Netori’s eyes flashed. “To meet the other players.”

I gasped. “There are others?”

“Mm… although I personally only work with you, this game of mine is no longer exclusive. It has appeared to catch the interest of others upstairs. I just learned that there are many gods and goddesses who’ve decided to invest in winning NTR Crush. I’m the embodiment of theft, but there is also greed, cheating, love, sex… and various other gods and goddess who have taken interest in my game and selected their own champions.”

I looked over at her nervously. “And what exactly does winning entail?”

Netori’s eyes twinkled. “It’s called NTR Crush for a reason. Of course, you must crush your opponents. We’re just getting started!”

I gulped as I thought about other guys out there who also had powers like mine and the wiliness to cuck other men. I looked back at Netori, this woman who came into my life not too long ago and changed absolutely everything. She stole my death, gave me the chance to redeem my pride, and supported me every step of the way. She was beautiful, mysterious, playful, and caring.

Although she’d never admit it, I reasoned that she only dated Derek to embarrass him and out Akiko. She had been on my side all the time. Even her cutting words were there not to stop me, but to make me move forward. She pushed me into becoming a true man. Even if I wasn’t interested in any other perk of NTR Crush, I knew I wanted to keep this woman in my life. I firmed the resolve in my heart and met Netori’s eyes.”

“Netori… I will continue to play your game. I won’t stop until I’ve stolen every girl, including you!”

Netori blinked, but then a beautiful smile formed on her face. “Hai!”

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