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“N-T-R Crush?”

“Like the candy!” She gives me a thumbs up.

I scratch my head, slowly standing up as the blonde bombshell moves to give me room.

“I don’t understand, I… tried to kill myself…”

“Correction!” The girl naming herself Netori announces. “You DID kill yourself.”

“Hah? I’m dead?”

“Not at all!” I collapse on the seat while she laughs to herself. “You see, I stole your death from you.”

“What? How do you steal death? Why?”

“Very easily…” Netori shrugs. “As an immortal, I can’t die, so I took your death onto myself and poof! Your death is mine.”

“Is my death yours? Or do you mean my life?” I ask suspiciously.

“Gehehe…” Netori scratches her cheek mischievously. “You’re getting it quickly. Perhaps it’s better to say that since I stole your death, you owe me your life.”

I shake my head, still feeling a bit woozy, but finally ask, “What do you want in exchange?”

“Now that is the question I’ve been waiting for!” Netori snaps her finger.

I waited for a second for something magical to happen, but when it doesn’t, I immediately knuckle her forehead. “Stop screwing with me!”

“I get it, I get it! I’m sorry, I’ll explain!” Netori cries until I release her. “Ah… all I want is for you to play my game.”

“Your game… NTR Crush?”

“Mm..Hmm… I think you’ll really like it.”

“What does NTR imply?” I demanded.

“Hmm… how do I put this… I am the embodiment of theft. To take things that don’t belong to you and to make them yours. Theft is very much alive today, even if stupid rules of the establishment try to make it illegal. A college kid will steal his grandma’s prescription of Vicodin, a child will steal bubble gum from the store, a student steals answers from their neighbor’s test, theft is never going away.”

“Okay… but what does that have to do with NTR?”

Netori sighs, a thoughtful look on her face. “There is one form of theft that seems to be dying. A couple thousand years ago some uptight bastards decided that polygamy was a sin. They taught about respecting your neighbor. They instigated marriage and put heavy pressure on people to remain loyal to their one and only. Should someone want to break this law, then they go through something called a divorce…”

“Yeah, I’ve heard of it. My mother and father ought to get one.”

“No, no, no! That’s not stealing at all!” Netori grabs my shirt, her face looking like its one step away from crying. “What you should do is steal your mother from your father! Make her want you instead of him!”

“What?” if I had a drink, I would have spit it out in her face. “That’s my mother!”

“So?” Netori cocks her head as if she didn’t understand my argument. “You should steal everything. All the rich do. They hide it behind the concept of selling stuff. But an item built in a factory for 10 yen being sold to you for ¥20000, how could that be considered anything but theft? The rich use their money to collect interest on even more money, and they want for nothing. A rich man buys rights to a life-saving drug, and then jacks up the price so they can barely afford it. How is that not stealing? If you want something and you have the power to obtain it, isn’t it your right?”

“Isn’t that fair exchange? They want to sell and you want to buy, right? Isn’t the difference that it leaves everyone happy? Everyone gets what they want?”

“Eh? Are you happy when you have to repair your car? Is someone happy their medication jumped up ¥10000 in cost to better line a billionaire’s pockets?” Netori waves her hands as if dismissing my thoughts. “Or how about this, who’s to say what a girl really wants? Maybe, by stealing her, you’re giving her exactly what she wants…”

I run my hands through my hair, giving the odd girl some consideration. As to why I was accepting what she was saying, the answer was simple. When Netori got excited, her feet left the ground, and then stayed off the ground. She floated around me excitedly as she explained the nature of her game, sometimes even hanging upside down.

I was already the kind of guy who believed in the supernatural. I had seen a ghost when I was younger and knew first hand that this world wasn’t as pragmatic as scientists would have you believe. Magic definitely existed, so this goddess excitedly floating in my room only proved what I already knew. That… or hanging myself caused a lot of blood to leave my brain and I was effectively high. Either way, I seriously considered her words.

“There is just one problem with your little experiment there.” I shrug.

“Oh?” Netori didn’t seem upset, instead smiling like she was waiting for this.

“Only powerful people have the ability to obtain something. I’d either need the strength or the money to keep what I steal. If I didn’t then I wouldn’t be able to steal anything, right?”

“Bingo!” Netori jumped up, floating until her face was next to mine, yet upside down. “I just knew you were perfect for my game.”

“I still don’t understand.”

“Only because I haven’t explained the rules!” Netori waves a hand, and a giant paper suddenly appeared in front of me. “The rules are simple. Have fun!”

“You!” I bop the top of her head.

“Nyaa… so violent!” Netori floats to a corner and cries while I look over the sheet in front of me.

“NTR Crush – the game where you take everything you want.” I read off the page. “The goal of the game is simple. Steal! In particular, take women. Every time you’re able to engage in sexual acts with a woman who is already taken, you will earn NTR points.”

“Yes, this is my favorite part!” Netori appears over my shoulder like magic. “Read on! Read on!”

I continue. “NTR points can be exchanged for physical improvements, monetary awards, and skills. You earn NTR points to become more powerful, and you become more powerful to obtain NTR points.”

As I said the line, Netori was mouthing the words excitedly before closing her eyes and squealing. “I love that part! You’ll start off at level 1, an NTR novice, but as you earn NTR points, you’ll get better at NTR and can go after the better rewards.”

“Better rewards?”

“Look, look, read the list!” She pointed excitedly.

“Tier One Awards…”

“That’s you! You start at level one, so you can only buy awards at this level. There are ten tiers in all, and once you reach tier ten some of those skills are super op, but also super expensive!”

“Increase dick length by one inch – 100 points

Increase dick thickness quarter inch – 100 points

Increase attractiveness (Max level 20, current level 4) – 100 points, Hey!”

Netori shrugs. “The system doesn’t lie. A level 20 would be an absolute beauty. Even I’m only a 16.”

“Hmph…” I shook my head and continued reading. “Increase height by one inch – 100 points

Increase sexual stamina (Max level 100, current level 1), only 1, s-seriously? Five hundred points just to get to 2?”

“Well, dick size and appearance are sort of gimmick. Idiots might make their dicks like twenty inches big, but that only attracts certain kinds of women. I knew a guy who made his dick so big he scared all the women away. He became nothing but a carnival freak. In the art of NTR, being hot and having a big dick just aren’t that big of a factor. Or rather, I should say, if they’re deficient, make them average… and let’s move on! It’s your skills I want to put to the test!”

“Alright…” I looked down, there were only three more options on the page, but they were much more expensive.

“Second Chance – After cumming, remain hard for a second go. 2000 points

Dirt Scribe – Read a person’s mind, learn their darkest secrets (can only use once a day). 3000 points

Slut Scale – Sense a girl’s current level of arousal. 5000 points.”

I whistled when I had finally read those last ones. I thought 500 points was expensive for increasing sexual stamina, but Slut Scale was ten times that price. Worst of all, this was all on tier one. Assuredly, tier two would be more expensive!

“So, what do you think?” She asks, floating nearby.

“I think other than the last two, everything else is garbage.” I sigh.

Netori raises her eyebrows in surprise. “Really? Why do you say that?”

“If we’re talking about a game of stealing women, knowledge is power. All of those other things are just vanity choices for insecure men. In the long term, having a giant dick is a novelty, and being able to last for hours is meaningless if she’s checking her watch and waiting for you to finish. Thus, what I’d really need to know are things about her, things I can use to manipulate or blackmail her.”

Netori breaks out into a smile. “You get it, I’m pleased.”

“Was that the right answer, then?”

“Who knows?” Netori responds mischievously.

“Unfortunately, 5000 points is a long way away.” I let out a sigh. “How many points do I obtain for successes anyway?”

“That depends…” Netori admits. “Points are calculated based off of a complex algorithm. The three factors include her level of commitment to her lover, the quality of the woman herself, and lengths of depravity she’ll go to for you. Level of commitment, for example, a married woman nets more than a girlfriend, although a slutty married woman who cheats a lot probably doesn’t net more than a loyal girlfriend who has never cheated before in her life. It’s that kind of thing.”

“And quality?”

“Beautiful women. Rich women. Difficult women. Basically, the harder the catch, the higher the pay. For all intent and purposes, you can earn points for women who aren’t in a relationship at all if their quality is high enough. Stealing a woman away from the same sex… for example.” She winks.

“Banging a lesbian is stealing?” I let out a chuckle. “Alright, then what about depravity?”

Netori shrugged. “You can earn points for kissing a girl, making out, feeling up, oral sex, penetration, anal, and more. Making a good girl act bad gets you points. The greater the lengths you make her go, the greater the rewards. The highest rewards sit at fervent obsession. A girl who will literally do anything for you. A girl committed to being your personal sex slave. I’ve also heard that making a girl go yandere also earns mega points.”


“Well, I mean, I wouldn’t recommend it… although there is a big bonus for getting a girl to break it off with her lover, if you do so, you lose all those bonuses. So, it’s probably advantageous to build up a couple of long-term NTR relationships. Get a couple married fuck buddies and you can earn points all year round… well, until you’re caught.”

“Is that it?”

It’s complicated… there are bonuses for all kinds of things. If you do it with the lover in the room, more points. If you do it while the lover is watching, more points. If you get caught, points… if you manage to escape, points. There are extra points for incest, anal, threesomes, gangbangs, rape, and even golden showers.”


“Well, you don’t have to go that far. I’m just saying the means of gaining points is versatile, and you can scale it to your personal play style.”

I let out a sigh, finally looking away from the rule sheet she showed me. “It doesn’t really matter. I don’t have the points to earn any of those skills, and without those skills, I’m not going to suddenly NTR someone. Rather, I’m the kind of guy that gets NTR’d, it seems.”

“Ahhh… don’t throw in the towel yet. Even being cheated on earns points. Admittedly, not very many, but you have a cheating girlfriend right now, right? Well, she’s out there earning you points!”

“What? Seriously? Even being cheated on earns points? Well, that still sounds like an awful game. Do I have to stay with my cheating whore of a girlfriend for who knows how long just to earn something? I’d rather just dump her now.”

“Hey… don’t be so discouraged yet!” Netori floats up and patted my head. “Let’s see how many points you have so far!”

“So far?”

“Eh? I didn’t say? I retroactively add points for your entire life up to now. You can call it one of the starting bonuses I offer new players.” Netori explains while pulling out something that looks like a smartphone and typing in it.

“No, you didn’t, are you saying you’re going to tell me how much I’ve been cheated on?”

“Let’s see… hmmm… WOW.” Netori’s eyes pop looking at her little screen and her jaw drops open. “That’s…”

“What? Don’t say things like that! What is it?” I ask, lunging for the phone only to have her float out of my reach.

“You have… 2900 points!” Netori finally declares.


“Wowwy…” Netori snickered. “You sure are cheated on a lot.”


“There was Koharu…”

“Koharu?” I search my memory. “She called me her boyfriend in primary…”

“Well, she called a LOT of boys her boyfriend in primary…” Netori murmurs, using her fingers to look through the phone. “And she even got to second base with some.”

“What? She wouldn’t even kiss me!”

“Then, there was Kaori…”

“Hah? We only dated for a week in middle school?”

“Yup… and she got drunk and had a gangbang with the entire basketball team. That’s why she broke up with you.”


“You know about Eiko…”

“The fucking slut…” I sneered.

“Bigger slut than you know… over your two-year relationship, she also banged six other guys, one for about the entire length she dated you. Damn… this girl even banged him in the bathroom during your birthday party.”

“She said she had an upset stomach…”

“And that brings us to Akiko… just the one guy, your best friend.”

“Ugh… I feel sick now.”

“However, it’s impressive how much they fuck. They go at it like rabbits.”


“I mean, they’ve even fucked in your room before. It’s been going on since about two months into your relationship. He even was doing her while she was talking to you on the phon-“

“I said enough!” I shout, standing up.

“S-sorry…” Netori’s excitement ends and she sits down on the chair across from me, curling up defensively, “But hey, isn’t this good? 2900 points. You’re only 100 points away from getting one of the tier one skills you want. At the rate your girlfriend cheats, you’ll have that in a month or so. All you have to do is wait and-“

“No…” I shake my head angrily, thinking about all the times I’ve been abused. “I’m going to earn those points tonight.”

“H-how?” Netori looks up at me curiously.

My face darkens as I form a malicious smile. “Aren’t you the one who’s dating Derek right now?”

“Oh, hoh…” Netori chuckles. “I’m flattered, but do you think it’s so easy to win over the god of theft?”

“You said yourself that rape adds bonus points.” I lean forward until my body is hovering over Netori, preventing her from floating away. “I don’t plan to win anything. I’m going to take it!”

Netori’s eyes slightly narrow, a dangerous look in her eyes. Her usual silly playful expression is replaced with something darker. This could be called her game face. The true face of the god of thieves.

“It seems I’ve picked an interesting human to play with. Perhaps I’ve awakened a sleeping tiger. Come, human… let the games begin!”

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