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“This is so disgusting, you creep! What if mom came in and saw this.”

“She’s out getting drunk with her drunk friends.” I shot back, only to be slapped upside the head by her palm.

“Whatever… is that cum… so fucking gross, I sit on that pillow, I’m going to gag!” My big sister shot me absolutely disgusted eyes.

These were exactly the eyes I had wanted her to have when she got home, but at that point, I was supposed to be dead. Instead, Neotari showed up and interrupted my death, and now I had to face my sister’s wrath.

“I’ll clean it,” I growled. “I said, I’ll clean it!”

“Yeah, you’ll clean it with a steamer, and then you’re going to stay in your room the whole night.”

“You’re only two years older than me, Maria.” I shot her an annoyed look. “You can’t ground me.”

“You want to bet? My boyfriend’s coming over tonight, and if you show your ugly head I’ll be telling mom and dad all about this stuff!” As Maria said so, she picked up a magazine I had, staring at it in disgust. “Why do you even have magazines? Haven’t you heard of the internet? Gah… It’s sticky!”

“Don’t be so rough!” I cried as she dropped it in a way that one of the pages ripped. “Maybe I don’t feel like seeing stuff on a computer screen as that enjoyable? I’d rather have something I can hold in bed.”

“Ugh… you’re such a freak.” Maria cursed. “I refuse to believe we’re related.”

“Well, I don’t care to have you as family either!” I shot back while kneeling to pick up my magazines. “And what are you talking about, Boyfriend… mom would never approve of that, that’s why you sneak him through your window every night.”

“Ronnie? No, this isn’t Ronnie, this is Jack.” Maria wrinkled her nose, “Jack’s really popular right now. If he takes me as his girlfriend I’ll be too popular for you to even talk to me, even if you are my brother, so don’t screw this up for me!”

“Hey… sure, let me use the ¥2000 to buy some pizza and I’ll stay in my room.” I bargained.

“What ¥2000?”

“The ¥2000 mom always gives you when she stays out late to buy dinner, but you always pocket.”

“Tsk… you know about that?”

“Yeah, hand it over.”

“No… I got to give it to Jack.” Maria looked away, for the first time looking a little ashamed.

“What the fuck?”

“Wa-watch your mouth. Mom said don’t swear.” Maria crossed her arms but finally sighed. “Jack says he needs ¥10000 so he can fix his car. I have ¥8000 saved up, but I need the ¥2000. If I give him the money, he says he’ll drive me wherever I want. This is my best way for getting in with the cheerleader and the sports crowd at school.”

“You’re giving a guy money? Isn’t that backwards? Maria… he’s just using you.” I started, but Maria’s darkened expression told me I was not helping.

“What do you know? Did you learn it from your magazines?” Maria reached out as I grabbed the last magazine and tore it from my hand.

“Wait, not that…” I reached out to grab it, but Maria kept it out of my reach.

“What’s this one, your most perverted fantasies?” She snorted.

She wasn’t completely wrong. Most of my porn was pretty vanilla. While a kid like me could get pictures of naked women, sex books were a little hard to obtain. The one she grabbed was only one of two I had, and it was pretty hardcore. It was a BDSM one. Every page had women being tied up and tortured. I didn’t even like most of the images except when I was in a dark mood.

Maria froze as she was looking through my dirtiest dirty magazine. A look of disgust grew on her face as she became flushed. I just wanted to run into my room and die, but absolutely couldn’t leave that magazine exposed out here.

She turned the magazine towards me, pointing at a graphic image of a woman who was blindfolded. She had nipple clamps on her breasts and she was crying out while a guy in a mask was raping her pussy. Desperate to get out of this humiliating situation where my sister lectures me about sex, I scoured my mind for any solution. Why was Maria trying to make things difficult! I wished I had something on her! At the very least, I wished I knew what she was thinking.

“Is this the kind of smut my brother finds attractive?” Maria sneered. “You want to rape some girl? Probably because you’ll never get any on your own!”

Rape is so hot.

“Huh?” I looked up in surprise when I heard those words, convinced I misheard my sister.

“I said, I should confiscate this book. Mom would cry if she saw it.”

It’s really turning me on, I think I can finger one out before Jack gets here.

My face twisted in confusion, the words coming out of her mouth were certainly the vitriol, but I was hearing other words too, words my sister definitely would never say.

“Y-you’re into rape?” the words popped out of my mouth before I could stop myself.

“What! No! You sick asshole!” Maria chucked the magazine at me so hard that it caused everything else to fall out of my hands and hit the ground. “Don’t be getting any creepy fantasies!”

Shit! Stupid Maria… your brother almost found out your darkest secret! If Hakaru knew I secretly fantasized about being raped by a mysterious stranger, I’d never live it down!

“M-maria?” I scratched my head for a second, only now making sense of what was going on.

“H-hakaru…” Maria seemed to hesitate for a moment.

He has the magazine, that means he likes that stuff too. If I told Hakaru the truth… would it be possible… would he be willing to…

<Dirt Scribe has reached its daily limit!>

“What? No!” I shouted out loud.

Maria shook her head, the rage and anger growing back on her face. “C-c-clean this up! You freak!”

She ran into her room and slammed the door. Meanwhile, I stood there with a dazed expression on my face. What just… what just happened? Dirt Scribe… the ability I just gained from Netori. Read a girl’s mind, learn her darkest secrets. That’s how it was described. I had used it without realizing it. I had used it on my sister, and it worked. I learned her darkest secret!

With that realization, my stomach grew kind of sore. My big sister was into rape. Was that even that surprising? All the men she got with were big, tough, bullies. She liked being controlled and told what to do. How else would assholes like Ron get down her pants? At the very least, I knew the ability worked now. However, my sister wasn’t even of interest to me. The people whose dirt I wanted the most were Akiko and Derek’s. I would make them both pay for cheating on me.

I finished cleaning up, including throwing the whole pillow into the wash and then went to my room. Picking up my phone, I took a deep breath and then dialed Akiko’s number.

“H-hi!” Akiko picked up the phone, but she sounded slightly out of breath.

“Hey, Akiko! What’s your deepest, darkest secret?” I asked.

Immediately, I started focusing. Was my method crude? Sure. But even if she wouldn’t tell me what her deepest, darkest secret was, I could read minds! Thus, I only had to ask, and she’d think it, and then I’d know it. It was as simple as that. Well, it was supposed to be, but a moment later, the words sounded in my head.

<Dirt Scribe can only be used once every 24 hours.>

Fuck! Only once! I was seriously hoping it was once per person! Why did this ability have to be so fucking stingy!

“Ha-hakaru… a-are you… stop teasing me!”

“Ah, sorry…”

“Wha- ye-yeah… you called?”

I stopped for a moment. In the past, I would have laughed and talked with Akiko happily. However, I was much more conscious now, and the way she was talking didn’t seem right.

“Akiko… you seem to be out of breath.” I said, my voice coming out slow.

“Oh… th-that… I just came from a jo-jog!”

It was more than out for breath. Her voice was completely unsteady and she kept making some strange noises. Suddenly, ‘stop teasing me’ didn’t sound like words that had been aimed at me.

“You know, it’s our anniversary,” I said.

“Y-yeah… I’m sorry I couldn’t go, but I was busy…” Akiko said, her voice still sounding like she was panting to me.

“With… jogging…”

“Yes! Hah… ye-yes… I mean, yes… I was jogging…”

S-seriously… how fucking stupid did she think I was? No… a better question would be, how fucking stupid had I been in the past. This wasn’t the first time she had been weird on the phone. I always assumed she just got into a mood. Only now was I able to picture what was happening accurately. Derek was over there, right now, touching my girlfriend in ways I hadn’t even yet.

“Derek,” I said the word.

“Derek!” Akiko let out a gasp.

“His girlfriend he made today, she’s very beautiful, no?”

“Ah…d-don’t say that you’ll make me jealous.”

“Of Derek?”

“N-no… of you, silly, calling another girl beautiful to your girlfriend.”

“Oh… of course.” I faked a smile, even though it was over a phone and I didn’t need to. “Derek’s a good looking guy too… don’t you agree?”

“… Mmm… hmm…” her words came off stiff.

“They probably would get along well together, right?”

“I… don’t think so…” Akiko’s voice came off slightly sad sounding, while my fist tightened on the phone hard enough that I wouldn’t be surprised if I heard cracking noises.

“Oh? Will their relationship not last?”

“Not if I have anything to do with it… ah… what I mean is I think he really likes another girl.”

“Is that so? Who is it?” I humored her, even though I could no longer keep the anger from my voice.

“It-it’s a secret!” Akiko declared.

Fortunately, she was so distracted that she didn’t notice the anger in my voice. So, it all worked out.

“Akiko…” I sighed one last time. “I love you…”

“Mmm… me too… Ahn… th-there! Ahhhn… Hah hah…”


“N-n-nothing… I just pulled my leg… Charlie horse… from the jog.”

“Oh… well… get better.”

“Bye!” Click.

I put the phone down, my entire hand shaking. Sitting in my room in the relative darkness for several minutes, it was only then that I looked up and whispered a name.


“You called?” I jumped a little as the woman herself showed up as quickly as she had left before, floating next to me, her face uncomfortably close to my ear. “You came?”

Netori laughed. “I’m here to facilitate you in the game. Of course, I’ll always come when you call. Why did you call me this time? Please don’t say it’s to hit on me again. Being hit on by small-dicked losers is a total turnoff.”

“No… not right now. I just have some questions on my points.”

“Points? Points, I can talk about! Oh… and congratulations on earning another 30 points today!”

“Fuck!” Those words were enough to push me over the boiling point, and I threw my phone at the wall, causing it to shatter.

Netori gave a wry smile. “I take it you understand where your points came from? Good job holding out on the phone until they finished… otherwise, it’d have only been fifteen.”

“You can take those points and shove it up your ass!” I snapped back.

“Mm… if you talked dirty like that to me earlier, I could have probably given you more points.” Netoti giggled, but when I didn’t respond, she continued. “I usually don’t make a big deal of it, but you can also exchange NTR points for my body. I’m happy to give you another round of sex for a small fee of 1000 points.”


“I know you’re poor… but since you’re so down today, especially after killing yourself, I can give you a handjob for the 30 points. Come on… will a happy ending cheer you up?”

I looked up at Netori, who had a teasing light in her eyes, and then I shook my head. “No… if you give me a handjob, it’ll be because I stole your heart and you’re my sex slave.”

Netori laughed melodically. “Perfect… I’m glad you answered that way. Perhaps, I shouldn’t give up on you yet… anyway… you had questions about points?”

“Yes… level 2… how many points does it take to get to level 2.

“Perfect question! You’re already very close! It only takes a lifetime maximum of 5000! With your 3230… you only need 1770 points to go.”

“What are the second tier abilities?”

“All of the tier 1 abilities are still available. However, there are also 5 new skills Each one is 5000 points. There is Orgasmo, Locked Promise, Rape Forgiveness, Confusion, and Cuck Break!” Netori declares with a flourish.

“And… what do they mean?”

“Orgasmo gives you the ability to tell how close a woman is to achieving orgasm. A must have if you want to have a girl ‘cumming’ back if you know what I mean? Locked Promise binds someone to a promise they make. They cannot break the promise. They’ll be compelled to follow it to the best of their ability. Rape forgiveness causes people you rape to quickly forget about it. Confusion makes the mind of a target muddled, sort of like making them drunk without the alcohol. Cuck Break is the most interesting. Essentially, a person cannot experience any sexual pleasure under a cuck break, but when it’s released, all of their lewdness comes out at once.”

“All good abilities…” I sighed.

“Yeah… but you’re in no position to earn any. Each one takes more points than you’ve earned in your entire life.”

“I’m going to need one or more of those abilities if I’m going to get revenge on those bastards who betrayed me. I’m going to need to start earning points fast. I don’t care what it takes, I’ll do anything. That means I need to bang a girl in a relationship.

“Well, don’t look at me…” Netori chuckled. “Just because my beloved Derek is cheating on me, doesn’t mean I’ll come running to your arms.”

“No…” I sighed. “I have another way. I have one more question about points.”

“What’s that?” Netori asked.

“How many do I get for raping my sister?”

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