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“Man, I’m just really wired. I can’t believe I’m going out with that girl tonight.”

“The girl whose name you don’t know?” I responded frowning.

“Actually, I found out her name. She’s actually a new transfer student in class B. Her name is Tori.”

I let out a cough. Tori? Is that the name she was going with? Well, I guess I understood why she wouldn’t walk around with a name like Netori, but I had complicated feelings as I sat next to Derek. He hadn’t shut up about her all day. The only thing that gave me any pleasure out of it was watching the tense expression on Akiko’s face as she tried to ignore Derek’s open bragging to the guys. Clearly, Derek dating Netori was not something that Akiko was happy with, but she couldn’t call him out on it in public, especially with me there.

Derek was being a real prick too, openly gloating to the other guys. He even mentioned a couple of things he’d like to do to her. Well, in an ironic twist, I wasn’t feeling any better than my cheating girlfriend. Listening to my best friend mouth off about how he plans to stick his dick into the girl I just fucked the previous night was not pleasing to the ears. Even so, I did admire the balls he had to mouth off about his sexual prowess in listening distance to my girl, damn…

I first expected her to throw something in his face or condemn him on the spot for the asshole he was. However, she bit her tongue and didn’t say anything. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that the rumors might actually be true. Women liked assholes. Here I was, giving all of my affection to this woman, and I hadn’t even touched her tits. Now, Derek fucking comes along and treats her like garbage, so she goes and fucks him.

In fact, the more I thought about it, the more I realized this was exactly the case. The previous day, she couldn’t suck Derek’s dick fast enough after finding out he had a girlfriend. Jealousy didn’t make a whore like Akiko angry at Derek, it made her put out in a desperate hope to gain his attention. Derek, meanwhile, I almost had to admire. By remaining aloof, he was making my girlfriend thirstier. It was really remarkable now that I was seeing it from an outside perspective. My whore of a girlfriend fucked my best friend to keep him. Apparently, she took me for granted. If I started treating her badly, would she try to fuck me as well?

Would I get any points for fucking my girlfriend? I’d have to ask Netori tonight. She said she’d come when I called, so I planned to call while she was in the middle of her date with Derek. If I called her, and then called him, and then called her again, I could probably grief their date something horrible. I was even tempted to use Akiko. If I sent her to disrupt the date, everyone could be as fucking miserable as I was. Well, I didn’t mind using Akiko anymore. Any affection I had for her melted away. Even the anger no longer remained. She was just a tool, a tool I would use.

Afterall, the more I thought about it, the more I realized the Akiko was just some bitch. Treating her like a three-dimensional character with a personality was giving her too much credit. She chased after Derek because he was hot. She dated me because it was convenient. She fucked him because she wanted to keep him from fucking other women.

That prediction, it turned out, was 100% true, because come lunchtime, she made a gesture to him that she didn’t think I saw, and then the pair went off to the rooftop again. I already knew the pair was going up there to fuck. Well, more points for me. I left immediately, sneaking behind them. It wasn’t like I was into seeing my girl cheat on me. Even the extra points I’d earn for “watching” weren’t worth the humiliation. However, Akiko and I were broken up in all but name. As long as I told myself that, I could keep things subjective.

Thus, the reason I came up was purely out of curiosity. I wanted to see what she’d say. I wanted to see how she reacted to Derek’s blatant two-timing. I was just in luck, because as I reached the door to the rooftop and cocked an ear, they started talking.

 “Y-you still plan on going out with her?” Akiko demanded tearfully.

“Hey, babe… she asked me out in public. I couldn’t say no like that? It’d destroy my reputation!”

“A-and, what about all the stuff you said in classroom… about having s-s-sex with her?”

“If I didn’t say those things, the other guy would look down on me. Besides, do you want me to be looking at you instead?”

“Hah?” Akiko looked up with a surprised expression on her face.

“Your boyfriend is present. Wouldn’t he suspect something if I didn’t act interested in Tori? Did you just want me to tell him about us?”

“N-no!” Akiko reached out her hand and grabbed Derek’s arm as if to stop him from going that second, despite the fact he hadn’t moved an inch. “You can’t!”

Derek chuckled. “Of course, why would I? He’s my best friend. He’s a good guy, that’s why I couldn’t possibly take his girl from him.”

“I’m his girlfriend. It’d break his heart if I left him!” Akiko nodded, as if to explain away the cheating like that.

Of course, I wanted to bash both their skulls in with a brick. Their petty excuses to justify having an affair only pissed me off even greater.

“So, since you won’t leave him, then I naturally have to continue my relationship with Tori, right?”

“Ah… b-but…”

“And unless I want to reveal the truth of our affair, then I need to put proper effort into my relationship with her. I should move at her pace, or she might start to suspect something!”

“P-pace! A-are you saying… you’ll do… it… with her?”

“Hey?” Derek shrugged, winking at her. “Aren’t you jumping ahead a bit? Most relationships take a while to go that far. Not every girl spreads her legs on the first date like you did the first time we went out without Hakaru.”

“Derek… don’t be mean…” Akiko lowered her head with a blush while I ground my teeth in frustration.

Derek was way too damn smooth! Even I was starting to understand how my girlfriend had fallen for him. On the first fucking date? Nevermind that. The point was that Derek had a way with his words, and he was so obviously manipulating her! The thing was, I wasn’t angry that he had manipulated my girl into his sex puppet. I was angrier at myself for not doing it first! I was torn between wanting to beat him to death with a brick and get a pad of paper and take lessons from the master.  

“I’m sorry, Akiko…” Derek spoke in a tone that said he wasn’t sorry at all. “I’m just being honest here. But hey, you don’t need to worry so much. No matter how close I get with her, I won’t abandon my Akiko! After all, you’re my woman.”

“Derek…” Akiko gave him a complete look of adoration.

Fucking seriously? That’s all it took? The asshole just said he was going to fuck another woman, and my slut of a girlfriend is okay with this! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

“Hey, whatever I do with Tori, you have the pleasure to know you had my first!”

“Ah!” Akiko put on a pleased smile, what the fucking fuck? “I love you, Derek.”

“Of course…” Derek suddenly put on a worried look. “There is… one thing.”

Akiko’s smile melted, and a look of worry crossed her face. “Wh-what? Derek? I’ll do anything for you! Just, don’t leave me!”

“I’d never leave you!” Derek pronounced, but then the worry creased his face again. “Ah… it’s just… that… well, we’ve been having sex for nearly a year. Last night, you were really sexy, especially while you tried to hold it in while on the phone with Hakaru. Man, what I wouldn’t give to have seen his face if he new what was happening on the other end!”

“D-derek… don’t tease. I only answered because you told me to. I’m still angry you came in me while I was on the phone and couldn’t say no! I had to go to the pharmacy this morning to get a day after pill and everything!”

Whore! Fucking whore!

“Ah… but didn’t you enjoy it?”

“O-of course… If it was Derek’s baby… then…” Akiko blushed.

“Well, so far, you have sucked me off and I’ve fucked you. That’s only 2/3rd of a girl’s available holes.”

Akiko frowned, but as her realization clicked in, her face turned bright red. “Th-that… not there, it will hurt!”

“Oh…” Derek said simply, nodding. “That’s fine. So, Akiko won’t give me her ass. I guess that’s one piece of intimacy we’ll never share.”

“!?” Akiko’s face grew increasingly more flustered. “It’s just, that… it really hurts and it’s gross and…”

“No… I get it Akiko.” Derek stroked Akiko’s cheek and smiled. “I understand. It was unfair of me to even suggest it. I would never push you into something you didn’t want. We won’t share anal sex. Just be understanding of my feelings as well.”


Derek sighed, speaking as if his words were so obvious anyone would come to the same conclusion. “Naturally, if Tori is interested in anal sex, there may be a time when my “first” must be given to her. It’s really no problem, Akiko! You took my first for two other holes! Our relationship is solid. It’s just a shame, because I would have liked Akiko to be my everything.”

“Y-y-you’re everything?” Akiko seemed to have a surge of emotions swelling up with those words. “Y-yes…, that makes sense.”

It does? Fuck, Akiko, was my girlfriend always this fucking stupid? Like that, he had her wrapped around his little finger. I hated him for being such a fucking scumbag. As I recalled our friendship, he always had women buzzing around him. I was pretty certain that Akiko wasn’t his first for anything. However, the lies rolled off his tongue with ease, and now my Akiko, my girlfriend, was nodding excitedly at the prospect of getting buttfucked by the fuckface.

“Alright, turn around for me.” Derek said, unbuckling himself.

Akiko looked around in a panic. I kept the door closed to just a crack, and thankfully she didn’t notice that slight crack in her panic.

“He-here? Now?” She said shrilly.

“My girlfriend is in another class. I came up here with you instead of going to her room, even though we plan to go on a date tonight. Haven’t I already put myself out for you? Shown you how much you mean to me?” Derek smiled casually, then let out a casual sigh. “Anything could happen on a first date though. Are you sure you don’t want to show me how much you love me now while we have the chance?”

“Y-yes… okay… p-please be gentle.”

My eyes widened as my own girlfriend turned around and bent over, pulling down her skirt until her buttocks was bare to the outdoor world. That was it. In barely a minute, Derek had talked my girl into anal sex! Derek laughed to himself as he pulled out his dick. Just like that, my girlfriend was about to be sodomized by another man! I turned away in disgust, and then jumped in surprise when I found someone standing next to me.


“Shhh!” Netori put a finger on my mouth. “You don’t want them to hear, do you?”

She was standing at the top of the stair steps just behind me. She wore the school uniform I had seen on her the first day. So, she really had enrolled as a student at this school. However, that wasn’t really the issue! My girlfriend was five seconds from getting pounded in the ass by my former best friend.

“Hey… Netori, your boyfriend is out there about to take another girl in the ass!” I hissed at her.

“Really?” Netori glanced over my shoulder, looking through the crack at the scene I could no longer bring myself to witness. “Not bad… I was thinking about offering up my Hershey highway tonight, but that doesn’t look necessary. He’s truly a man who takes what he wants!”

“Fuck! Aren’t you supposed to be helping me!” I growled.

Netori pointed through the crack. “Hey, look, his penis really is a lot bigger than yours. Oh, her poor asshole.”

“Netori!” I grabbed her wrist, spinning her to me.

Her beautiful body was pressed against mine, and I was reminded once again that I had fucked this woman only the night before.

“What is it?” Netori said, her eyes looking down at my lips in a suggestive way.

“Why don’t I just take your Hershey Highway right now?” I growled.

I wasn’t as smooth as Derek, but since he was going to sodomize my girlfriend, the least I could do is the same with his.

“Mmm… No.” Netori pretended to think about it, but then stuck out her tongue at me.

“You… then, I’ll force-“ I reached down to grab her butt, intending to push her down.

However, a second later, I was holding on to nothing. I barely caught the rail to prevent myself from falling down a flight of stairs.

“I told you, it won’t be that easy next time!” Netori lightly punched my shoulder from behind, already standing next to the door and looking through the crack.

I shook for a second before following her to the door, peaking out myself. As expected, my girlfriend was bent over, her hands on a brick wall. She had a distorted look of pain on her face. Meanwhile, Derek was behind her, shoving a rather large dick that didn’t go in all the way in and out of her tight behind.

“Ah… Derek, it hurts, it hurts! No! Please, stop. It’s enough…”

“Just relax… I’m almost done.” Derek responded, sounding almost bored.

I took a step forward, but Netori lifted the back of her hand and stopped me. “I’d tell you that if you watch to the end, you’ll earn a hundred points instead of fifty, but I don’t think you’ll care.”

“You’re damn right I don’t care.”

Netori sighed. “Then, you can put a stop to it. Just slam the door like you did last time. They’ll be too scared. You’ll ruin his orgasm, their first anal, and your chance at a hundred points.”

Netori stepped out of the way, letting me step up to the crack in the door. I stepped forward, stopping for a second. I could hear his grunting and Akiko’s cries of pain. It was clearly not something she enjoyed in the slightest, but that didn’t matter to him. I could just slam the door. That would save her any more pain. That was something the previous me might have done, the one that killed himself.

However, just as I was about to do what she suggested, a different idea crept into my mind. A dark grin formed on my face. Instead of shutting the door, I opened it up another crack. The two were way too focused to notice the door slightly ajar. Pulling out my cellphone, I went to camera settings. I started filming it.

“Ahn… ahn… my butt… Derek, it hurts!”

“Ah… I’m cumming!”

“I feel it. Derek is cumming in my butt!”

Netori had an indiscernible smile, watching me film my girlfriend’s sodomy with a slight grin on her face. When he finished cumming in her ass, I managed to get a zoom on him pulling out, my girlfriend’s gaping ass with white stuff leaking out mixed with a little bit of red. I ended my recording and gently closed the door.

When I turned to Netori, she gave me a questioning look.

“Payback’s a bitch.” I said.

“Yes… I am…” Netori winked.

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