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“S-seriously? Leveling?” I gaped as Netori pulled out a little popper and pulled it, causing it to pop with a small bit of confetti; I continued. “How could I have leveled with just that?”

“Well… points are always awarded on a per situation basis.” Netori explained. “To think, you would murder your sister… truly hardcore.”


Netori broke into a laugh. “I’m joking! I’m joking! Your sister is fine! Although she might have gotten a little foggy in the middle there.”

“Did you watch the whole thing?” I demanded, standing up angrily.

“Of course!” Netori declared proudly with a finger up in the air. “Did you have any doubt I wouldn’t want to watch your first theft debut?”

“What about Derek then?” I growled. “Weren’t you on a date?”

Netori chuckled, her voice lowering and her eyes growing sultry. “Does Hakaru really want to hear about the things Derek and I did… or should I say the things Derek did to me?”

“No…” I spoke without thought, turning away. “Just tell me how I earned the other points I needed.”

“Okay…” Netori pulled out her phone, typing on it again. “You had 1625 points to go last time we talked. Raping your sister netted you 1,500 points.”

“1,500!” My mouth fell open in shock over the number.

Netori nodded. “Not only does she have three boyfriends, which means she cheated on three boys at once, but you also gave her one of her firsts.”

“First? Don’t tell me she’s a virgin!” I cried out.

Netori laughed again. “Don’t be stupid, she lost her virginity years ago. But you raped her for the first time.”

“There is a first time bonus for rape!” I cried out in surprise.

“Not really!” Netori dodged me as I tried to smack her head. “Hey! I’m giving you free information here, don’t shoot the messenger!”

I sighed, lowering my hands. “Alright, aright, why did I get so many points? Continue…”

Netori straightened her dress and then smiled. “That’s right, you made your big sister orgasm for the first time.”

“What?” I was even more surprised at these words, convinced I had misheard her the first time.

“Oh, hoh? Did you not realize in your inexperience? You made your sister cum for her first time.”

“Th-that-“ I tried to think back, but the entire event was a complete blur.

When had that happened? I had been so consumed with finishing that I really hadn’t paid any attention to such things. I was glad my sister wasn’t hurt by my reckless actions, but to think she actually gained any sexual gratification from it? Rape really was her fetish, huh?

“Well,” Netori shrugged. “That’s why you earned so many points. It wasn’t simply that your sister came for her first time, but the effect it had on her mind afterward.”

“Wh-what does that mean?” I asked worriedly.

“I’ve already said. The way points are calculated is by a combination of how hard the person is to obtain, how dedicated she is to her partners, and how much of her you win during the conquering. Of course, rape is a rather easy way to take a sexual partner, it also has it’s hardships. You decided to rape her awake. I didn’t understand why you didn’t you wait until she went to sleep and then tied her up. It would have been way easier, but it also would have meant less points.”


“You didn’t think of it, did you,” Netori covered her mouth, shaking with laughter.

“I get it, I’m stupid!” I growled in annoyance, silently berating myself. “But you’re a goddess and it only earned me 300 points…”

As I said those words, Netori stiffened with a displeased expression on her face. “You… I’ll have you know I all but gave you my body without any resistance. To lower myself to sleep with a mortal, the difficulty of obtaining me could be considered top tier. If you weren’t a suicidal bastard, I might not have given you a carrot to get you playing my game, but I felt it a necessity given the situation. Furthermore, this body isn’t really m- ahh… ahem… I mean to say, there are various reasons that devalue your success. For example, I was completely unmoved by your performance, and have no greater desire to be yours than I did before we had sex.”

“Ah…” I didn’t really have any words to continue to argue back.

Netori was especially skilled at hitting where it hurt. She was right, though. I truly had been pathetic. I truly am pathetic. Even if I made my sister cum, I had bungled just about the whole event. Waiting until she was asleep would have been so much smarter! Well, at least, I earned more points. However, that still didn’t seem to explain so much. If raping people was that profitable, the game would be called Rape Crush.

“Wait, that still doesn’t explain so many points.” I voiced my thoughts out loud. “Just raping my sister and making her cum could hardly net so many?”

Netori gave a sigh. “Do I really have to spell it out for you? She’s your sister, and never in a million years would have sex with you. Basically, if it came to sexual partners, she was so far disinterested that only blood enemies could be greater.”

“I get it, my sister and I don’t get along.” I tried to move Netori along, still feeling the sting of her sharp words.

“True… your sister doesn’t know who the man who raped her was, but he made her experience her first orgasm. He fulfilled a deep desire within her. It turns out your sister is quite easy. A single orgasm and she’s convinced she’s in love.’

“L-love!” I cried out, backing up in shock.

Netori nodded mischievously. “Oh, yes. She doesn’t know her mysterious stranger, but her heart was won over. She truly is a slut! She’s had sex before but no guy has managed to make her feel an orgasm. To think, it’d be her brother who brought her to her sexual heights. It’s truly a tragedy. She’ll be heartbroken when she finds out… unless…”


“Unless… you break her so much that she won’t care even after finding out your true identity. She already loves you, and she’ll already start distancing herself from her various boyfriends. Lucky you, she’s the kind of inconsiderate girl who doesn’t tell people she’s breaking up with them and just moves to the next guy. How else would she be dating three guys at once. So, if you want my recommendation… rape her again. And again. And again. Keep raping her until she’s so absolutely in love with you that when you reveal yourself to be her brother, she won’t be able to stop loving you completely.”

“That’s… fucked up.” I dropped my head, feeling a bit sick.

Netori burst out laughing again. “You always amuse me, Hakaru. You’re always so worried about “right” and “wrong”. In my experience as a goddess, I can properly say these things do not exist. All that exists is what you can do and what you can’t do. Or… should I say… what you have the power to do, and what you’re too weak to accomplish.”

I let out a sigh as she spoke. In some ways, what she said felt right, but perhaps that’s why it all made me even warier. I had made many choices that I was not proud of since I started down this path. What did I have to show for it? A slightly larger pecker and a severely nerfed ability to read minds, often learning things I was better off not knowing.

“Don’t look so sad…” Netori knocked on my head, causing me to swat at her until she floated away laughing. “After all, you do get your level up rewards.”

“Level rewards?” I perked up, but my look quickly turned to a glare, “You never mentioned level up perks!”

“Of course, I didn’t!” Netori sniffed. “If I told you all the rules up front, you’d be overwhelmed! It’s only proper to explain the rules as they become relevant!”

“Are you saying there are more rules?”

“Maybe?” Netori winked, “That depends on how far you get, doesn’t it?”

I let out a sigh. I felt like I was being played by Netori. It seemed like she never lied, but her capacity to manipulate was beyond compare. Well, it wasn’t like I was unused to untrustworthy women, after all.

“You’re thinking something rude about me, aren’t you?” Netori frowned.

I let out a cough. “Actually, I just want to know what my level up rewards are.”

Netori nodded excitedly. “Every level, you earn 5 vanity points. Basically, you can use them to upgrade your penis size, attractiveness, etc… same as the level 1 ahhhh, why are you attacking me!”

I threw several more pillows at Netori while cursing. “Vanity points! Why didn’t you tell me about vanity points! I wouldn’t have wasted my NTR points on my dick size if I knew!”

“He-hey!” Netori held up her hands defensively while skillful dodging the pillows. “We’ve discussed these things before! Having normal to above average looks and appearance is a standard expectation for playing NTR Crush!”

“Then why did you advise me to waste my points!”

“First off, how did I know that you would reach level 2 so quickly. I have to say, you truly are an NTR freak! The game would take a normal person years to reach that point. Only a pervert like you who rapes his own sister, and films his girlfriend being sodomized by another man, would be capable of leveling so quickly!”

I calmed down a bit at those words. That was true. Even I was surprised at how quickly my points raised. If it hadn’t been for a long string of cheating girlfriends, how long would it have taken me to gain my mind reading skill? Without it, I never would have touched my sister. I’d be at 200-300 points. The only way I could increase my chances of getting into an affair was to increase my penis size and my charm. My high starting points were something I had taken for granted. Then again, if I had finally reached level 2 only to realize I had thrown away 2000+ points earning vanity rewards, I’d probably be pissed. I should consider myself lucky I only spent so much.

“The second reason should be obvious…” Netori continued, even though I calmed down. “Can you be so certain your sister would have cum if your dick was below average? For all you know, that extra length and girth are what put her over the edge.”

I blinked, and then started to relax. “I guess that’s how it is.”

I guess I was overreacting. I didn’t really know if Netori could see the future or not. However, at the end of the day, Netori had done nothing but help me. Before, my girlfriend was having an affair behind my back. Before, I was planning on killing myself. Now, I had the chance to improve myself. Netori had given me that chance. I shouldn’t be getting angry at her. Ultimately, it was my choices that brought me here.

“I guess 1 inch to my dick, ½ inch to girth, and then the last two can go into attractiveness.”

“Very good!” Netori raised a thumb up, “Congratulations, your dick is now above average, and your looks are almost acceptable. Oh, by the way, your sexual stamina increased by 1 as well, that was from your own practice, not me.”

“Alright… That’s fine then.” I sighed, sitting down on my bed.

“You’ve also just reached 1895 points. Would you like to buy anything else? You can afford to increase your attractiveness quite a bit… or you could buy a night with me?” Netori winked. 

“No…” I shook my head. “I’d rather… wait… what?”

I shot a sharp look at Netori, who turned her head and whistled. I quickly worked the math in my head, realizing my numbers were not adding up.

“I had 145 points before, and I earned 1500 with my sister. You said I needed 1625 points last time to level, that included my 145! So, where did the missing 125 points come from? No, more than that, why is it 250 more now!”

“Hah… look at the time. I guess I should return on my date with Derek.” Netori looked at her wrist, completely absent of a watch.

“Netori! Those points only go up when I’m being cheated on! You said Derek was on a date with you. He’s not already back at her place? No… that doesn’t make sense, Derek and Akiko have had sex before and they don’t earn 125 points even with me watching!”

“S-s-sometimes, ignorance is bliss!” Netori actually looked tearful. “It’s better if you don’t know.”

I lunged forward and grabbed her, and was surprised when she let my hands grip her arms. “Netori…”

“A-ah…” Netori put on a wry smile, still looking tearful. “Y-you caught me… I guess you can push me down and have your way again, that’ll be a lot of points this time.”

“Tell me…”

Netori evaporated from my grip, a moment later standing in the corner with her head lowered. “H-how could I predict this would have happened? Your girlfriend Akiko was really broken up over my date with Derek. She- she did try to call you, but you were busy planning your sister’s rape.”

“Sh-she’s out cheating on me!” I roared, causing even Netori to shiver for a second before shaking her head in denial.

“N-no… she just… she went to a party some of the guys at school were throwing. She drank too much and then passed out on the couch.”

“P-party?” I searched my memory and recalled that there was such a party going on today.

Some of the media guys at school had just wrapped up filming a movie and had invited various clubs. Akiko played in the school band, who produce some of the music and was thus invited. She had asked me to come with her, but I blew her off because I thought she’d be better off grinding her teeth on Derrek’s indiscretions.

“A bunch of the guys brought her up to a room. They-“ Netori turned away, wrapping her arms around herself for the first time seeming uncomfortable. “Guy three is about to start soon.”


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