Yurtdışı Yatırım

Since I don’t have PoC anymore, sometimes I still need to get out my frustrations. This is one of those chapters. I’m giving it to you just for the lulz. For all you telling me with every new release of NTR that you’re quitting… here’s your ideal ending. Now, kindly never try comment on another chapter again.

Netori appeared. “Hakaru… I haven’t been helping you enough, so here’s a Bajillion points!”

“Yay! I’ve earned this for some reason. What abilities can I buy?”

“Oh, way better abilities than before. In fact, they are abilities so great that it makes the fact your playing a game kind of pointless.”

“Well, I need to be OP, even if it makes no sense.”

“Yup… so now you have rocket launcher balls, and super sexy stud mode, and also, ur like the smartest and everything.”

“17 year olds are da smartest when it comes to relationship and sex!”

“Thank you, Netori… but is it possible you can do even more for me, cause even though I’m the Champion, you really should be doing all the work.”

“Of course, Hakaru-KUN…. I’ll round up all the bitches.”

Netori disappears and comes back. There is this sexy beautiful, hot bitch with big boobs and she’s just the sexiest and also her tits are lovely and she’s got a smooth, tight ass that you just want to smack, which is what Hakaru is doing right now.


“Damn that ass smacks.” Said Hakaru.

“Yay! Keep earning points, even though you don’t need them cause I just gave you a bajillion!”

“And I better make sure this random-ass woman is now a permanent part of this story and my harem, cause, you know, I said she was hot, and that’s all that matters.”

“Well, I still need to level. Rocket Launcher balls aren’t quite strong enough. They need to be ATOMIC BALLS!”

“Oh… Hakaru… you’re the bestest and smartest and greatest… and because everything in the story is now going your way, we know it’s true.”

“Haha! That’s right! Only people who fail are stupid. Because I succeed, I R smart. In fact, it’s about time I deal with those other gods.”

I fly over over to Kira’s using my super flying ability that I unlocked and got. I find Kira being harassed by all the bad people, but not sexually for some reason. They have their small dicks out, but they haven’t raped her. In fact, she’s never had sex. Kira was a virgin. All that other stuff was imagination.

“Ah… we are bad people, we did the bad things to Kira, and we’re going to keep dointt hem forevs!” The bad people cry as the waggle their small penises

“Oh… Hakaru-kun… Please save me!” Kira kries out, naked and hot, but only naked for my eyes, because only I’m allowed to see her naked body. Wouldn’t want a story called NTR to have anything like actual NTR in it.”

“You know, Hakaru-kun, NTR is a girl who is in an actual relationship with you then being taken away.” Kira suggests. “At no point have I, or really any girl in this story, that you were in a real relationship with left you. There has actually, factually not been a single case of Netorare in this story since Akiko in the first volume-”

“Babababa!” I put a finger over her lips. “Logic and reality have no place in a story. It’s NTR because I looked at the girls and then they had sex with someone else.”

“To be fair… we had her first. We were in a closer relationship with her than you were.” One of the bad guys explain. “From our point of view, you’re the evil pricking stealing out women away!”

“Die you fuckers!”

I use my rocket launcher balls and shoots rockets and not only blows up the bad men, but psychologically tortures them too.

“This is worse than death, because I feel bad and shit!” One cried out.

“Oh, gods, I sorriees even though I know I never get the apologies! The only acceptable punishment is unanswered repentance!”

I lands and swipes Kira off her feet and out of her clothing. Just then… the mean old Netorase appears, because she likes sharing, and the readers *cough* I will have none of that.

“How dare you get involved with my plans which aren’t evil by any means, but apparently I’m the bad guy cause I cheated or something. I mean… we’re the fucking goddesses of cheating, but Netori plays by the rules of her own game and that pisses people off somehow. She should just cheat to. I mean… that narratively wrecks the story. What Netori’s goals might be and why she’s committed to such an honorable path should be the question you’re asking yourself, but instead you should just hate her for daring to do… the same thing as every other goddess… but on camera so you can’t imagine she’s more effective.”

“How dare you make me think things in my ero novel…” I pull out my super awesome giant cock of might and then I bang both girls at once.

“Oh, Hakarukun! Your cock is amazing!” Kira says with deredere eyes.

“No… stop.. your penis… is making… me love you… somehow!” Netorase was caught by your pokeballs.

“Excuse me… they’re rocket launcher balls! The continuity in this novel is shit!”

:How did you make us fall in love?” Kira asks.

“Haha… that’s because of my ability I just decided I had somehow, penis makes you love me! Skill!

Netori appears and gives me a thumbs up. “Hakaru is so bright. Keep using all those OP skills. They in no way hinder gathering points in the game nor would they earn you less points, even though I established they would in the last volume.”

“What? That was like a volume ago… now it’s time to be super OP and make every girl instantly love me with skills, rather than going through trials and tribulations together.

“Trials and tribulations are the worse, they make my heart feel things and erections diffciult to maintain!” You growl. ” What’s the point in having a seven volume story when you can completely finish their entire character arc in one volume and then just have them walking around being OP in what is essentially harem filler? That’s how the best stories are written!”

I bang the shit out of all three women now.

“Hehe… I banging two sisters at once!” I say as I bang the two sisters at once.

“Ah… Hakaru, it’s the bestest!”

“I know! You can tell because everything is going my way.” I explain again. “As log as I overcome every challenge and looking awesome doing it, I am smart. Dumb people struggle, cause I’d always make the write decisions, never be influenced by emotion, and handled like the millionaire playboy with a harem and mansion like I’m sure every reader has.”

“Oh no… it’s conflict! It’s the mob!” One girl cries.

“Actual conflict? Not on my watch!” I pull out and shoot rocket launchers from my balls and blow up the mob with ease. Not rockets. Rocket Launchers. Yeah… by balls shoot rocket launchers that are shooting rockets. Why? Fuck you, that’s why!

“Oh no! It’s another player.”

I defeat him easily, so there isn’t even any conflict. Conflict is bad and makes you feel things, so I’d rather not write any. And since there is no conflict, there really is no point in writing anything. I bang a bunch more bitches.

“Ahn… Hakaru… we want to be yours!” Says all the girls at the high school.

I stand up and laugh with my massive mega super dick shining like the light of Osiris. “Hahaha… let’s have more of sex.



Pan! Pan! Pan!

“Ahnn… no… I’m saying no now even though I mean yes.”

Slap! Pan Pan! Squirt.




“C-c-c-c-comb breaker!”

All the ladies were fucked thoroughly. I had won the game and it was the awesomest, just like me.

“Oh, Hakaru…” The three ladies, Netorare, Netori, and Netorase purred. “We’re yours forever.”

“Shut up, I know it.” I snap my fingers. “Maria, Akiko, bang it out on the table!”

The two girls do. It’s super awesome.

“Hmmm… Is there anything else to do?” I wonder out loud.

“How about… me?” Mom offers, revealing her beautiful naked body.

“Damn… I fuck my mom and my sister!”

“You bastard, you better not!’ Dad appears.

I toss dad in a cage. It’s super easy. Don’t worry! Sorry if that was too much drama for you. Won’t happen again. In fact… the dad doesn’t exist. Mom’s a virgin. It was a virgin birth that made me… that way I’m her one and only! Wouldn’t want to suggest I was somehow NTR’d when my dad slept with my mom to create me. I know some of you couldn’t handle that level of NTR, so yeah, I’m a totes virgin birth now.

“Ahhhn!” Mom moans as I bang her virgin body that’s totally a virgin body.

And all the girls bodies are virgin even after I bang them. Otherwise, my past self would have NTR’d my future self. Can’t have that…. to much NTR. Thus, every time is the first time. Oh… yeah…

“Hey, Derek, you watching this?” I say as I bang his mom and sister turning them into mindless sluts while punching his pet spider.

“Pet spider?”

“Well, if it was anything else, someone would be mad. No one cares if you punch a spider.”


“Wait, didn’t you throw Derek in to the bowels of hell?” Akiko asks.

“I did… but all the channels in hell are just videos of me banging his mom and sister. He doesn’t even have a sister. I made her, so I could bang her in front of him. Also, his girlfriend, which he has now.” I give a thumbs up to a nonexistent camera.

Then, Hakaru gets all the womens and it’s great and there is never any problems ever because Hakaru went through character development and that now means he’s perfect. All the girls love him long time for all eternity.

The End