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“I’m sorry… I really want to stay.” Maria said, her voice just a little bit regretful.

“I want you to stay too…” I admitted, holding her affectionately.

I reached out and kissed her, and we held each other in the entryway of our home for a bit. It had only been a few hours since Netori banished Netorare. It was the day after the Halloween party that changed my relationship with my sister forever. However, she was busy that night and had some responsibilities she promised she’d take care of. She would be staying the night at a friend’s house, incidentally. I was hoping that since my mother and father would be gone all night at his work’s Halloween party, that Maria and I could have some fun alone in the house.

“Y-you can’t call that girl.” Maria suddenly said, her face slightly pouty.

“That girl?”

“Akiko… the slutty one.”

“Eh? I don’t even want to hang out with her! She’s not my girlfriend, whatever she says!”

“I know…” Maria sighed. “But… I know you’ll still be having sex with other women, but, just for this weekend, can I be selfish a little longer?”

“Ah… yeah, I guess.”

I didn’t really know what else to say. I loved Maria, and I had no interest in Akiko. I wasn’t planning on inviting her over at all.

“Goodbye, my cute little brother.” She smiled, kissing my lips.


She looked back three times as she left. It was clear she really didn’t want to leave me this weekend. My heart swelled quite a bit just thinking about it. She was totally into me right now. I regretted that we wouldn’t be able to spend the whole night banging each other. It was a bit regretful. We could only really do it in secret, hiding in our rooms or under our covers. I was eager to have my sister over the kitchen counter and on the couch in the living room. I wanted every inch of the house to be filled with memories of me fucking her.

We’d just have to wait for some other time. We always had a few hours in between school and when the parents got home from their jobs.

With my night free and sexless, I decided to make some sweet rice and sit in the living room, watching some anime. It had been a while since I had caught up on the new series. That was how I ended up spending the next few hours. It was before midnight when the front door opened with a thud. I excitedly was hoping that my sister had come back, not able to resist staying a night away from me. What I saw instead was my mother stumbling through the door.

“M-mom?” I let out a noise of shock.

Mother was wearing a two-piece sexy nurse outfit. It was really revealing! It really showed how well she had been taking care of her body lately. She was curvaceous and there was no gut. Her bare stomach was really sensual, just like the cleavage and the shape of her thighs. Her skin was smooth and any blemishes she had were taken care of with makeup. Some westerners said that Japanese people looked younger than they were. With my mother, I was willing to believe it. She didn’t look older than thirty.

Interestingly enough, this was exactly the kind of thing she would never have let Maria go out in. In many ways, it was more erotic than Maria’s cat outfit. I couldn’t believe that dad let her go to a business party looking like that. No, that wasn’t the issue. He might happily show her off to his friends. He might even want to trade her away! Did something like that happen? She wasn’t just early, she had tears falling down her cheeks, and her face was glowing with alcohol. She looked up at me and gave a drunken smile.

“Hello, Hakaru… my baby boy. How are you?”

“Mom, are you okay?”

“I’m… burp… fine…” She giggled and then suddenly stumbled forward.

I just managed to catch her, her chest pushing against my own.

“Watch out!”

“Oh… Hakaru… you’re getting so muscular these days.” She groped my arm, “You’re a real man now.”

“Mother… what happened to dad?”

“Erzo…” Her happy expression turned on a dime. “That bastard… I come to the party dressed like this and he thinks he can just flirt with the new receptionist all night?”

I let out a breath. I had feared it’d be something like that. This was how most of the parties that the pair went to ended. She would come home early by herself, enraged over something that father had done. Usually, it involved ignoring her and flirting with other women. Considering last weekend, dad had been in a sex orgy, and mom was looking very attractive in her nurse outfit, and also because it was a work-related party, I really thought that this particular case would go differently. Incidentally, dad couldn’t reign in his hornball tendencies even for a single night with mom.

“Mom… why are you still with him?” I asked, my tone turning a bit serious.

Mom paused a moment, glancing up at me. “Money.”

I coughed. “Is that seriously all there is to it? You just don’t want to live on the income of a single parent?”

Mother sighed, her drunken groping diminishing slightly. “No… that’s not the real reason. Although I do not want you kids to live off a single income home. Those damn westerners… every year they increase the cost of college. I want you both to have a clean future. I wouldn’t want you burdened with a family divorce. When I agreed to become pregnant with Maria, I had committed myself to this fate with your father. I don’t want to end up like his other women.”

“You know about the other kids?” I asked.

“So, you know this much already? ” Mother sighed, her expression turning solemn, “I suppose you should know the rest. Take me to my room, Hakaru.”

I nodded, supporting her as we walked slowly to her room. She held me tightly, leaning her body against mine as if she needed me for emotional support just as much as physical support.

“How many brothers and sisters do I have?” I asked.

“Who knows?” Mother chuckled. “Your father used to sleep around with women long before he met me, and I had heard of many women he had ditched. It’s in his nature. That’s why, when I got with your father, I was prepared to share. I didn’t mind just being one of his women. I expected it, even.”

“I don’t get it. Why did you marry a guy who was going to cheat all the time?”

“A promise…” Mother smiled, “And an old debt. Did you know when I was younger… I was trained to be a shrine maiden?”

“What?” I nearly slipped.

“Mm…” Mother chuckled. “I was a pure virgin, whose life was given to serve the gods. This was before Christianity swept through Japan and most of the shrines collapsed.”

“Is that why you married dad? Your shrine went bankrupt?”

“Something like that…” She said.

Finally, the pair of us entered her room. She stumbled forward, using the bed to turn around and flop down. The way she was lying now, I had a clear view up her skirt and could see her blue and white striped panties.

“That still doesn’t explain anything…” I turned away and frowned.

“Do you believe in the Gods, Hakaru?”

My eyes widened as I shot her a look, but mother wasn’t watching me, but staring at the ceiling. “The Gods?”

Thinking back on it, how could I not believe in the gods. I’d met Netori and Netorare. Gods really did exist.

“A bit… yeah…” I finally answered.

“The reason your father and I are together is that the Gods told me to. It was my duty as a shrine maiden. For the longest time, I used to think my duty was to my husband. I thought I could be happy in his harem… but that bastard never made it. He doesn’t even give me any attention at all. He abandoned the women. He was supposed to fix what was broken, but he was just as bad as my God.”

I shook my head. Mom was rambling about things that made no sense. She was really drunk. Because of my own experience with the Gods, I had come to think there was something to what she was saying. That was just my own fancies.

“Mom, do you need anything.”

“Your penis.”

I let out a cough. “Excuse me?”

Mom chuckled. “I realized the truth. It was never about him. It was about you, Hakaru. You’re my baby. My duty is to you. You’ll fix it, right? You’ll fix what is broken?”

“Mom…” I sighed. “I can’t fix your relationship with dad.”

Mom smiled sadly, a look on her face as if I just didn’t understand. “Then, how about fixing your relationship with me?”

“Mom, you’re drunk…” I finally told her, reaching out to pull her blankets up on top of her.

Her hands reached out and grabbed mine. All of a sudden, she pulled me on top of her. Her legs wrapped around my hips, and her mouth attacked mine. Her tongue slid past my lips and she began to kiss me aggressively. I let out noises of surprise, but they were all suppressed by her. She was my mother, and I avoided thinking of her this way, but now she was French kissing me. All of the naughty thoughts I had about her the last few weeks came flooding back.

Mom wanted to help me. She thinks it’s her duty. I could earn tons of points if I just let myself go and have her. She initiated this kiss; we might as well go all the way.  My hand lifted up to her chest. My cock started to harden. It’s not cheating if it’s family. Maria has no reason to be jealous at all. That’s it, I’m going to fuck my mother! To hell with dad anyway! That’s what he gets for touching my Kira!

My face was shoved away and I was pushed with enough force I stumbled back. I looked around in a daze a moment until I looked down at my mother. She was on the bed, her lipstick smeared, and a single boob popped out of her slutty nurse top. She was breathing hard, and the look she was giving me was impossibly erotic.


“Leave me, Hakaru…” mom said, suddenly grabbing the bedding and covering herself. “That’s enough for today.”


She sniffed. “Do you think your mother is so easy? How will you learn to woo if I just spread my legs? I won’t be as easy as your sister, that is for sure!”

“My sister, you…”

Mother snorted. “Bring me something to eat. And some tea. Mother is hungry now. If you were expecting anything else, well that’s for you to earn!”

“Okay…” I left the room very confused.

After making her requests, I finally returned, only to see the lights out and her fast asleep. She was snoring and lying on her side, her erotic clothing in complete disarray. It was a seriously dangerous sight for any man to take advantage of. Putting the food on her bedside table, I leaned over and wrapped my arm around her. Kissing her cheek, I cautiously grabbed her boob and then returned it in her blouse. She was very drunk and had said a lot of weird things. That’s all this was. However, it had pushed me past the point of no return. I no longer could see my mother as just my mom. I was aroused by her now.

I leaned over until my lips were right next to her ear. “Mom, I love you. I don’t understand anything you said, but I will promise you something. One day, I’m going to take you from dad and make you mine. Forgive me, as I’ll be having my way with you then and I’ll fuck your brains out.”

I only got a snore in response. Standing back up and straightening myself, I headed back to the living room. As it were, I didn’t see the slight smile form on mother’s lips.

Table of Contents

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