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Shit. Shit. Shit! Derek kicked the trashcan, causing it to fall over with clatter as it rolled across the concrete. White hot fury shot through him. He felt like a complete idiot. After trusting Hakaru, it turned out Hakaru was making a fool out of him! Remembering the way Akiko was looking at Hakaru boiled his blood. Then, she even kissed him! It really pissed Derek off.

That guy who used to be his friend was really sick and twisted too. He even had thoughts of banging his sister. He had thoughts of being with his sister while he had Akiko. He probably wanted them both at the same time! It was truly disgusting!

Derek was a simple guy. He liked women. Who didn’t like women? Hakaru had been his friend for years, but Hakaru was always a dunce when it came to women. He was the loser. Even when he had a girlfriend, she was only willing to date him for the convenience of having a boyfriend. Derek prided himself on being the bad boy that the girls really wanted. Hakaru was a normal, dependable, boring boy, and Derek was the edgy, exciting, popular friend.

Girls would get close to Hakaru to get to Derek, and Derek loved that about their relationship. That’s what a lot of other guys never really understood about the dating life. Women were incredibly predictable and shallow. When they had a boyfriend, they had all kinds of expectations and desires. They created a completely fictional front of a pure, perfect girl to maintain the status quo. Basically, the type of girl who dated Hakaru. They’d either avoid sex or have incredibly vanilla sex. They’d make a ton of demands on their boyfriends, and thought of their bodies like some kind of special temple.

However, the second they decided to cheat on their boyfriends, all their inhibitions were turned off. Girls that would look their boyfriends in the face and say that they’d never let them stick in their ass wouldn’t hesitate to bend over and spread it for a complete stranger. They’d suck and swallow like a vacuum after telling their boyfriend it’s too dirty to put in their mouth. They’ll do any exotic positions you wanted, even begging for more.

Perhaps it was because when it came to cheating, it was all about fulfilling sexual desire, rather than emotional ones. Perhaps it was simply because they had a backup in their original boyfriend, and thus had nothing to lose by being perverse. Perhaps it was just the adventure of it, like someone doing something wild on vacation. As long as you’re already out of your comfort zone, you might as well take the next step.

Whatever the reason, other guy’s girls were way better than your own girlfriend. Derek loved other guy’s girls more than he desired to have a girl himself. A perfect example was Akiko, who, as soon as she started dating him, basically cut off all of the sex she used to give him. Likely, she turned around and started getting sex from Hakaru. The gullible simpleton who had given him a steady supply of pussy had somehow changed overnight. Derek never would have believed it of his childhood friend, but reality spoke louder than expectations.

Somehow, the tables had been turned. Hakaru was now going around claiming women, and Derek was the loser. No, he didn’t even have the cheating girlfriend anymore. He was even worse than a loser. Just thinking about it made him so angry.

Which is why he was in an alleyway kicking around someone’s metal trashcan and cursing to himself. How had Hakaru gotten so much confidence? Why did everything that Derek had worked so hard to obtain suddenly go belly up?

“Angry?” A voice suddenly spoke up.

Derek spun around, but there was no one around him. The voice had sounded like it was right behind him.

“What the hell!” He cursed, feeling his heartbeat quicken.

“Well, not exactly…” The voice chuckled.

This time, when he spun back around, he noticed a man sitting there. The trashcan Derek had been kicking had been set upside-down without making a noise, and there was a man sitting on top of it. He might have been as young as Derek, but he had a black beard which made him look a little older. He wore black everything. He had a black shirt, pants, and a leather coat which hung down over the trashcan.

“Who are you?” Derek demanded, taking a few steps back.

“Me? I’m just an old God, passing through.”

“A God?” Derek sneered. “Aren’t you conceded?”

“Am I?” The man responded coolly with a shrug. “I can never tell. Man’s relationship with the Gods is always changing. I’m too old to change much.”

“Right… whatever… sorry I kicked your, uh… trashcan, I’m going to be going.”

Derek turned away. He wasn’t really interested in talking with anyone at the moment, and he especially didn’t want to talk with this weird guy who suddenly appeared in front of him. The guy gave him an uneasy feeling. Derek wasn’t a fighter like Jack was. This guy had a similar feeling to Jack. It was the feeling he was always on the very edge of performing violence.

There was a reason Derek never made an attempt to go against Jack directly, even though he was so aggressively taking over the school. Other than Akiko, Derek had his eye on a freshman that Jack had scooped up and defiled too. However, he didn’t do anything except smack talk the guy behind his back. He was too afraid to do anything else.

Well, that didn’t matter now. Jack was in prison, and he was an enemy of the Yakuza. It was a bitter pill to swallow that this was all thanks to the power couple Akiko and Hakaru. The last Derek heard about Jack was that he had gotten stabbed by an inmate complements of the family. That was a lifestyle completely unlike the one Derek lived. He saw himself as a strategist, not a warrior.

“Here’s the thing.” Derek froze with a jump as he saw the same guy in front of him, leaning against a fence. “Derek… can I call you Derek?”

“How did you…” There was absolutely no way he could have run around to get in front of Derek.

It seemed like it was completely impossible. It was as if he had used magic or some other power to teleport over to this place. Even more unsettling, Derek was certain he didn’t give the guy his name. However, the guy seemed to know him anyway. Of course, Derek didn’t believe in things like magic or spirits. That didn’t fit into his world view in the slightest.

“Look, Derek, there is this girl I had a crush on for many years. She and I were a perfect match, you understand? We worked well together, is what I’m saying. Then… this asshole, he comes up and snatches her away from me. He had plenty of women, but he convinced her that she was perfect for him, and she fell for him, right?”

Derek’s eyes narrowed suspiciously as he watched this strange man yammer on . “Okay…”

“So, they remain together for a few millennia, and then a new girl comes along. That girl catches his eye too. Well, he’s used to chasing anything with a pussy. My girl… she didn’t mind. She was very… flexible. That didn’t matter to him though, because the new girl wanted him to go legit.”

Derek shook his head. He had no clue what this guy was talking about. However, the edge of violence that this guy gave off seemed to be growing thicker as he told his story, which made Derek very nervous. He could only nod and listen.

“The new girl, she didn’t like him with other women. She literally made him change his very nature to be with her, and that meant dumping the woman I love. She literally fell apart, right? Fell right off the radar. I never even hear about her anymore. When she is, it’s usually a fetish or treated with scorn. For all she has done for the world, it’s a shame she gets unrightfully dumped on. I wish I could give her a better public image, but I already have enough trouble with my own image, right? I’m frequently told I’m a good-for-nothing.”


“Long story short, I hear after a lengthy breakup, my girl has finally put herself back on the market. Well, I still love her, and I still feel we’d be great together, so naturally, I came down to this mortal plane to win my love.”

“What does this have to do with me?” Derek finally asked.

“Well, I’m getting to that. You see, in order to win my girl’s heart, I got to play her game. And to play the game, I need a player. After looking around for those that fit my play style, you seem to be the best. So, how about it? Do you want to become my pawn?”

“Your pawn?” Derek’s expression twisted.

He didn’t understand anything this guy was saying, but he didn’t like it at all. This guy sounded really crazy and arrogant. Derek was just about to send him on his way when the guy kept talking.

“I know what you’re thinking. Why should I help you? How about because I can give you everything you ever wanted.”

Derek’s next words froze on his lips and he changed what he was saying. “What does that mean?”

The man grinned. “Anything means anything. However, the first thing you probably want… is revenge.”

Derek blinked, but then his eyes narrowed. “How do you know what I want?”

“I know that brat Hakaru has been a thorn in your side.” The man shrugged. “I also know why he’s doing so well. What I offer you… it’s the same deal another gave him. I can’t say more… rules and all, but I can guarantee you that you’ll have your chance at revenge if you work with me.”

“Revenge and… everything I ever wanted?” Derek asked, licking his lips.

The man smiled. “The game is called NTR Crush… and the play style is simple. Destroy your enemies. By the way, in this context, Hakaru is your enemy.”

“NTR… Crush?”

“I need you to break Hakaru.” The man explained. “I don’t care how you do it. You don’t need to bang a single woman. All that matters is that Hakaru is out of the game, unable to proceed.”

“And what will you be doing while I do all the leg work.”

He shrugged. “Watching… waiting… offering advice. I’m not allowed to play on my own. Rather, you’re my only choice. I want my woman, and the only way I can obtain her is through you. Break Hakaru, and she will have no choice but to lose everything. So, what do you say? Do we have a deal?”

The man brought out his hand, offering it to Derek. Derek looked at it for a moment, dwelling on the strange offer. It felt a bit like one of those deals with the devil, although Derek didn’t believe in things like a devil.  

“I don’t understand most of what you’re talking about,” Derek shrugged, “But from what I gathered, if I help you, Hakaru will pay.”

“Big time.” The guy chuckled.

Derek sighed and brought out his hand. The two men shook on it.

“Alright… so here’s what I can tell you …” the man started to explain everything about this supposed game, NTR Crush.

As he continued, Derek’s eyes grew wider and wider in shock. His mouth seemed to fall open in perpetual disbelief. Finally, the guy stopped talking and leaned back.

“So, that’s the game in a nutshell.”

“How will I win?” Derek asked, his eyes gleaming.

“Divide and conquer…” The man responded. “You will use strategy, create alliances, and finally you will perfect betrayals. Compared to the other players, I’m a much higher tier. That means my powers are more potent. Even though what I offer you is not suited for the kind of matters of the heart, I still know how to strategize and win. With me available, a pawn of mine could never lose.”

“I’m sorry, but just who are you?” Derek asked cautiously.

The man smirked. “Oh, I didn’t say before? You can just call me by my name. Call me… War.”

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