Yurtdışı Yatırım

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My name is Hakaru. It’s been one month since my life changed completely. At my lowest, I caught my girlfriend cheating on me with my best friend. Angry at having such a shitty life, I decided to kill myself. It was the only revenge I could manage considering the pathetic nature of my existence. Then I met Netori, and my life was never the same. She stole my death, and in exchange, offered me the chance to play her game. As long as I stole the hearts and bodies of other women from their lovers, I’d gain points which I could use to gain a more attractive body, a bigger penis, and various skills that bordered on magic.

So, I started doing things I never would have imagined in my life. I banged a goddess and lost my virginity. I blackmailed my teacher in to improving my grades. I broke off my friendship with my backstabbing best friend. I dumped my girlfriend, made her his girlfriend, and then turned her into my own personal sex slave! I even pushed my sister down and raped her. One of the biggest changes seemed to come from the most innocuous of sources.

With more confidence, I spoke frankly with my mother, causing her to start working a little harder to be more respectable. She still drank every night, but lately, she’d been taking care of herself more. She wore makeup and fine clothing. She cooked meals regularly. She was always waiting for me when I got home. I think she had even hit the gym, as her body shape was starting to improve. Her flab and wrinkles were disappearing, and even dad, who had long since abandoned her to party and cheat every night was starting to notice. I didn’t know why a couple of words from me had caused such a difference, but I didn’t complain. Having an attractive, beautiful, hardworking mom to come home to was somewhat nice.

As far as my teacher, I hadn’t brought up the fact she was fucking my dad, but I could tell she was still sweating, and my grades were basically all A’s now. I’d considered pushing the blackmail to another level, but I needed proof. Thus, for the last month, I had been trying to keep track of my father and teacher’s movements. I think I figured out when they met. It seemed to be every Friday night. Of course, Miss Fukumi wasn’t the only woman my dad slept around with, but she seemed to be one of the most consistent. I wondered if she knew that he was cheating on her and his wife. Knowing my father, probably not.

My sister was a little trickier. She didn’t become the nightly booty call as I imagined. In fact, she had nailed her window shut the following night, and had become somewhat paranoid. She never came out of her room to interact with the family. That was probably a good thing, as I’m not sure how she’d react to mom’s change in behavior. Still, I was confused, because Netori told me my sister had been extremely aroused and into the rape, so why was she avoiding it? When I asked Netori, she shrugged.

“She’s a girl, not fap material from one of your magazines. Girls are complicated. You can’t just stick your dick in her and expect her to love you forever.”

“Didn’t that work for you?” I asked in return.

“Keep dreaming, dummy, even if I spread my legs right now you’d barely earn a point!”

I still saw my sister as the next conquest. This was because not only had we already slept together but she also had several side boyfriends, so multiple thefts for more points. Points really did offer diminishing returns. It was like leveling in a video game. My first week playing was truly an abnormal experience. Now that I had dried up all the positions I could push Akiko into and all the first times I could take, leveling had truly become a grind. I still hadn’t managed to reach level three and forcing Akiko to cheat on Derek barely netted me ten points a day.

“NTR Crush is about stealing women. For all intents and purposes, Akiko has already been stolen. Had you done things the other way and continued to let Derek enjoy your girl, there would be even fewer points.” Netori had explained.

However, I was determined to reach level three, and with only one girl netting me points, that meant I needed to push her to her limit.

“Agn… tight… too tight!” she cried under me. “No more… I hurt… please stop, I can’t take anymore. Please… no… no!”

That was why I had Akiko in my room on a Sunday. I had made her tell her parents she was staying over at a girlfriend’s house for the weekend, but really, I had brought her into my room to start grinding points. I was so close to level three I could just taste those vanity points. However, to earn the last few points I needed to take extreme measures. I tied Akiko up with various ropes and had spent the last two days sexually torturing her in every way I could think of.

I had put clamps on her nipples. I had dropped ice on her crotch. I had stuffed something in her pussy while I fucked her ass. I had tied her up and contorted her into every position imaginable. She had earned various bruises and scratches over the last two days. Akiko truly looked like a broken woman. However, even now, I saw her cumming, her eyes rimmed with euphoria. Akiko was really enjoying this. Well, even if it was an awful experience for her, I’d do it anyway, and without feeling much guilt. Akiko had long sense lost my respect. She was just my plaything.

I had started rope practice on Akiko a few weeks ago. It was actually an attempt to prepare for tying up my sister. With her window nailed shut, I’d need to come up with a different way to rape her. Getting good with ropes seemed like a necessity, and Akiko was the only girl I could hogtie. So, I started tying her up, and then kept tying her up, and eventually, it grew to this point.

As soon as I removed the gag in her mouth made from her dirty underwear which she had cum all over yesterday, she had started begging for release. To be fair, once she got over the initial shock, she had been a good sport over the last 24 hours. But as I moved onto hour 48, her body was starting to break down. Tears ran down her face freely, and even her arousal was starting to be replaced with a fear of what I’d do next.

She was tied up on the bed with her feet and arms behind her back. This put her in a sort of crab walk pose from which she couldn’t move or escape.

“Let’s use the cunt blaster again,” I said shoving her underwear back in her mouth.

“Mmm! Nmmm! Nmmm!” She shook her head desperately with her eyes open, more tears falling.

The cunt blaster was the name I gave a tool I had come up with one day in shop class. I had previously pulled apart a vibrator and noticed that the design was really just an unbalanced weight and a rotator. It was the same concept as the feedback vibration in controllers. One of the heavy duty wood drills in class was similarly unbalanced, and whenever someone tried to use it, it shook so violently that it was hard to keep in your hand. After using Dirt Scribe on my shop teacher and finding out that he had been skimming money from the class funds to bang a stripper, he had been happy to let me borrow any tools I wanted.

I always liked to tinker with things. Back when I still cared about Akiko’s wants, I used to fix appliances for a couple of extra bucks to take her on dates. Now that I was playing this game, that meager salary seemed completely inefficient. Maybe I needed to consider getting a job?

Well, at the very least, my skills were sufficient that I was able to insert the drill part into a massager. It was an old one with some metal parts. New ones made from plastic were likely too weak to be able to handle the extreme vibration this device put out. It was seriously jarring. The first time I used it, my teeth were chattering when I was done. I ended up wrapping the handle in a bunch of insulation. The most violent part went against Akiko’s clit, naturally.

This weekend was the first time I got to try it on her. The first time I had used it, she had gone crazy. She ended up peeing herself and passing out. That was two days ago, and this was only the third time I was using it on her. The second time I managed to keep it up for five minutes. By the end, her pussy had been so numbed that she couldn’t feel anything after the powerful contractions. I poked one finger into her, then two, and she said she couldn’t feel them at all.

So… I stuck my fist into her. She was already really wet, and it only took a bit of force to get it in her. That, she felt, but with her pussy numbed, it wasn’t painful. It was more of a shock. Seeing my entire fist slid inside her, she couldn’t believe her pussy which was once so small and tight could stretch over the whole thing. I fisted her for the first time yesterday. Hey, I said I tried everything, after all, to reach my next level, and fisting just happened to be one of the few things I hadn’t done yet.

Although she complained and whined that I was ruining her pussy, she couldn’t deny that it felt incredible. She ended up cumming twice on my fist until her body grew too sore to continue. I was a bit surprised that she let me do that. At that time, she wasn’t even tied up. How high were her limits anyway. Just when I thought I was about to break her, we always seemed to take things one step farther. It was suprising, but so was how sadistic I could be when I didn’t care about afterward.

Now that I was pulling out the device again, I wondered how long she could last. Perhaps I could get ten minutes out of her. Naturally, we were at my house, so besides playing loud music as my sister did, I also needed to cover her mouth. Even the gag wasn’t enough. I had to hold her mouth shut with my hand when I used this thing. There was just no other way.


“Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…” I shoved my hand down over her lips as I turned the tool up to full blast.

She made it seven minutes before her body was ripping at the restraints so violently I thought she’d get hurt. There was a massive stain of wetness under her from losing fluids. In truth, my bed was just about ruined thanks to this girl. She should repay me. Maybe I could put her to work. She could be a sex slave and earn money for me on the corner. No… even after everything I’ve done, those thoughts still seemed to hurt my heart a bit.

In spite of everything that Akiko had done to me, I just couldn’t bring myself to completely destroy her. Even now, using her body to earn points, I didn’t do anything that the girl herself didn’t find pleasurable. For all intents and purposes, I never made her come to my house. She chose to do that of her own accord. However, now that she was mine, even if she was little more than a meat toilet, I wouldn’t share her with anyone. For better or worst, Akiko was mine from now on. I decided I wouldn’t discard her.

“Hmmm… I wonder what we can fit in you now.” I spoke that last part out loud, looking around the room.

“Mmmlll…” She tried to murmur something from within her gag.

A moment later, her eyes rolled up into the back of her head and she collapsed flaccid in her restraints.

“Oh, you passed out.” I sighed, dropping the cunt blaster on the bed next to her.

It was heavy and landed with a distinct thud.

“That’s a nasty device you made.” A voice came from behind me, followed by a sniffing sound. “This place smells like a cheating skank.”

I chuckled, looking down at Akiko. “That’s true… she really has stunk up my room, hasn’t she? Man, even my rug is stained.”

Netori floated into my vision, a pout on her face, and her eyes locked on me. “I was talking about you!”

“Eh? Me? A cheater? I’m single, who am I cheating on?”

“Hmph!” Netori turned her head. “Isn’t the reason you’re earning all those points so you can have my body again?”

“Keep dreaming!” I shot back. “The day I have your body, it’ll be because I took it!”

Netori blinked, and then laughed with her hand over her mouth. “Is that so… you’ve been earning points so aggressively this weekend, it’s been blowing up my phone, I thought you were just desperate to make me watch.”

“I’m pretty sure you like to watch, so don’t make this about me.” I swatted at her ass which was floating near my face.

“Tee hee!” Netori laughed, turning her body and skillfully avoiding my touch.

“Why are you here, Netori?” I demanded, glaring up at her as she looked down at me from the ceiling.

“Hmm… perhaps you need a break?” Netori offered.

“What is this? A video game moderator asking me to take breaks in between long gaming sessions? Give me a break!” I grabbed a pillow and chucked it at her.

“AH! Don’t throw stuff, that’s cheating!” She said, even while flying around the room to dodge it.

“Cheating? That’s rich coming from you.” I glared at her before turning to the unconscious Akiko and dragging her tied form to the edge of the bed. “If you’re done, I need to earn more points, I wonder if I creampie her while sleeping if that elicits any bonuses… maybe I can make her pregnant… I’ll have to abort it in a few months. Damn… child sacrifice, maybe that’s a bit too far.”

“Well, fortunately, you don’t need to go that far!” She finally landed back on the ground.

“And why is that?”

“Because…” She brought out a cheap plastic celebratory whistle and blew it. “Congratulations! You made it to level 3!”

“Tell me that shit sooner!” I cursed, grabbing the nearest thing.

“Ahhh! I said no throwing!”

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