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With murder in her eyes, the newly appearing Netori lunged at me, her hand bursting out in a strike that could crush someone’s throat. However, it wasn’t my throat she was lunging towards. Rather, she attacked south, her hand whipping down towards the location of the girl under me. The girl gave a shriek and then her body evaporated like smoke. The shackles that had been binding her were not present anymore, now that I was finished.

Netori’s hand hit the couch, and the pillow that was under the other girl’s head exploded, showing the strength and killing intent of the blow. Netori’s eye shot up, and the other Netori was now dressed in a robe just like the one I had torn off her, a defensive wronged look on her face.

“You attack your sister? He’s the one who defiled me!” She pointed at me accusingly with a shaky hand.

“Netorare! Don’t think I’m not aware of the games you’ve been playing with my champion! I should destroy you where you stand!” As if to do exactly that, she lunged again.

This time, the other girl blocked her attack. Both girls slid back, almost about equal in strength. “Your game is boring! I was just trying to lighten it up!”

“You… bitch!” Netori growled.

“Wait… wait… what’s happening? I demanded, scratching my head as I stared at the two nearly identical women.

I said nearly because now that they were standing next to each other, I was starting to recognize a few subtle differences. Netorare was just a tad shorter. Her breasts and butt are a tad bigger. She had a small clip in her hair that I never noticed before. Her robes were also a bit different. That was to say, the colors were completed inverted. I was pretty sure the ones I ripped off of her were more like Netori’s.

Netori spun to me. “Don’t you start! You haven’t called on me in a week! I was waiting for you to come groveling back, and then I see you’re fraternizing with the enemy!”

“The enemy? I called you three times and you didn’t come!”

Netori’s expression shook and then she shot the other girl a look. That girl turned and whistled, looking the exact opposite of innocent.

“That is… that’s because I was busy!” Netori didn’t meet my eyes.

“Busy?” I responded incredulously.

“Busy is busy!” Netori stomped her foot, “This isn’t about me!”

I stood up and walked right up to Netori. “Then let’s make it about you. When you ran off and fucked Jack in front of me, it crushed me! I spent the last week dealing with it. And when I invited you to my bed, I was rejected by your lookalike and even had to spend my points just so I wasn’t abandoned! How can I be your champion when you’ve been such a shitty goddess!”

Netori suddenly did something I never expected from her. She broke into tears. Suddenly, her hands wrapped around me and she hugged me. I was so surprised by the sudden affection, that I could only stare in disbelief. After she cried for about a minute, I cautiously reached up and patted her head. Meanwhile, Netori wiped her tears and nose on my shirt.

“Look how weak you’ve gotten.” The other girl spoke up. “You’ve seriously chosen a man like him?”

“Yeah, this isn’t over,” I growled shooting her a look. “Who are you anyway?”

Netori still held me, speaking into my chest with a muffled voice. “She’s Netorare. My sister. The Goddess of Loss.”

“There are two of you?”

“Hmph… there are three of us. You forget sister Netorase, the goddess of sharing.” The girl named Netorare crossed her arms and frowned at us.

“When I started this game…” mumbled Netori. “It was supposed to be between the three of us. It was Netorare who told the other gods about the game and blew this into a bigger deal.”

“And why not?” Netorare sniffed. “What you’re trying to do will fail. I will never accept your champion.”

“And what of yours.” Netori finally pulled away from me and glared at her. “You weren’t even trying.”

“Trying? Look at yourselves! I’ve already won!” Netorare laughed. “He has no one left. My guy has already conquered all of his women.”

“You did that by breaking the rules!”

“No matter?” Netorare shrugged. “What’s done is done, and you weren’t even there to see your failure.”

“That’s because you cheated…”

“Don’t talk to me about cheating! Just face it, you lost everyone!”

“I haven’t lost everyone,” I said definitely, trying to support Netori.

“Oh… are your talking of your sister? ” Netorare’s eyes flashed. “You haven’t heard? Oh my, it turns out my champion has already conquered her completely.”

“You…” I backed up, a flash of fear shooting through my heart. “No!”

“Hakaru, wait!” Netori called to me, but I ignored her, unlocking the door to let myself out.

“And don’t think I will forgive you for what you did to me!” Netorare shouted. “I will absolutely never forgive you! You’ll never succeed with what Netori wants, because I won’t allow it! Never!”

Netorare vanished as I locked the doors behind me and jumped on my bike. I pedaled as fast as I could, speeding down the street towards my home.

Netori’s voice sounded in my ear. “Don’t go home. You don’t want to see it.”

I gritted my teeth and cycled even harder. “Shut up! She’s my sister.”

“Hakaru, let’s talk about this. We can work things out. I will help you.”

“Like you’ve helped me the last week?” I shouted breathlessly at no one as my bike shot down the street.

“I didn’t know… I can’t… see you like I used to. I only realized something was up when your points decreased suddenly. Believe me, I was surprised by all of this as you were.” Netori spoke defensively. “She must have cut a deal with a concealment god while she was keeping me distracted.”

I reached the house after another ten minutes of cycling. Netori gave up once she realized there was nothing she could do to keep me from going home. Bursting into my house, I realized it was dark. Dad was out late tonight. He might actually have work tonight, it wasn’t always an excuse to go out and party. As for mother, tonight was the night she went to her book club where they similar drank sake. It was only evening now, and neither of them would be home until midnight.

As I walked through the dark house, I realized that things weren’t quiet. Rather, I could hear the noise of a bed squeaking. More than that, I could hear the moaning sounds of a man and a woman. As I walked into the hall that contained our bedrooms, my foot movements were like that of a zombie. It became clear the sound was coming from my sister’s room. My mind didn’t allow me to put two and two together. Instead, my mind was completely numb to the sounds. I just had to move forward. I had to open the door to my sister’s room.

The doorknob was cold, and I twisted it slowly, sliding the door open. There, on her bed, on all fours, was my sister, completely naked. Behind her was Jack, who was pounding her hard. He had her hair in his hand and was pulling it so hard that it had to hurt, but the euphoric expression on my sister’s face said she didn’t mind.

“Maria…” I said, my voice coming out as a croak.

“Oh… Hakaru… how are you?” Jack looked back and grinned, raising a hand and slapping my sister’s ass. “Damn she’s tight, give me a second. I’m about to pop it.”

“Not inside!” Maria chimed and then she looked back as if dazed. “Eh? Hakaru? W-wait!”

“Ah, cumming!” Jack forced himself in Maria even as she pulled away, his body shaking as he dumped his load inside her. “Fuuuuck! Ah, yeah…”

“S-stop… brother is watching…” Her voice came out weak, but she barely fought at all as he finished inside her.

Finally, Jack pulled out and then tossed her down to the bed, by shoving her ass. Maria looked slightly dazed. As she turned, her legs opened and seed leaked out of her pussy. As for me, I felt like a dagger was piercing into my heart. I was struggling to breathe.

Jack grabbed Maria’s hair again, forcing her up and then kissing her lips. “Tell your brother how much you like it.”

“Mmm… Jack’s cock… best.” Maria smiled drunkenly.

“You… bastard!” I shouted.

“Eh? What’s that?” Jack laughed. “It’s the sound of a loser whining. Your ex, your sister, your goddess. I’ll have them all. It’s just a matter of time until you’ll have nothing. When you banged your sister, I got a couple of points for being cheated on… Oh, but wait, you won’t get points… because she was never yours.”

“You…” I could say anything else, biting my lip until I tasted blood.

“Hey, don’t be modest.” Jack grabbed the blanket Maria was trying to pull over herself and ripped it off. “Show your brother what you did!”

Maria nodded and then reached down, spreading her pussy as more cum leaked out and down her crack. She looked up at me and smiled. There was nothing in her eyes. They looked completely empty. She was clearly drunk, but she had also been manipulated by him. Both wasn’t enough.

Jack laughed one more time and then walked up to me, slapping my chest. “You look so hilarious, that’ll I’ll do you a little favor. I’m going to tell you what will happen next. In a little under two weeks, my gang will be having a giant Halloween party. The entire senior class is invited. Your sister is coming too. She’s going to wear something really skimpy, and at the apex of the party, she’ll pull off her clothing and let every guy there fuck her. By the end of the night, she has become a perfect meat toilet for me and my buddies. I’ll let your ex-girlfriend Akiko record the whole thing and then I’ll put it on the internet and make a ton of money.”

“You… can’t do that.” I snapped, gritting my teeth but not daring to do anything.

“What? It’s not my desires. Right Maria?” He glanced back and grinned.

“I’m Jack’s meat toilet…” Maria said weakly, flopping back into the bed, looking like she was passed out.

“Goodbye, Hakaru… it’s been fun playing with you.” Jack turned and left the room.

As the front door slammed shut, I fell to the ground. Looking up at my sister, there didn’t seem to be any coherency in her mind. She was sleeping now, but cum was still leaking from her pussy. Going to the kitchen, I grabbed a small tub and a washcloth. I went back in and cleaned my sister and dressed her. I pulled out a morning-after pill. I had bought a few when I started toying with Akiko. I put one in her mouth and forced her to swallow it by rubbing her throat. Leaving a glass of water by her bed stand, I closed the door.

“Hakaru… that is… I’m so sorry.” Netori’s voice came from behind me. “Please… don’t give up. We can… we can…”

“Win…” My eyes flashed as I turned towards Netori. “I want to win.”

A fire was burning through my entire body. Rage. Red hot rage. It was so strong I was actually shaking.


“I’m going to take everything from him. Everything. My sister. My ex-girlfriend. Even Netorare! Everything is mine!” I was shouting by the end of it.

A small smile formed on Netori’s mouth, “Good. I too want Netorare to pay.”

“Then help me beat him,” I said, stepping forward. “Tell me what I need to do, and I’ll do it.”

Netori’s smile grew dark. “First things first… we’re going to need a lot of points. There is a skill you need, and it will change the game. Do you have a way to earn a lot of points?”

I closed my eyes and thought back over the last week. There was always Gina, but would she really be able to get me enough points? Should I finally push down my mother? What if I just raped Maria over and over again. Could I reprogram her on my own? If I just locked her here, she’d never go to that Halloween party. I had a feeling none of those options would work. Then something came to me.

“Yeah… I can earn a lot of points.” I said, “I’m just going to need a camera.”

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