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The next day was a Saturday, and after spending all night watching movies with Maria and doing various other activities, the pair of us slept in. Mother had already left with dad for their party by the time I was waking up. I went and made myself a late afternoon breakfast. I made a portion for Maria too, but I held off bringing it to her door. The previous night was like a dream, and I didn’t want to risk bursting that bubble. For the moment, I’d let her sleep.

My cellphone began ringing, and I picked it up without checking who it was.


“Ah… hey… you answered. Thank god. Um… man, I’m going to need a favor.” A voice came over the phone.


“Uh… yeah… as it turns out, I need you to contact my Mother.”

For a second, I felt a surge of panic. Kira’s brother couldn’t possibly know about my relationship with them, right? He wouldn’t be talking so casually.

“What for?”

“Ah… well… It turns out I need bail. I’m in jail right now?”

“Seriously?” I answered in disbelief.

“Yeah… turns out, recording minors having sex and then blackmailing them was not a long-term strategy. I guess some asshole banged a bunch of women at our location and was blackmailing the women. Long story short, the drama caused other women to come out… women I had been… um… acquainted with. The investigation ended up hitting us, and they found all of the videos.”

“What about me?”

“Ah… you don’t need to worry. I didn’t even put you on my books. You got your last paycheck Friday, right? Well, just walk the other way. No one will know a thing.”

“So… you’re saying you’re firing me.”

“Ah… I’m so sorry. But the place is shut down for good.” Deacon said. “Can you please contact my mother? I really don’t want to be berated over the phone, and I definitely don’t want to get my ass kicked by Dad. I’d have Kira do it, but she didn’t answer her phone.”

“Sure…” I sighed.


“Yeah, I’ll head over to your house after I’ve eaten.”

“Thanks, buddy, you’re a lifesaver.” Deacon sighed in relief. “Oh, and… can you be gentle letting my mother know?”

“Don’t worry.” I grinned. “I’ll take real good care of your mother.”

“Thanks again! Ah… I’m out of time, gotta go!” He hung up the phone.

I hung up on my side and looked at the phone, chuckling slightly to myself. I supposed it was as good of a time as any to farm points. Mrs. Fukumi had a good week to stew in her juices. I was in a good position to play with her some more. I was always willing to do a favor for a friend.

“I hope you’re happy.” A voice spoke up angrily.

I looked up to see Netorare. She was sitting at my table on the opposite side of me, her arms crossed, and a hateful expression on her face.

“You lost, Netorare.” I shrugged. “Just admit it. It is in your nature.”

“Fine… I may have lost… but that doesn’t mean you’ve won.”

“That’s the thing,” I said, wiping my mouth. “I don’t need to win. I just need to have the strength to take what I want and hold on to it. Do you think there is winning in life? Do you think a business has won? Take the largest business you can think of, let’s say, Toyota? Has Toyata won as a company? Of course not. Winning is a contrived concept created by losers. There is no winning, and there is no end game. I’ll simply take everything I want until I am satisfied, and then I will hold onto it. That is the nature of NTR Crush!”

“Well said!” A voice declared, another girl exactly like Netorare was floating nearby.

“Ahh!” Netorare cried out, her body shaking. “You’re here?”

“I am…” Netori’s expression turned really sour. “You’re done, Netorare.”

“Wh-wh-what does sister possibly mean?”

Netori pulled out a rolled-up sheet of paper and dropped it in front of Netorare. “You signed when we started the game. Your champion is done. You admitted defeat, I heard the words myself. You know what that means.”

“W-wait… that… it’s not…”

“It’s magically binding! Created by Sancus himself. No more distractions! No more humiliations! I’m restraining you now. You won’t keep me from my game any longer!”

“No!” She tried to stand up, but suddenly a hundred chains appeared wrapped around her, binding every appendage.

It was many times more than when I had used my points to rape her.

“It’s time to rein you in, sister.” Netori shrugged.

“No! Hakaru!” She cried out with frightened eyes, but with a snap from Netori, Netorare disappeared with a puff of smoke.

I casually brought a cup of tea to my lips and drank. “So… where have you been-“

“I’m sorry!” Netori dropped down, bowing her head so low it might have been a dogeza.

“Get up…” I sighed, “I just want answers.”

Netori floating back up, a wry expression on her face. “I suppose I owe you that much. You’ve been doing so splendidly lately. I’m really proud.”

“Yeah, yeah… enough sweet talk. What’s going on?”

Netori sighed. “Netorare has been fighting unfairly. The last few weeks she’s been sending out missives to other gods in my name. I’ve been desperately trying to deal with crowd control. Gods and Goddesses have been continuously demanding my attendance, and most of them are more powerful than I am. Simply put, when a big name goddess like the goddess of love comes knocking, I can’t say no.

“What kind of rumors?” I asked.

“Rumors… about my availability…” Netori spoke wryly. “It’s, about this whole competition. It started out as a means for me, Netorase, and Netorare to settle a dispute.”

“Which is the best form of NTR?” I asked.

Netori chuckled. “Yeah, something like that. Is it better to steal, to accept loss, or to share? We put our philosophies to the test. But then, Netorare made public the competition. All of the gods and goddesses were informed and even encouraged to join in. There are literally thousands of deities in this world. The last few weeks I feel like I’ve talked with all of them. Had they all flooded into the mortal plane and picked a champion, the world would have fallen into extreme crisis. With a thousand gods playing around in Japan, you can’t imagine the consequences.

“It took me an exhausting amount of work, but I’ve limited the number of gods who are joining in massively. However, there was a cost too.”

”A cost?”

Netori bit her lip and shook her head. “That damn Netorare spread rumors as to a certain prize for the winner. That was actually part of the reason I was so distracted. In the end, the upper gods ruled that the competition stood, even though I never agreed to it. I’m now bound by their law, just as assuredly as Netorare was bound by my law. It’s about the nature of the game. Rather, it’s about the reward at the end of the game.”

“There is a reward?” I asked.

Netori nodded. “There is now.”

“What is that?” I swallowed, looking at her dark expression with interest.

Netori was usually light-hearted and prone to teasing. It was rare to see her so serious. It made me understand just how serious this situation was to Netori.

“My hand…” Netori said.


“For the winner of NTR Crush, goes my hand in marriage.” Netori grimaced. “There are many suitors that have been eyeing me for a very long time. I’ve turned most of them down, but a few remained hopeful. After the rumors spread, they started harassing me, trying to catch me in an agreement. The elder gods finally settled it by declaring my game as the deciding factor.

“The champion with the most… assets… by the end, wins the game. And that god or goddess will proceed to take my hand in marriage, whether I want them to or not.”

“There… has to be something we can do!” I said, dropping my fork.

She nodded. “There is something you can do. You can win.”

I smiled wryly. I had just made a big speech to Netorare about not caring about winning or losing. Now, that seemed to be the most important thing. 

Netori smiled helplessly at me. “All you need to do is what you promised to do with Netorare. I don’t have a problem with anything you said. Take what you want, and keep it.”

“What if… what I want… isn’t as much as what other players want?” I asked cautiously.

Netori giggled. “Then… I guess I’ll need to increase your… appetite?”

“Is that an offer? So, if I win, do you become mine?” I reached out to grab Netori.

She avoided me by floating just out reach, as she always did, while pursing her lips seductively. “If you win, then I won’t have to marry anyone? If you want me… you already know what you need to do.”

I smiled, taking the last sip of my tea. She was right. I really did know what I needed to do. When it came to NTR Crush, every player had their own play style. I had the goddess Netori by my side, and she only had one way that she played.

“I’m going to steal you, and everyone else I want too!”

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