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 “What the hell did you just say?” The guy took a step forward, his scrunched-up forehead looking bewildered at the words that just came out of my mouth.

I didn’t let my expression shift an inch as I smiled. “I mean, I figured you’d rather have her clean up than you?”

The guy blinked, “Huh? Clean?”

“Yeah… I mean, you guys used the room, but I still got to clean the whole thing. Company policy. However, I agree, I shouldn’t charge you, but I need someone to clean that room. So, as long as your girl is willing to do it for me, I’m cool with letting you guys off.”

“Really?” The guy brightened up a bit.

“Seriously?” The girl put on an ugly expression. “Just pay the guy. You’re seriously going to make me clean that room?”

“Hey,” The guy shrugged. “We barely used it, right? Just a couple minutes?”

I nodded. “There is a procedure, I’ll walk her through it, only takes like fifteen minutes. In the meantime, you can go get your car and bring it around. She’ll be done before you know it.”

The girl looked displeased, but the guy started nodding. “Yeah… cool. I thought you were one of the cool guys. Thanks, man.”

I gave him a phony smile. I suspected he used the garage a few blocks down as there was no street parking around here. It’d take him at least fifteen minutes to get his car. Most westerners liked to drive. Had he been Japanese, he might have walked or taken the subway, but because he was a westerner, I knew he drove around in a car, which the girl had confirmed. Even though it was inconvenient, those Americans would pay ¥2000 for parking and still end up walking. Well, it gave me all the time I needed with his girl.

What gave me the confidence I’d succeed? Well, I had heard her thoughts. She was definitely the kind of girl that wasn’t above getting a little revenge. Her boyfriend had already gotten her worked up, but unlike him, she hadn’t enjoyed any release. I maintained my public smile as up until the guy left the store. The girl turned to me, crossing her arms in front of her chest and giving a very deliberate sigh while rolling her eyes.

She was a pretty girl, probably around twenty, with a piercing in her nose and a tattoo around her ankle. She was wearing a leather skirt and fishnets, and a black blouse too. I was wondering if she had any other tattoos or piercings under her clothing marking that pale skin of hers.

“I’m not cleaning any toilets or anything like that.” She snapped.

I gave her a smile, gesturing for her to head back into the room. “Don’t worry, there is only one thing you need to do.”

“Yeah?” the girl walked forward, not suspecting a thing as she entered the room where a moment ago she had been sucking her boyfriend’s dong.

Looking at her tight behind stretching that skirt, I was already growing really excited. I repeated in my head the mantra that women want it just as much as guys. She’s already said she’s all for this, so I just got to go for it. If she rejected it, would I rape her? I wasn’t sure. After all, her boyfriend was right outside. Either way, I could get my ass kicked, but one way might even get me jail time if I was unlucky enough. It wasn’t like my sister where I had anonymity and it was secretly her fetish.

Putting on a face similar to the one I wore when I was dealing with Akiko, I closed and locked the door. Hearing the click, the girl turned around and looked back at me, a frown forming on her face.

“What is it you want me to do?”

I gave a chuckle. I didn’t know if it was from nervousness or from some sadism, but it sounded a bit sinister. Without letting my brain talk me out of it, I reached down, unzipped my pants and then pulled it out. My dick was a lot bigger than it had been even earlier today. No one would mistake it for a small dick anymore. It was thick, long, and already getting hard with me thinking about fucking this hot girl.

“Take care of this and we’re all good.”

The girl’s eyes fell on the dick, and several expressions played across her face. First, she was shocked, with just a little bit of disgust. Even if a girl thought such dirty things, thinking them and actually having to decide to act on them were two different things. However, before she could instinctively decline, she realized just how big this dick was compared to her boyfriend. He was actually a bit small. He didn’t do westerners any favors, that was for sure. To see my cock, about twice the size, it was probably the biggest this girl had ever seen.

“S-seriously?” The girl said, looking at me in disbelief.

She didn’t scream, attack me, or try to flee the room. That was a good thing. There was such a thing as passive consent. Maybe some people wanted to claim this didn’t count in the bedroom, but I wasn’t one of them. Unless you tell me no, then I’m definitely going to treat things as a yes. Well, I had already raped my own sister and turned my girlfriend into a sex slave, I didn’t really need to justify my actions anymore.

“There are cameras in the rooms.” I said, pointing over my shoulder with my thumb. “I know you missed out. He’ll be a while getting the car, why don’t you make everyone happy.”

She glanced up at the camera with concern. It was subtle, but hinting that failure to cooperate might mean her sex video gets plastered all over the web was another nice piece of motivation, not that I made that threat. If she wanted to consider that as a possibility, she was welcome to it. The girl swallowed one more time, looking at my cock, and then lowered her head in defeat.

“Okay…” She said in almost a whisper, moving down to her knees in front of my cock like a submissive woman.

I gave another chuckle, pulling my dick away from her hands. “Actually, we only have fifteen minutes and I’d seen where this direction goes. How about you strip and we go from there?”

The girl stood back up, and spoke in a high-octave shocked voice. “Strip?”

I nodded. “Take off your clothes. Spread it for me.”

The girl slowly nodded in affirmation, but now she looked uneasy and was shaking for some reason. “Y-yes…”

She wasn’t eloquent or sensual, but she was blushing and acting really shy, which was just as sexy. She took off her blouse and her skirt, revealing a pair of black underwear above her fishnet thigh-high socks. It was pretty sexy. At least, it was sexy enough I could tell she wanted to be seen that way.

“Good, now, how about you take them off too.”


I was using the same tone I used to order Akiko around. I expected it to fail with other girls, but despite the fact this girl wasn’t my slave, she was just as obedient as Akiko. I was seriously really surprised. I was about to fuck a complete stranger. Sure, I had slept with Netori the first day I met her, but that situation was a little different. This girl truly is someone I just met, and will probably never meet again. She was a complete stranger. Here she was, stripping like a little slut while slipping glances at my big cock and shuddering with anticipation.

I had rarely felt this good before. It was the feeling of being in control. That was something I had only started to taste a month or two ago, and now that I flavored it, I came to like the feel. Watching her slowly pull off her bra and panties was quite exhilarating. The girl did have a tattoo on her back, the legendary tramp stamp. More than that, she had a smoothly shaved pussy, and a tattoo of a rose to the upper right of her pink cunt. Furthermore, she had one of her nipples pierced.

Suffice it to say, this girl was totally out of my league, yet she stood shaking without trying to hide her body. It was clear by the glistening of her pussy lips that she really wanted my cock.

“Lie down on the couch and spread your legs.” I gave the next order.

She sat down on the couch, but then hugged herself like she was having second thoughts. It seemed like if I gave her enough time, she’d think her way out of this. I couldn’t let her have doubts now!

“Lie back and spread them!” I demanded.

The girl closed her eyes for a second. “Do you have a condom?”

“Of course!” I declared, turning away.

Fortunately, she didn’t see my grimace. A condom? Why the heck would I have a condom? Well, actually it was pretty normal to use condoms. Even this girl was a slutty stranger, so I was opening myself up to all kinds of possible diseases if I went bareback. However, one more glance at the smoking bare body and I knew I just had to bareback it. I wanted to see the look of surprise on her face when I came in her. I really wanted to see the look on her face as she sat in her boyfriends car with a load of my jizz leaking out her cunt.

Deacon had handed me a wrist rubber. It was like a rubber band but had information about the school. I didn’t like wearing them because they pulled on the skin, but I did have one in my pocket. Pulling it out while remaining turned away from her, I rubbed them, making a screechy noise. A second later, I snapped it. Hopefully, that sounded enough like putting a condom on that this girl wouldn’t realize the difference until it was too late.

“Alright, I’m done.” I ordered, still facing away from her. “Now close your eyes.”

It was a little suspicious of an order, but when I looked back, I could see she had listened to me. This beautiful slutty girl was lying on a couch with her legs spread open waiting for my dick. I was so hard I felt like I could pop open a can of soda. Throwing my shirt away, I immediately got on top of her. She exhaled a deep breath as I mounted her, but otherwise kept her eyes shut. This wasn’t really the kind of situation where it was worth being romantic, but I kissed her anyway. I was delighted to see that she kissed me back. When I pushed my cock up against her pussy, she let out a cry and her eyes opened.

“I-it won’t fit.” She said nervously.

I gave a dry laugh, and then thrust into her.

“Ahhhhnn…” she let out a cry, one hand squeezing the couch cushion while the other grabbed on to my arm tightly.

Holy shit, her pussy felt like it went on forever, or maybe that was because my dick was so big now. Something I didn’t realize about making my dick so much bigger is that it made all those pussies so much smaller in comparison. This slut’s pussy was so fucking tight, and I felt like it took a solid minute to slide my whole length inside that tiny thing. I nearly busted my nut inside her with only one thrust. I seriously had to pause a bit. Fortunately, the girl herself was having just as much difficulty taking my cock as I did handling her pussy. She had a pained look on her face, and her eyes were squeezed tight.

“I’m going to keep going.” I said gently, giving her lips another taste.

Her kisses weren’t something passionate. With her, everything felt more simple and experimental. After having done so many different things with Akiko, this was the second girl I got to taste in some time. The time with my sister had been frantic, and the time with Netori had been my first. So, overall, this was the first time I got to enjoy someone who wasn’t Akiko when I knew what I was doing..

I started rocking my hips and pushing my dick in and out of her. It still felt tight, and the girl wasn’t saying very much. In fact, other than gripping me tightly with her mouth slightly open, making occasional whimpers, she was incredibly silent. My biggest regret at the moment was that I didn’t have more time to enjoy her fully. She was such a sexy girl, and her bare pussy was such a unique experience, I wanted to enjoy this for a while.

Reaching down, I readjusted my cock, sliding it in once again. When I brought my hand back up, I realized there was blood on it. I stared at my hand for a moment before I realized what this was. Suddenly, her shaking and nervousness made sense. The tightness of her pussy, the very closed off and unslutty way she was acting. I had to admit, I was completely caught off guard.

With the outfit, the boyfriend, the tattoos and the piercings, I had made a major assumption about this girl, and now I realized that I was probably wrong. She wasn’t a slut at all. Well, at least not in the way it mattered to me.

“You’re a virgin?” I asked in disbelief.

That was a dumb question to ask. My dick was currently buried deep inside her. This girl wasn’t a virgin anymore.

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