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“Seriously? You’re a virgin?” I asked with a surprised look.

The girl under me turned away with embarrassment. “I was planning on giving it to him today… but then he acted like such a cheap jerk…”

“So, you gave it to me?” I raised an eyebrow.

“I-it’s not like that…” she protested, tear sliding down her cheek. “The other girls at University were making fun of me for still being a virgin. I was just getting tired of being made fun of. Shit… I even have a boyfriend… yet I still went here with that guy.”

I reached out and wiped the tear from her cheek. “It seems like I was a little rough.”

The girl put on an uncomfortable expression. “It’s fine. It already hurts. Just finish up quickly.”

It seemed like this girl was looking to lose her virginity with any guy, and it just so happened to be me. I scratched my chin, thinking about how I felt about that. Netori had said before that if there was no emotion in it, that sex wouldn’t get me a lot of points. I had to steal the girl entirely, and this girl’s relationship with her boyfriend was somewhat superficial. I had been so quick to jump at the opportunity to get more points, especially when I found out I couldn’t buy anything after leveling, that I jumped into this prematurely.

I wasn’t just going around banging women for fun. There was a strategy involved. I decided to take women and make them mine. Looking down at the girl with wet eyes and a determined look, I realized the only thing I stole from her was her virginity. I let out a sigh and pulled out my dick, suddenly no longer in the mood to bang her. She looked up at me, her expression growing confused.

“What are you doing?” She asked.

“Your way too cute and sexy to lose your virginity here on a couch…” I explained, ignoring the fact it was technically too late. “On Friday, I’ll take you on a real date. We’ll get a place at a true love hotel and then we can do this the proper way.”

The girl was already shaking her head. “That… I don’t even know you. This… this was just a mistake.”

“The name is Hakaru.” I grabbed my pants and pulled them back on and stood. “Your name?”

The naked girl crossed her arms over her chest and closed her legs, starting to show some modesty now that I stopped being the aggressor. “I’m such an idiot. You’re not even in college, are you? Are you a virgin too?”

I ignored those questions as I wrote down my name and number on a piece of paper and then handed it to her. She looked at my hand, a bitter expression on her face, but she didn’t take the paper.

“Look, I’ve already stuck my dick in you. If that’s all you cared about, then get lost.” I shrugged. “However, I think you don’t just want to have sex, you want to know sex.”

She glanced up with a questioning look. “Know sex?”

“You want to be able to talk to your friends about sex having actually known what it feels like. That’s something that’s not going to happen in five minutes on the couch in a smelly sex room.” I explained. “Furthermore, you likely are afraid your time with your boyfriend will be bad, so you wanted to practice first. That’s why you went out with that dumbass instead of him, right? He’s got a reputation for banging a lot of chicks and you thought he’d be good for giving you experience?”

The girl shook, lowering her expression.” I was afraid my relationship with my boyfriend would change… after… ” she stopped speaking and sat in silence for a moment.

Finally, she nodded, slowly reaching out and grabbing my number.

“I don’t care you have a boyfriend and I’m no virgin. I’ll show you many things. You’re not my first girl, but I am your first man. I’m willing to put money into you and I’m willing to show you a good time. That’s more than that idiot outside will do.”

“O-okay…” she spoke softly. “M-my name is Gina.”

“Hello, Gina. Give me a call then.”

“D-don’t you want my number too?” She asked, looking surprised as I turned away from her.

“You can call me whenever you want,” I explained. “I don’t need to deal with you waiting for a phone call. This is your body and your choice. You know my Friday will be free. I can’t promise any other day. Call me, or don’t.”

Gina blinked, but then her eyes started to grow a bit of their glow back. There was a bit of excitement that spread through her. I had deliberately left this all up to her. She likely wanted to feel empowered right now, so I gave her that.

“Hey! Where’s Gina! I’m back?” A shout came down the hallway.

“Oh, shit!” Gina cursed, running to grab her clothing and put them back on.

I turned and opened the door, ducking out of the room and closing it behind me. The cheap guy was already halfway down the hallway. He was a lot faster than I expected. Had we continued on having sex, there was a good chance he would have walked in on us in the middle of it. I let out a breath at how close I came to getting my ass beat.

“Where is she?” He asked cockily as he strutted back back.

I let out my professional smile and gestured him back down the hallway. “She’s coming. She just finished up now.”

“Yeah… whatever.” The guy shrugged. “I guess I’ll help her finish up.”

“Ah…” I couldn’t stop him from shoving me aside and continuing down the hallway.

Just as he reached the door it popped open. The girl dressed quick, and while she looked a little flustered, no one would notice she had just been naked and pushed down on a couch.

“James… I’m done.” She said, forcing a smile on her face.

“Bout time.” He growled, grabbing her arm and then turning to leave.

I crossed my arms as I watched them go. Gina looked back at me, her forehead wrinkled as if she was struggling with something. In the end, she didn’t say anything as he tugged her away. I didn’t meet her look, instead putting on a distant and aloof expression I was hoping would do it for her. They ended up out the door a moment later, and only then I let out a sigh. Well, it wasn’t the massive victory I had been hoping for. Rather, this was about planting seeds.

I had been reading a couple of pickup artist books lately. Looking like you’re interested but not interested was the main way to get a girl to obsess about you. It was possible I’d never hear from Gina again, but it was also possible that she wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about me. I made an impression on her. While I flouted her first-time by being too aggressive and eager, I planned to make up for it on Friday by wooing her a bit. If it worked, my points would be three or four times higher than had I gone to completion today.

Grabbing the cleaning supplies, I return back to the room to complete the job I had said she did. While cleaning up the couch, I noticed there was a small blood stain there. She really was a virgin girl. A virgin who wanted to act the slut because of peer pressure. I could only shake my head at that. Then, I found her panties in the couch cushions. She had left wearing nothing! Grabbing the panties, I tossed in my bag. I’d bring them to her on Friday if she ever called. If not… maybe I could sell them for some extra money. She had gotten excited in them while she sucked her boyfriend’s cock, so they had a very distinct lewd smell. Maybe I should put them in a baggy to preserve their freshness.

My other guests finished up and it was starting to get dark out. I was just getting ready to leave when the door opened with a ring once again.

“Come on… let’s have some fun…” A voice was saying.

I looked up, and then immediately started coughing. There was a guy and he was dragging my sister into the store. When she saw me, her face went white. My mouth dropped open a bit, completely unprepared for this.

“Hakaru!” She spoke up with a squeak.

“Eh? Your brother works here? What are you doing working in a love hotel?”

I put on a wry smile. “This is a game center. You rent out rooms to play with multimedia stuff.”

“What?” The guy had a disappointed expression on his face.

When I shot Maria a look, she lowered her eyes, her face exploding with red. I had heard what he said, a love hotel. She was completely exposed heading out with a boy to have sex.

“Jack… let’s go…” Maria pulled on his arm. “We can still… find somewhere else.”

I felt an extreme pang of irritation. I knew that Maria wasn’t really mine. We weren’t close, and the one time we had an encounter together, I had been hidden. However, I still felt extreme jealousy. This asshole was going to fuck my sister?

“Wait a moment…” Jack said, waving his hand. “Hey, how much is it to rent a room?”

“You need to rent for two hours, that’s 2,000 yen,” I explained.

“So cheap! A hotel costs nearly four times that.” Jack chuckled. “We’ll take one of those.”

Maria’s face went even redder and she pulled on his sleeve. “Jack… my brother is here, can we go somewhere else.”

“Eh?” Jack raised an eyebrow. “I thought you were telling me how much of a dirty girl you were and how you’re way better than Rachel. Was I mistaken coming out with you?”


I gritted my teeth. I really didn’t like the way he was talking to Maria at all. Actually, the way he was talking to Maria was a bit like the way I talked to women! He was being a total manipulative jerk, and she was lapping it up! I really hated that.

“Hey, give me the key. Your sister and I are going to have some fun.” Jack gave a shit-eating grin as he shamelessly spoke.

Fortunately, the ugly expression on my face could just as easily be confused for disgust as the jealous rage I was actually feeling. However, I was an employee and Jack was older than me. He was a so-called super senior, already in his 5th year of schooling. This was a situation created specifically to cater to Western students who couldn’t handle our selection process. Point being, he could kick my ass.

I knew him at school for being a bit of a womanizer and a trouble-maker. I asked about him after Maria had mentioned him. He was a poor guy who made money selling drugs, so naturally, he took the chance to get a room for cheap too. With my mouth still closed tightly, I took his information and gave him a key card. My heart dropped as he pulled my sister into one of the rooms. Shaking slightly, I forced myself into the backroom.

They were on the monitors, my sister, and this so-called Jack. He wasted no time, immediately grabbing her chest and squeezing it while he kissed her neck. My sister bent her neck to give him access, and he continued to violate her roughly. I bit my lip. I really felt like punching something. I just couldn’t believe I was stuck in this situation. Maria was mine! I had to just watch as some guy fucked her? But, what else could I do?

If I stormed into the room to interrupt them, I’d only weird her out and get beaten up by him. Maybe I could pull the fire alarm? No… what was I thinking? Was I a kindergartener now? Their actions were getting heavier and heavier. His hand was starting to unbuckle the belt that held up her miniskirt. Then, something happened and she pulled back, putting her hand on his chest. They said some words I couldn’t hear, and then she turned and opened the door.

“I’m going freshen up. I’ll be right back.” Maria’s words could be heard faintly down the hall.

The door was shut and Maria walked off to the girl’s bathroom. Walking out of the backroom, I glanced down the hall as I saw her figure enter the bathroom. The two were separate now… but how could I keep it that way? I had to do something to keep the pair from having sex. I had to cockblock this asshole, or I’d never forgive myself. I couldn’t just sit and watch this bastard bang my sister. I’d go crazy. How could I keep them from having sex? Well, she went to freshen up, so she was concerned about how she looked and smelled when he started! Maybe if I dumped dirty water on her! I could dirty her up.

“Dirty… her…”

My eyes flashed. That’s right. There was that option. I could rape her right now. If I took her in the bathroom, not only would she be in shock and not want to have sex with him, but how could she spread her legs for another man while her pussy was leaking my cum? It would destroy their relationship in an instant!

It was really risky. Even riskier than before. If I headed to the bathroom and didn’t wait, and I was caught raping her, getting beat up would be the least of my worries. I didn’t have much time to think about it though. Running into the backroom, I immediately changed my clothing. Fortunately, Deacon had a couple of items people had left in a lost and found box. That included a few sex items, like bindings and a gag. It also included a shirt and a ski mask. I put them on and shoved the bindings in my pocket. Locking the door to the front. I steeled myself one last time as I headed for the bathroom.

When the goddess closed one door, she opened another. I wouldn’t be sleeping with Gina tonight, but one way or another, Maria was going to taste my cock!

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