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“So, what do we do?” I asked, pacing back and forth in front of the girls.

“Eh? I think you should move out of my way; I’m watching the tv.” Maria whined.

“No, I mean, the school is corrupted and students are being used as sex toys. Shouldn’t we do something about it?” I demanded with a furrowed brow.

“Why is it my problem?” Maria shrugged. “I’m graduating this year.”

“And what about it? Maybe you’re the one being blackmailed next!”

Maria smirked and glanced up at me. “Is that it? Brother is afraid his big sister is going to leave him for another man?”

I lowered my brow and growled. “You wish! You even think of doing something and I’ll definitely make you pay!”

Akiko giggled, “You should listen to him, he has his ways.”

“That’s not helping!” I shot her a look. “Don’t you have any information on this?”

Akiko sniffed and crossed her arms. “What are you suggesting? Are you saying I’m the kind of slut who would know about such scandals?”

I coughed, turning away. “As to that, it’s just… you were so informed when it came to Jack…”

I hastily put together an excuse. It wasn’t really fair to drag either girl into this, but I didn’t know what I was getting into. Eiko was only willing to warn me away. As to telling me more on the subject, we weren’t that close. Maria appeared to be completely apathetic to what was going on at school. That left only Akiko as someone who could truly help me get information. At the end of the day, I was still a guy. Women talked, and they may talk about things that would never reach my ears. It was that kind of thing.

Akiko giggled. “Well, if you need me to go get information, I will. I can find out what’s going on pretty easily.”

“Can you make me a promise then?”

Akiko raised an eyebrow. “Another one? Are you saying you don’t trust me?”

I gave a grim smile. “These people… they’re not like Jack. Maybe it’s better to say they’re exactly like Jack, but way more dangerous. It’s not a matter of trust. No matter how loyal you feel towards me, there are ways they could strip that feeling away from you.”


I nodded, glancing at both girls, “Maria, you pay attention to this as well. The people that I’m going up against now, they may defy common sense. Even your best intentions and desires may not be enough. They know that I’m in a relationship with the two of you. That story is all over school now. That means… you’re both in danger.”

Maria finally lifted her head up from the television. “Are you for real?”

I nodded, trying to instill every sense of seriousness and warning into my look. “They will try to take the pair of you. If they can’t do it through traditional methods, they’ll try blackmail, or rape, or anything else.”

“What kind of people are you hanging with?” Maria asked incredulously.  

“It doesn’t matter.” I shook my head. “What’s important is that you don’t give them anything. Even if they promise they’ll help me in some way, don’t listen to them. If you suddenly find yourself doing something you regret, don’t be afraid to tell me. Come home immediately, tell me what you did. I mean it. I don’t care if you blow a hundred guys. I’ll still be waiting for you.”

“You don’t care if I blow a hundred guys?” Akiko tapped her cheek. “How interesting!”

“Of course, I’d care!” I growled back, causing her to snicker. “I want you to promise you’ll never cheat on me with another guy. Or a girl for that matter. A person! Swear you won’t cheat! Then, if you do it, I know there was really something shady going on.”

Akiko sighed and then stood up, holding her hand over her heart. “Alight. I promise I won’t cheat on Hakaru with anyone else. Okay?”

I took her lips, sealing the Locked promise. Maria made a similar pledge, but she looked a bit more confused. Even though I kissed her for effect, I actually didn’t Locked Promise Maria. I could only use it on one person anyway, and Akiko was a lot more likely to cause trouble. When it came to trusting, I still had none when it came to her. She had helped me a bit, but she was also the one who cheated on me in the first place. Once a cheater, always a cheater, or something like that. Plus, Akiko was sociable while Maria was a bit of a recluse. I had no doubt she’d spend most of her time hiding in her room, where Akiko might very well end up right in the enemy’s lair.

With them both hearing what I had to say, I felt a little better. Part of me wanted to tell them everything about this game. I still didn’t mention anything about goddesses. I just said that there were people who wanted to steal the women in my life, and I was encouraged to steal their women as well. With that resolved, I decided the next course was to go to Mrs. Fukumi’s house. I did want to see Kira and see if she was doing okay, but I was also concerned about Mrs. Fukumi the most. Sasori was quickly becoming one of my women. That meant that she was most vulnerable at the moment. Given that her husband wasn’t on my side, that meant I needed to find some way to warn her.

I ended up calling her on my phone after I sent Akiko home.


“Ah… Hakaru… naughty boy, calling me like this.”

“Are you… alone?” I asked.

“Hehe… Kira is in her room. Would you like us both again? You don’t really need my daughter anymore. You can have me twice as much.”

“We need to talk; I’m going to head on over.”

I didn’t bother to take my bike this time. I dressed somewhat nicely and walked to their house. I wanted to make a serious expression on Mrs. Fukumi. Plus, I wanted to give her as little reason to push this into sex as possible. If I came over wearing shorts and sweating, she might think I rushed over for a booty call or something. I needed to be careful when speaking to her. She may be my teacher, but she was also unexpectedly fragile in many ways.

When I knocked on the door, it was not Mrs. Fukumi who opened it. I immediately froze, trying to figure out what was going on.

“Oh… Hakaru? Here to see Kira?” Mr. Fukumi said in a chipper voice, smiling.

“Ah… Mr. Fukumi. It’s good to see you home.” I only just managed to keep myself from frowning as I forced my cheeks up.

He opened the door but as I passed, he whispered. “Or are you here to enjoy my wife?”

I tripped, barely managing to catch myself as I walked inside. The smile on his face didn’t change. In fact, it seemed to grow even brighter, as if the thought of me touching his wife excited him. I thought the tension of knowing that I was banging his wife would make any interactions with this man extremely awkward. Somehow, the fact that he knew made the interactions even more awkward. I’d rather be cheating behind the back of a good man than knowingly banging a pervert’s wife.

“Is that Hakaru?” Sasori’s voice came from the kitchen. “I know he came to see Kira, but send him in here. I’d like him to try something I’m cooking.”

“Yes, dear!” Mr. Fukumi called emphatically and then gently pushed me towards the kitchen door. “Go on, stud. I appreciate the meal I’m about to receive.”

My skin crawled, but I had no choice but to go into the kitchen as Mr. Fukumi watched. As the doors shut, I looked to see Mrs. Fukumi at the oven, grilling some vegetables with chopsticks in her hand. Although she was wearing an apron, I was relieved to see that she had something under it as well. At least she had full clothing on. They hadn’t devolved so far yet.

“Sasori!” I hissed, walking over to her while watching the door to make sure I didn’t see Mr. Fukumi peeking in. “You told me your husband was out!”

Sasori giggled, turning around and suddenly grabbing me. She pulled me into a kiss, and I had to pull away to keep her from going farther.

“Isn’t it a little exciting with him here? We could get caught at any moment.” She purred, eyeing me lewdly. I could blow you in the bathroom, or give you a handy under the table. The possibilities are practically endless!“

“This is ridiculous.” I shook my head. “You’re my teacher! How can you act this way?”

“You’re the student who blackmailed me and forced me into sex.” She responded poutily, who started acting ridiculous first?”

“Sasori, we need to talk. About us. Your daughter, your husband. We need to make things clear.”

“My… my… aren’t you trying to act mature.” Sasori giggled. “It’s kind of hot. You know, I’m still not wearing panties. Anything could happen.”

“St-stop!” I growled as she started opening up the buckle of my pants, turning me around and pinning me against the kitchen counter.

“Come on… Hakaru…” She said, licking her lips, “Just stick it in for a bit. If you just stick it in, I’ll behave the rest of the night. I promise.”

“You…” I growled angrily, but she had already managed to open my pants and was stroking my cock. “You promise?”

It grew to full length instantly, and I rolled my eyes, gasping under her machinations.”

“I promise…” She whispered in my ears. “Just fill up my aching wet pussy for a bit, and I’ll be Hakaru’s perfect bitch.”

Damn it! I didn’t really want to do this, but if it settled her down, a quickie was leagues better than being touched and bumped for the next hour while I tried to explain things. Plus, in her apron, Sasori was a real hotty. It wasn’t that I was letting her take control again. It was simply that I found this to be the quickest way to get what I wanted.

She raised her leg on the countertop, lifting her skirt and exposing her pussy. Using her hands, she spread it open for me, licking her finger and then rubbing her clit excitedly.

“Come on, inside, real quick, before the veggies burn. Then I’ll be a good girl.”

I went and lined up my dick, but I had never done it standing before, so the logistics were foreign to me. I stabbed her twice, missing both times, she eventually grabbed my dick, lining it up herself. Just as she told me to thrust up, I looked over her shoulder. My eyes landed on the kitchen door. It was now open just a crack, and there was an eye watching me. I pulled away as if I had been shocked.

“What is it, Hakaru?” Sasori looked confused as I pulled away from her, knocking her leg off the counter.

“Nothing… Kira… I need to speak to Kira!” I said, trying to change the conversation instantly.

“You’re… so naughty…” Sasori suddenly blushed.

“What? What are you talking about?”

“You made me so hot and bothered and now you’re going to taste my daughter. Hakaru is really cruel. I can’t stand it. You don’t know how bad I need your cock.”

I shot a look at the kitchen door to see that the eye was gone. I sighed, letting my heartbeat return to normal before grabbing Sasori’s cheeks.

“Sasori, I don’t like this version of you. I just want my teacher back.”

Sasori blinked, staring at me dumbly. I sighed and pushed past her, heading up the stairs to Kira’s room. My first attempt to talk with Sasori ended in a disaster. I was just hoping that my talk with Kira went a bit better.

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