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“Mother, what are you doing here?” I forced through my lips, even though my jaw was sore and it hurt to talk.

“Shush… sweetie, mommy is dealing with it.” Mother shot me a quick affectionate look before it turned ugly as she glared at Gio’s supposed father.

“M-mother!” The old man took several steps back and held up his arm like he was physically defending himself. “That’s… that brat is your… that’s…”

“I still have little mice that feed me information, and when they said my son was pulled off the street by men in suits, I told myself it couldn’t possibly be Gakuto. That old man wouldn’t dare touch my precious children.”

The old man shook for a second, lifting his hands. “Ma petite fleur, it was an accident. A mistake. Had I known he was your son, I would have never handled things in a way that disrespected you. Of course, you can have him back. This was my son and daughters doing. You know how kids can be. They never concern themselves with blood ties and alliances. The youth is hotblooded, right? They just weren’t checking who they were offending.”

He shot Gio an extremely angry look. Gio looked back in confusion. It was clear he had no clue why his father was so flustered and angry. In fact, the shock on his face showed he had never seen his father act this way in his life before. Still, he seemed to fail to read his father’s mood and stepped forward defiantly.

 “Pops… you can’t seriously let him go after what he did to sister…”

The old man’s hand clenched like he wanted to smack some sense in his son, but it was too late. My mother cocked her head and her gaze shot to Gina.

“My son? And what do you claim he did?” Her voice was extremely cold.

“He got my sister pregnant!” He said. “And then tried to make her abort it!”

“So?” Her voice was spoken so casually, that it made everyone shiver.

Gio’s mouth fell opened and he blinked, unable to understand how she wasn’t moved by his words.

“Whoever my son deposits his baby batter in, it’s none of your concern, and if he doesn’t want to keep the baby, who the hell are you to force him to be a father? I don’t give a shit about some dumb twat teenager who thinks herself a prochoice mommy. She certainly didn’t hesitate to open her legs to accept my son’s seed, but now that it’s making something, she suddenly doesn’t want to be rid of it but still wants him to take care of it? Where the hell is his choice? That sounds like more western feminist bullshit. The last I checked, this was still Japan!”

“Ma petite fleur…” The old man tried to force a smile while looking like he was pleading. “I was suggesting we make this boy family. I was never going to hurt him. Is it so bad that our family takes care of his baby? Our house will pay, of course.”

“Is this the girl?” Mother pointed at Gina, who was trying to hide behind the crowd now, her entire body shaking.

“Y-yes…” The old man gestured his daughter to come to his side. “This is my daughter Gina. The two met at his job. They had sex, and after she got pregnant, she says he started shafting her.”

“That’s not tru-“ I started but when mom held up her hand, I instantly stopped.

For some reason, all the fear and anxiety I had been feeling was completely gone. It felt like Mother was going to make everything right. The terrified expression of the old man was only the icing on the cake. Not everyone there was scared. Most just looked confused, as if they couldn’t understand why this woman was allowed to talk to their boss this way. However, no one would move without the boss’s orders, and I had a feeling deep down that he wouldn’t make that order, no matter what my mother said.

“Girl…” Mother reached into her purse and pulled out a long gohei. “For many years, I worked exclusively as a shrine maiden. When I turned 18, I was blessed by a goddess, and given the ability to see the hidden truth in all things, do you know what this means?”

The girl shook, content with not saying anything, but her father nudged her forward, nodding at her to speak.

“I-I’m sorry, I don’t…”

“Hmph…” Mother gave a displeased noise while she shook her Gohei, the paper rattling with a soft sound. “Stupid, and a cumdumpster besides.”

Mother began to walk towards the door. Gina tried to step back, but her father didn’t allow her. She was shaking but didn’t move as my mother approached, shaking her paper stick as she got closer and closer.

“Wh-what are you doing?”

“You could say… I have a knack for smelling out bullshit. It served me well as a Sukeban and it only got stronger as a maiden. The last sixteen years with my husband has only made it flawless.” She stopped, the paper just touching Gina’s belly. “I’ll give you one chance. Speak the truth of things.”

“This is- it’s Hakaru’s baby! It’s-”

Mother’s eyes I couldn’t see, but they suddenly made Gina’s words catch on her lips. Mother leaned forward, her lips right next to Gina’s ears.

“Liar…” She whispered simply.

It sounded like a sentence though, and Gina’s knees grew so weak, that she collapsed to the floor.

“This is ridiculous!” Gio took a step forward. “Father, between your own daughter and this woman, who will you-“

“I’m sorry!” Gina suddenly screamed. “I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to… I didn’t want to lie.”

Gio’s mouth fell opened and closed a few times. “S-sister?”

Gio’s father closed his eyes and looked away as if he had just experienced a slap across the face.

“They made me… they had pictures… pictures of me… they wanted to embarrass the whole gang. Said they’d show everyone if I didn’t… If I didn’t… then he got me pregnant. He told me to pin it on Hakaru… he wanted me to… to say it was Hakaru’s!”

“Daughter!” The man’s eyes opened and he slammed his cane down. “Enough!”

“I wanted it to be Hakaru’s. I wish it had been… you should have taken me when you had the chance…” Gina started balling. “I wanted you… why couldn’t you take me when you had the chance…”

Gina was crying and reaching out towards me, her eyes pleading. My mother suddenly smacked her hands with the Gohei.

“Because my son could see your sluttiness from a mile away!” Mother barked. “Even if he had you, you still would have spread your legs for others. Your nature is nothing but a cumdumpster. Even I can smell the slut on you!”

“Ma petite… no… Hellcat… you’ve made your point.” The man spoke solidly even as his pregnant daughter wailed on the floor. “It appears we were in complete error here. You have our apologies. Please take your son…”

Mother looked unmoved. Instead, a dark smear formed on her face.

“And what of compensation?”

The old man blinked. “Th-that… I will definitely make it up to you…”

“Make it up? You believed the lies of a whore, kidnapped my son, beat him, tried to pin false accusations on him… look at his body! Do you think a favor is what I want?” Mother snapped, shoving her shrine maiden’s device away. “No… we do things the way we always have. Blood for blood. Your daughter should receive a punishment equal to her guilt in all of this.”

“My daughter isn’t in a state to be beaten… I will receive it in her place…” The man sighed in resignation.

“No, father!” Gina cried out.

Several other men made noises of alarm. Watching the old man get beaten would certainly demoralize the entire gang. No one there wanted to see that.

“That’s not what I want…” Mother’s lip turned up cruelly.

The big boss eyed her with a worried look, “What do you propose?”

“Your whore of a daughter opens her legs for any man. It was her own lewd images that got you here, so it seems like you should just make the title official. From now on, you no longer have a daughter. You have a cumdumpster. That will be her name.”

“You want me to change her name?” He said in disbelief.

“No… I already said it.” Her eyes flashed angrily. “Don’t you understand? I want her to be used to dump cum. I want every man here to use her pussy to ejaculate in and on her. I want tattoos at every entrance including on her forehead to insert cum here. I then want her to go to one of those hotels I know you have.  I want an advertisement online… free cum dumpster at that location and I want everyone invited. For the rest of her days, I want anyone who wants to deposit cum in her to be able to so. I want her reprogrammed so that she will never resist, never say no, and never dispute what she is and always will be! I want people to walk down the street, see her lying on her ass with her legs spread open, another fatherless baby in her womb, and cum leaking out of every hole and I want people to point and say… oh, there is the local cumdumpster! You do that, Bone breaker… and we can be done here.”

“N-no…” Gina shook her head.

“Father… this is ridiculous!” Gio shouted.

The old man looked like the light had gone out of his eyes. His face was white, and he was shaking. All of the men glanced over at him. The looks on their faces were rage. They were waiting for him to give the order to attack my mother. She had gone too far.

He worked some moisture back into his mouth and then dropped his hand. “Do it… grab her, put her over that crate…”

Everyone froze. No one knew what to make of his orders. Fury suddenly flushed the old man’s face and he pointed down at Gina.

“Grab the cumdumpster and fill it with cum, are you fuckers deaf!”

The men ran forward and grabbed Gina. Only when she realized that this was actually happening did her eyes start to turn to full panic. She struggled and screamed, but the two men forced her over a crate and pulled down her pants, just as the old man had ordered. At this point, Gio howled and leaped forward too. Five other men had to pile on him to keep him from running to save his sister.

Gina’s ass was exposed in an instant, and with everything else prepared, one of the men was pulling out his dick. He kept shooting looks to the boss, but the man mom called Gakuto was looking the other direction as if ignoring the screams of his daughter. As for my mother, she watched the entire scene coldly. It was only at that moment I finally snapped out of my own daze.

“W-wait! Mom!” I cried out.

Mom’s cold expression suddenly disappeared as she spun to me. “H-Hakaru… oh… I’m sorry baby, you’re still all tied up…”

She ran to me and suddenly her chest was in my face. It took three attempts to talk through her breasts before she finally gave me the room to say what I wanted to say.

“I’m not that hurt… and I think this Gina girl has information I need. Can we… can we change the punishment. I need information more than this. Please… mother?” I was uncomfortably pleading with her, especially after the show she put on.

However, her response to me was immediately a blush. “Ah.. d-did mother go too far?”

Why did mom suddenly look so cute when she was looking at me like that. It was like the cold woman who threw down righteous vengeance was a complete lie! The cute, uncertain mother who blushed and looked at her son with her head lowered, wasn’t that my real mother?

Everyone else in the room seemed to have frozen too. Mother’s change in demeanor between how she treated Gina and how she treated me, it was way too exaggerated!

“No… mother was really cool!” I said, “But… We have to see the big picture. Someone made Gina tell those lies, right. That means, my true enemy is yet to be revealed. We can’t be caught up on the ones who pulled the trigger when the one who gave the order is still hiding!”

The entire room was silent. Even Gina and Gio had stopped struggling. Everyone was waiting for my mother’s next proclamation. The entire fate of the Yakuza most likely rested on her next words.

Mother thought about what I said very carefully, tapping her lips before she suddenly smiled and then said. “Hakaru thinks I’m cool!”

Everyone in the room collapsed.

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