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“I don’t know what the heck I’m doing!” I complained with a sigh, flopping on my bed.

The reality was that the last few weeks, I’d mostly just been spending time with my sister and Akiko. There were no women wrapped around my finger ready to do my bidding. In fact, making any attempt to bring other women home was beyond me. I had already pushed myself to the limit to bring home the two women I had. How shameless would I have to be to start preying on a third? I didn’t want to end up a scumbag like my father. The girls in my life were important to me. I’d rather Akiko and Maria never leave me, but that didn’t mean I needed a third.

For as much as guys always went on about wanting harems, two girls were honestly enough for me. I was pretty much happy with what I had. Why would I want more girls? The more you have the more likely you are to lose it! This resulted in me turning a bit stagnant in the last few weeks. Yet, Netori had been on my case recently. Knowing I had to go out and seduce women and actually doing it was two different things entirely.

“You have been focused on your sister lately.” Netori sighed. “Why don’t you give your teacher some more attention? Or how about that Kira chick?”

Of course, there was my teacher, but the last time I had pushed her into sex she had acted almost robotic. It unnerved me how dead her eyes were. She really just lay there while I pumped away. On top of that, every time I slept with her, I kept seeing Kira’s face, and it made me feel wrong. Simply put, I wasn’t finding any enjoyment over banging my teacher. Deep down, Maria, Akiko, and even Gina had wanted the attention. Pursuing a woman who genuinely wasn’t interested required a skin thicker than my own.  

“Kira? She’s not interested in me.” I slapped my pillow over my face and spoke in a muffled voice. “Especially after I banged her mom, how could she even be interested?”

“How about that girl, Gina?”

“Do you want me to die?”

I had met her brother. He was a very scary guy. I wasn’t about to recruit her into my harem here. Even if she was willing and happy to do it, a single word to her brother and every bone in my body would be broken twice. There was just no way.

“Okay, didn’t you also have some interest in your mother?”

“She’s my mother! Even if my dad is an asshole, cuckolding him is a little… plus she’s my mother!”

Netori crossed her arms and sniffed. “Well, you didn’t seem to mind your sister at all.”

“My sister I at least had an idea about what she wanted. I’ve Dirt Scribed mom and it doesn’t work.”

“Doesn’t work?” Netori frowned. “Oh… of course… right… it wouldn’t on her… would it.”

I blinked, raising my head. “What’s that mean? On that thought, didn’t you say that your skills only wouldn’t work on other gods and goddesses?”

“Ah… that…” Netori let out a laugh. “There are also god’s protected. It appears that she’s protected by a god more powerful than me. You don’t need to worry about it.”

“Don’t worry about it! This seems like kind of a big deal!”

Netori shook her hands. “It really isn’t! It just means your mom did a service to a God or Goddess and they gave her their blessing. It’s not that infrequent, I swear!”

I frowned, crossing my arms. A few weeks ago, mom had come home from her Halloween party drunk and announced that she used to be a shrine maiden. I had thought it all drunk talk, but it might be true. That would explain why I couldn’t use dirt scribe on her in the slightest. However, I hated going in blind. I had three skills now, Locked Promise, Dirt Scribe, and True Feelings. None of them left me feeling particularly strong. Locked Promise was an ability that allowed me to make people keep a promise. Dirt Scribe allowed me to temporarily read a person’s darkest secrets. True feelings made a person express how they truly feel. Of them, Dirt Scribe was what I used the most.

“What are my points at now?” I asked.

“6580,” Netori said after clicking on her smartphone for a bit. This also means you have 3420 points left until you reach level 4.”


“At your current rate, it’d take about six months to earn them with the two girls you have. Their affection for you is just about maxed though, and there are few style bonuses you haven’t already gotten out of it. Had this game gone the way I wanted, I wouldn’t rush you and allow you to enjoy this time with two women, but since Netorare leaked the game and the other gods and goddesses have joined, you no longer have the time to play it safe.”

“Akiko is strangely obsessed with me and Maria is my beloved sister. Do you think either could be easily taken from me?” I asked.

Netori shook her head and sighed. “You’re missing the big picture here. I know you’re afraid of losing what you have, but the best defense is a good offense.”

“I think you have that backward.”

“Whatever, the point is, there are things you can lose that you haven’t even considered yours. The safest way to win is to keep getting points and to level even higher.” Netori encouraged. “You can always buy a new skill. There is Second Chance, Orgasmo, Rape Forgiveness, Confusion, Cuck Break, or Slut Scale. You could afford any of those. Once you level, you’ll be able to pick up the 10,000 point skills.”

“Can I presume the level 4 skills are going to cost 20,000 points?” I asked.

Netori nodded. “You can always work towards them.”

“Can you tell me what to look forward to?” I asked.

“Inner Desires allows you to determine what a girl truly wants. It differs from Dirt Scribe, which reveals a girl’s dirtiest secrets and shames. One exploits their fears, the other exploits their desires. Trust Worthiness makes you instinctively trustworthy. People will believe you, and more easily forgive lies. Pleasure points allow you to pinpoint the parts of a woman’s body that drives her crazy. It’s a roadmap to any woman. Gift of Gab is exactly what it says. It makes you talk smoother and increases your charm. Finally, there is Perfect Penis, which makes your dick more pleasurable.”

“More pleasurable? You mean, like bigger?”

Netori snorts. “You know, bigger isn’t always better! No… this is more about the feel. Have you ever tasted something that tastes really good, but in your mouth it feels kind of gross?”

“Ah… I guess that sounds familiar, yeah…”

“Well, it’s like that. It improves the mouth and pussy feel. Your dick just feels… better than normal dicks. Soft in the right places, hard in the right places… what? Don’t look at me like that!”

“Eh? What am I looking at you like?”

“N-nothing…” Netori spun around, turning her back to me and crossing her arms. “It doesn’t matter anyway, it’ll be some time before you can afford any of those skills. Your methods of NTR are still too amateur.”

“Would you rather I be like Jack?” I responded bitterly.

“No… nothing like him.” Netori’s voice sounded strangely distant. “I like the way you’re turning out, but the problem is that time is no longer on our side. The others that seek my hand in marriage will not sit back idly and allow you to play favorites. You must become better, cleverer, and smoother than before.”

“What do you have in mind?” I asked.

Netori sighed. “I never wanted to take too active a role in your development. I wanted you to naturally come into your powers so that one day you can… no… never mind. The situation has changed. We’re going to have to start training!”


“That girl Akiko, she’s aware of NTR Crush, isn’t she?”

I nodded. “To an extent. I don’t know if she truly believes there are powers, and the part about gods has been kept form her, but she does believe there is a game with a point system, and she wants me to win.”

Netori nodded floating back and forth across the room as if she was pacing. “Perhaps she can help, but still, if I really want to… wait… I can use her!”

Suddenly, Netori’s eyes brightened as she turned back to me. Her expression looked quite excited.

“What is it?” I asked.

“I know how we’re going to train!” Netori snapped her fingers. “I have the perfect partner!”

“What are you talking about?”

Put all your side hobbies away. We’re going to start intensive training next week. Be gracious human! This goddess herself will teach you everything she knows about getting women!”

“Do you even know anything about getting women?” I asked wryly.

“Hmph! Don’t look down on me! I’m the goddess to every sex, so of course, I go both ways.”

“I don’t know if that sounds hot or a little perverted.”

“Can’t it be both?” Netori responded coyly, “Besides, this is only fair. Those stupid gods think they can bully me just because I’m weaker than I once was, I won’t allow it! I will make you into an NTR machine!”

“Ah… that strange gleam in your eyes is creeping me out a bit.” I growled.

“Tonight!” Netori snapped. “The park! 8:00 pm sharp! You have a date! This will be your true time to show that you are capable of becoming something more than just a loser.”

“Hey, who is a loser? I have two beautiful women in love with me!”

“Your banging your sister and a Stockholm syndrome victim.”

“Tsk… when you say it like that.”

“Tonight! Be there!” Netori disappeared in a puff of smoke.

I sighed, grabbing a soda from the fridge and plopping down on the couch. With Netori gone, I had nothing to do. It was the weekend still, but Maria was out. I supposed I could call Akiko, but I didn’t want her to start feeling like she was wanted. She was already way too far into my business at school. She started to be quite pushy. Lately, she was on a kick about studying for exams and insisted I had to get into a good school.

It was at that point my phone rang. I checked the ringer and was surprised to find Kira calling. We hadn’t talked since that night I screwed her mom in front of her. Part of me felt really conflicted about Kira. She had pretty much offered me her body, but she had done it so casually that it left me feeling like something was off. In the end, I decided to not touch her out of respect for the friendship we once had. Maybe she wondered if I was still blackmailing her mom. She had made me promise to punish her mom.

“Hey. It’s Hakaru.” I said, picking up the phone.

There were muffled noises on the phone. I heard rough breathing. These sounds actually felt very familiar to me. Akiko had called me on the phone before while she and my old friend Derek had sex. Those background noises reminded me of that. Before I could say anything, a voice suddenly came over the speaker. It was Kira’s voice.

“Please… Hakaru… save me…” She sounded like she was in tears.

I stood up, my eyes widening. “Kira?”

“I’m… sorry…”

“No! No, no, no…” A distant male voice said as it got closer.

“No!” She cried out as the sound of her phone cut with static.

“Hehe… so this is the guy you called?” The voice came through clear now as if the phone was now in his hand. “How interesting…”

“Who the hell is this?” I shouted.

“Hehehe… Naughty Kira needs a punishment for that one. Open wide!” Click.

The phone disconnected and I stood there in silence, my mouth open and a dead phone pressed to my ear.

“What the fuck?”

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