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“Hello, Hakaru-san.” Sasori Fukumi purred.

“What do you want, sensei?” I asked, my voice flat and my expression hinting at nothing.

“Hakaru…” She said, sitting right in front of me on my desk, crossing her legs in a short miniskirt that was barely acceptable for a teacher at school.

I could tell just by looking at her that she was wearing extremely sexy underwear. Part of the reason was that it was just slightly visible through her shirt. She picked a shirt just opaque enough you could barely make out the sexy black bra underneath.

Over the last week, Sasori had started doing things like this to try to catch my attention. Since I had disappeared after visiting Kira early this week, I had tried to keep my communication with Sasori strictly as a teacher and student thing. I had a lot to think about, especially when it came to Kira and Netori, and Sasori just wasn’t of interest right now. I really didn’t want to deal with her escapist crap. She flirted, cheated, and had sex as a means of escaping reality, but that just wasn’t what I wanted to do.

The culmination of all of that was that once I started ignoring her, she started acting out to try to get my attention. Her outfits at school had grown bolder and bolder. Right now, she showed significant cleavage, had a skirt that some would call indecent. Her hair was done up in a long ponytail braid. She had on makeup in a way that enhanced her features like that of a movie star. She truly was stunningly beautiful, and she had been the talk of the entire school the last few days.

“Did you see what Mrs. Fukumi is wearing today? Damn that vice-principal is a lucky man!”

“Damn, what I wouldn’t give to stick my head in those breasts.”

“She bent over in front of me yesterday and it took everything I had not to put my hand up her skirt.”

“Hehe… I bet she’s not even wearing underwear.”

This kind of talk was floating everywhere if you stopped to listen. It was enough that you’d think the vice-principal would be embarrassed and furious at the mockery his wife was making. However, that would only be the case at a normal school. This school was controlled by the God of Lust Society, and it seemed like several of its members were Champions of gods. This was a school where the Student Council President was given to the sports team as a means of encouragement.

The Vice-Principal walked through the halls with a grin on his face, apparently quite pleased that his wife was being ogled by other men. When he saw me, he always took the time to give me a smile and a wink, as if to ask if I noticed his wife and suggest I take her for a ride. That was one of the other reasons I had cut off things between myself and Sasori. I didn’t want to give this man a single point, even inadvertently.

As far as Kira, I hadn’t been able to find her at all. Even when I asked after her, she was always gone by the time I got there. I suspected that Netorase must be warning her or something. I complained about the level of cheating that her sister was doing to Netori one of the few times she would talk to me after our argument. She only sniffed and crossed her arms.

“The other gods and goddesses don’t do as much as you may think. Rather, why do you assume all of your failures are because others are cheating? You’ve also had many advantages others did not receive. You started first, and I even offered myself to put you on your way. Netorare sacrificed her body and heart for you. Meanwhile, you go around the school with rumors that you have connections to the mafia and stole both your sister and Akiko out from other men. Any player would be foolish to not guess you were a player, and I bet many of them would call you the cheat!”

Her answer was at that level. If I wanted to win Netori’s heart, it seemed like I was farther than I had ever been.   

Of course, all of that culminated today, the day before the Friday event where I’d finally expose these bastards for what they were. Sasori had used her power as a teacher to make me stay after school. I still thought about walking out, but I didn’t put it above her putting me into detention and making me serve it privately with her. At the very least, I didn’t want to give Sasori even an inch right now, even as she sat on my desk with her ass practically in my face.

“Hakaru, you haven’t stopped over to my house in some time.” She said, her lips pouting. “You’re making a girl feel lonely.”

“Sasori…” I sighed, “Mrs. Fukumi, what is it you’re looking for?”

“Wh-what do you mean?” She blinked, and then a small smile formed. “Do you mean, top or bottom?”

Her hand reached and she tried to put it up my shirt. She had an eager expression on her face and was licking her lips seductively. It was pretty clear what she was expecting.  I pulled away, causing the smile on her face to slip into confusion.

“I mean, your life is a mess. Your husband knows you’ve been cheating on him with me. He’s known all along.”

“Th-that’s impossible.” She laughed like I was joking, and then tried to put her hands on me again, but I backed up another step. “Hakaru… you shouldn’t make up-“

“It gets him off. He likes seeing other men use you. He likes watching his daughter get raped too.”

Finally, the humor in her expression fell, and a stern look appeared. “Hakaru, these kinds of accusations…”

“I don’t really care if you believe me. I just thought you should know. However, you’ve been denying everything else in front of you, so why should I be surprised that you’d pretend even my words are a lie. It must be convenient interpreting things for your own convenience.”

“That’s not fair! How dare you!” Her expression started to turn angry, but I couldn’t stop now.

“I love Kira. Even if the pair of you won’t protect her, I will.” I said.

“So, you only care about the younger model, is that it?” She said bitterly.

I sighed. It really didn’t matter what I said. It would take something truly shocking to break her from her comfy lies. I just didn’t want to be a part of them. I grabbed her arms and pulled her close to me. Her lips parted slightly, but I made no attempt to kiss her. Instead, I looked her in the eyes carefully.

“Mrs. Fukumi, I would protect you too.” I said, “However, I only steal a woman worth taking. That woman is no longer you.”

I released her and turned around, grabbing my backpack and heading for the door. Sasori watched me with her mouth open, but she seemed to not know what to say. In truth, I didn’t even know myself why I didn’t just use her for sex. Perhaps, I just like the idea of enabling her. Perhaps, with her husband giving her to me and her throwing herself at me, I didn’t feel like she was truly mine. It was a jumbled up knot of emotions that I simply didn’t want to explore.

When I entered the hallway, a familiar face was standing there. He made me feel a well of deep bitterness and anger, but also resignation. At the very least, I knew I had made the right decision.

“Hakaru…” The vice-principal smiled. “You truly like to tease my wife too much. I’m afraid she isn’t as into denial play as I am.”

“I’m done with your wife,” I responded. “You can find some other player to milk points off of.”

He scratched his cheek and laughed. “Is that your answer? That truly is unfortunate. I thought you had what it took to be a winner, but it looks like you’ll be crushed under his foot in the end. Well, this was to be expected. Actually, I came to tell you that Cuckold is withdrawing his offer to aid you.”

My eyes widened. “Withdrawing? Why?”

“He has sensed what you have done to his sister, Netorare. He said he knows what you all are planning now, and he wants no part of it. In fact, if you continue along this path, he says you’ll have to excuse him if he starts playing unfair.”

What path was the vice-principal talking about? Was he talking about the fact that the three sisters are combining as one? Why does he want to get in the way of all of that? I truly didn’t understand the goal of anyone involved.

“I’ll keep that under advisement,” I said, not really knowing how else to answer.

“Oh, and one more thing. This isn’t a message from Cuckold. This is a personal piece of advice. After all, you’re still a junior at my school, and I do not want to see you hurt.”

“What is that, Vice-Principal?” I remained polite with my words, but my tone was sour and my eyes felt like ice as they stared at him.

All of this seemed to just roll off the other man who remained smiling. “It’s simply this. There is a certain event tomorrow that I think Hakaru is thinking about joining.”

I tried to keep my face as expressionless as possible. “Oh? I’ve not heard of such a thing.”

“Well, perhaps you have now.” The man chuckled. “I’m simply advising you not to go. What can I say? You won’t like what you see there.”

“You’re talking about another sacrifice, right? Another girl being gang-raped? Is it Kira? Are you seriously going to turn your daughter into a meat toilet for a bunch of men?”

He laughed. “Ah… but watching my family being forcibly raped over and over again, it’s the ultimate tease! I heard how you truly feel about her, so I recommend you don’t show up. I wouldn’t want your childish mind to break under the notions of love. However, if you do come to enjoy the show, remember that if you had joined me when you had the chance, none of this would have been necessary.”

I fought the urge to punch him in the face. I really wanted to at that moment, but if I did, I would certainly get into major trouble, and it would damper my capacity to do anything. Mr. Fukumi broke into laughter and there was nothing I could do as he pushed past me and entered the room with his wife. She was probably shocked to see him, especially with me having just left. No, I was just trying to distract myself from what he said.

To the best of my knowledge, Kira had been abused, had sex, and done group sex stuff, but it hadn’t been at the same level as Eiko. Now, it seemed, Netorase, that bitch, was finally making her move. She was going to share my Kira with everyone, and in the end, Mr. Fukumi figured I’d be powerless to stop it.

Of course, I wouldn’t be able to just barge in, sweep her off her feet, and then take her away as I had done with Akiko and Maria. This event was going to take a lot more finesse and planning. I looked through my phone, found the first number to call, and then dialed it.

“Eiko? Yeah, it’s Hakaru. It is time that I called in that favor.”

It was time to prepare for war.

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