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“You Mother Fucker!” A man shouted and then a table was overturned.

The identity of that man was none other than Gio. It looked like he had finally lost his patience, and was now taking it out on one of the people at the table he was at. His timing was accidental, but also completely perfect for me. I used the distraction and shoved the stripper off of me. She made a little cry of surprise as she was pushed against the stage.

“Hey, Buddy, no touching!” She snapped, clearly misinterpreting things as I shoved her over the edge of the stage.

Most of the crowd was ignoring her though, and I did the same, instead, grabbing my hood and holding it up while I jetted to the stairway. As for the vice-principal and his group, they too were stopped, looking at the escalating scene as Gio leaped forward and struck a guy in the face. Three robed men tried to mob him, but these weren’t gang members, just regular men, so he was able to hold his own and knock one into another. More tables fell over and there was a scream, but I ignored it, racing up the stairway.

With luck, no one saw me, but I didn’t really care very much if I was seen anyway. At the top of the stairs, I ended up in another long hallway with doors on either side. When I pushed them open, I more often than not saw a man in a robe getting a blowjob from a stripper or something of the like. A few shouted ‘occupied’ when the door opened, but some didn’t even bother saying anything, just continuing like animals.

It was the fifth door down that when I shoved it open, I saw a familiar woman on the bed who wasn’t engaged in sex. When I saw her, my expression immediately froze. It wasn’t Kira like I had been expecting.

There was an older woman on the bed. She was wearing skimpy lingerie. Her hair had been done up, and she had makeup on. She looked quite pretty lying there. She looked droopy, almost sleepy. I bit my lip irritated. All of that work and Kira wasn’t even here. I didn’t even have to check the other rooms. Just remembering the look in the Vice-Principal’s eyes told me all I needed to know. As soon as Sasori couldn’t get what she wanted from me, she was just ripe for the plucking by the Vice-Principal.

I felt a little bitter, a little sad, and a little disgusted. I shook my head. Maybe it was better just to cancel my plans. It looked like this entire night would just be a giant bust. I went to close the door, turning away from the scene. Sasori ‘s fate was her own.

“Mmm… Hakaru…” The words came out in a murmur, but something about the tone caused me to stop.

I stood there in the hallway for a moment, and then I could hear a sniffling, crying noise. I opened up the door and walked in, letting it shut behind me. Walking up to the bed, I could see chains binding her to the headboard and the footboard. She didn’t just look out of it she was genuinely unconscious. More than that, she appeared to be crying in her sleep. Even like this, she was incredibly beautiful. I reached out and touched her cheek, catching a tear.

“Hakaru… I’m sorry…” She said… her voice filled with despair. “I’m so sorry… please…”

Her eyes twitched, deep in sleep. These were not things she was saying to me. She appeared to be having an upsetting nightmare. I slapped her cheek lightly.

“Oi… sensei… wake up.”

She jerked, her eyes opening, but then slowly closing again. A smile formed on her face and then she pushed her cheek against my hand. Her smile looked so happy.

“Hakaru… you came…” her voice sounded pleased, but a moment later her breathing steadied and it was clear she was asleep again.

“You’re drugged,” I said in realization.

She wasn’t there by choice. It wasn’t some offer given at a time of weakness. Her husband had slipped her some knockout drugs. She’d probably slowly wake up in the living nightmare of being used as someone’s meat toilet. Suddenly, I felt a wave of anger. I knew I didn’t have the right to be angry. I had thrown her away. Yet this… this was absolutely reprehensible. I couldn’t allow it to continue.

Looking down at her, I reflected over my actions recently. I had focused on Kira and pushed Sasori aside. At first, I just wanted to use her to earn points, but after finding out about Mr. Fukumi’s perversions, I had grown disgusted by the idea. I had pushed her away and held her personally accountable for everything Kira experienced. However, she was no less vulnerable than her daughter. She had been no less victimized by her husband. I’d been so desperate to put the title Mother on her, and blame her for failing to do it well, that I forgot she was just a woman too, with the same fears, and desires.

I stroked her cheek. “Mrs. Fukumi, what do you want?”

When Inner Desires was given to me, so too was the knowledge of how to use it. That’s how all of the skills worked. Inner Desires had one other set back that made it radically different from Dirt Scribe. That was, the question and answers were always given out loud. I couldn’t sneak around and apply hidden knowledge. When all else failed, I could only ask, and hear my answer. Of course, she was barely conscious, so I wasn’t sure how well it would work.

“I…. want to be loved…” I looked down, shaking my head. “by Hakaru…”

I looked back up with a shocked expression at those last words. “Why? Why me? Why do you want it to be me?’

She didn’t answer. Inner Desires only told you what they wanted, not why. However, I refused to give up, I grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her. However, she only looked around drowsily, barely conscious I was there. In a sudden spark of inspiration, I used the True Feelings ability.

“Please… tell me, why do you want to be loved by me!” I demanded.

“Because…” She smiled again, her eyes opening up. “I’ve seen how you love my daughter. I feel like, if it’s you who love me, then at least it’d be genuine and real. If it was you, I could allow myself to feel the happiness I have been… huh? Eh? Hakaru!”

Her eyes opened like she was coming out of a trance. Her cheeks exploded in red and she tried to pull up. It was only then that her arms and legs were stopped by the chains.

“Wh-what’s going on? Where are we?” She said, pulling on her restraints, her eyes full of fright.

I was just as stunned. She had completely woken up. What had caused that? I had used True Feelings on her. It was described as an ability that cut through everything and made their next choice be based on how they truly felt. Did cutting through not simply mean abilities, but anything that messed with the way the brain functioned? I mean, how could a drunk person be said to make a clear choice based on their heart without a clear head? Suddenly, I understood why True Feelings could be such a powerful ability.

I suddenly felt a strange feeling in my heart. Looking down at the flustered teacher under me, I felt an affection and desire for her that I had kept buried in the past. Up until that point, I had always assumed her feelings for me were phony. She was forcing herself as some form of adaptation. She was clinging to me to escape reality. I had been completely wrong.

Sasori was clinging to me to find reality. The fake relationship was the one she had with her husband. He was a perverted man, and deep down she must have felt the falseness in their relationship. It was no wonder she had lost touch with reality when all she had was that man to support her. He was a monstrous, egotistical bastard who used the women in his life like toys.

Sasori saw something genuine in me, and it was her first true taste of it. At first, it scared her, but as it continued, it became like a drop of water in a desert. She was so desperate to drink in a genuine relationship, that she went overboard. At least, that’s the impression she gave me now.

“Sasori… I’m sorry I ignored you.”

“Oh…” She made a noise, her body shaking as she seemed to melt under my touch. “Hakaru… I know I’m not a good person. I’m a bad mother and a bad wife. But as long as I’m with you… I believe I can become something better. Please… please don’t leave me behind.”

Those were her True Feelings. That was the choice she made. To tell me how she truly felt with a clear mind. My lips found hers. Despite the fact she was in restraints, this proved to not be an obstacle as the clothing was scattered to the side of the bed. Of course, I locked the door too. Those men all planned to fuck Sasori tonight. Instead, I’d have her, and they’d have nothing. I felt a bit of delight at that thought.

The pair of us lay naked together, our bodies pressing. Sasori was tied down, giving me complete control. Even if she wanted to attack me aggressively, she had no choice but to bear it as I kissed her body from top to bottom. When my lips reached a ring on her left hand, I hesitated for a second.

“Remove it.” Her words held no hesitation whatsoever.

I pulled off her wedding ring. It slipped off surprisingly easy. I then tossed it onto the nightstand. It hit it but slid right off, clattering somewhere behind the bed. Sasori didn’t take her eyes off me for a second. I lightly kissed her fingers, one at a time.

“Hakaru…” she said wistfully. “I want you inside me.”

Those were powerful words that were always difficult for me to resist. I carefully lifted her knees and pushed inside her. I had fucked Sasori several times now. Sex with her should have been familiar. Yet, as my naked body pressed against hers, I felt like I had entered a completely new territory. Our bodies writhed together as I pushed in and out of her.

“Mmm.. yes… Hakaru..” She gently whispered in my ear, holding me tightly.

Every touch, every motion seemed to carry the affection of something real. Sasori was my teacher, but she was also my lover, and I no longer felt disbelief and shock when I thought about it. Rather, it felt extremely natural that this beautiful woman was mine. The same should be said about Netorare, Netori, Aiko, and Maria. These were my women. It wasn’t luck that brought us together. It was the true feelings that we possessed for each other. Those feelings might have been warped or changed thanks to our life experiences, but that didn’t make them any less true.

Did Netori recommend the True Feelings ability to me all that time ago because she was hoping I would come to this realization? Did she realize I needed to step out of the fantasy and embrace my reality? I couldn’t even guess. However, I felt like I owed her an apology anyway. She was blunt like Netorare, and I couldn’t always see what she was doing, but it seemed like she did everything for a reason.

“Hakaru… yes… yes…” Sasori’s back arched as she started to climax.

Simply the feeling of being desired and loved was enough to bring this woman to her limits. I heard someone try to open the door. Then there was some knocking. I sneered inwardly while continuing to kiss and fuck Sasori silly. Sorry boys, this room was occupied.

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